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[Summer Fun] — Lake Wilcox Park

Fun day at Wilcox Lake Park with the kiddos. It was our first time here and boy was it busy! It’s a nice park with picnic area, barbecue area, park area, and Water Park. A pathway to walk near the lake too. Too bad we didn’t have enough time – Hubby wanted to take a walk around the lake area.

It was a nice little get together before all the kids start school again. Hopefully next time it won’t be as busy!

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[LifeStyle] — Good Friday 2017

We started off  Easter 2017 weekend with a relaxing Good Friday – spending just pure family time. We had no one or events to attend to and that is very rare. Normally our weekends are packed with things to do and people to see. Hubby & I enjoyed ‘our’ time – just a family of 4. We didn’t have to worry about the time.

We started the morning off with a Easter hunt. Instead of having Easter baskets – we had a Easter egg hunt. It is Munchkin#1s first egg hunt.. He had a lot of fun collecting eggs all around our home. Surprisingly – he never asked to eat any of the chocolates.

Had breakfast and lunch at home before we headed to the park for some outdoor fun.

We had the most perfect weather. It was super warm and sunny. After an hour or so – we headed back home to relax.

We had a late dinner because we snacked in between.

  It was such a perfect relaxing day & we definitely need more of this. I’ll make sure it happens more often that we spend time like this as a family. There goes our fun & relaxing Good Friday – stay tune for more Easter events!

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[Travels] — Gran Bahia Principe Coba • Mexico, Cancun • Day 7

Day seven didn’t start out the way we wanted to. We woke up to a sick child. Munchkin#1 caught a fever! Thank goodness I am always prepare for every trip we go to. I pack all their medicines and thermometer. Gave him his medicine and he puked a few times.

We took a break from the water park and beach – Munchkin#1 was just too tired. From the past few days he was NONSTOP running around and being under the sun.

Hubby and I had cocktails at the bar while both Munchkin rested.

We ordered room service for lunch as well. Not a huge fan of their room service menu because it was very limited but we wanted Munchkin#1 to rest up.

He took a few hour nap and woke up very hungry and energized. Lol our son only needs a few hour to recharge than hes good! His fever was gone and he asked to go to the beach too. We were just shocked how fast he recovers. Of course we didn’t listen to his request. We wanted him to rest more for our flight the next day.

We had dinner at the seafood restaurant and my salmon meal was delicious. There were a lot of seafood appetizers too. It was a delicious meal!

There goes our day 7! Cant believe our trip is coming to an end! Despite having an extra child to care for – it was very manageable still. It all comes down to organization and extra patience! Stay tune for our last day of our trip! Thanks for dropping by!

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[Celebration] — Hubby’s 34th Birthday && Christmas Eve

This is how we celebrated Christmas Eve slash Hubby’s 34th Birthday. Our friend Dana and her newly Husband came for a visit during the afternoon. It was so nice catching up with them and seeing how they love their married life.

I had some time to take photos of my 2 boys in Christmas outfit. As you follow my blog long enough – you would know I love taking photos! Hahaha. These photos will be memories for us to look back to. I love it!

Look at my two loves!

We went out to Loblaws to pick up a birthday cake for my husband. Munchkin#1 got to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to his daddy. It’s also Munchkin#2’s first time celebrating his daddy’s birthday. Aren’t they cute or what?

Yes – mommy took a selfie too! Look at those chubby arms? I shall do something about it soon! I love my pink Santa hat!

At night we headed out for dinner at Baton Rouge. The restaurant was packed and good thing I made reservation! Otherwise – it’ll be a super long wait. Had my fave baked potato with steak. Everything was yummy!


Baked some cookies for Santa. Apparently – Munchkin#1 was suppose to help me but he walked off and wasn’t interested. I think he just didn’t want to touch the cookie dough. He’s a little OCD just like his mommy. We put out cookies for Santa and carrots for reindeer. Yes water for Santa too because we ran out of milk!

It was so much fun because it’s Munchkin#1’s first year understanding that Santa and reindeer are coming and dropping us gifts! Love it! It’s so magical!

Here’s our Christmas Eve night time outfit. Our matching outfit which I bought a couple months ago. The outfit where we open Christmas gifts in the morning! There goes our fun and eventful Christmas Eve & Hubby’s 34th birthday. We love spending it as a family and at home. No need to attend to other people or places. Just some peaceful moment for us.

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[Kids] — Christmas Gingerbread House 2016

We decided to do our annual gingerbread house at home this year since I couldn’t find a class at Loblaws for it.

