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[Lifestyle] — What Have I been Up To Lately? • October 2016


What has been up with me lately? I did take a month off from blogging which I am super behind. But that’s okay I needed my break from my blog anyways. Even though I took a month off from updating my blog – I still kept myself busy with different projects around the house (I’ll update the different projects I worked on in different blog posts).

Since it’s almost the end of October already – I’ve been thinking about what to stock up for the winter season: meat, canned goods, pastas, and etc… I heard it’s going to be a very very very cold winter and I don’t want to drag two kids out for grocery runs every week. Especially carrying the heavy stuff too. That’s what I’ve been doing – buying the things we can buy now for the winter to avoid lots of trips out.


As always – I did Christmas shopping early this year and is 80% done. I’m not a fan of crowded malls and long line ups! Totally not my thing. If I could shop it now – why not right? Plus I don’t want to come home after my vacation to deal with Christmas shopping and wrapping. I just want to get it over with and done with before November hits.

These two months we’ve been doing some home improvement – as in – upgrading some of our furniture. I’ll do another separate post on it. We’ve wanted to upgrade some of our furniture for awhile now – it all comes down to the kids. Some we could upgrade and some we couldn’t do it till the kids are older – so they won’t ruin it.

I did take some ‘Me Time’ away from the kids for a refreshment. Even one hour a day is amazing and we all need it. I love my kids to death but sometimes I just need to be away from them to refresh myself and get myself back together. Fell off the band wagon of my diet after a week. In a week I did lose about 6 pounds – which is not too bad right? I have to get back into this wagon to lose the rest of the weight – 24 pounds to go!

We’ll be going to our winter vacation mid-November. A much needed vacation for hubby and I. We need to see palm trees, sunshine, beach, sand, and paradise – now that’s a vacation! I can’t wait to lounge on beach chairs and watch our kids play in water. Munchkin#2 will be over 4.5 months and we had the okay from his doctor to go. There’s gonna be quite a lot to pack but we can’t wait to experience it with both our boys.

I haven’t talked much about my stepmoms ALS journey. I guess I’ve came to accept it and not talk about it. It’s a very very sad disease without a cure and I pray that there will be a cure very soon to help everyone with this disease. Her situation looks stable right now but she is paralyzed. What can a paralyze person do? Why couldn’t she be stabilize when she could still walk and move her hands? Anyways – I help them buy groceries every week or two weeks. I try my best to visit once a week or if my schedule don’t work – every other week. I don’t know what else to update about her situation – my heart is numb about it. So that’s it.

As for my in-laws – our relationship has gotten better and hope it stays that way. I’m not hard to get along with – I just don’t like being annoyed. We see them about once a week if time permits.

I realize that I don’t socialize with a lot of people these days – the only people I socialize is mommies with kids. I know right – my priorities are so different than 5 years ago. But I do like it this way. When time is so limited – I can’t deal with everyone. My priorities has shifted and my priorities is my kids and husband.

As for blogging goes – I miss blogging. I won’t force myself into blogging if I don’t want to. Its all about if I feel like it or not. I love documenting my life and have a journal to read back. Especially for my kids. My family is my everything!

That’s it for this Life Update – life will only get busier from here when November hits. As long as I’m organize with my time – I won’t be stressing out. Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly. Thanks for dropping by & see you soon!

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[LifeStyle][Travels] — Preparation Before Vacations • My Style & Preferences


Picture credit:

What to prepare one week before vacation? There’s actually a lot to prepare if you have your own place. I’m just going to put mine in a list here.

  • – Make sure all food in fridge is clear out unless it could be eaten after your trip – depending how long your trip is of course. 
  • – Dusting the day before the trip 
  • – Vacuuming & Mop floor the day before trip
  • – Home spotless and everything put in place
  • – Laundry to be cleaned and folded
  • – Kitchen & Bathrooms cleaned 
  • – Packing early to avoid forgetting things 
  • – Make sure to close all windows the day before departure
  • – Turn off all heater/air conditioning to avoid electricity being wasted while no one is home 
  • – Bills all paid

I think that’s about all – everything is common sense. Well for me – I like to come home to a super clean house. I like to just come home and put all the dirty clothes in the laundry, take a bath, and then relax. This isn’t for everyone. Just my preference. How’s your preparation style before heading off to vacation? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily life updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by! 

