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[Summer Fun] — Day Out With Thomas, Uxbridge

Fun day out with Thomas was planned a few months before summer break. I think we purchased the tickets in April? Crazy mommies we are! Anything for our kid’s right? Thank goodness for good weather overall. It didn’t rain long and the sun was shining bright and hot.

I didn’t tell Munchkin#1 where we were going till he found out himself. I just couldn’t bare listening to “are we there now!” Lol. Mom life much?

My thoughts of this ‘Day out with Thomas’ was quite disappointing. I expected a little more than what it is. The train had disappointing decorations. What was attracting was only the head of the train. The activities they had on the street was alright. A short little street.

Overall the kids enjoy experiencing it together and had fun. For the parents – we don’t feel like it’s worth the money. Have you been there? What are your thoughts? Comment below to share!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!



[Food] — Joey’s Markville • Markham & Review

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Had lunch with my Hubby and 2 boys at JOEY’s Markville awhile back. I love dining here during lunch because its peaceful and the service was on point.

We ordered four different items to share. They do have kids menu – be sure to ask the server about it!

Everything came deliciously yummy! Hubby looked forward to the lobster grill cheese sandwich! But to be honest – I can barely taste much lobster in it because the cheese overtook the whole sandwich. I want to try making this lobster sandwich at home with half the amount of cheese. The importance is the lobster right?

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We had quite an enjoyable lunch that day! The boys behaved so well and it made our lunch experience more enjoyable. Only parents would understand what I am talking about here. Haha. Have you been to Joey’s lately? What is your favorites on the menu? Comment below to share!

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[Jayden] — The Past 4 Birthdays • Special Memories

Since tomorrow is Munchkin#1’s 5th birthday – I thought I would do a little reflecting on throughout all his birthday celebrations.

First birthday was Winnie the pooh theme & he had no idea what’s going on really except seeing a lot of aunties, uncles, and little friends.

Second birthday was the Sesame Street theme. This birthday he enjoyed playing with his little friends.

Third birthday was the Thomas & Friends theme. He was very shy this birthday.

Fourth birthday was the Mickey Mouse theme. This birthday was the MOST exciting birthday for him because he understood that it was his birthday and he was very very very excited!

It had been an amazing parenthood life for his daddy and I – we cannot wait to celebrate many more birthdays, special events, and daily life events with this little baby. He’s forever our baby. Can you guess what theme is he having this year? Comment below to guess!

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[Travels] — Gran Bahia Principe Coba • Mexico, Cancun • Day 8

Boohoo it was our last day of this amazing trip! We were all sad to leave! How could one week go by so fast? Next time we need two weeks!

We woke up at regular time – around 8ish. I started packing the night before so there weren’t much stuff to pack except toiletries.

Headed for our breakfast as usual.

Got the bell boy to pick up our luggage a little early at 11AM so we could chill at the privilege lounge for a bit.

Our private car picked us up to the airport around 12PM. It took about an hour and a half to get there. It was quite far from the resort – we all took a nap while the driver drove.

It was chaotic at the airport flooded with people. We quickly checked in, go through security, and had lunch. We wanted to do some shopping at the duty shop too but time was very limited. To be honest – the alcohols were cheap but other things weren’t. I was looking forward to picking up a few things to but oh well.

Our plane was about 10-20 minutes late. That made our connecting flight late as well. But good thing they waited for us!

We arrives at YYZ around 10:30PM and arrive home around 11:30PM.

Can you guess what I did the first thing I got home? Lol. Of course I loaded my washer and had my first batch of clothes washed. I’m kinda crazy! Than I took a bubble bath! I missed my bathtub! Than I made noodles for our dinner. We had a very late night that night!

There goes our first trip as family of 4! We are blessed that our kids behaved quite well. Munchkin#1 enjoyed himself to the max. While Munchkin#2 didn’t like the water much because it was too cold for him. We loved the food and beverages there! Hospitality was amazing too! We cannot wait to be back next May to another location! Hope you enjoy reading my travel logs! Stay tune for more daily updates & hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!