We bought a kit at No Frills for $10 bucks. The pre-built ones are more expensive but since we can never keep the house up – I decided it’s best to get the pre-built ones. Just easier for us.

We had fun decorating – Munchkin#1 helped with decorating the roof while we did the rest. Munchkin#2 helped by just watching and not crying lol.

Look at how concentrated he was! I have to say that this year he is more excited and enthusiastic in all these Christmas activities!

I think we’ll just buy the kit every year – so we can spend family quality time at home. Maybe next year Munchkin#2 can help too! What kind of festive activities did you do with your kids? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily updates and reviews – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by!

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[LifeStyle] — Operation Christmas ShoeBoxes 2016 • DIY Projects


Christmas is around the corner and the first time I think about is these shoeboxes for the kids in 3rd world country. We live a pretty privilege life with clean water to drink, a roof over our heads, and food on the table every day. The kids in third word countries might not even have 1/3 of what we have! I did this project with a girlfriend, her kids, and my son last year – you can check out the post here. We had so much fun wrapping up the shoe boxes, shopping for toys, and putting it together. The most important thing is the meaning behind it – teaching our kids to give back. This year I’ll be doing this project with my 2 son’s and husband – a family thing.

g0123 g0124

I wrapped these shoeboxes early October and did the shopping later on. The date to donate these shoeboxes is the third week of November this year. I wanted to wrap them early and put them together early is because when November hits – it’s like crazy busy for us! It’s always nice to plan ahead to avoid unnecessary stress right? I always say this but its so true! It’s such a busy season – I want to relax and enjoy the moment! I wrapped up 10 shoeboxes this year – for each shoeboxes – we need to donate $7.00CAD on top for shipping and handling. If your interested – check this website out for more information.


I had a bag of 100 balls laying around and I didn’t want to open it for my son to play with. So I had this idea of wrapping up these balls as part of the gifts for the shoebox project. It was so much fun wrapping and they look so cute too. Don’t they look like candies?

g0179 g0180

g0210 g0211

These are a few of the stuff I included in the shoe boxes – mostly toys and some are sanitation products. We could not include any liquid items or toothpaste – so I had to be thoughtful to what to get.


It’s a family affair and I love getting my kids involved. Well for this year – one kid involved. We try to explain to him why we do this and how some kids don’t have toys or anything to play with in other countries. I don’t think he quite understood that but we’ll try again next year.


Our little helper that helped put everything inside each box – he listened to instruction quite well. Except when he saw cars… He wanted to be playing with it instead of helping. Haha. But he did do a great job this year! Last year he did help a little bit but I did most the packing.


Here’s a shoebox for a girl. Which includes some toys, jewelries, crayons, coloring book, tissue, and band-aid. Have you given back this year? If not – start searching on how you can give back! It’s the season in giving back – although I believe giving back can be any season! Stay tune for more daily reviews & hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!

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[Home] — Ikea Photo Frames Wall Collage • DIY Project


Been wanting to put up a collage of photos on this wall for quite sometime now. Never really had the time to think about it before till now. Before doing anything – I had to draw out what I want to put up and how I want it. Everything I do has a meaning to it and keep reading – you’ll understand why I did what I did. I’m quite proud of what I did and I love it! This wall is in front of my dining table.


I put up these four frames first – these four frames will have my kids birthday pictures from 1 year old to 6 year old. They each will have 6 photos. It wasn’t easy putting these frames up – so much planning – so much measuring too. I’m very OCD when things are off – but now it’s perfect!


Almost complete! Okay – so the bottom right where there is 4 little frames – those are first Christmases of both my kids and their baptism. You see the 2 empty ones – its because Cayden hasn’t experience his first Christmas & baptism yet. The left & right columns are for vacations that we go to. When the rooms are running out – we can add 2-3 more columns on each side (left and right).


Completion! Yes – finally done after hours.. I don’t even know how many hours. The top left has 2 large photo frames – a picture of us on our wedding day & our first family picture. I had to visit Ikea once more to complete this wall. It’s not really complete because we can always add extra frames on the left and right side. But overall – it’ll just be vacation pictures and birthday pictures we’ll be adding. My empty wall feels so different now with these frames on it! Feels more complete! I call this my “Wall of Love”. I LOVE IT! I’m so blessed to wake up to all these wonderful memories created every day! Life is such a blessing! Thanks for dropping by – stay tune for more updates – this blog is updated regularly!