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[Home][Organization] — Kitchen Storages & Fridge Organization

b69 b70

I recently did a little reorganizing in the kitchen. Not everything is fully organized yet – so I won’t do a full kitchen organized blog post.

I’ve been searching for pink clean containers and finally found them at an affordable price! These containers were for $6.99+tax for 6! What a steal? I’m looking forward into purchasing more when I have the time to. I purchased them at One’s Better Living inside Market Village. They come in different sizes too.

b71 b73

If you follow my blog – you would know how OCD crazy I am. Everything’s got to match – even with kitchen containers! The colors have to be either pink or purple too.

The first thing I stored was the soup ingredients – I just had too much. Since i love making soup plus I make it twice a week too. Love how the bottom is see through. I don’t even need to label it.

b74 b75

Just a little fridge organization too lol. I like my fridge neat and tidy too. Stay tune for more organization adventures – this blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by! 

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[Jayden] — 47 Month Update

e0022 e0023

How many months is he now? I totally lost count already. He’s turning 4 years old within 4 months! My baby is not a baby anymore but I still adore his kisses and huggies whenever he gives it to me.

We’ve been working on his meal time last month. No more feeding this Munchkin and he’s doing quite well. Every meal he eats on his own and I can eat in peace too. But one problem is the ‘veggies’ – if he sees or accidently put veggies in his mouth – he spits it right back out. That’s something we need to work on. If there are no veggies in his bowl of food – he eats perfectly fine!

e0024 e0025

He’s putting more words into sentences and we find it so cute. Hubby and I are amused of the things he says. Just by saying “Jayden wants to play train” amazes the both of us. Our boy is really growing up.


I’ve been giving him more responsibilities. As in – turning off lights, bringing me this and that, cleaning up his toys before he gets to play with Ipad, and etc. He understands everything basically.

He loves camp and swimming. We as parents are really really proud to see him progress and love what he does.

e0027 e0028

He’s been loving all Christmas decorations and I can’t wait to put it up in our new place! He’s going to learn a lot this Christmas for sure.

Still loves to sing and he finds his own songs on the Ipad. Loves watching his own video vlogs too. He laughs at them. Too cute!

One huge problem is when we bring him out – he doesn’t behave too well. He loves running everywhere which annoys us. He knows he’s not supposed to but he does it anyways. Not sure what or how to train this Munchkin!

Ten months later he’ll be in school and I’m going to miss him dearly. My baby is a school boy soon!

Anyways that’s all the updates this month. Stay tune for more updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! 

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[Youtube] — Every Day Vlogs turned Clip Vlogs

I love doing every day vlogs but it can be quite time consuming with the editing. I still want a couple minutes in our everyday life captured without doing ANY editing. So I decided to just capture the moments worth capturing and uploading them straight to Youtube on my phone! Boy do I love this process! I still can capture the memories without editing anything!For the vacation vlogs – I’ll still do the whole day vlog – those are worth it. Same with birthday, celebrations, special outings, and milestones ones will be full day vlogs too!

What type of vlogger are you? I love capturing memories because I don’t have much of my own when I was a baby slash kid. I want these memories be long lasting for my little one! Stay tune for more daily life updates and vlogs! This blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!

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[Travels] — Two Weeks Countdown!


With a blink of an eye – it’s Mid-October already! We’ll be leaving to Hong Kong in weeks! I’m looking to explore a few different attractions and spending family time.

I’m already prepping a lot of things but first off – coming home to a spotless home is important. That means I’m doing a lot of cleaning around the house starting this week.

Can’t wait to be blogging and vlogging our first Asia trip! Vlogs and blog posts will be up around late November or early December! Stay tune for that!

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[Life Style] — Life As A Blogger


How do I blog? How do I get a blog post in every single day? Where do I find time for this? How do I do it? 

First off – I got to love what I’m doing – otherwise I would not enjoy blogging. Blogging is like keeping a life journal for me which I share with other people.

Second is I don’t blog every day – all my blog posts are typed in advance and scheduled in advance. I try to be super advance as I can be. Because I just got to expect the unexpected.

When things come up – I got to be prepared for it. Ideally – I try to blog a month in advance. Some blog posts are a couple days in advance. I would prefer to have it two months advance but it all depends if I’m in the mood for it. I plan my blog posts in advance – so I can have my MeTime or plan other blog posts in advance.

