[LifeStyle] — High Park Cherry Blossoms With Friends

It was my first time at High Park. I was never a fan of the downtown Toronto traffic plus the crowds but since our friend invited us for an outing there – I decided to bring Munchkin#1 with me. It wasn’t a very hot or sunny day. Which was good – we didn’t sweat at all.

We stayed there for about 2 hours. We had a picnic and the kids got to run around. The cheery blossoms were very pretty. The park itself was quite huge – perfect for picnics! They even have a park for the kids to play around. They have a food shop too. It was a chillaxing & fun day.

It also gave Munchkin#1 and I some alone bonding time. These chances don’t come too often with two kids and I love it!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Food] — Costco Chicken Pho Bowls Review

Here goes my review of these delicious Chicken Pho bowls! Since it was $2.00 off at Costco – I decided to give it a go. It average to about $2.00 per bowl and it came with 4 bowls. I thought it would be a much bigger bowl but to my surprise – its like a snack size. Which – you probably would need about 2 to 3 bowls for a meal.

My first thought was – how good can a frozen bowl of pho be? I was so wrong about this statement! It is actually really tasty!!! The soup tasted so good that I couldn’t resist on not drinking it all. Although a lot of MSG but I can’t help it. The amount of noodle and chicken was just perfect. I wish they could come out with bigger bowls – then it’ll be perfect for meals. Otherwise – this is good for a quick snack. You can just pop this in the microwave for a few minutes – than it’s ready to eat. Definitely convenient. I would be purchasing this for a quick snack. Definitely recommend you all for trying it. Have you tried it? What are your thoughts? Comment below to share!

Have an YUMMILICIOUS day!!!




[Haul] — Costco Grocery & Kids Haul

A little small Costco run just a few days ago.

Honestly – the colors sold me on this bag of popcorn! I could not resist the colors of it! To my surprise – it tasted amazing! Reminds me of Kernels popcorn. I love that it’s salty and sweet! Will definitely be picking this up again for parties and get togethers. It’s $7.99 for a huge bag!

Since Munchkin1s boot has worn out – I decided to pick up a new pair at Costco this time. Crocs is always popular with their rain boots – so it’s a no brainer. I love how affordable it was too – $25.

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[Mommy Monday] — What I Missed With My Pregnancies

Starting off my very first Mommy Monday post with what I missed most during my pregnancies. To be honest – I missed every part of it. The only thing that I don’t miss is being sick for about two months during morning sickness. The rest I missed. I didn’t mind being swollen or having back pain.

I missed the little kicks, I missed my belly growing, I missed feeling the hiccups, I missed the ultrasounds, and I basically miss everything.

I embrace my second pregnancy to the max because I know it was my last. Although both pregnancy was very different – I love my experience for both and wouldn’t mind going through it again & again. I cannot believe I’m saying this because 5 years ago – my thoughts were very different.

Once you have your own little kids – you’ll understand that feeling. What did you miss being pregnant? Comment below to share!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[Cayden] — 9 Month Update

This active cutie pie is such a handful these days but mommy is embracing every bit of it. I’m blessed that I get to raise both kids on our own and watch every milestone.

He hasn’t been putting his fingers into his mouth as much as before because he puts other things in his mouth now. Literally whatever he can put in.

He doesn’t let anyone hold him except myself and his daddy. Usually he prefers mommy. But if I am out of his sight – daddy is fine too. Picky much?

He crawls literally everywhere! Kitchen, bathroom, foyer, and bedrooms. It’s crazy how fast he can go too! On another note – he’s been standing so often – that he takes steps by holding on the ledge of something. I think he might be walking very soon. Which means – it’s more trouble for mommy. I haven’t been sitting on my bum lately because I’m always walking around cleaning or watching him to see where he is lol. Perhaps it’s a good thing?

We have started baby classes last month. It’s a great class for babies to interact and play together. Great for us mommies to have a conversation too. So far – he enjoys it.

He understands ‘no’ – but sometimes he still does it. Rebellious at 9 month old already? Oh no! If we raise our voice – he’ll know we are serious but if we have a smile on our face – he knows it’s not that serious. How do such young child know these things?

He is still taking iron supplement and D-drops.

He has been on liquid formula for a month now. It took him about 2-3 days to get used to it and now he loves it. He drinks about 4-5 ounce per feeding. Which is 3 times a day. Usually when we are out – we skip the afternoon milk.

