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[Travels] — What’s In My Carry on?


Been wanting to put up a blog post like this for awhile but never got the chance to get to it. This is an overdue post.


Having a child verse not having a child – our carry on bag is very different. As in expecting the unexpected verses nothing to be expected. Does that even make any sense? Lol.


Well let’s just say – you just got to prepare for everything that might be able to happen – meaning you need to bring a lot of things for your child on a plane ride. What if they all of a sudden get sick? Extra clothing and medication. They get bored? Snacks and toys. What if they puke all over us? Extra clothing for mommy and daddy too. Oh and one thing is putting his favorite bear in our carry on every time. I cannot even imagine it being in a check in luggage and our luggage went missing in action.

e0097 e0098

Now you can imagine the amount of stuff we need to put in our carry on. If I had more room – I would be putting extra clothes too – just in case any luggage goes missing… It never happened but you never know when it’ll happen right?

What do you put in your carry on? Comment below to share! Now imagine two or three kids! I seriously would rather stay home! Lol. Stay tune for more daily blog posts – this blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for popping by! 

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[Haul] — Kids Winter Clothing & Fashion

d102 d103

I did some online shopping last month for Munchkins’ winter clothes. Didn’t get too much since he still fits some from last year. I did pick out a few cute pieces and both my husband and I love them. I got them all in size 4 – so it’ll be perfect for next Fall and Winter during school season. Yes – he’ll be going to Junior Kindergarten next year! I can’t believe that!


These little vests are very cute and great for Christmas season – he can wear a dress shirt inside and layer with one of these. Don’t these look so mature?


Of course with Christmas season coming – I’ve gotta pick up something red for him. I actually pick out one to two pieces of Christmas outfits a year for him. These are so cute too pairing with leggings or jeans. There goes my mini winter haul for the Munchkin. Having a child is like non-stop shopping spree because they grow till their 18? Well by than – he’ll request to shop for his own clothes. Thanks for dropping by! Stay tune for more hauls and reviews – this blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time!

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[Toy][Review] — Talking Elmo Worth It? • Review & Thoughts


Is Talking Elmo worth the money? I believe it cost $59.99+tax! I didn’t purchase my son’s Talking Elmo – he got it as a gift for his second birthday. I don’t think I would ever spend that kind of money.

The battery died after a week of playing with it. We thought something went wrong – how could battery run out that fast? It was the battery problem.

Then a few weeks later – the battery died again. Seriously? At this point I was annoyed with changing batter do often. Battery will probably be more expensive than purchasing the toy.

My son loved it for a few weeks and didn’t care much for it after. Would I consider purchasing it? Not at all. First off – it’s expensive. Second off – you’ll get annoyed changing batteries all the time. Definitely would not recommend buying it. Here goes my review – stay tune for more daily reviews – this blog is updated every day at 12PM Eastern Time! 

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[Celebration] — Kaylee’s 3rd Birthday Party

d145 d145i

Celebrated little Kaylee’s third birthday on October 25th 2015 last month. What a fun birthday! It was at a community centre play gym – where all the kids could run off their steam.

d146 d147


These kids grow up way too fast – they need to slow down and be a baby longer! Wishing her a happy happy birthday with lifetime of happiness! Stay tune for more hauls & reviews – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! 

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[Travels] — Two Weeks Countdown!


With a blink of an eye – it’s Mid-October already! We’ll be leaving to Hong Kong in weeks! I’m looking to explore a few different attractions and spending family time.

I’m already prepping a lot of things but first off – coming home to a spotless home is important. That means I’m doing a lot of cleaning around the house starting this week.

Can’t wait to be blogging and vlogging our first Asia trip! Vlogs and blog posts will be up around late November or early December! Stay tune for that!

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[Toy][Review] — Imaginarium Train Set & Table • Review & Thoughts [Update]


It’s about time for a new updated review! We own this train set for almost a year now.

Is it worth buying it? First off – make sure you have room for the train table. Our train table broke during our move – it was quite sad! But the good part about it is – you can let your child imagination go wild with the tracks! My son is still so in love with this train track. We never had any problems with it. Except in the beginning the tracks kept falling apart but now we are good with it.

Price-wise – it is very affordable comparing to the Thomas and Friends train sets. We got this set on sale at $149.99+tax – it came with table and train set.

My son has been playing with it almost every day since when he received it. Definitely worth the money and worth the investment! I like how creative he is also! I highly recommend this set for anyone that’s debating what train set to get! It is worth it! Hope you like this updated review – CLICK HERE for my first review!

Thanks for stopping by – stay tune for more product reviews and life stories – this blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time!

