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[Haul] — Second Large Peaceful Design Planner Sticker Haul

A super belated haul from a few months ago – I totally forgot about these stickers I purchased long ago. This is the third and largest haul I’ve purchased from them. Since I made my first two orders from this shop – I know exactly the sizes they have. I’m a bit OCD – so I want my icon stickers in the same measurements.

I ordered a few different types of stickers instead of just icon stickers this time. I purchased vacation countdown, weekend banners, and rectangle and square empty boxes.

Loved everything I ordered. Two things I love about this shop is – the shipping is inexpensive and the stickers are much more affordable than other shops. It’s about $2.50 to $3.00 per sheet. I highly recommend you this shop – it’s an etsy shop – easy to google! I will for sure be ordering from her again!

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[Organization] — Ikea Shelf Bins Organization


Being organize is my loving hobby! Yes – what better way than to live in an organize home and knowing where everywhere is?

I’ve lived in our new home for over an year now. I feel ultra-ly comfortable living in our new home and sometimes I don’t even want to step foot out of my home. The comfort of my home is everything! Especially with my family!

When we moved into our first bought condo – I was almost two months pregnant. At that time. I could barely organize anything with morning sickness and an almost 4 year old to take care of. It was so tough. I ended up just stuffing everything into these Ikea clear cabinets. Just to get it out of my sight at the time.


I picked out these clear cabinets instead of the solid fabric ones because it looks more stylish for my dining area. I do have the fabric cabinets in my son’s room – they are great to store anything! The fabric one is cheaper too!

Since I got the time – I fore-took this project of cleaning out these cabinets – it was a project for me. Categorizing things and throwing out things. Took about a few hour to clean out but definitely worth it!

It feels amazing after everything was organized – I know where everything is now. I wonder what is my next project? Won’t show the after progress because there’s too much to show. Stay tune for more!

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[Organization] — Kitchen Snack Cabinet Bins


Here’s my little haul from Kitchen Stuff Plus. Since these Ashley storage basket was on sale for $7.50 each – I decide to re-organize my son’s snacks. The little aqua blue jar is for my son’s hot lunches for school.


My son doesn’t snack on much variety of snacks – he has always enjoyed gold fishes, cheerios, and bear paws. Occasionally I’ll give him a bag of chips but only once a blue moon.


All organized! I wish my cabinet was a little wider – so I can add 2 extra storage baskets. But overall – very satisfied with these baskets – very sturdy and you can stack them up to however many you want. Do you have them? Love them or hate them? Comment below & share! Stay tune for more organizational ideas & hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time!

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[Home] — Ikea Photo Frames Wall Collage • DIY Project


Been wanting to put up a collage of photos on this wall for quite sometime now. Never really had the time to think about it before till now. Before doing anything – I had to draw out what I want to put up and how I want it. Everything I do has a meaning to it and keep reading – you’ll understand why I did what I did. I’m quite proud of what I did and I love it! This wall is in front of my dining table.


I put up these four frames first – these four frames will have my kids birthday pictures from 1 year old to 6 year old. They each will have 6 photos. It wasn’t easy putting these frames up – so much planning – so much measuring too. I’m very OCD when things are off – but now it’s perfect!


Almost complete! Okay – so the bottom right where there is 4 little frames – those are first Christmases of both my kids and their baptism. You see the 2 empty ones – its because Cayden hasn’t experience his first Christmas & baptism yet. The left & right columns are for vacations that we go to. When the rooms are running out – we can add 2-3 more columns on each side (left and right).


Completion! Yes – finally done after hours.. I don’t even know how many hours. The top left has 2 large photo frames – a picture of us on our wedding day & our first family picture. I had to visit Ikea once more to complete this wall. It’s not really complete because we can always add extra frames on the left and right side. But overall – it’ll just be vacation pictures and birthday pictures we’ll be adding. My empty wall feels so different now with these frames on it! Feels more complete! I call this my “Wall of Love”. I LOVE IT! I’m so blessed to wake up to all these wonderful memories created every day! Life is such a blessing! Thanks for dropping by – stay tune for more updates – this blog is updated regularly!

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[Organization][Home] — Kitchen Cabinets Organization • IKEA 365+ Containers


Before Picture

Since my first born started school – I have a little more time to do things in peace as in I can get things done in one go instead of stopping 20x in between to do one thing. I’ve been wanting to organize ALL my kitchen cabinets for awhile. I couldn’t organize them when we first moved in because I was having severe morning sickness than life got busy. So here it is – I’m only showing two cabinets because I totally forgot to take ‘before’ photos of the others.


