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[Summer Fun] — Canada’s Wonderland

When was the last time I ever step foot in Canada’s Wonderland? I think over 13 years ago! Crazy much? It was nice to be back! We visited Canada’s Wonderland late July with our two kiddos. Munchkin#1 was overly excited even before we got in. Munchkin#2 behaved so well even after an 8 hour day out. I serious could not complain!

We stayed at the kids’ area and with eight hour we had. It was just not enough time for all the rides plus the park was so busy and so much to do too! Definitely worth getting the season pass!

We had to literally bribe & drag Munchkin#1 out of Wonderland! He loved it and is constantly asking to go back. He sure doesn’t know how fortunate he is to be enjoying all these summer activities. Sometimes I feel like our kids have life so good. For sure Wonderland will be a place to be back. Till next time!

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[Party Planning] — Donald Duck & Anchor Theme

I’m the crazy mom that plans my kids party months in advance. Well – in this case – I designed these Donald Ducks & Anchors before Munchkin#2 was born. So almost a year in advance? When I think of something – I have to do it right away.

Recently – I just printed these and now in the process of cutting it all out. Some may think – why don’t I just purchase everything? To be honest – I love the DIY-ing part of everything. I love the designing, cutting, and all the jazz of putting it all together. It’s fun to me. I put a lot of time in my kids birthday party. It’s rewarding when others appreciate what I do. On the other hand – I did search to see if there were any Donald Duck decorations out there – there is barely any. Stay tune to see how I put everything together when it’s closer to date! Do you love DIYs too?

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[Party Planning] — DIY Minion Birthday Theme & Activities

DIY party favor bags is definitely a must for each party! I love the whole process of it: Designing, cutting, gluing, and putting it together. For the favors this year it’s mainly snacks & useful things such as bubbles, crayons, and stickers. It was so much fun putting 12 favors for these kids. I always make extra in case there are extra kids.

Banner designed by myself. I wanted to get Munchkin involved in it but he didn’t have much idea. It was yet again so much fun designing and putting it together. I love designing banners and everything related to theme parties! SO SO SO much fun!

Backdrop to me is very important because I like to capture lots of pictures for memories. Decided to cut around 30 minions out and put it around the window frame. The big minion on the left is a balloon but decided to just tape it on the wall for another decorative piece. It’s cute eh?

 I DIY these food stands for food. I made about 60-70 of these. I toned it down a lot – I use to make around 150 to 200 of these. It just gives a finishing touch to all the party food I make.

Since last birthday we did the head band art and craft for the kids. I decided to pick out another art and craft for the kids to create this year. It’s always fun to watch them do it together. I got these prepared and all they had to do is put it together with parents help. Hope they’ll have tons of fun with it.

The rest of the stuff I bought. I love the Minion eye googles! That’s really it for all the prep stuff for his 5th birthday party! I can’t wait to plan the next party. Stay tune for more hauls & reviews!

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[Travels] — Gran Bahia Principe Coba • Mexico, Cancun • Day 6

Excursion day!

We woke up super early on this day because our excursion bus picks us up at 7:40AM. We woke up around 6:30AM to get ready and have breakfast.

Our first stop was of course the famous ChiChen Itza. Before booking this trip – Hubby was like we MUST visit this place. So we had to! This was our first 7th of wonders we visited!

Walking in this famous Pyramid – there were lots of shops to buy souvenirs and gifts. The prices are very reasonable comparing to other shops. I recommend you to buy your souvenirs here instead of anywhere else. You can bargain as well! We didn’t get anything but we got my Father-in-law a handmade ChiChen Itza for $5USD.

It was a very very hot day. Especially being under the sun and carrying a almost 12pound Munchkin. I hope I lost some weight and gain some muscles that day! Lol. We stayed at ChiChen Itza for about 2.5 hours. Learned a bit of history and explore different pyramids.

After exploring ChiChen Itza – we had a buffet lunch at a restaurant.

Where the restaurant was located was also where we were going to explore one of the Cenotes. Very cool. We could of swam in it but we decided not to. Not up for getting wet and than changing after with 2 kids. We just walked down to have a look and took some pictures.

Than we headed to a little village nearby which I forgot the name of it. It had a really nice and big park. We wanted to do some shopping there but couldn’t find anything to get. When I get something – I’m very specific and it has to match my home too. OCD much?

After walking around for half an hour – we headed back to the bus. It took about 1.5 hour to get back to the resort.

I have to say that our kids were AMAZING with minimal fuss! Some people didn’t even notice there was a baby on the bus! Cayden was that good! It was a long day for both my kids & they did awesome. Makes parenthood that much easier when they behave.

