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[Summer Fun] — Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E Cheese for these two munchkins was a bonus treat for them. Well minus one that was mainly napping. My girlfriend suggested a fun day out at Chuck E Cheese for the kids. Aren’t they lucky or what?

Glad they got to have fun and bond. We didn’t get to see Layla much this summer because of her full day pre-school. Till next time!

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!



[Travels] — Best Gifts For Asia Relatives


Our trip is around the corner and the top to do on my list is getting gifts for the relatives we are visiting! Can’t forget the most important thing! What’s the best gift to bring back to Asia? I would say Ginsengs and chocolates. With limited luggage space – we picked ginseng candies as gifts. I think ginseng can be the number one gifted gift we’ve been gifting for celebrations. It’s healthy and affordable. What would you gift? Comment below to share! Stay tune for daily adventures and reviews – this blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time! 

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[Events Planning] — Mickey Mouse 4th Birthday Preparation

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I’m the crazy mother that plans her son’s 4th birthday event almost 7 months early. If you follow my blog – I plan everything early! Its only August and August is the most free-est month of the year. I try to squeeze most projects and to-dos in during this month. I like to spread my yearly to do out so I never get stress out.


My son’s birthday is in March but being early in the year that we are moving and settling in our new place – planning makes it impossible. Since I have time now – why not prep it now right? I’m just planning early to avoid the stress.

c008 c009

His fourth birthday and I can’t even believe it! He’s turning 4? What? Yes! I got to accept the fact he isn’t no baby or toddler anymore! This will probably be my last year picking out a theme. He gets all the rights to decide on his themes for all his birthdays onwards and all I got to do is design, cut, and plan it out.

c010 c011 c012 c013

Event planning is just oh-so-therapeutic to me. It’s fun and enjoyable and I love every bit of it. This year is supposed to be Mickey Mouse but since he was so in love with Thomas and Friends – I switched it out last minute. Mickey Mouse will be next year.

Are you a big fat planner like I am? Share some tips and tricks with me below! I love learning new things! Stay tune for more updates with daily life and event planning’s – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for hopping by!

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[Jayden][Update] — Jayden’s 40th Month Update • Growing Up & Independant Boy

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I’ve said in my last two posts that I won’t be doing monthly updates because I think he’s old enough. I’ve gave it some thought and I still want to do them. It’s part of my memories and I want his monthly pictures posted on this blog. It’s like a selfies collage for him. I’m very sentimental with capturing all these photos. It’s a mom thing isn’t it?

b99 b100

We went on a paradise vacation last month for a week to Dominican Republic, Samana. This time around it’s very different because he was much older to enjoy the water park. He’s much more independent than half a year ago! My boy is really growing up fast! He went on slides and swam on his own. Makes me sad that he loves doing everything on his own. Sad in a way that he isn’t a baby no more – he isn’t little anymore.

b101 b102

I came to a realization that I cannot call him a toddler anymore too! Actually a friend posted that out on my Instagram when I hash tag #TODDLER. I can no longer shop in the baby section too! I love the baby section of clothes and accessories – everything looks so tiny and cute!

Since he’s so much more independent these days – he’s also demanding too! He tells us what he wants, what he likes to eat, what he doesn’t want, and basically everything! His vocabulary is growing and he’s putting it in sentences without us telling him too!

b103 b104

He started summer camp this month – it’s a two hour program once a week and he loves it! He’s not even missing us?!?! This indepdent boy! I think he’s really ready for full time kindergarten next year! We are slowly preparing his indepdency and being away from us slowly.

Also – he started swimming too – quite shy but he’s working on it. That’s it for all the updates – stay tune for more life stories and adventures – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time!

Have a PHENOMENAL day!!!




[Travels] — Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo, Samana • Day 6 | Privillege Club Meeting & VIP Services


Sitting here on our day6 of our trip and my view right now is in front of the kid’s water park. My son can stay here all day without getting bored! That’s how much he loves it. I asked if he wanted to go back home to Toronto and his answer was straight up “NO!” Lol.