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[Celebration] — Our 8th Year Dating Anniversary • #FamilyOf4


Not everything is perfect but to me – this is my kind of perfect. They are perfect in my eyes and I love them very much. Happy 8th year dating anniversary Hubby! Who knew 8 years later we’d end up with 2 adorable human beings that’s ours! We get to keep them forever and ever!

g0129 g0130 g0131

Look at my loves – we celebrated our 8th year dating anniversary on October,17th 2016 at Baton Rouge. It was a really quiet day at the restaurant and that’s just what we needed. Being a mother for over 4 and a half year – I’m not into crowds and noise anymore. I even stay away from the mall during Christmas season. It’s a different kind of life when you have kids. Does this make sense? If it doesn’t – oh well. I’m typing this post with my 4.5 year old asking me tons of questions.


It was a somewhat enjoyable dinner – yes somewhat. When you have kids – you really don’t enjoy your dinner much because they can be a handful. Not siting still, crying babies, and the list goes on. I do enjoy my take out dinner more these days – it’s much more relaxing being at home when they can do whatever they want and you don’t need to be over their heads. You know what I mean? #PARENTHOOD. We had a nice 3 course dinner – our favorites – steak & lobster. The entree itself filled me up already.

Can’t believe its been 8 years of love. Not everything was smooth and dandy but we worked together to work through it. All relationships or marriages will always be a work in progress. As the saying goes ‘if you don’t put fuel in your car, it doesn’t go’ – it applies for relationships too. Oh man – that’s 8 years already – how much did I really aged? After having 2 kids.. Cheers to many more years to go Hubby! Love you lots!

Have a GORGEOUS day!!!




[Lifestyle] — What Have I been Up To Lately? • October 2016


What has been up with me lately? I did take a month off from blogging which I am super behind. But that’s okay I needed my break from my blog anyways. Even though I took a month off from updating my blog – I still kept myself busy with different projects around the house (I’ll update the different projects I worked on in different blog posts).

Since it’s almost the end of October already – I’ve been thinking about what to stock up for the winter season: meat, canned goods, pastas, and etc… I heard it’s going to be a very very very cold winter and I don’t want to drag two kids out for grocery runs every week. Especially carrying the heavy stuff too. That’s what I’ve been doing – buying the things we can buy now for the winter to avoid lots of trips out.


As always – I did Christmas shopping early this year and is 80% done. I’m not a fan of crowded malls and long line ups! Totally not my thing. If I could shop it now – why not right? Plus I don’t want to come home after my vacation to deal with Christmas shopping and wrapping. I just want to get it over with and done with before November hits.

These two months we’ve been doing some home improvement – as in – upgrading some of our furniture. I’ll do another separate post on it. We’ve wanted to upgrade some of our furniture for awhile now – it all comes down to the kids. Some we could upgrade and some we couldn’t do it till the kids are older – so they won’t ruin it.

I did take some ‘Me Time’ away from the kids for a refreshment. Even one hour a day is amazing and we all need it. I love my kids to death but sometimes I just need to be away from them to refresh myself and get myself back together. Fell off the band wagon of my diet after a week. In a week I did lose about 6 pounds – which is not too bad right? I have to get back into this wagon to lose the rest of the weight – 24 pounds to go!

We’ll be going to our winter vacation mid-November. A much needed vacation for hubby and I. We need to see palm trees, sunshine, beach, sand, and paradise – now that’s a vacation! I can’t wait to lounge on beach chairs and watch our kids play in water. Munchkin#2 will be over 4.5 months and we had the okay from his doctor to go. There’s gonna be quite a lot to pack but we can’t wait to experience it with both our boys.

I haven’t talked much about my stepmoms ALS journey. I guess I’ve came to accept it and not talk about it. It’s a very very sad disease without a cure and I pray that there will be a cure very soon to help everyone with this disease. Her situation looks stable right now but she is paralyzed. What can a paralyze person do? Why couldn’t she be stabilize when she could still walk and move her hands? Anyways – I help them buy groceries every week or two weeks. I try my best to visit once a week or if my schedule don’t work – every other week. I don’t know what else to update about her situation – my heart is numb about it. So that’s it.

As for my in-laws – our relationship has gotten better and hope it stays that way. I’m not hard to get along with – I just don’t like being annoyed. We see them about once a week if time permits.

I realize that I don’t socialize with a lot of people these days – the only people I socialize is mommies with kids. I know right – my priorities are so different than 5 years ago. But I do like it this way. When time is so limited – I can’t deal with everyone. My priorities has shifted and my priorities is my kids and husband.