He’s still having four meals a day with three bottle of milk. Keeps mommy busy for sure!

Still taking 2 naps but the naps seem to be getting shorter and shorter! Usually it’s two hour long – but these days seem to be an hour or an hour and a half. Maybe he doesn’t need as much sleep anymore? I forget when did Munchkin#1 cut down to 1 nap. Maybe soon?

He’s been playing with everything. Even things he’s not suppose to – he shows interest in everything. I got to say – comparing my two boys – this one is definitely much more active than my first born! Even though my first born is very active – this one is extremely active. Hopefully it’s a good thing – so mommy can loose some weight chasing after him lol. That’s it for his 9 month update!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[Celebration] — Easter Sunday Dinner With InLaws

This dinner concludes our last event of Easter 2017! What an eventful and fun Easter we had this year! We ended our Easter with a lovely dinner at Monte Carlos hotel with the inlaws. It was a yummy four course dinner.

Munchkin#1 was busy with his dinner while Munchkin#2 kept busy with watching cartoons and somehow let his parents enjoy their dinner. What a bonus right?

The kids got really spoiled with surprise eggs as gifts from their grandparents. When I got home – I had to quickly hide them! Surprisingly till this date – Munchkin#1 does not remember receiving it! I’m just not a fan of my kids having too much sweet. The egg on the right – that size will last Munchkin#1 up to a whole year. Happy Easter to you all!

Have a TERRIFIC day!!!




[Celebration] — Kids Easter Party & Egg Hunt 2017

What a fun day we had with the kiddos! There were about 15 kiddos all together – we had lunch, the kids got to play together, and than we ended with an Easter egg hunt. So much fun! The mommies got to sit, eat, and chit chat too.

Of course – this mama gotta capture the moment. The kids had a lot of fun with the egg hunt – I believe it’s most of their first times.

Even Munchkin#2 kept busy on his own. Touching everything and crawling everywhere.

Can’t wait till next Easter. Munchkin#2 will be walking by than and he’ll join in the fun of hunting for eggs next time! Too bad it was rainy – otherwise it be much more fun hunting for eggs outdoors.

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[LifeStyle] — Good Friday 2017

We started off  Easter 2017 weekend with a relaxing Good Friday – spending just pure family time. We had no one or events to attend to and that is very rare. Normally our weekends are packed with things to do and people to see. Hubby & I enjoyed ‘our’ time – just a family of 4. We didn’t have to worry about the time.

We started the morning off with a Easter hunt. Instead of having Easter baskets – we had a Easter egg hunt. It is Munchkin#1s first egg hunt.. He had a lot of fun collecting eggs all around our home. Surprisingly – he never asked to eat any of the chocolates.

Had breakfast and lunch at home before we headed to the park for some outdoor fun.

We had the most perfect weather. It was super warm and sunny. After an hour or so – we headed back home to relax.

We had a late dinner because we snacked in between.

  It was such a perfect relaxing day & we definitely need more of this. I’ll make sure it happens more often that we spend time like this as a family. There goes our fun & relaxing Good Friday – stay tune for more Easter events!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Jayden] — 5 Year & 1 Month Update

My baby looks so grown up these days – makes me teary to see how much he’s grown for the past 5 years.

He’s been eating more vegetables and fruits lately. I’ve made an effort to include fruits every dinner – so there’s no excuses in not eating fruits. Vegetables – I make sure I have it all cut up in his bowl of rice or pasta – he’s been more open to eat it. Doesn’t love it but he would eat it. It’s a good start. He understands that it’s healthy and good for you. I believe he’s learned that in school too. It’s all just an habit – I think in no time – he’ll have no problem with eating it.

Also – I’ve cut out after school snack. It is just so close to dinner time. I wanted him to have a proper meal instead of eating half his dinner. Just makes more sense that way.

I’ve given him a few more responsibilities. When he gets home – he puts everything away and takes out his lunch bag to put it in the counter. Sometimes he would clean after his baby brother when his baby brother makes a mess. Helps mommy put this and that in the washing machine, brings his bowls to the sink, and has been bathing on his own. Maybe soon – I’ll add in vacuuming? I believe introducing chores at an early age is a good thing – builds his habit up.

Since soccer ended up March – swimming has started late April. He was reluctant in going back to swimming because of the last swimming experience. We didn’t give him a choice – he just had to go back to swimming. After taking a few months off – I think it was enough time off. After his first class back – he is much more comfortable with new instructors and a new group of kids. I’m glad he is loving it again.