I’m not feeling so well today – so lounging around and getting up to date with my blog posts is the way to go. If I blog after I get home – I probably will forget most of my experiences by then. So I blog whenever I can and have the time to. I enjoy typing down my days – so maybe when I’m in my 60s – I can reminisce all these memories saved here on this blog. To be honest – I started blogging not because of me. I started blogging because I want my son or future kid(s) to actually know their mother. I grew up not knowing my own and not knowing what I was like as a child. In case one day I’m gone – this blog will hopefully be around for them to figure out who they are and what’s their mom really like.


Okay – enough of this life stuff. Let’s go on with day6 – two more days till we actually leave. Yesterday totally drained out my energy from 6:40AM to 10PM! Spending most of the time in the heat and sun is really tiring.

We started day 6 off at 8 in the morning. Woken up by the Munchkin – he’s been having a hard time peeing in his diaper because he’s so used to the potty at home. He refuses to use the toilet in our room. No choice! Poor boy!

Around 9:30AM – we headed for breakfast and 11:00AM we had a privilege club member meeting at the Mediterranean restaurant. Just to review how our trip went and get to know us a little better. I told them that Bavaro VIP club is a lot different than the system they have here. Bavaro have more VIP services – while here seems like they only had 10% of it. With my concern – he said that the resort here is doing a lot of renovations and upgrades and by next year – everything will be more luxury. We’ll see – because we planned a lot of different trips for the next couple years and we’ve been to Dominican Republic three times straight already – it’s time to travel to another place and check off more places off in the map.


The meeting wasn’t much – just wanted to see if we enjoyed our trip and our concerns. That’s really about it.

Now I’m just sitting here under the shades watching some son and daddy bonding time. We got the whole kids water park to ourselves – no idea why there’s no kids here.

Am I home sick yet? Not really but I really miss my own bed. The bed in our room is very comfy but sleeping on my own is different. It’s just different.

Anyways – going to end this blog here at 1:40PM on June 11th 2015. Going to enjoy the rest of my day lounging and munchkin on food. Oh and of course watch my family have fun. Stay tune for the rest of our trip HERE – this blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by! 

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[Travels] — Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo, Samana • Day 2 | Kids Water Park – Resort Map – Italian Restaurant


Started off our day at 8:30 in the morning. We passed out at 11 the night before. Headed to breakfast at 9:30 and to the kids water park.


We had the kid’s water park all to ourselves since there were no kids there. Let’s talk about the pros and cons with the kids water park. I like how they don’t serve alcohol at the bar – very kids friendly. I didn’t like how they didn’t serve snacks which the Punta Cana Bahia Principe did. Another thing that I wasn’t too happy about was the pool some bugs and leaves. I was hoping there would be someone daily scooping out the junk. We stayed at the kids Water Park for about two long hours – our son had a blast there going on the slides hundreds of times.


The whole resort map. Click on the photo for a larger view!


Than we headed to the buffet for a yummilious lunch. Lots to choose from and the food are seriously amazing!


After lunch was hubby & my “me time” while our Munchkin napped in his stroller. It’s like the BEST time of the day – if you’re a parent – you would totally understand what I’m talking about here. We just enjoyed a cocktail and used the wifi at the lobby. We even got to use the Jacuzzi near the main pool which is only adult allowed.


After Munchkin woke up we just stayed at the main pool where they had a mini pool for kids. I was much bothered with the amount of bugs at the kid’s pool. Like there were probably 40-50 bugs there. I wanted to notify the staff there but none of them understood what I was talking about – so I just left it. I wished there were someone there scooping out garbage and bugs constantly. Something Bahia Principe management needs to work on. Since we have a meeting with one of their staff the next couple days – I for sure will bring that up. Not a big problem – just need to be dealt with. I’m just OCD about it.


After the pool we headed bath to our room for showers and just relaxed till 7PM till our reservation at the Italian Restaurant.


The Italian restaurant is very nice, spacious and dimmed. We started off with a glass of mini cocktail and followed with an appetizer buffet. The appetizers were delicious and interesting – since we don’t have Italian food often. We ordered a soup, appetizer, and main course. I ordered the chicken breast with parmesan cheese on top and mushroom soup. Very delicious and juicy. We skipped the dessert because we were super duper full by then. The servers were amazingly trained and friendly. Can’t wait to try the next three a la carte restaurants in this resort. This resort has a total of 4 a la carte restaurants. We booked all our restaurants through email a month in advance.