After Picture

I had my entire kitchen redone before moving in and I love how the inside of the cabinets can be adjusted very easily. Before shopping for new containers – I had everything measured out. Containers jars can be so expensive – I found these containers at IKEA and it’s the 365+ series. I love the look of it but wished it can be a little wider.

Left Cabinet: Top) All pastas – I fitted about 6 large containers. Middle) All my soup ingredients. Bottom) Where I store all my different size bowls.

Right Cabinet: All my baking ingredients. They look so much neater when it’s all in one cabinet instead in 2-3 different areas.

Organizing makes me so happy for some reason – it’s so therapeutic and fun! Spent quite a bit on the containers but I know I’ll be using it for a long long time unless I accidently drop them and they crack. Which is not gonna happen! I love how they are clear – no need to label them. Do you enjoy organizing too? What is your organizing tips? Comment below to share.  Stay tune for more hauls and reviews – this blog is updated regularly! Thanks for dropping by!

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[Home] — My Little Office Nook


My little office nook area is located in a little area in my living room. Since we only have 3 bedrooms in my home – there’s no room for an actual office. Got to make do on whatever space there is left right? No complain at all because to be honest – even if we had a room for an office – we are barely in it. I like sitting on the couch with my laptop.


Anyways – not much in my little office. Just a laser printer, paper shredder, some supplies, and my laptop. Since I do everything on my phone now – laptop is only been use even less these days. Only to design, edit photos, and edit blog posts. That’s really it. The convenience of Smartphone’s! Even typing on a Smartphone is faster and easier. That’s really it for my little office nook. Stay tune for more home organization & reviews – this blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!

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[Cayden] — Preparation For Arrival

I’ve been preparing since April. How crazy can that be right? Let me list the things I’m preparing for in order.


(1) Cleaning up the nursery, having it set up and decorated. Yes that’s the first thing I did and loved doing.


(2) Buying diapers, automatic breast pumps, co-sleeper bassinette, baby bottles, and etc. Just shopping for things I need this pregnancy.

e407 e408

(3) Organizing every corner of my home. Closets x3, vanity table, and everything that needed organization. I need everything SUPER organize because I won’t have time for that when the baby is here. I’ll focus 100% of my time on my two boys.


(4) Freezer meals. Yes – I’ve been working on doubling or tripling some of my recipes when I cook. So I have enough to freeze in my freezer. I’m looking to freeze about 20 meals before I deliver. In case I can’t cook after my pregnancy – these freezer meals will be really handy for my family instead of buying take out all the time. Just planning ahead.


(5) Preparation with my son entering kindergarten. Just buying things he needs this September. Researching lunch ideas in advance. Looking to buy everything he needs before I pop.


(6) Blogging. Yes blogging. I’ve been doing a lot of scheduled posts to keep up the days I cannot blog. I love planning ahead and blogging is one of them!


(7) Calender. Just planning things in advance to keep my son busy. Another thing to keep organize for our lives. When I give birth to baby#2 – I don’t want to put anything on hold either. Hes still going to have swimming lessons and soccer. Maybe summer camp as well. I want him to still enjoy his childhood even with a younger brother coming along.


Did I miss anything? I don’t think so. I’ve started preparation since April and I think some people might think I’m crazy but I’m an organize freak – I got to have things organize to function my life. Am I crazy or what?How do you all prepare? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily life updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!


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[Grocery Hauls] — Foody Mart • April 2016


Here’s a long awaited grocery haul – I tend to forget to take pictures of my groceries daily because once I get home – all I remember is to put everything away. This time I remember. I usually visit 2-3 supermarkets a week and this haul is quite big. I’m slowly trying to stock up my meat again when they go on sale. Just stocking up before the baby arrives. Keeping my fridge and freezer loaded when I can. I cook about 5-6 times a week nowadays since Morning sickness subsided. Hope you enjoy my haul – stay tune for more daily reviews and hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by!

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[Kids] — Preparation For Junior Kindergarten


I cannot believe my first born is going to school in a few months. I remember giving birth to him not too long ago. Don’t know if I’ll cry or he’ll cry on his first day of school. It’s like a huge milestone! It’s like letting him go and explore a new thing in life – it’ll be hard being away from him for 8+ hours a day but this mommy will get used to it & keep busy with Munchkin #2.