As for blogging goes – I miss blogging. I won’t force myself into blogging if I don’t want to. Its all about if I feel like it or not. I love documenting my life and have a journal to read back. Especially for my kids. My family is my everything!

That’s it for this Life Update – life will only get busier from here when November hits. As long as I’m organize with my time – I won’t be stressing out. Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly. Thanks for dropping by & see you soon!

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[Baby] — What’s Was In My Hospital Bag?


What was in my hospital bag? At first I packed for a natural birth hospital bag but after having many thoughts to it – I had to prepare myself to expect the unexpected. Which thank god I did!

f259 f260 f261

I did end up having a c-section and I was glad my bag was all prepared for it. Although it was a planned c-section – hospital bag was something I didn’t have to repack again. These are the stuff that I packed with me. I used a gym bag that’s big enough to fit all my stuff. I didn’t end up showering at the hospital – so some stuff weren’t used.

f262 f263 f264

Overall – I would say have a plan B if you’re packing your hospital bag. I know of two friends that had an emergency c-section. It’s always great to be prepared and organized. Hope this post helps you out! Even if you forgot something – your other half can always go home or the store to grab it. Not big of a deal really. Stay tune for more updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!

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[Pregnancy Journal] — Delivering at 36 Weeks & 4 Days


I’ll be doing separate blog posts on this journey of delivery – so I can jot everything possible I need to remember down. I know one day I’ll be rereading all these amazing memories and maybe my kids will too.

You might be wondering – what’s up with the tile? Delivering at 36 weeks & 4 days? Yes – I did!

If you follow my blog long enough from where I do daily pregnancy journals – you would know that in the beginning of my pregnancy I had this placenta complication. Meaning only one side of my placenta was working and usually you need two sides to provide nutrition and food for the baby. So my right side was working and that made this pregnancy a middle risk for me. With close monitoring from my Obgyn and specialist at Mount Sanai – everything was looking great bi-weekly.

Till the week of June 28th 2016 – where I went for my specialist appointment at Mount Sanai. He saw some injury in my placenta – the right one and advised me that it’s best to deliver baby as soon as possible. That gave me a huge shocked because from the past few months – everything was going amazing except the baby was growing a little slow. I was only 36 weeks and baby was measuring a little over 4 pounds. I was scared and yet shocked!

He assures me that this is the safest and best solution there is. If we waited a week more – he wouldn’t know what the outcome is. Baby heart beat can stop beating and that’s very scary! I took his advice and believed in my specialist. As long as baby came out healthy – that’s really all that matters.

On the day of the appointment – I was kind of a mess and with a few tears in my eyes but I knew I got to do this. The nurse gave me 2 doses of steroid shots to prepare me for delivery. There’s a name for the shot which I forgot what it is. Basically this shot is to help mature the baby’s lungs. I had to take the next two doses at the hospital the next day.

Without wasting any time – I called my Obgyn right away to arrange a Non-stress test, blood work, steroid shot, C-section, and an appointment with her the next day. Everything was handled in a couple hours of time! Which I was blessed because it was so last minute and sometimes – it’s hard to arrange.

After leaving Mount Sanai that day after my crazy appointment. My head was floating! I had two weeks of things planned before delivery. Which I was expecting it to be 38 weeks. I had to cram everything in just less than 2 days! How an earth am I going to do that? Somehow I did! It’ll be in another post “The day before delivery”.

That’s really it for this section of my pregnancy story. What a crazy ride eh? But I still feel very grateful and blessed for the experiences I had! The word c-Section doesn’t sound so pleasant but it’s a whole new experience. I’ll explain more about it in another blog post. Have you experienced what I had? Comment below to share your story! Stay tune for more pregnancy stories – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!

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[Celebration] — Father’s Day 2016 • Cooking Class & Lunch


Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing daddies out there! Although my husband isn’t the most affectionate or romantic man – he sure is an amazing father to our son & sons-to-be. He takes fatherhood pretty seriously and I love him for that. He loves and gives unconditional care to our Munchkin.


We did a little something different this year – I signed up for a Father’s day cooking class for us. It was a fun first time experience for all of us. Hubby and Munchkin loved it. For sure we’ll be doing more cooking classes in the future!

 f096 f097

After cooking class – we headed to Montana’s for Father’s day lunch. It’s a lovely and chilling afternoon. Just what we needed in this busy life of ours.