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[Travels] — Gran Bahia Principe Coba • Mexico, Cancun • Day 7

Day seven didn’t start out the way we wanted to. We woke up to a sick child. Munchkin#1 caught a fever! Thank goodness I am always prepare for every trip we go to. I pack all their medicines and thermometer. Gave him his medicine and he puked a few times.

We took a break from the water park and beach – Munchkin#1 was just too tired. From the past few days he was NONSTOP running around and being under the sun.

Hubby and I had cocktails at the bar while both Munchkin rested.

We ordered room service for lunch as well. Not a huge fan of their room service menu because it was very limited but we wanted Munchkin#1 to rest up.

He took a few hour nap and woke up very hungry and energized. Lol our son only needs a few hour to recharge than hes good! His fever was gone and he asked to go to the beach too. We were just shocked how fast he recovers. Of course we didn’t listen to his request. We wanted him to rest more for our flight the next day.

We had dinner at the seafood restaurant and my salmon meal was delicious. There were a lot of seafood appetizers too. It was a delicious meal!

There goes our day 7! Cant believe our trip is coming to an end! Despite having an extra child to care for – it was very manageable still. It all comes down to organization and extra patience! Stay tune for our last day of our trip! Thanks for dropping by!

Have an AWESOME day!!!




[Travels] — Gran Bahia Principe Coba • Mexico, Cancun • Day 6

Excursion day!

We woke up super early on this day because our excursion bus picks us up at 7:40AM. We woke up around 6:30AM to get ready and have breakfast.

Our first stop was of course the famous ChiChen Itza. Before booking this trip – Hubby was like we MUST visit this place. So we had to! This was our first 7th of wonders we visited!

Walking in this famous Pyramid – there were lots of shops to buy souvenirs and gifts. The prices are very reasonable comparing to other shops. I recommend you to buy your souvenirs here instead of anywhere else. You can bargain as well! We didn’t get anything but we got my Father-in-law a handmade ChiChen Itza for $5USD.

It was a very very hot day. Especially being under the sun and carrying a almost 12pound Munchkin. I hope I lost some weight and gain some muscles that day! Lol. We stayed at ChiChen Itza for about 2.5 hours. Learned a bit of history and explore different pyramids.

After exploring ChiChen Itza – we had a buffet lunch at a restaurant.

Where the restaurant was located was also where we were going to explore one of the Cenotes. Very cool. We could of swam in it but we decided not to. Not up for getting wet and than changing after with 2 kids. We just walked down to have a look and took some pictures.

Than we headed to a little village nearby which I forgot the name of it. It had a really nice and big park. We wanted to do some shopping there but couldn’t find anything to get. When I get something – I’m very specific and it has to match my home too. OCD much?

After walking around for half an hour – we headed back to the bus. It took about 1.5 hour to get back to the resort.

I have to say that our kids were AMAZING with minimal fuss! Some people didn’t even notice there was a baby on the bus! Cayden was that good! It was a long day for both my kids & they did awesome. Makes parenthood that much easier when they behave.

We paid $75USD each person for this excursion – both kids were free. I definitely recommend this excursion – ChiChen Itza is definitely a must see!

We got back to the resort around 7:30PM – the first thing we did was hit the buffet! We were all very hungry. After that – we went to the privilege lounge to upload photos.

Than we headed back to our room to bath and we all  slept right away. We were all so exhausted! It was so so so much fun exploring! I didn’t get to take videos but I did capture a lot of photos! Stay tune for our day 7 of our trip! Thanks for stopping by!

Have a LOVELY day!!!




[Travels] — Gran Bahia Principe Coba • Mexico, Cancun • Day 5

This day marked my 28th birthday. I believe its my first birthday celebrated at another country. Feels different and special.

Started off the day bright and early with my loves. My boys woke us up first.

Than we headed off to breakfast at the Coba buffet. Visited the Privilege Lounge after our breakfast. Privilege lounge is where we can chill & get our free wifi. To be honest – we don’t visit there much. Hubby and I believe if were on vacation – we are on vacation. We don’t want any other distractions or anything. I don’t even want to have a conversation with anyone either. Not to be rude or anything but this is my family & my time. I only use about 15 minutes of wifi a day to upload all my photos from my phone. My space on my phone is very limited – so once its uploaded – I got to delete them.