I know there are still a few months left till school but I’ve slowly been preparing for his school stuff.

Got his backpack a few months ago. I was debating to get a cartoon-y backpack or one that will last awhile. We decided on the Jansport in sky blue color. I’ve used Jansport back in my high school days and the quality is amazing and sturdy after a few years! Although a bit on the pricier side comparing to other backpacks – we can avoid buying a backpack every year. Plus it’s a life time warranty with their hardware’s. This backpack was about $40.

e317 e318

The next thing I purchased was these Mabel Labels customizable & waterproof stickers. They are quite popular but pricey! I debated a long time before getting it. I plunge on it when I saw their 30% off sale & free shipping. I think there are about 40 something stickers at almost $17.00. I would say it’s kind of expensive for just stickers but I needed waterproof ones with his name on it for water bottles, lunch bag, lunch box, shoes, and etc.

e319 e320

The last thing I purchased was a small sky blue lunch bag. Doesn’t it match with his backpack? Love it! It’s quite small but it’ll do its job. This bag was pretty inexpensive at less than $4.00 on Aliexpress. It’s waterproof and insulated. Keeps his lunch warm. Enough space for a box of food, a fruit, and a box of fruit juice. Plus cutleries and napkins.

I’ll need to look into indoor shoes and a few lunch boxes soon. Not sure what else I’ll need but I’m sure his teacher will give me a list when he starts school. As an OCD mom – I like to have everything prepare in advance. Especially with Munchkin#2 on the way. Have you prepared for your kids school term yet? What have you prepared so far? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! 

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[Organization] — De-clutter, Organize, & Clean • Ikea Vanity Table

e269 e270

Look at the mess before! It’s been a long while since I even took everything out for a clean. It’s about time to clean it up before baby #2 comes along.


De-cluttering, organizing, and cleaning are therapeutic to me. I ended changing my solution boxes and throwing out the old ones. The new and old ones are both from Ikea. Not expensive – a few bucks each. I like the new clear ones more because it’s deeper.


Look at all that dusty and loose makeup! Glad it’s all cleaned up now!


I ended up throwing away half a grocery bag of makeup that went bad or I don’t use anymore. I believe the Costal Scent palette is my very first makeup product but since I no longer use it – I just had to let it go.

e274 e275

The after progress – look at how clean and organize it is! I forgot that some items are new inside my clutter vanity! No more purchases before I finish each product!


I ended up taking an hour to clean out all my brushes as well. It’s nice and clean. I won’t need to reorganize for awhile if I keep it all cleaned and tidy! Are you an organize freak like me? Stay tune for more reviews and hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern time! Thanks for hopping by!

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[Home][Organization] — Kitchen Storages & Fridge Organization

b69 b70

I recently did a little reorganizing in the kitchen. Not everything is fully organized yet – so I won’t do a full kitchen organized blog post.

I’ve been searching for pink clean containers and finally found them at an affordable price! These containers were for $6.99+tax for 6! What a steal? I’m looking forward into purchasing more when I have the time to. I purchased them at One’s Better Living inside Market Village. They come in different sizes too.

b71 b73

If you follow my blog – you would know how OCD crazy I am. Everything’s got to match – even with kitchen containers! The colors have to be either pink or purple too.

The first thing I stored was the soup ingredients – I just had too much. Since i love making soup plus I make it twice a week too. Love how the bottom is see through. I don’t even need to label it.

b74 b75

Just a little fridge organization too lol. I like my fridge neat and tidy too. Stay tune for more organization adventures – this blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by! 

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[LifeStyle] — I’m A Homebody


Ever since moving out on our own since February if 2015 – I loved being home. I can stay home five days straight without complaining that I’m bored! Is that crazy or what? I used to get bored after 2 days of being home.

My hobbies and chores keep me busy. I just enjoy the comfort of home a lot, not needing to have makeup on my face, and being in my pajamas all day.

I do keep busy with my daily chores, daily cooking, daily baking, daily weekly planning, daily teaching, scrapbooking, organizing, youtube videos, blogging, and the list goes on. If all this was done and I really have nothing better to do – I look a few months ahead to see what there is to plan. Like birthday parties, Halloween, Christmas, Christmas shopping, festivities parties, Easter activities, and you name it. There’s always something to plan and keep me busy. But if all fails, I got my TVB drams & reality shows to watch. OR even online shopping. Online shopping is the last thing on my list of to do because it can get quite addictive!