Third goes to I blog when I have free time. For example: Taking my son to play room, swimming class, and summer camp. I usually don’t blog at home. It’s always on the go when I have time to squeeze. Hence – I don’t like to waste my time. Every minute wasted I can be doing something useful. I’m usually on the go when I blog. I would type out the topics of my blog posts on my phone and blog from my phone. How convenient right?

That’s basically my blogging recipe. I find this blog therapeutic for me where I can manage it and enjoy it. I don’t necessarily need to blog every single day but I love to. No one is managing me on what to do and not to do. This blog is just ME. Welcome to my blogging life!

How do you manage your blogging style? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily blog posts – this blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time!

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[Travels] — Hong Kong Destination Must Go

We have finalized the places we’ll visit in Hong Kong already. It’s not hard to plan because it’s a short stay in Hong Kong but we will make it work for the five full days that we are there! With limited time we are visiting…


Ocean Park

Victoria Peak

Buddha and cable cars


& Hubbies’ elementary school from 30 years ago.

I think we pretty much covered all the places worth visiting. I didn’t research any restaurants since we will be eating out with relatives most of the time – they can do the recommendations. Overall those are the main places we’ll be visiting in two months! The main reason we are traveling this time is to visit relatives. Stay tune for more updates and reviews – this blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time! 

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[Jayden] — 42 Month Life Update • Growing Up & Hair Cut

c140 c141

Another month – yet another update! He’s 42 month today! Yes the crazy mom still counts every month. Not sure when I’ll stop? Maybe never? Lol. Forty-two month is a special number – meaning he’s officially three and a half year old. Exactly in a year – he’ll be entering kindergarten too! My baby is entering school! I never thought this date will be coming so soon!! Well one year of time is soon to me. Some would say – you can enjoy some me time while he’s at school.

c142 c143

Which is perfect but I know I’ll enjoy the process of picking out his outfits, packing his school bags, and planning his breakfast, lunch, and after school meals! The joy of being a mommy right? Love every part of it! Enough with the school talk – even though I already planned the little things already.

c144 c145

What’s new this month? He’s speaking a lot more and putting a lot of words in sentences! Soon I’ll be getting “why this and why that” lol – the cute stage of talking.

c146 c147

He’s been imitating every cartoon he watches – which is kind of insane because he memorizes everything they do and say! Do other kids do this?

c148 c149

We are trying to minimize the time he uses the Ipad or Iphone these days. By putting on TV shows or practicing writing his numbers or coloring books. Lately he shows more interests in coloring and loves it.

c150 c151

Still a bit shy around people but last month he’s gotten better at it. The shy period is shorter. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not because if he’s not shy – he’s crazy.

c152 c153

Swimming classes ended already and we signed him up for the fall season. He loves and enjoys it a lot. Which I’m happy about – he’ll be continuing swimming throughout his life. Hopefully to get to the life guard stage too. Mommy asking for too much? Lol.

c154 c155

As for camp – camp ended too and he’ll be enrolled in something similar in the fall as well. I want him to continue these classes till he starts kindergarten – so he get used to interacting with other kids, arts and crafts, being independent, and just enjoying himself without parents being there. It’s a good program to start for him to just get used to full time school.

c156 c157

Okay this is a little weird to talk about but he loves staring at ladies… I know right! He would say bye to ladies but not the gentlemen’s! He would check out the ladies out too! OMG seriously too young for that! Such a perv! How am I supposed to control that? Lol.


Loving the outdoors as well! Loves going to the park and the play room in our condo. He’s just one happy boy to be around with except at times he can be quite demanding! I think that’s all for the last month! This boy is just a joy to our life. He’s our joy and pride. Thanks for dropping by! Stay tune for more updates – this blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time! 

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[Jayden] — Munchkin 41 Month Update • Swimming & Camp

c032 c033

He started his swimming and Saturday camp class end of June. So far – he’s doing well but the first few classes were a nightmare of tears. I’m glad he’s enjoying more of it now and listening to his teachers/instructors. These camps are amazing – it’s a great way to prep him up before kindergarten. It’s also a great two hours of Me Time to run errands. Doing groceries in peace is so peaceful without a kid! I’m going to check out if they still have these classes after summer.

c034 c035

He loves fire crackers! I thought he would be super scared of it but he ended up loving it since July 1st 2015 – Canada day – there were people shooting fireworks in front of our condo building. Then there was three days of PamAm fireworks.

c036 c037


He is a MINION fan! Crazy enough – he acts like them too – which irritates me because these minions screams and throw things.

c039 c040

What else is new… I really can’t think of much now – so much has gone on last month. I feel like I’m out of my mind and out of this world. But no matter how hectic life is – I still got to provide a normal healthy life for this Munchkin.

c041 c042

That’s all for this update – stay tune for more updates – this blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time! 