We paid $75USD each person for this excursion – both kids were free. I definitely recommend this excursion – ChiChen Itza is definitely a must see!

We got back to the resort around 7:30PM – the first thing we did was hit the buffet! We were all very hungry. After that – we went to the privilege lounge to upload photos.

Than we headed back to our room to bath and we all  slept right away. We were all so exhausted! It was so so so much fun exploring! I didn’t get to take videos but I did capture a lot of photos! Stay tune for our day 7 of our trip! Thanks for stopping by!

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[Celebration] — Christmas 2016 With Relatives

This will be the last Christmas event that we celebrated in the 2016! Christmas with relatives has been a tradition every year for us. This year is exact special because we are hosting. I love hosting events because of all the organizing and planning that includes in it. I plan my menu days in advance – I even plan the set up of my table. I put 100% on what I do because I love what I do.

It was so much fun getting to gather together and catch up! Look how festive everyone is – they are mostly in red! We didn’t bother changing out of our Christmas pajamas since Christmas Eve because it’s very festive! We are very blessed to have them in our life and I cannot wait to host another Christmas event like this!

Have a THANKFUL day!!!




[Celebration] — Hubby’s 34th Birthday && Christmas Eve

This is how we celebrated Christmas Eve slash Hubby’s 34th Birthday. Our friend Dana and her newly Husband came for a visit during the afternoon. It was so nice catching up with them and seeing how they love their married life.

I had some time to take photos of my 2 boys in Christmas outfit. As you follow my blog long enough – you would know I love taking photos! Hahaha. These photos will be memories for us to look back to. I love it!

Look at my two loves!

We went out to Loblaws to pick up a birthday cake for my husband. Munchkin#1 got to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to his daddy. It’s also Munchkin#2’s first time celebrating his daddy’s birthday. Aren’t they cute or what?

Yes – mommy took a selfie too! Look at those chubby arms? I shall do something about it soon! I love my pink Santa hat!

At night we headed out for dinner at Baton Rouge. The restaurant was packed and good thing I made reservation! Otherwise – it’ll be a super long wait. Had my fave baked potato with steak. Everything was yummy!


Baked some cookies for Santa. Apparently – Munchkin#1 was suppose to help me but he walked off and wasn’t interested. I think he just didn’t want to touch the cookie dough. He’s a little OCD just like his mommy. We put out cookies for Santa and carrots for reindeer. Yes water for Santa too because we ran out of milk!

It was so much fun because it’s Munchkin#1’s first year understanding that Santa and reindeer are coming and dropping us gifts! Love it! It’s so magical!

Here’s our Christmas Eve night time outfit. Our matching outfit which I bought a couple months ago. The outfit where we open Christmas gifts in the morning! There goes our fun and eventful Christmas Eve & Hubby’s 34th birthday. We love spending it as a family and at home. No need to attend to other people or places. Just some peaceful moment for us.

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[Home] — Halloween Home 2016 Decorations

g0076 g0077

Last year we were renting a small condo unit – so I missed out on decorating last Halloween. Here it is – to our new place and my first time putting up Halloween decorations up. I miss decorating! I cannot wait till Halloween is over than I can put up my Christmas tree and lots of festive decorations. Not a lot of Halloween decors this year – I will be purchasing a lot more for next year. So far – it’s not too bad right?

g0078 g0080

This year we’ll be hosting a Halloween party for kids and trick or treating too. Hopefully the weather cooperates! Ever since 2012 – the weather was NOT good – it rained every year! Plus its freezing every year too. I have all the costumes ready for my kids since last month. I like to plan ahead to avoid any unnecessary stress! Plus if you don’t buy the costumes early – there’s not much choices after.


That’s all the home decors I’m putting up this year – there a few I didn’t take pictures of. I’ll be making loot bags for the kids at the party & loot bags for my son’s classmates soon – look out for that post! Have you decorated your home? Ready for Halloween? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily updates – see you soon! Happy early Halloween to you all!

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[Cayden] — Relatives Meet & Greet


We decided to do Saturday lunch at our place on July 9th 2016 since everyone was dying to meet our 2nd bundle of joy.


Instead of buying take out – I decided to cook/bake everything instead. It took me about 1.5 hours to have everything ready which is quite fast. I enjoy the process of making the food and displaying the food. It’s just very therapeutic to me. And fun too!


Thank goodness Munchkin#2 behaved quite well too while I was in the kitchen keeping busy. Munchkin#1 was out with daddy at soccer practice – so I had some peace. Look at how spoil this Munchkin is already being held by his relatives. It’s such a joy having relatives watch our kids grow. He even got a few red pockets too. Spoil much? 

Have a TERRIFIC day!!!