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[Events Planning] — Mickey Mouse 4th Birthday Preparation

b173 b174 b175

I’m the crazy mother that plans her son’s 4th birthday event almost 7 months early. If you follow my blog – I plan everything early! Its only August and August is the most free-est month of the year. I try to squeeze most projects and to-dos in during this month. I like to spread my yearly to do out so I never get stress out.


My son’s birthday is in March but being early in the year that we are moving and settling in our new place – planning makes it impossible. Since I have time now – why not prep it now right? I’m just planning early to avoid the stress.

c008 c009

His fourth birthday and I can’t even believe it! He’s turning 4? What? Yes! I got to accept the fact he isn’t no baby or toddler anymore! This will probably be my last year picking out a theme. He gets all the rights to decide on his themes for all his birthdays onwards and all I got to do is design, cut, and plan it out.

c010 c011 c012 c013

Event planning is just oh-so-therapeutic to me. It’s fun and enjoyable and I love every bit of it. This year is supposed to be Mickey Mouse but since he was so in love with Thomas and Friends – I switched it out last minute. Mickey Mouse will be next year.

Are you a big fat planner like I am? Share some tips and tricks with me below! I love learning new things! Stay tune for more updates with daily life and event planning’s – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for hopping by!

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[Organization][Kids] — Kid’s Room Organization


Love organization and this is my son’s room that I probably organized a hundreds of times already. I think this is seriously the last time.


We will be purchasing a bed frame for him when we move next year. Reason why we didn’t buy him a bed frame yet is because we want to avoid any injuries. Like him falling off the bed and etc…

I hit most of the toys in the corner so I won’t see the mess he creates lol. I don’t get why he loves to make a mess and throws all his toys everywhere. It’s like an everyday routine. I’ve learned to not get pissed at it and make him clean up his mess after he finishes messing up with it.


Since we won’t be leasing this condo long – this will be my last time rearranging his room till we move to our new place. This boy has way too much toys and this is only 75% of it – the rest of his toys is at his grandparent’s house. Stay tune for more adventure – this blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by! 

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[Kids][Collection] — Toddler Shoe Collection 

b88 b89

Is this post crazy or what? A kid’s shoe collection? I mean adults have shoe collection videos – why not having a shoe collection blog post right?

b90 b91

I’m a very sentimental person and I just can’t see myself giving away or throwing away these cute little shoes! I’m a crazy mom and I know it. I just can’t help it. Maybe one day my son will have good use with it for his own kids? These shoes are in very good shape too plus I cleaned them too.

b92 b93

I know I will most likely not keep the shoes after he starts kindergarten because I can imagine how dirty it is and how torn apart it is. After all – he’s a school kid that loves to jump and kick things.

b94 b95

Air Jordan’s are definitely not for school grounds. Every year we would buy him a pair of Jordan’s and these are collectables where he can keep and save. We decided not to get him toys that we will eventually throw out one day. Shoes can at least be kept for a long time right? 


I always buy shoes in advance for him. At least two pairs with sizes up. Just preparing in advance just jn case he grows over night. Who knows right? Are you the crazy mom like me too? I just enjoy planning ahead or you can say – shopping ahead? Lol. Hope you enjoy this shoe collection – I’ll be rereading this blog post one day and find myself silly! Stay tune for more collections and adventures – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! 

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[Jayden][Update] — Jayden’s 40th Month Update • Growing Up & Independant Boy

b97 b98

I’ve said in my last two posts that I won’t be doing monthly updates because I think he’s old enough. I’ve gave it some thought and I still want to do them. It’s part of my memories and I want his monthly pictures posted on this blog. It’s like a selfies collage for him. I’m very sentimental with capturing all these photos. It’s a mom thing isn’t it?

b99 b100

We went on a paradise vacation last month for a week to Dominican Republic, Samana. This time around it’s very different because he was much older to enjoy the water park. He’s much more independent than half a year ago! My boy is really growing up fast! He went on slides and swam on his own. Makes me sad that he loves doing everything on his own. Sad in a way that he isn’t a baby no more – he isn’t little anymore.

b101 b102

I came to a realization that I cannot call him a toddler anymore too! Actually a friend posted that out on my Instagram when I hash tag #TODDLER. I can no longer shop in the baby section too! I love the baby section of clothes and accessories – everything looks so tiny and cute!

Since he’s so much more independent these days – he’s also demanding too! He tells us what he wants, what he likes to eat, what he doesn’t want, and basically everything! His vocabulary is growing and he’s putting it in sentences without us telling him too!

b103 b104

He started summer camp this month – it’s a two hour program once a week and he loves it! He’s not even missing us?!?! This indepdent boy! I think he’s really ready for full time kindergarten next year! We are slowly preparing his indepdency and being away from us slowly.