Just a little #THROWBACK to Hubbys’ first Father’s day! Look at how tiny that Munchkin was – he was only a little three month old! This year Hubby celebrated his fifth Fathers’ day & next year he’ll have 2 little kiddos to celebrate with him. Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by! 

Have a LOVELY day!!!




[Cayden] — Preparation For Arrival

I’ve been preparing since April. How crazy can that be right? Let me list the things I’m preparing for in order.


(1) Cleaning up the nursery, having it set up and decorated. Yes that’s the first thing I did and loved doing.


(2) Buying diapers, automatic breast pumps, co-sleeper bassinette, baby bottles, and etc. Just shopping for things I need this pregnancy.

e407 e408

(3) Organizing every corner of my home. Closets x3, vanity table, and everything that needed organization. I need everything SUPER organize because I won’t have time for that when the baby is here. I’ll focus 100% of my time on my two boys.


(4) Freezer meals. Yes – I’ve been working on doubling or tripling some of my recipes when I cook. So I have enough to freeze in my freezer. I’m looking to freeze about 20 meals before I deliver. In case I can’t cook after my pregnancy – these freezer meals will be really handy for my family instead of buying take out all the time. Just planning ahead.


(5) Preparation with my son entering kindergarten. Just buying things he needs this September. Researching lunch ideas in advance. Looking to buy everything he needs before I pop.


(6) Blogging. Yes blogging. I’ve been doing a lot of scheduled posts to keep up the days I cannot blog. I love planning ahead and blogging is one of them!


(7) Calender. Just planning things in advance to keep my son busy. Another thing to keep organize for our lives. When I give birth to baby#2 – I don’t want to put anything on hold either. Hes still going to have swimming lessons and soccer. Maybe summer camp as well. I want him to still enjoy his childhood even with a younger brother coming along.


Did I miss anything? I don’t think so. I’ve started preparation since April and I think some people might think I’m crazy but I’m an organize freak – I got to have things organize to function my life. Am I crazy or what?How do you all prepare? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily life updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!


Have a WONDERFUL day!!!






[Celebration] — My 5th Mother’s Day • May.08.2016


I’ve celebrated Mother’s day the fifth time. I sound kind of crazy for keeping track but every celebration is special to me. This will be my last “alone” or “only child” celebrating with my son because next year he’ll have to share with his little brother for the rest of their lives.

Since we had two mother’s day dinner with the Luk relatives and my in-laws this year – I opted for a mother’s day brunch with my two loves. Simple brunch at Milestones like this is what I love.


I feel blessed in every way when I see my family happy and healthy. There’s no greater feeling to know I have them and get to have them for the rest of my life.

Munchkin is 4 years old this year and it’s super hard to sneak a kiss from him these days without needing to beg for it. I was lucky in Mother’s day because I asked and he delivered a kiss without any begging. What a lucky mom I am right? Can’t believe he’s 4 and don’t give cuddles and kisses anymore. I miss it so much!


Motherhood has been a blessing and at times frustrating but I love every moment of it. I signed up for it and I love what I do. It isn’t a piece of cake but it’s worth it. Can’t wait to welcome our second bundle of joy to this world in about two months!


How did you celebrate mother’s day this year? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more hauls & reviews – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by! 

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Travels] — Hong Kong Day 2

[Day 2 of our trip] — Second day in Hong Kong — March 14th 2016 


Got to try McDonald pasta for breakfast on our second day and boy did it not taste too good! I ended up ordering a fish-o-filet instead because I just couldn’t stomach it.


Found Snoopy World from walking around the mall. Too bad it was closed!


Got my hair washed at the salon for $110HKD – a bit expensive but I enjoyed it! Found Watsons and purchased three items too. I didn’t have enough time to check out the rest of their stuff.


Spent the day at Disneyland. It was quite a tiring day because of my jetlag – ended up waking up at 4 in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. It was brutal.


Hubbys’ relatives picked us up at 12:30PM. Had lunch at Disneyland and went about our day. Went on a few rides, watched a 3D show, rested in between and then we had Chinese food in a restaurant inside Disneyland. I was exhausted by 7PM! I didn’t know how Id survives for a few more hours but somehow I did and slept in the car going back to hotel. Overall a fun experience – Munchkin loved it and had a blast! It was $500 for adult ticket and not sure about the price for kids. We are so spoiled by Hubbys’ relative that they didn’t let us pay for anything.


I quickly took a shower when I got back from hotel and KO’ed! I was dead asleep before 10PM. Stay tune for our day three of our trip in Hong Kong!