[Cayden] — Preparation For Arrival

I’ve been preparing since April. How crazy can that be right? Let me list the things I’m preparing for in order.


(1) Cleaning up the nursery, having it set up and decorated. Yes that’s the first thing I did and loved doing.


(2) Buying diapers, automatic breast pumps, co-sleeper bassinette, baby bottles, and etc. Just shopping for things I need this pregnancy.

e407 e408

(3) Organizing every corner of my home. Closets x3, vanity table, and everything that needed organization. I need everything SUPER organize because I won’t have time for that when the baby is here. I’ll focus 100% of my time on my two boys.


(4) Freezer meals. Yes – I’ve been working on doubling or tripling some of my recipes when I cook. So I have enough to freeze in my freezer. I’m looking to freeze about 20 meals before I deliver. In case I can’t cook after my pregnancy – these freezer meals will be really handy for my family instead of buying take out all the time. Just planning ahead.


(5) Preparation with my son entering kindergarten. Just buying things he needs this September. Researching lunch ideas in advance. Looking to buy everything he needs before I pop.


(6) Blogging. Yes blogging. I’ve been doing a lot of scheduled posts to keep up the days I cannot blog. I love planning ahead and blogging is one of them!


(7) Calender. Just planning things in advance to keep my son busy. Another thing to keep organize for our lives. When I give birth to baby#2 – I don’t want to put anything on hold either. Hes still going to have swimming lessons and soccer. Maybe summer camp as well. I want him to still enjoy his childhood even with a younger brother coming along.


Did I miss anything? I don’t think so. I’ve started preparation since April and I think some people might think I’m crazy but I’m an organize freak – I got to have things organize to function my life. Am I crazy or what?How do you all prepare? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily life updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!


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[Kids] — Preparation For Junior Kindergarten


I cannot believe my first born is going to school in a few months. I remember giving birth to him not too long ago. Don’t know if I’ll cry or he’ll cry on his first day of school. It’s like a huge milestone! It’s like letting him go and explore a new thing in life – it’ll be hard being away from him for 8+ hours a day but this mommy will get used to it & keep busy with Munchkin #2.

I know there are still a few months left till school but I’ve slowly been preparing for his school stuff.

Got his backpack a few months ago. I was debating to get a cartoon-y backpack or one that will last awhile. We decided on the Jansport in sky blue color. I’ve used Jansport back in my high school days and the quality is amazing and sturdy after a few years! Although a bit on the pricier side comparing to other backpacks – we can avoid buying a backpack every year. Plus it’s a life time warranty with their hardware’s. This backpack was about $40.

e317 e318

The next thing I purchased was these Mabel Labels customizable & waterproof stickers. They are quite popular but pricey! I debated a long time before getting it. I plunge on it when I saw their 30% off sale & free shipping. I think there are about 40 something stickers at almost $17.00. I would say it’s kind of expensive for just stickers but I needed waterproof ones with his name on it for water bottles, lunch bag, lunch box, shoes, and etc.

e319 e320

The last thing I purchased was a small sky blue lunch bag. Doesn’t it match with his backpack? Love it! It’s quite small but it’ll do its job. This bag was pretty inexpensive at less than $4.00 on Aliexpress. It’s waterproof and insulated. Keeps his lunch warm. Enough space for a box of food, a fruit, and a box of fruit juice. Plus cutleries and napkins.

I’ll need to look into indoor shoes and a few lunch boxes soon. Not sure what else I’ll need but I’m sure his teacher will give me a list when he starts school. As an OCD mom – I like to have everything prepare in advance. Especially with Munchkin#2 on the way. Have you prepared for your kids school term yet? What have you prepared so far? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! 

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[Travels] — Best Gifts For Asia Relatives


Our trip is around the corner and the top to do on my list is getting gifts for the relatives we are visiting! Can’t forget the most important thing! What’s the best gift to bring back to Asia? I would say Ginsengs and chocolates. With limited luggage space – we picked ginseng candies as gifts. I think ginseng can be the number one gifted gift we’ve been gifting for celebrations. It’s healthy and affordable. What would you gift? Comment below to share! Stay tune for daily adventures and reviews – this blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time! 

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[Experiences] — Preparation Before, During, After Pregnancy


When I was 17 weeks pregnant on October 7th, 2011 🙂

The preparation before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and the month before labor is quite a lot! I’ve thought of things I want to follow during my second pregnancy! I didn’t give it much research during my first planned pregnancy because of the excitement of it! Being pregnant with my firstborn is just very EXCITING and all I could think of is having him at that moment.