After chilling at the Privilege Lounge – we headed to the Water park & main pool area. I visited the spa area near the pool for hair braids. I get my hair braided on every vacation and I loved it! This spa charges a little bit more. I remember at Samana it charged me $1USD per braid. Here it was $3USD a braid. As always – I got my right side of my head braided.

For lunch we decided to visit another buffet which is at the Tulum area. It was a really nice place – the Tulum lobby was being renovated. The buffet was busy! Food was about the same.

After lunch we headed back to the Water park instead of the beach. Just wanted to take a little break from the beach.

Its so amusing watching Munchkin#1 interact and play with other kids. He would find kids to play with him. He never done that for the past resort vacations. Shows that he has grown a lot! My baby is such a big boy now! After the second round of water park – we headed back to our room to get ready for dinner. Surprise surprise – they decorated our bed and left a heart shape cake for me. They are so sweet. So blessed to have spent this birthday with my family. My husband and my 2 boys!

We had Mediterranean cuisine at 6:30PM. The food at this restaurant was really nothing special. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The last 3 a la cartè restaurant was good!

That was it for day 5! Stay tune for my next travel blog post where we headed for our excursion! It was a full day of fun! Thanks for dropping by!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[Travels] — Gran Bahia Principe Coba • Mexico, Cancun • Day 4

WHAT? I’m on day 4 already? Half the trip flew by just like that. I told my hubby – one week on vacation is really not enough. We should try 7-8 days next time. I was a little home sick by day 4 but really I only missed sleeping on my comfy bed. Not saying that our bed at our resort room wasn’t comfy. Its just nothing beats it when its your own right?

We’ve woke up quite early throughout our trip – so every day we had an early start. Did the usual except we went to another beach location at our resort. Not the private part of the beach – the one that everyone can go to.

We also found where the dolphins were! It was super cool to have dolphins on site – we never experienced that before! Hubby didn’t wanna ride the dolphins and so didn’t Munchkin#1. So we ended up watching the dolphins do a few tricks then headed back to the beach.

Our dinner that night was at the Brazilian restaurant. One of hubbys’ fave. They served a lot of meat on your plate. I liked everything except for the turkey – it was a bit too rough. Overall another amazing experience. Brings us back to our last resort vacation back in May 2015 where they had brazilian dining outdoors.

That was it for day 4. Stay tune for the next 3 more days. I love blogging about our experiences because to be honest – we do get mixed up where we’ve been to – since we’ve gone to so many different resorts at different locations. Thanks for stopping by!

Have a TERRIFIC day!!!




[Travels] — Gran Bahia Principe Coba • Mexico, Cancun • Day 3

The days are going by super fast – seems like our vacation is ending soon too! Nothing really much different than day 2. Our routine was much less than the same except our dinner restaurant.

We reserved our a la carte dinner at 6:30PM at Mikado Japanese restaurant. Since we are privilege membership holders – we could reserve as many a la carte restaurants as we like. We booked these restaurants 3 weeks in advance. There’s a lot of perks of being a privilege member & we love it.

We had some sushi & sashimi appetizers to start off with and the rest was Tappanyaki. As always – the chef put on a show for all of us. These chef has some skills! Munchkin#1 was exhausted that he didn’t eat much of his dinner. While Munchkin#2 fell asleep half way through our dinner. I give it a 7/10 peacefulness for our dinner. I mean – welcome to parenthood! After dinner we headed straight back to our room & passed out. Stay tune for day 4!

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[Travels] — Gran Bahia Principe Coba • Mexico, Cancun • Day 2

Finally our first full day of our vacation! Honestly for this trip – we didn’t check what time we wake up or eat or go here and there. It was whatever we felt like it. We don’t need to worry about time or even anything.