That’s all for another amazing day – its only day 2. Stay tune for our rest of our trip HERE! Have you been to this resort yet? What are your thoughts? Comment to share! Thanks for dropping by – stay tune for more updates! 

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Life Story] — Recap Of The Whole Year of 2014

Its been an amazing year this year with having our families and friends with us. There’s way too many events to be talked about so I decided to put it all in a short video! Let’s welcome 2015 with honesty and positivity! See you all in 2015.

Xoxo The Cheung Family

[Travels][Day6] — Grand Bahia Principe – San Juan – Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Started day six off with the alarm going off at 8:00AM – which was a little difficult waking up but we had to catch breakfast before going on the excursion truck.

100 101

The excursion started at 9:30AM and by the time we got there – everyone was ready to go. Our first stop was visiting a beautiful Catholic Church up the hill. Than when we walked down the hill – we purchased some candies and pencils because we were visiting an elementary school next.

Learned some interesting things about Dominican lives. If the kids are not sent to school – the parents are put to jail. I went WHATTTT! They are seriously not kidding about education here! But I kind of like how they take education very serious – it’s good for the kids!


We visited the school for a good half an hour. Prior from going on this excursion – I was already collecting shampoos, soaps, and conditioners to bring with us and to give to these kids. They look cheerful and very happy – the little ones warm my heart.


After visiting the school – we headed to visit the Grandmas’ House. I have no idea why it’s called Grandmas House but yeah. We explored the house and their living situation and a lady showed us how they make coffee/espresso. This is quite a lot of work! Comparing to the way we make it – it only takes us a minute. But they do it the old fashion way. After testing out the coffee – we walked to their backyard and learned some plants and different fruit trees.

When we finished visiting the Grandmas’ House – our next stop was a bar/dancing place where they educate us about the different alcohol they have. You can buy from them but the prices are quite expensive comparing to resort.


Lunch at the restaurant was next. The food here wasn’t bad. I got a chance to ask the tour guide some questions I’ve been curious about. One of them is the cost of a regular house. He said its about $20 000-$30 000US and houses built on the mountains which are larger is about $100 000 to $120 000US. I’m like damn – the price of a regular house at Dominican can only afford us a car. The price of the mansion can barely buy us an apartment! Quite interesting eh?


After lunch we visited the waterfall for 10minuted than to the Golden sand and sparkling water beach. The water was warm and the sand was so soft. Nothing compare to the beach and sand from the resort. We didn’t stay for too long. Our last stop was the Lagoon – under water cave/cove. Very nice place to visit! It’s actually my first time visiting a Lagoon! The water was warm and smooth. Love it!


Overall – excursion was amazing. I love the learning experiences that we can take home with us. Quite relaxing and interesting. I totally recommend the Jeep Safari! We arrived back to the resort around 4:30PM and finally got my wifi fixed! No internet for a day was sort of hell for me lol. I’m sure I’m not the only one saying that.

107 108

Showered and rested for a couple hours before our last a la cartè dinner at the Japanese restaurant.

109 110

How was dinner? I have to say it’s amazing! Comparing to the other two resorts we’ve been to – the Japanese food here is awesome! Wish we could visit this restaurant one more time but it was our last night here!

111 112

What a busy but filled with fun day! Just love every part of it. Seeing the Dominican lifestyles really do make us realize how bless the life we have here in Toronto. My advice to you when you go visit places like this is bringing things for them. Pencils, pens, papers, crayons, shampoo, soaps, toothpaste, or whatever you can think of. Anything will help them.

Stay tune for the last day of this trip! So far – I love it here with no complaints! This blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!




[Travels][Day5] — Grand Bahia Principe – San Juan – Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

As I’m typing this post – I am under the tent at the resort hiding away from the rain. I kind of lost count on how many time it rained already – it’s only 3:30PM now. This blog post won’t be posted till a week later.

We did end up waking up for breakfast again – not so bad of waking up in the morning when I slept early the night of. Slept from 12AM to 10AM – a total of 10 good hours of sleep! I love my sleep – hence this is why I can’t be a morning person yet… Lol.