There’s a time to have fun and a time to do work. I truly believe that a routine in life is a must. In order to earn Ipad time – he does his writing in his workbook. Depending on his mood – he can do up to 10 pages a day. Than he goes onto reading a book. Not too much to ask for right? I remember before – I used to have to stress about getting him to write. After putting in a routine – he has been enjoying writing a lot more now. No need to raise my voice anymore.

He’s still not a big fan of sharing his toys or anything with baby brother – so we have to remind him on a daily basis.

He’s been coming up with hilarious sentences – kind of cracks his parents up. I enjoy hearing him say silly things or things we never heard him saying. It’s so cute to us. I think it’s a parent thing?

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Food] — April 2017 Cooking Diary

I did quite a bit of cooking this month. I feel like I stay in the kitchen more than I sit on the couch to watch my shows. But I love what I do. I’m either in the kitchen cooking meals, cooking for my 9 month old, prepping Munchkin#1s lunch, boiling soup once a week, or baking muffins or banana bread.

I made/boil live blue crab for the first time. I was a bit hesitant about it because it does move but to my surprise – its very easy. Hubby and I loved it and looks like I’ll be buying more of it.

Made ginger chicken congee for the second time. This time is much better. When I cook – I usually add no salt or sugar in my food. I let the food have its taste. Less oil as well.

Steam egg with ground pork and duck eggs is one of our favorite. We have it twice a month.

Homemade nann pizza is still one of my favorites. It’s healthy and it’s quick to make!

Not a huge fan of ribs but wanted to try something new too. Which turned out pretty good. Will probably have it more often.

Trying to experience more simple soups these days.

I bake once a week. Usually my bake goods is for Munchkin#1s breakfast in the morning. Sometimes my hubby will snack on it during the night. He loves almost everything I bake. I usually don’t eat any of the things I bake because of the amount of flour it has. I’ll taste test it and that’s about it. I let hubby do the judgement to let me know if it’s good or not.

Have an YUMMILICIOUS day!!!




[LifeStyle] — 9 Month Postpartum

This will be my last postpartum update – next month I’ll have a different title of my monthly update instead. Lots happened this month. First off – I stopped my second breastfeeding journey at the end of March. I wasn’t planning to stop so early but since I had to be antibiotics – I was forced to stop. Kind of sad in a way because it’ll be my last breastfeeding experience. Both breastfeeding experience was amazing to me. I loved how convenient it is and the special bond. Only breastfeeding mommies would understand that. I’m glad I gave 9+ month of the most precious breast milk to Munchkin#2. Now he’s onto liquid formula and is loving it. Took him two to three days to adjust – which was fast.

Since my breast feeding journey ended – I’ve changed some of my eating habits. These are the liquids I drink daily. Every morning I prepare 8 cups of liquid – that ensures me that I drink enough liquid a day. I cut out almost all sugary drinks. I substitute it with diet coke if I want anything sweet. Other than that – I don’t crave for any sugary food or drinks.

Since weather has been getting better – I’ve been out of the winter hibernation mode. Heading out more, seeing more friends, and taking walks more. It feels amazing. I’m still a homebody though – I enjoy being home but when the weather is amazing – I love to be out too. So much easier going out with two kids without needing to bundle them.

It’s getting much more busier since Spring 2017 are here. Lot more kids extra curricular activity to attend to, birthday parties, outings, and special events. I’ve got our next few months packed with different things to do already. It’ll be a fun and busy spring & summer for sure.

So grateful for awesome girlfriends, I have my own me time about once a week now – since both kids are less clingy to me. I get to go out to chill with my girlfriends and just catch up with life. The first 6 month was hard because Munchkin#2 was still so young and needed me around all the time. Now I feel that I can go out without worrying about him. Me time is so much needed to refresh myself. I love being a mom but I do need to be away from my kids for a couple hours to have adults conversation and just enjoy adult life.

I realized these two months I’ve gained a little more patience with my boys. Which is a good thing – I need to have patience with them. We are on a better routine schedule now which makes life a little easier. Routine life prevents stressful times – I love it!

My family is healthy and happy – there’s nothing more to ask for. I thank God and my mommy from above every day for this life.

Can’t wait till the weather gets a little more warmer – we’ll be spending more time outdoors.

Life is simple, amazing, and busy – just what I love!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!