We woke up quite early & got everyone ready for breakfast. We headed back to our main lobby for breakfast & it was packed with people. Lots of choices to choose from – the buffet itself is gigantic.

After breakfast we headed to the water park. Unlimited fun for our Munchkin#1. Before coming on this vacation – he was already talking about the water park. He loves it so much! He was over excited when he saw it! We spent sometime there and headed to the pool which was next to the water park.

Munchkin#2 got to dip his tiny foot into the water but he wasn’t a huge fan of it because it was way too cold for him.

Than we headed back our room to change and nurse Munchkin#2. Munchkin#2 behaved quite well with a few broken naps here and there. I wished he could of nap longer but oh wells.

Lunch was next – we headed to another buffet near our villa. Since we are privilege members – we could go to any buffet we wanted. This resort has a few different areas – that’s why its HUGE! The buffet next to our villa was quite small but very quiet. Still a good amount of choices to choose from.


After lunch we headed to the private beach where only members are allowed. They had little white huts or tents near the beach. It was cool because it was our first time in one. The aqua water was amazing! Munchkin#1 loved every bit of it. He got to spend sometime with his daddy while I put Munchkin#2 for a nap. I loved how they have waiters at the beach taking your drink orders.

Then we headed to the pool to clean off all the sand. By then – Munchkin#1 was exhausted! I know right? Exhausted? He’s full of energy at all times! The sun has got the best out of him! He just wanted to lay and relax on the lounge chair. Mommy and daddy got to enjoy some pool time while one napped and one is relaxing. Lol.

We left the pool shortly to get back to our room to get ready for our 6:30PM reservation dinner at the seafood restaurant.

Dinner was amazing. Munchkin#1 was exhausted – he had no energy to piss off his parents. Instead he almost finish his entire meal without any fuss. We were very proud of him. Secondly – Munchkin#2 slept throughout our dinner. We cannot be more blessed! Food was delicious too! We were too full for desserts. I believe I passed out around 9ish. We came back to our room and watched some TVB drama than I quickly passed out.

It was a fun day! The weather was beautiful but not as hot as I was expecting it.I believe it was 28 degree high. We’ve been to way hotter tropical location where we sweat like crazy and when your bare footed – your feet will burn. That was the kind of hot weather I was expecting. Nonetheless very nice weather compared to Toronto being in the minuses with snow! Stay tune for more travel blog posts! This blog is updated at 12PM Eastern Time!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Celebration] — Hubby’s 34th Birthday && Christmas Eve

This is how we celebrated Christmas Eve slash Hubby’s 34th Birthday. Our friend Dana and her newly Husband came for a visit during the afternoon. It was so nice catching up with them and seeing how they love their married life.

I had some time to take photos of my 2 boys in Christmas outfit. As you follow my blog long enough – you would know I love taking photos! Hahaha. These photos will be memories for us to look back to. I love it!

Look at my two loves!

We went out to Loblaws to pick up a birthday cake for my husband. Munchkin#1 got to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to his daddy. It’s also Munchkin#2’s first time celebrating his daddy’s birthday. Aren’t they cute or what?

Yes – mommy took a selfie too! Look at those chubby arms? I shall do something about it soon! I love my pink Santa hat!

At night we headed out for dinner at Baton Rouge. The restaurant was packed and good thing I made reservation! Otherwise – it’ll be a super long wait. Had my fave baked potato with steak. Everything was yummy!


Baked some cookies for Santa. Apparently – Munchkin#1 was suppose to help me but he walked off and wasn’t interested. I think he just didn’t want to touch the cookie dough. He’s a little OCD just like his mommy. We put out cookies for Santa and carrots for reindeer. Yes water for Santa too because we ran out of milk!

It was so much fun because it’s Munchkin#1’s first year understanding that Santa and reindeer are coming and dropping us gifts! Love it! It’s so magical!

Here’s our Christmas Eve night time outfit. Our matching outfit which I bought a couple months ago. The outfit where we open Christmas gifts in the morning! There goes our fun and eventful Christmas Eve & Hubby’s 34th birthday. We love spending it as a family and at home. No need to attend to other people or places. Just some peaceful moment for us.