After breakfast – I went to the lobby to deal with the wifi issue. It stopped working since the morning and till now – still haven’t gotten the connection back. Quite annoying to be dealing with wifi issues on vacation. The receptionist was no help and they told me to call the wifi company myself. Which they couldn’t help me call because of no reason. If I called in my room – it’ll charge me $2.00US per a minute. Seriously? Great! I am not paying for two bucks a minute – that’ll be more expensive than paying for my seven day package for $49.00US. I’m gona leave it for now – if it doesn’t get fixed by dinner time – I’ll visit the lobby again.

Spent about 20 minutes at the main pool before it rained. Than we spent some time at the lobby trying to get wifi working again. No luck – than we headed to lunch.

The food at the buffet is surprisingly really good and with lots of varieties too. I read so many reviews online complaining about the food being boring and competitive – I really don’t know what they are complaining about!!

After lunch we headed to another pool near the Japanese restaurant. It’s almost the same as the pain pool but the water level is not too deep which is perfect for me – since I can’t swim. There was barely anyone there. Felt like a private pool all to ourselves.


Than once again – the clouds covered the sun and the rain started. We waited an hour for the sun to come back out but no luck. Than we headed back to our room to shower and take a nap.


A bit excited for our excursion the next day. I packed our bag the night before because we needed to wakeup extra early at 8:00AM. Stay tune for our Jeep Safari excursion on day 6!

So far – we are having a fabulous time at Grand Bahia Principe San Juan. Great service and great food. What else can we complain about? Stay tune for my day 6 of the trip HERE! This blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time! Have you been to Grand Bahia Principe in San Juan yet? What’s your experience witch this resort?

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[Review] — Imaginarium EXPRESS Train Set & Table REVIEW

A review is due! My son got this Imaginarium Express Train Set for an early Christmas present this year since Toy’s R Us was having a sale for $50off. It total to $149.99+tax which the set included the table and the whole set of tracks, trains and etc…

My son absolutely LOVES this set of train and would play with it every single day. Before purchasing this set for him – I thought after a couple days of playing with it – he would get bored of it. Which I was wrong – he loves trains and adores them. He’s only 31 month old and I love how he plays independently on his own – so I can do my own things too.


The only problem with this train set is that the tracks keep falling out of place. Not a big deal but at times it can get annoying. I’ve read many reviews that people do glue them together which I will soon.

Definitely worth the money!!!! Before purchasing this set – we did thought of the Thomas table and train set. Which is four times the price because when you purchase the table – the train sets don’t come with it – so you would purchase it separately. Thomas tracks and trains are extremely expensive and a train itself is $30.00 plus! Crazy expensive!!


This Imaginarium table and train set are worth every penny! The quality of the table is excellent! The bonus is – it matches my furniture and in the future – if my son doesn’t use this table anymore – I can use it for something else.


Here goes my review – definitely worth purchasing and totally recommend it for everyone! Stay tune for more blog posts – this blog is updated regularly! If you purchased this train set for your little ones – what’s your thoughts and opinion about it? Love it or disappointed? Comment below to share your thoughts!


Have an AMAZING day!!!




[Haul] — Ripley Aquarium – Stuff Turtle


Look at what my spoiled brat received last month! Another gift from our Hong Kong relatives that visited us. They went to check out the Ripley Aquarium and brought back a stuff toy turtle. Thank you very much. One day Jayden will be reading all these blogs his Mama wrote and he’ll know how blessed and lucky he is! Stay tune for more hauls, life stories, restaurant reviews, events planning and more! A blog post a day at 12PM Eastern time!



[Travels][The Royal Caribbeans][Day7] — 2009 Western Caribbeans – Liberty of the Seas – CoCo Cay, Bahamas


Day 7 of our trip was our very last adventure! We arrived at CoCo Cay in the morning. We learned that CoCo Cay was owned by the Royal Caribbeans Cruise Company because they had their own flag there. How neat right? So when we got to the island – there were only the people from our cruise there. We didn’t take no excursions this time – we just enjoyed ourselves cruising around.


I even got my hair braided at one of those tent stalls! It was quite expensive – from my memory – it’s about $25USD but I loved it. It was my first experience getting my hair braided. CoCo Cay is a very nice and clean island!


Of course – gotta take more selfies for our last night on the cruise! I got to say – I had the best sleep ever. At times – I didn’t even want to wake up in the morning but I didn’t want to waste the time we had on the cruise. We had dinner at our usual spot – which I forgot to take pictures of. It was quite a bittersweet day knowing that we had to leave the next morning! Stay tune for our LAST DAY on the Liberty of the Seas HERE! We had such an amazing vacation!