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[Lifestyle] — Baby #2?

 I’ve been asked a lot with that question. Or should I say we’ve been it’s a normal thing to bring up I guess – since our Munchkin is almost 3.5 year old and people usually don’t want their kids so far apart. We are completely different. Or should I just say we’ve been changing our minds every month? Lol. We cannot decide if we want another kid yet our not. My heart tells me yes but my mind tells me no. I got to know if we 100% want to have another one first. It’s a hard topic/situation to decide – we are talking about a life time commitment here! We have one life time commitment already – adding another one we really don’t know about that yet. I still have about 8 years to decide before I’m 35. I think we are just enjoying the moment right now and loving it. Love traveling, loving the freedom, and loving the flexibility too.

Munchkin is starting full time kindergarten next September and we’ll see if we want another one then – no promises. There are pros and cons – it’s just very hard to decide! That’s it for now – maybe the next time I update about this topic – I’ll probably be pregnant? Lol kidding! Stay tune for more daily blog posts – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! 

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[Food] — The Keg Steakhouse at Richmond Hill • Review


Haven’t visit The Keg Steakhouse for a long while now. Decided to dine there during. Hubbys 4th Fathers day on June 20th. I’ve been to this location once since two years ago but that was a super long time and I don’t even remember my experience.

b107 b108

Since it was Father’s day weekend and during weekend they don’t allow RSVPs – the wait was quite long – about half an hour or so. The service that day was a little slow but we were prepared for it. Without looking at the menu – we quickly order our King’s dinner first AKA our son. You know how kids can be so impatient right? We ordered the chicken fingers with fries and it came with a drink, fruits, and a dessert for only $10! What a big meal for kids for just $10 bucks! Of course he didn’t finish it. But definitely worth the money! I think I would of been full eating that kids meal too!

b109 b110

Since I wasn’t too hungry – I ordered the 6 oz steak with baked potatoes. Hubby ordered the 8oz steak with fries. Overall the food was average – nothing spectacular. For example: I love Baton Rouge because of their awesome baked potatoes. The Keg just doesn’t give me the reason to want to go back. Don’t get me wrong – I love the kid’s meal here.

The restaurant was fully packed with celebrations that day! The only time you can make a reservation is weekends before 5PM or on weekdays. Which I find it a little inconvenient if you have a big group of people. Overall – a good experience but nothing to wow me to come back. What are your thoughts? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more restaurant reviews and adventures! This blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time!

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[Travels] — Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo, Samana • Day 8 | Overall Review – House Keeping – Food – Cleanliness – Gift Shops – Duty Free – Westjet


It’s a bittersweet day for the Cheung household! We miss our bed at home but we love the hospitality here! This place will for sure be missed! We had breakfast and just hanged out in the lobby and at the golden club lounge for the rest of her time there.


Our driver came at 12PM sharp to drive us to the airport. We took a few lovely photos on the way to the airport. Samana is seriously a very beautiful nature place to visit! The mountains, the water, the greeneries, and just the fresh air too!


We got to the airport near 1:00PM. Samana airport reminds me of the Puerto Plata airport. Almost the same layout and size.

We got two bottles of 500ml alcohol at $18.00USD! If you have friends or families birthdays coming up – pick some up! If I could carry more – I would have bought even more! It’s like CHEAP comparing to what we pay for in Toronto!


Our flight was smooth and we were early too! Westjet seriously never disappoints me! I never had a delay from them and I’ve taken Westjet for over 20 times!


I want to elaborate a little about Bahia Principe – everything was perfect. Housekeeper cleaned our room TWICE a day! They left mini boxes of chocolate near our pillows. Our room was always clean!

Food? I got to give 10/10! Every meal was deliciously made! For the people that complain about the food here – I don’t know what planet you are in! The chefs are very experience here.

Gift shops in the resort? Don’t even bother – very expensive and not worth it. We bought a mini size sun lotion at 13.00UDS with 15%off already because of VIP members. Try to shop during excursions or at duty free at the airport!