Also – he started swimming too – quite shy but he’s working on it. That’s it for all the updates – stay tune for more life stories and adventures – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time!

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[Travels] — Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo, Samana • Day 5 | Playa Rincon Excursion

b20Woke up darn early that day at 6:40AM for our first and only excursion. Had breakfast at the buffet first and met up with our tour guide around 8:00AM.

We took a big tour bus and picked up more people at the other resorts also from Grand Bahia Principe – we stopped at three different resorts to pick people up. I seriously didn’t know the resorts are that close by PLUS Grand Bahia Principe had that many resorts in one area.

By the time we finish with the stopovers – it was around 9:30AM. Our first stop was the fruit house where we get to learn and try different fruits and Mamahuana. Than we took a truck down to the river and beach. We spent about 30 minutes at the river and than drove to the other side of the beach. Nothing too spectacular with the beach – looks the same as the one we have at our resort. Some people went for a 15 minute horseback riding while I just chilled at the beach. Talking about beach – this guy charged $5USD for a lounge chair! I say ripped off! He must be making loads with charging people that sits on these lounge chairs! I was a little annoyed with it.


Around 1:30PM we had lunch at the restaurant near the beach. It’s a self serve type of restaurant which they provided: bread, rice, lobster, chicken, fish, salad, and fruits. Love the lobster! Good size and very juicy!

After lunch they gave us till 4:00PM to chill at the beach which was a little unnecessary for that long. Since we have our own beach at the resort – it’s the same thing. I rather have them take us to two more sightseeing’s than to spending an extra two hour at the beach.

We left at 4:00PM and they took us to this bar for more alcohol and fruit juices. Plus dancing as well. There goes the end of our trip.


My thoughts on this excursion? Not really worth it. I actually thought we were going to the village learning about the lifestyles and some histories of Dominicans. We paid $98USD each person for this excursion – our son was free. We got back to our resort at almost 7:00PM – pretty long drive back. I say overall – I give it 6 out of 10. This excursion is called Playa Rincon. However the tour guide made it fun – it’s interesting how they are so fluent in all three languages – English, French, and Spanish. Hope you enjoy this review – would you consider this excursion? Comment below to share! Stay tune for the rest of ourtrip HERE – this blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by! 

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[Travels] — Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo, Samana • Day 4 | Mediterranean Restaurant – Theme Buffet Dinners – Resort Show Schedules – Junior Suite Room Review

   b10 b11

Family time is the most precious! My son is enjoying himself like a king. Water Park every morning and snacking every hour! What a life!


Here’s the schedule of the theme buffet dinners every night!


Here’s the schedule of the shows happening every night!


It’s been a wonderful and relaxing trip so far. Loved every bit of it. I’m just going to skip the entire day and go straight to our Mediterranean dinner. Everything was on point. I loved the soup and appetizers. Servers were excellent!

b13 b14

I’m just going to focus this blog on our room suite because I realize I never got the chance to talk about it much. The day we arrived – we had to wait about half an hour before our room was ready. Our room was at Villa 8 – very close to everything. On the left side of our villa was the lobby/restaurants/pool/beach. On the right were the entrance/kids Water Park/ Italian Restaurant/entertainment stage. Basically everything was a minute away. And if we were very lazy to walk – a trolley is always available to us.

b15 b16

When I walked into our room – it was huge – same with the washroom. Love that they had a tub plus a separate shower. What I envision in my mind was a little different – I envisioned it more on the modern side. But it’s okay – everything is just the cosmetic display – nothing to stress over it. I walked into a king size bed and the bell boy asked if we wanted an extra bed for our Munchkin and we replied yes. Within less than two minutes – there was people bringing in extra bed and beddings! I say that is some excellent service!


The fridge is located right below the TV which is always stocked with drinks and some snacks. Before coming – we asked for the PS3 to be ready for our room – so we could watch DVD on it. Since we are Privilege Club Members – we were able to request a PS3 system every time but when we got to the room – it wasn’t there. And I didn’t even bother asking again because I did bring the laptop with me and we watched our DVDs. Which again it wasn’t a big deal to us. The room was quite clean but I do think they need to do some renovation to upgrade it. No biggie.

b18 b19

This is Junior Suite room review and hope you enjoy this room review! Stay tune for the rest of our trip HERE! This blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by!

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[Travels] — Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo, Samana • Day 2 | Kids Water Park – Resort Map – Italian Restaurant


Started off our day at 8:30 in the morning. We passed out at 11 the night before. Headed to breakfast at 9:30 and to the kids water park.