This time around – I want to do things differently. As in before conceiving – I want to prepare my body mentally and emotionally. Taking vitamins a few months before being pregnant, no caffeine, no alcohol, and less raw fish. I believe this will be easier when I actually get pregnant and all of a sudden needing to change my habits. I would also prepare some freezer meals ahead of time because my morning sickness was REALLY bad during my first pregnancy – it was nonstop puking. Even if I couldn’t eat – I would know that there’s food in the freezer for my husband to heat up and eat.

During my pregnancy – there’s quite a bit of planning to do: Party planning (My son’s birthday party, baby shower, gender reveal, baptism, welcoming baby and etc…) All these parties can be planned during second trimester when I’m less tired.

Plus I’ll have a couple months of blog posts planned, meal prepped and freeze, stocked up pantries and freezers, the nursery all set up, and shopping for diapers, wipes, clothes, bottles, breastfeeding pumps, car seat and etc.. I plan to do all this during second trimester.

When third trimester hits – I’ll make sure diaper bag and car seat is installed. I think third trimester is when I’ll be getting more fatigue because of the weight. I’ll be relaxing more on bed, couch, and getting daily prenatal massages.

I have everything all planned out in my head and it feels great typing it out – I don’t need to store it in my brain for awhile lol. We haven’t decided on when to have baby #2 yet but we are sure excited to have him/her when we get that all sort out.

How did you plan your before, during, and after pregnancy? Would love to read yours! Comment below to share – meanwhile stay tune for more daily blog posts – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by!

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[Life Style] — Life As A Blogger


How do I blog? How do I get a blog post in every single day? Where do I find time for this? How do I do it? 

First off – I got to love what I’m doing – otherwise I would not enjoy blogging. Blogging is like keeping a life journal for me which I share with other people.

Second is I don’t blog every day – all my blog posts are typed in advance and scheduled in advance. I try to be super advance as I can be. Because I just got to expect the unexpected.

When things come up – I got to be prepared for it. Ideally – I try to blog a month in advance. Some blog posts are a couple days in advance. I would prefer to have it two months advance but it all depends if I’m in the mood for it. I plan my blog posts in advance – so I can have my MeTime or plan other blog posts in advance.

Third goes to I blog when I have free time. For example: Taking my son to play room, swimming class, and summer camp. I usually don’t blog at home. It’s always on the go when I have time to squeeze. Hence – I don’t like to waste my time. Every minute wasted I can be doing something useful. I’m usually on the go when I blog. I would type out the topics of my blog posts on my phone and blog from my phone. How convenient right?

That’s basically my blogging recipe. I find this blog therapeutic for me where I can manage it and enjoy it. I don’t necessarily need to blog every single day but I love to. No one is managing me on what to do and not to do. This blog is just ME. Welcome to my blogging life!

How do you manage your blogging style? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily blog posts – this blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time!

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[Life Story] — Kindergarten Boy In A Year?


Picture taken when he was only a couple months old!

I can’t even believe my Munchkin is entering kindergarten in exactly a year! Where has the time been? I’m excited and scared for this new change next year! I think it’s a mother thing?

I’ve already been checking out backpacks, lunch bags, lunch boxes, snack boxes, water bottle, and indoor running shoes. Crazy mom much? I know I have a year of time to have all that plan but I’m a crazy planner – got to prep everything early!

Really can’t believe that my boy is going to school! What the heck right! A school boy? Independent? It’s very surreal to me.

I’m still looking upon his school gadgets he needs – any suggestions on what you get for kindergarten kids? Or even packing their lunches? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily life adventures – this blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by! 

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[Events Planning] — Mickey Mouse 4th Birthday Preparation

b173 b174 b175

I’m the crazy mother that plans her son’s 4th birthday event almost 7 months early. If you follow my blog – I plan everything early! Its only August and August is the most free-est month of the year. I try to squeeze most projects and to-dos in during this month. I like to spread my yearly to do out so I never get stress out.


My son’s birthday is in March but being early in the year that we are moving and settling in our new place – planning makes it impossible. Since I have time now – why not prep it now right? I’m just planning early to avoid the stress.

c008 c009

His fourth birthday and I can’t even believe it! He’s turning 4? What? Yes! I got to accept the fact he isn’t no baby or toddler anymore! This will probably be my last year picking out a theme. He gets all the rights to decide on his themes for all his birthdays onwards and all I got to do is design, cut, and plan it out.

c010 c011 c012 c013

Event planning is just oh-so-therapeutic to me. It’s fun and enjoyable and I love every bit of it. This year is supposed to be Mickey Mouse but since he was so in love with Thomas and Friends – I switched it out last minute. Mickey Mouse will be next year.

Are you a big fat planner like I am? Share some tips and tricks with me below! I love learning new things! Stay tune for more updates with daily life and event planning’s – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for hopping by!

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