One advice from us to you is – don’t forget to tip! People in Dominican don’t earn as much. Tipping will help them a lot.

Overall this was another amazing family trip. Just #LOVELOVELOVE! Got to thank Bahia Principe and Westjet for another great experience! I can’t wait to go back to another paradise resort vacation next December 2016! Hope you enjoy my journey and reviews! I enjoy blogging it down to share with everyone. Before I go on any vacation – I like to know about every single detail before going. Hope this information helped you! Stay tune for more life adventures and travels – this blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time!

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[Travels] — Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo, Samana • Day 7 | Spa – Rodizio Restaurant


It’s our last full day here at Bahia Principe Samana. It’s been a wonderful one week stay and we love every bit of it. Hubby, Munchkin, and I had no complaints with this resort. Everything was mostly perfection.

The day before – I made a reservation at the spa to get my hair braided. The spa was very nice and spacious. The hair dresser didn’t take long to get my hair braided because I only wanted half of my head braided. It only took six strands. Last time I got my hair braided was in 2013 December at Cuba. It’s like a trend for me to get my hair braided on vacation. With six strands – it only cost $6.00UDS. Basically one strand is $1.00USD. Price is very reasonable.


We did our usuals – visited the beach for one last time, kids park, lunch, and pool.


Our last a la carte dinner was at 7:30PM that night. The restaurant is called Rodizio Brazilian Restaurant located right next to the beach! It’s very romantic but too bad we didn’t get a table to sit right next to it.


We started dinner off with an introduction of how the restaurant works. The service and food was amazing! I wished we could make 2 reservations here if I knew how amazing this restaurant was beforehand! One thing I didn’t like about it was the heat. It was so hot! Overall – if you are visiting this resort – this restaurant is a MUST try!


Stay tune for my last day of this trip HERE! This blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time! Have you been to this resort? What are your thoughts? Comment below! 

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[Travels] — Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo, Samana • Day 6 | Privillege Club Meeting & VIP Services


Sitting here on our day6 of our trip and my view right now is in front of the kid’s water park. My son can stay here all day without getting bored! That’s how much he loves it. I asked if he wanted to go back home to Toronto and his answer was straight up “NO!” Lol.

I’m not feeling so well today – so lounging around and getting up to date with my blog posts is the way to go. If I blog after I get home – I probably will forget most of my experiences by then. So I blog whenever I can and have the time to. I enjoy typing down my days – so maybe when I’m in my 60s – I can reminisce all these memories saved here on this blog. To be honest – I started blogging not because of me. I started blogging because I want my son or future kid(s) to actually know their mother. I grew up not knowing my own and not knowing what I was like as a child. In case one day I’m gone – this blog will hopefully be around for them to figure out who they are and what’s their mom really like.


Okay – enough of this life stuff. Let’s go on with day6 – two more days till we actually leave. Yesterday totally drained out my energy from 6:40AM to 10PM! Spending most of the time in the heat and sun is really tiring.

We started day 6 off at 8 in the morning. Woken up by the Munchkin – he’s been having a hard time peeing in his diaper because he’s so used to the potty at home. He refuses to use the toilet in our room. No choice! Poor boy!

Around 9:30AM – we headed for breakfast and 11:00AM we had a privilege club member meeting at the Mediterranean restaurant. Just to review how our trip went and get to know us a little better. I told them that Bavaro VIP club is a lot different than the system they have here. Bavaro have more VIP services – while here seems like they only had 10% of it. With my concern – he said that the resort here is doing a lot of renovations and upgrades and by next year – everything will be more luxury. We’ll see – because we planned a lot of different trips for the next couple years and we’ve been to Dominican Republic three times straight already – it’s time to travel to another place and check off more places off in the map.


The meeting wasn’t much – just wanted to see if we enjoyed our trip and our concerns. That’s really about it.

Now I’m just sitting here under the shades watching some son and daddy bonding time. We got the whole kids water park to ourselves – no idea why there’s no kids here.

Am I home sick yet? Not really but I really miss my own bed. The bed in our room is very comfy but sleeping on my own is different. It’s just different.

Anyways – going to end this blog here at 1:40PM on June 11th 2015. Going to enjoy the rest of my day lounging and munchkin on food. Oh and of course watch my family have fun. Stay tune for the rest of our trip HERE – this blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by! 

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