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[Celebration] — Angela & Danny’s Wedding 11/05/16

Celebrated my girlfriends’ wedding on November 5th 2016. It was such a memorable and happy event. We attended church & reception with both kids for the first time. Church was nice and sweet. I always tear a little when the bride walks in. It brings me back to my memorable day some 5 years ago.

It was Munchkin#2s first time attending a wedding and Munchkin#1s many times attending a wedding. The church part was fine until the dinner party came along. Munchkin#1 was bored and tired. I got to admit that it was a little late for him.

It was such an honor to witness this special day of hers and her now husband.

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Travels] — Guang Zhou, China Day 6

[Day 12 of our trip] — Sixth Day in Guang Zhou, China — March 24th 2016 

It was our last day here in GuangZhou. We didn’t do much but the regulars – lunch at stepmothers. Stayed home to pack a little.

Than a big dinner at my stepmothers restaurant for our goodbye dinner. It was hard watching my stepmother cry because we are leaving but I know she’ll be returning to Toronto soon.


There goes our 12 day trip in Hong Kong and Guang Zhou. It was a short and bittersweet trip. It was an experience for my husband and my son. I wanted to vlog throughout our trip but it was a bit much with me being pregnant and jetlag. I did take loads of pictures when I can. These journal diaries will remind me of our first long trip away from home.

With a 17 hour flight + 2 hour delay back home – we were delighted to be home. I missed my bubble baths and my bed! Nothing like coming home to a clean home!

We are blessed and fortunate to have gone on this trip to experience and learn different things. Can’t wait to return one day with our Munchkin#2 – I think about 6-8 years later? Hubby wants to experience the historical side if China – so we will most likely visit Beijing next time when we visit Asia. Till next time!



[Travels] — Guang Zhou, China Day 4

[Day 10 of our trip] — Fourth Day in Guang Zhou, China — March 22nd 2016 


I think this day was the most eventful day of my trip to Guang Zhou, China.


We started off the day of ordering dim sum from my stepmothers’ restaurant. Than around noon – we were picked up and drove to my stepmom’s cousin’s condo. I’ve been longing 6 years to see this cutie! Yes – it’s been a good six years since I’ve last seen him and I miss him so much. Six years ago when I visited China with my stepmother – we lived at her cousins place and I grew so much love for this dog. He understands so much. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to see him again because he’s aging and I won’t be taking any long flights for a long while. I wish I could take him home with me!


Anyways – after the visit – hubby and I headed out for our hair wash. Than we brought Munchkin to this supermarket where there’s a play area. He had so much fun there. I did a little shopping at the supermarket too – bought some cute candies for souvenirs for my sons little friends.


Than we headed to dinner at Four Seasons or Sheraton – I forgot which hotel name it was but it was very grand. The service was excellent too. Once again – they use peanut oil in their food. This time – I was prepared. I packed extra pork buns from my stepmother’s restaurant to bring it with me. Thank goodness I did that – otherwise he be starving. Just got to think ahead every time as a parent! Food was amazing! It was nice seeing my stepmother’s cousin and her husband again! They are the nicest people ever.


That concludes day 4 in GuangZhou. The most anticipated visit. 



[Travels] — Guang Zhou, China Day 3

[Day 9 of our trip] — Third Day in Guang Zhou, China — March 21st 2016 


Headed over to my stepmothers restaurant for brunch. Yes – we’ll be dining here almost every day because 1) they can special make food for my stepmother and 2) my son has peanut allergy. Her restaurant doesn’t use peanut oil – so it’s safe to dine at her restaurant most of our stay. It just gives us a peace of mind. Plus the food is pretty good there – cannot complain.


After brunch – we headed to a mall to do some window shopping. Everything was so expensive there – I didn’t bother buying anything.


We dined at this restaurant called Daye inside the mall. They used peanut oil in their food – so good thing there was a McDonald nearby. Bought my Munchkin a happy meal. Food was good and pricey.

After a few hours out – my stepmother was tired. We headed back home to rest and sleep.