[Travels][The Royal Caribbeans][Day6] — 2009 Western Caribbeans – Liberty of the Seas – Cruising


Not a lot to blog about on this day – since it was another cruising day on the ship! But what was amazing was – they had this food festival! Well or you can call it taste testing festival. It was AMAZING! If I knew there were going to be a food festival – I wouldn’t of had lunch that day! It was like a food galore!


We didn’t do much during the day – just toured around the cruise and of course took some selfies. Dinner we dined at the a la carte restaurant. Food was amazing as always – what else can I complain about? Nothing at all. Nothing on this cruise experience is worth complaining about. Housekeeping was excellent. Food was excellent. Service was excellent. Excursions were phenomenal.


We ended the night watching the sunset go down. How romantic can that be right? Our first sun set! Stay tune for Day 7 of our trip HERE!

[Travels][The Royal Caribbeans][Day5] — 2009 Western Caribbeans – Liberty of the Seas – Cayman Islands


It’s Day 5 of our travels! We were super stoked on touring Grand Cayman – my than boyfriend – now husband love this island! First off we were drove to a boat where we experience Underground Laboratory. It wasn’t anything special – all we saw was someone feeding fishes underground and that was it.


Our next stop was the Seven Miles Beach – really nice beach! We stopped and took some selfies and didn’t do much there as well – due to time was ticking – we couldn’t spend too much time there. It was a really nice beach though. Would love to take a swim there next time!


The best part of this excursion was the Turtle Farm!! There were so many different size turtles there and we learned a bit about turtles! They had a gift shop in there too – which we bought some souvenirs from. Our second last stop was – I think it’s called the Devil’s Gate but don’t quote me on that! If you know what it’s called -please comment below to let me know! It was nothing special either – you just go there and look at a piece of weird looking floor. Yeah – tell me about it!


Last stop was Rum Co – a gift shop for us to buy rum and try their rum cake. I got to say this excursion was worth going to – they took us to a couple of places and my favorite was the Turtle Farm and Seven Miles Beach. A lot to see and a lot to learn! By mid-afternoon – they took us back to the port where we got back on the ship. We immediately hit up the buffet restaurant for a late lunch.


Ended our Day 5 of the trip with a delicious dinner! The a la carte restaurant never disappoints! We had lobster that night and boy was it delicious! We ordered at least four lobster meals! How crazy was that right? Stay tune for the rest of our trip HERE – this trip is definitely worth going back to! We had so much fun and quality time together. Have you been on the Liberty of the Seas or any of the Royal Caribbeans cruises? What’s your thoughts and opinions on this company? Feel free to share by commenting below!



[Travels][The Royal Caribbeans][Day3] — 2009 Western Caribbeans – Liberty of the Seas – Labadee Haiti Island


I’m super excited to type up this blog post! It was our Day 3 of our very first cruise vacation and our very first time stepping on to Labadee Haiti. We had lunch in the morning first than we took the mini boat/ferry to the paradise island.



We walked around Labadee for a little bit before we went on another boat to head to Malfini beach which is a private beach. It’s like an excursion we paid for to have the whole beach all to ourselves with a small amount of people from our cruise.



A very enjoyable couple hours spent there. Or shall I say – painful? We got our very first sunburn of our life! Yes – falling asleep on the beach was not a good idea and definitely lesson well learnt! We were in so much pain! Could barely sleep – couldn’t shower because when water hit our bodies – it hurts! It’s like the worst feeling ever! So for all of you reading these travel blog series – make sure to apply lots and lots of sunscreen otherwise you’ll be in so much pain for the rest of your trip. It was only day 3 of our trip and we weren’t even half way through it.


After a couple hours spent at Malfini beach – we got back to the island and boarded the cruise. We had lunch at the buffet restaurant after showering. We took a little nap after lunch than had a really nice dinner at the restaurant.


It was an amazing day minus the painful sun burns. Being in the sun for the whole day actually made us really exhausted and tired. We slept early that night after our pizza snacks. Stay tune for our day 4 travel experiences HERE! It gets more and more fun each day!