[Throwback Thursday] — I was 24 Weeks Pregnant

Look at this little babypump I had a year ago! Yes – how fast a year flew by! I try to capture every bit of my last pregnancy! Oh – how I miss being pregnant and all the kicks I feel inside me. I love every part of it – minus morning sickness! It’s so magical having a little human being grow inside of me. I’m glad I got to experience it 2 times! I’m so grateful for my 2 healthy boys!

Have a GREAT day!!!



[Food] — March Home Cooking Diary

Haven’t done a home cooking diary for awhile now – will be getting back into it now. I enjoy being in the kitchen and experiencing new recipes. This month I tried out 2-3 new Chinese dishes. All turned out pretty good. Having more family breakfasts at home as well on weekends.

I have my meals planned out by the week – I would say we have a balance diet. We get takeouts/go out to eat 2-3 times a week. While the rest – I make healthy home cook meals. I enjoy a balance because eating at home is a lot more healthier.


I find that cooking Western food is so much easier than cooking Chinese food. Chinese food tends to have a lot of different spices. Am I right or wrong?

I feel very blessed to be a housewife and stay at home mother where I can make healthy meals for my three loves. I feel like feeding them healthy food is my priority. Keeping them healthy is my responsibility. That is all for the month of March – I am looking forward to checking out more new recipes next month!

Have an YUMMILIOUS day!




[LifeStyle] — 8 Month Postpartum :: I’m Blonde Again!

Time for an update with this mama! I’ve been sleeping so well! I love sleeping early and waking up early these days. If it was 5 years ago – I cannot say that! I was such a night owl and late riser back in the days! I feel like I get so much done during the day these days. I get about 9-10 hours of sleep – which I love!

I’ve did some diet changes in slow process. Starting my day healthy with a light breakfast. Plus I’ve stopped drinking sugary drinks. No more sugar in my coffee as well. I’ve done a no sugar diet a few years ago and it was great! Everything is just a habit. I’ll work on my healthy lunches next.

I finally pull the plug and went to get my highlights done! I debated for months and I was tired of thinking about it. Why did I think about it for so long? It’s just because the maintenance and time for it. Sitting at the salon chair every 3-4 months for 3 hours long each time is very time consuming! Especially that I have 2 kids now! I don’t want to be gone for that long. Since my Hubby loves that I’m  blonde and I love it too. I guess it’s worth the time.

A week or two in February – the weather was amazing and warm. We got to go out more and see some friends we haven’t seen in awhile. It was great catching up. As usual – I have my girlfriends visiting me daily & it’s always a good time catching up and gossiping. I feel blessed to have these people in my life. Life gets so busy that we don’t get to see each other often. Sometimes only twice or three times a year. But when we do get to chill – we left off where our friendships use to be.

Can’t wait till spring and summer – where we get to go out more. With bundling two kids up in the winter – I rather just stay home! We have lots planned for this spring and summer & cannot wait!

My breastfeeding journey is still the same. Nothing much changed since last month.

Did I ever mention how much I love my peace? Yes – I feel like I finally own my peace back during my weekdays when my son is at school. All I have to do is take care of Munchkin#2 and finish my housework in peace. When Munchkin#2 takes his naps – I can think and plan quietly. Love it! Anyways – that’s all for my 8 month postpartum update!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!




[Jayden] — 5 Year Old Update :: Growing Up & Responsibilities

My 5 year old is a big boy now! He quickly adapted to being 5 so quick. Right on his birthday – we asked how old he is – his answer was “5 year old”.

He had three different birthday celebrations this month which he was very blessed with. He got to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and blow the candle 3 times. Just like any other years – he has his actual kid’s party, a lunch or dinner with relatives, and celebrating his actual day with us. So so blessed!

The thing that comes out of his mouth is so funny sometimes. I would say mature in a way. He is definitely growing his vocabulary! I still remember those times when he started with 2-3 words when he was a little over one year old. Compare to now – he’s grown so much! I miss my baby being a baby!

His adores his baby brother is still the same! He’s quite funny because he enjoys playing with his baby brother’s toys and gadgets. He likes sitting in his high chair and swing. Just makes us laugh at his silliness!

He has gotten a lot more independent. As in putting things away when he comes home from school, puts dirty clothes in the laundry, puts dishes in the kitchen when he’s done with, helps us get this and that, clean up after himself, and etc… I’ve been thinking about developing some chores for him. Vacuuming? Folding laundry? The problem being is – by the time he gets home from school – all chores are already done and mommy doesn’t do chores on weekends. So far – I’m already proud that he’s picking up his own things. Sometimes he would help get this and that for baby brother too.