Are you a homebody too? What keeps you busy? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily posts, this blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time! 

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[Experiences] — Preparation Before, During, After Pregnancy


When I was 17 weeks pregnant on October 7th, 2011 🙂

The preparation before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and the month before labor is quite a lot! I’ve thought of things I want to follow during my second pregnancy! I didn’t give it much research during my first planned pregnancy because of the excitement of it! Being pregnant with my firstborn is just very EXCITING and all I could think of is having him at that moment.

This time around – I want to do things differently. As in before conceiving – I want to prepare my body mentally and emotionally. Taking vitamins a few months before being pregnant, no caffeine, no alcohol, and less raw fish. I believe this will be easier when I actually get pregnant and all of a sudden needing to change my habits. I would also prepare some freezer meals ahead of time because my morning sickness was REALLY bad during my first pregnancy – it was nonstop puking. Even if I couldn’t eat – I would know that there’s food in the freezer for my husband to heat up and eat.

During my pregnancy – there’s quite a bit of planning to do: Party planning (My son’s birthday party, baby shower, gender reveal, baptism, welcoming baby and etc…) All these parties can be planned during second trimester when I’m less tired.

Plus I’ll have a couple months of blog posts planned, meal prepped and freeze, stocked up pantries and freezers, the nursery all set up, and shopping for diapers, wipes, clothes, bottles, breastfeeding pumps, car seat and etc.. I plan to do all this during second trimester.

When third trimester hits – I’ll make sure diaper bag and car seat is installed. I think third trimester is when I’ll be getting more fatigue because of the weight. I’ll be relaxing more on bed, couch, and getting daily prenatal massages.

I have everything all planned out in my head and it feels great typing it out – I don’t need to store it in my brain for awhile lol. We haven’t decided on when to have baby #2 yet but we are sure excited to have him/her when we get that all sort out.

How did you plan your before, during, and after pregnancy? Would love to read yours! Comment below to share – meanwhile stay tune for more daily blog posts – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by!

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[DIY] — Making Your Own Planner Stickers • Simple & Inexpensive


Since I DIY everything – I mind as well DIY my own planner stickers to the way I love. It’s simple and fun! I started playing with paints and looking for clip arts. You just design it and then paste it on Microsoft Word to print. Either you use regular white paper or color paper to print than glue/double sided tape OR you can use sticker papers to print. I used regular plain papers because I didn’t have sticker papers.

c106 c107

Making your own DIY sticker might be a little bit more work but you do save quite a lot of money! Plus the main thing is – you get to be creative and make each sticker the way you want! If you want it to be less work – I recommend you to get a sticker machine to play with. For me – I enjoy the designing, creating, cutting, and pasting. So it doesn’t bother me as much. Do you DIY your own stickers? Would you like to DIY your own stickers? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time! 

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[Life Style] — Life As A Blogger


How do I blog? How do I get a blog post in every single day? Where do I find time for this? How do I do it? 

First off – I got to love what I’m doing – otherwise I would not enjoy blogging. Blogging is like keeping a life journal for me which I share with other people.

Second is I don’t blog every day – all my blog posts are typed in advance and scheduled in advance. I try to be super advance as I can be. Because I just got to expect the unexpected.

When things come up – I got to be prepared for it. Ideally – I try to blog a month in advance. Some blog posts are a couple days in advance. I would prefer to have it two months advance but it all depends if I’m in the mood for it. I plan my blog posts in advance – so I can have my MeTime or plan other blog posts in advance.

Third goes to I blog when I have free time. For example: Taking my son to play room, swimming class, and summer camp. I usually don’t blog at home. It’s always on the go when I have time to squeeze. Hence – I don’t like to waste my time. Every minute wasted I can be doing something useful. I’m usually on the go when I blog. I would type out the topics of my blog posts on my phone and blog from my phone. How convenient right?

That’s basically my blogging recipe. I find this blog therapeutic for me where I can manage it and enjoy it. I don’t necessarily need to blog every single day but I love to. No one is managing me on what to do and not to do. This blog is just ME. Welcome to my blogging life!

How do you manage your blogging style? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily blog posts – this blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time!

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