We had the kid’s water park all to ourselves since there were no kids there. Let’s talk about the pros and cons with the kids water park. I like how they don’t serve alcohol at the bar – very kids friendly. I didn’t like how they didn’t serve snacks which the Punta Cana Bahia Principe did. Another thing that I wasn’t too happy about was the pool some bugs and leaves. I was hoping there would be someone daily scooping out the junk. We stayed at the kids Water Park for about two long hours – our son had a blast there going on the slides hundreds of times.


The whole resort map. Click on the photo for a larger view!


Than we headed to the buffet for a yummilious lunch. Lots to choose from and the food are seriously amazing!


After lunch was hubby & my “me time” while our Munchkin napped in his stroller. It’s like the BEST time of the day – if you’re a parent – you would totally understand what I’m talking about here. We just enjoyed a cocktail and used the wifi at the lobby. We even got to use the Jacuzzi near the main pool which is only adult allowed.


After Munchkin woke up we just stayed at the main pool where they had a mini pool for kids. I was much bothered with the amount of bugs at the kid’s pool. Like there were probably 40-50 bugs there. I wanted to notify the staff there but none of them understood what I was talking about – so I just left it. I wished there were someone there scooping out garbage and bugs constantly. Something Bahia Principe management needs to work on. Since we have a meeting with one of their staff the next couple days – I for sure will bring that up. Not a big problem – just need to be dealt with. I’m just OCD about it.


After the pool we headed bath to our room for showers and just relaxed till 7PM till our reservation at the Italian Restaurant.


The Italian restaurant is very nice, spacious and dimmed. We started off with a glass of mini cocktail and followed with an appetizer buffet. The appetizers were delicious and interesting – since we don’t have Italian food often. We ordered a soup, appetizer, and main course. I ordered the chicken breast with parmesan cheese on top and mushroom soup. Very delicious and juicy. We skipped the dessert because we were super duper full by then. The servers were amazingly trained and friendly. Can’t wait to try the next three a la carte restaurants in this resort. This resort has a total of 4 a la carte restaurants. We booked all our restaurants through email a month in advance.

That’s all for another amazing day – its only day 2. Stay tune for our rest of our trip HERE! Have you been to this resort yet? What are your thoughts? Comment to share! Thanks for dropping by – stay tune for more updates! 

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[Life][Festive][Family] — Easter 2015 • Family Fun


A little late but better late than never. We celebrated Easter with some family festivities fun. I signed our son up at Loblaws cooking classes and he had so much fun decorating a bunny cake. Well – he was more interested in eating the cake than decorating it. We all helped in making the bunny cake.


We didn’t end up eating it because of the amount of icing on it. We did keep it for decoration for our dining table for three weeks.


This class wasn’t too expensive – at $9.00 for two hours or whenever you’re done. We had carrots as snacks as well. Highly recommend this to anyone that’s interested! I go there for Halloween and Christmas activities too. Stay tune for more updates – this blog is updated daily! 

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[Life Story][Celebration] — Jayden’s 3rd Birthday Party – Thomas & Friends theme


Celebrated our son’s third birthday early this week – we celebrated 7 days early so we could spend the day with him and just enjoy a stress free day spending family time. Every year I do the same because I’m greedy and I just want to enjoy my loving family.


I started planning his birthday early last year! Yes I am crazy but I cannot help it! It was suppose to be a Mickey Mouse theme this year but since my son is so in love with Thomas & Friends – I changed the theme. It looks like a lot of prep work but I enjoyed every bit of it. I design, print, cut, and planned everything on my own! I just love it! The process of planning is too much fun for me – you can read my Thomas and Friends party planning process HERE. I document everything!

400 401

A lot of prep work, set up, and cleaning up to do but I won’t have it any other way! He only turns three once and I will do it every year till he tells me he no longer wants a birthday party. Got to thank my stepsister for helping I set up! One thing I know missing is some Creative Costumes – for sure I’ll be picking out some for his next birthday!

402 403

Every party I plan – there’s only one reason to it – it’s to have fun, create memories, and capture them. We live once – so I try to make it as memorable as possible! My son was such a shy bug on his birthday – he wouldn’t even face the camera when taking photos! Got to thank our friend, Clement for the amazing photos! These photos mean the world to me!

404 405

Can’t believe he’s three! The big THREE! It tears me up every year – he’s another year older and another year wiser or shall I say another year naughtier? Lol. It’s a life time of blessing being his parents. We want to thank all his aunties, uncles, and little friends for all the love and care – he’s truly a spoil bum. Thanks for being in our life and bringing joy and happiness! We are truly blessed to have amazing people in our lives! Stay tune for more daily blog posts – this blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time!

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