He got to experience his first Valentine’s Day in school this year. They had a dance in the gym and handed out Valentine’s Day cards. Which he came home with some and he told me he had fun.

Also – he got to experience his first field trip. I’m not sure how it went – he didn’t tell me much about it. The trip was about 3 hours long in the morning.

Since we’re talking about school – we’ll continue on this subject. He received his very first report card which made me teary! Yes teary because I am so proud of this Munchkin. In the beginning of the school year – he wasn’t doing so great which worried me. He wasn’t sitting still during carpet time and he wasn’t listening well. After a few months of changing bad habits and being so strict at home on him – it really did pay off. His report card proves that he’s excelling in school. Listening well and getting along with others. He loves learning too. After reading such a good report – we quickly bought him a reward that day. I was so proud of him! Excited for him! He’s never told me once that he didn’t like school. I hope after this reward – he’ll continue to excel in school. Rewards are only given when he works hard. I don’t believe in giving them whatever they want at any given time. That’s my opinion.

On another note he loves to act what the teacher does in school. Take attendance, bring attendance to office, and pretend to show and share.  I love watching it because it gives me an idea on what he is doing in school.

It’s March already – which means summer is around the corner. Well – 3 months away! I’ve thought and planned out his summer activities already. This Munchkin will be having a busy summer with activities and chilling with his friends. I’ll go into details on what he’ll be doing in a few months!

As for soccer – winter soccer season 2017 has officially ended! Munchkin loves soccer and we are so happy he enjoys it. He enjoys the interaction with other kids and listening to instructions. We cannot wait till summer 2017 season to start! That’s all for his 5 year old update or journal!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Cayden] — 8 Month Old Update ::

Here’s an update of my 8 month old Munchkin! I miss the days when he was tiny and just a 4-pounder! I’ll never get sick of saying that! He has tripled his weight. A little over 12 pound and very active boy! I’ve finally got time to clean out his 3 month old clothes. It all went to donation. He is onto 6-9 month clothes.

I think this will be the last month I’ll be using the baby bath angel because my child is too active. He loves kicking the water and sometimes slides out. He’ll be able to use the baby tub and play in there freely. He loves water!

He’s eating well. Eats 4 times a day and about 1.5 serving each + fruits after certain meals. I tend to feed him more during the before bed feeding – so he sleeps longer without waking up in the middle of the night. Talking about sleep. He’s been a great sleeper! Mommy is so blessed that both my boys sleep so well! He sleeps around 10-11 hours per night. Once in awhile he’ll wake up and cry in the night. But falls back to sleep.

Loves to give you the serious face but yet smiles a lot! He’s not a crier but he definitely cries more than his big brother. He loves sitting and standing. He’s been enjoying a lot more of his toys. Loves to touch and push buttons. Loves mommy spending time with him and playing with him.

Oh – one big milestone this month is he knows how to crawl! YUP – we are officially in trouble because I gotta be extra careful with tiny little things. He loves putting everything in his mouth. He is attracted to wires and controllers. He does get more freedom to crawl everywhere he wants. But the other thing is – he does get into his big brothers toys – which his big brother doesn’t like. They’ll need to learn how to work this out. Hahahah.

His third tooth is spouting out and it’s getting more dangerous. He doesn’t bite me all the time but once in awhile. It sure does hurt!

Still very clingy to mommy. When I am home – he prefers me. But when I’m out – he prefers his daddy than anyone else. It feels cute because we feel that kind of importance when he wants us.

That’s really it for this month. He’s keeping me busy for sure! We cannot wait till the weather gets warmer so we can go out for walks and breathe more fresh air! Please slow down on growing up – I just want to hold you a little longer baby boy!

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[LifeStyle] — What’s In My Diaper Bag?

What’s in my diaper bag? Just to let you know – I’ve never had a diaper bag. What I use is my Louis Vuitton Neverfull as my diaper bag. I love this bag! It can carry everything! I bring this with me on every vacation too! I’m surprise it’s holding up quite good because I put pounds of stuff in this bag when I go grocery shopping – this bag has been with me for over 7-8 years now.

I ordered this red compartment online to match with the interior of the bag and this compartment fits perfectly! Without this compartment – everything will be in a mess! I love how I can see everything without digging through the mess!

I don’t go out with too much stuff really:

  • Cayden: 2 diapers, diaper mat, wipes, extra change of clothing, 1 toy
  • Jayden: 1 toy, water bottle, a few snacks
  • Myself: Wallet, mirror, cream, sanitizer, lip balm, tissue
  • Cayden’s food bag: (we only bring it out if we know we’ll be out for over 5 hours) 2 bibs, 2 mini towels, 2 fruits, 2 regular solids, 2 spoons

That’s really it. I bring the minimalist things because I don’t enjoy carrying so much stuff and carrying it back home. What’s the point? When kids go out – they explore and look at different things. That’s why they are going out right? I believe if you cater to too much of their needs – they wont get use to it when you stop doing it.

If I go out for less than 4 hours – I only bring a mini bag with 2 diapers and a bag of wipes. Sometimes I don’t even need it. Share with me – what’s in your diaper bag? Comment below!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!




[Food] — Smash Kitchen & Bar • Markham & Review


I had lunch here with my husband and two boys the other day. It was a quiet afternoon – which I love! I’ve been here a few times for dinner but never lunch.

g0269 g0270

I’ve decided to try their meatloaf while my husband had their burgers and fries. I wasn’t a big fan of their meatloaf – it wasn’t my taste. I love how it had a lot of vegetables under – love the onion rings as well. But the meatloaf wasn’t so good. I only ordered it because I’ve read some good reviews about it. I only took a few bites of it and that was it. Such a disappointment – should of ordered something else. Other than the meatloaf disappointment – service was on point. What is your favorite on the menu to order? Comment below to share!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Haul] — Peaceful Mind Design Stickers • Review & Second Order


Here’s my second haul from PeacefulMind Design. Call me crazy but I did splurge on these planner stickers! Planner stickers ain’t cheap but I don’t buy it too often. I like things simple and these stickers give my planner a finishing touch.

When the year is done – I don’t throw away these planners – they are like a journal where I can look back into every once in awhile.

I decided to order a lot this time – so I don’t have to order for awhile plus it saves on shipping too. These will take me a long while to finish. I love the simple-ness of it. Are you a planner sticker addict? Which is your favorite shop to shop at? Comment below to share with us!

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[Lifestyle] — DIY 2017 Planner

Here I am sharing my DIY 2017 planner! You may ask – why do I even bother with all the work when I can pay a few bucks for one? The answer to that is – I like things my style & my way. I like the finishing touches to it. I like to have things plan according to my way. I like the colors I use.

I purchased the Quo Vadis planner for a few years back. Love the pink leather cover! Most importantly – I like the small size of it. I like things handy and convenient. I like to carry my planner out either if I’m running errands or grocery shopping. I re-use the pink cover but repurchased the papers inside.

From what I remember – it was $15. Doesn’t make much sense to put paper over a planner right? Well the original calenders/day to day sheets are so boring and not my style. I purchased it – so I can DIY my own.

This is the order I have my life planned. I plan my meals, groceries, weekly to-do’s, outings, school, extra curricular, next week meals, reminders, and blog all in one section! I like to look at everything instead of flipping pages.

I have these DIY sheets done every few months – so I can adjust to my needs. If its summer – I can take out the school section if I want. Or I can add other stuff too.Also – it is color co-ordinated by month.

Is this call a lot of work? I consider not because I enjoy it. I enjoy being organized to the max! Having a planner to me is super duper important. My whole life is in it. Well – sort of! Haha.

What’s my secret for a stress-free life? Be super duper organized and plan ahead! Always think a few steps ahead! Sometimes I plan meals 2 weeks in advance too! How do you organize your life? Comment below to share!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Love] — Japan Souvenirs

My girlfriend sure knows me well! She knows I love all types of beauty things – especially bath products. She was in Japan/Hong Kong not too long ago and brought all these back for me. I am so grateful & look how lucky I am. I’ve used up some items already and loved all of it! Thank you so much! XOXO

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[DIY] — My Cross-Stitching Projects


Just wanted to share these cross stitching DIY projects I did back in 2016. When I have some free time – I enjoy picking up this hobby. Hopefully I get to make a few this year too if time permits. I never have nothing to do at home because I always find something to do.


I made this one for myself that has my babies name on it. Love it!


For my girlfriend & her daughter. #LOVELOVELOVE.


For my son’s backpack. I made him a few already. Love how the colors turn out and it matches his backpack too.


There was no where to put his name on this scarf – so I cross stitched it on his scarf instead.


My babies have matching ones too.


I totally forgot to take a photo of the finish product for this one! Oppps – I wanted to try ‘ombre’ – it turned out beautifully! Hopefully I have some more time this year – Munchkin#2 has been so mobile lately – I just got to spend more time with him and entertain him. #MOMLIFE.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!