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[Summer Fun] — Canada’s Wonderland

When was the last time I ever step foot in Canada’s Wonderland? I think over 13 years ago! Crazy much? It was nice to be back! We visited Canada’s Wonderland late July with our two kiddos. Munchkin#1 was overly excited even before we got in. Munchkin#2 behaved so well even after an 8 hour day out. I serious could not complain!

We stayed at the kids’ area and with eight hour we had. It was just not enough time for all the rides plus the park was so busy and so much to do too! Definitely worth getting the season pass!

We had to literally bribe & drag Munchkin#1 out of Wonderland! He loved it and is constantly asking to go back. He sure doesn’t know how fortunate he is to be enjoying all these summer activities. Sometimes I feel like our kids have life so good. For sure Wonderland will be a place to be back. Till next time!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!



[Celebration] — 5 Years Wedding Anniversary with 2 Munchkins


A little overdue for this post! We celebrated our five years wedding anniversary as a family of four this year! We never thought Munchkin#2 would arrive so early that he would get to celebrate this special day with us this year! Five years & two Munchkins’ later! Life is just so wonderful to us and I’m forever blessed!

f250 f251

We celebrated this special day by having lunch at Joey’s. Yes lunch since Mommy doesn’t like being out so late these days. All these special occasions dinner has turned into lunch. No biggie – it’s who we spent with that matters right?


We even took our first family picture. I still got a lot of weight to lose but I’ll think about that when September hits – that’s when I’ll have more time for the gym!

f253 f254

Cheers too many more years to come Hubby! Thanks for this amazing life you provide for us and our family. I can still remember exactly what happened 5 years ago on July 9th 2011. It’s so magical!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Jayden] — 4 Year & 2 Months Update

e393 e394

My first born just turned four years and two months. Yes – I am the crazy mom that still counts the months. I still want to keep a little journal for him to read one day and see the little cute things he did when he was young.

e395 e396

It’s a blessing watching him grow and endure each milestone. In love the journey of motherhood and being a stay at home mother raising him on my own. It’s not easy all the time but it’s a blessing. He’s a blessing to our life and we love him dearly.

e397 e398

Let’s talk about our first long flight back to Asia – a 17 hour flight. I got to say he did so well with a little boredom. Traveling with him is a piece of cake because he enjoys and loves airplanes. He loves sleeping in airplanes too. It was great 95% of the time flying there and back!

e399 e400

As for jetlag – he did have a little jetlag but adjusted very well. He could sleep anywhere. A bit cranky here and there too. But we are blessed he behaved quite well even in the other side of the world.

e401 e402

Still hates haircuts. Since I got pregnant – I’ve retired from the hairdresser duty of cutting his hair. We had to bring him out which he’s still not a fan of the buzzing razor and the hair dryer. Hope he gets used to it soon.


I’ve been trying to organize play dates two times a week for him to interact and play with other kids. Which he loves. He’ll be starting soccer end of this month! I can’t wait! He’ll have lots of fun. He’s still continuing with swimming which he loves! He’s much more comfortable with swimming this term. That might be all the updates this month! Stay tune for more daily updates & adventures – this blog is updates regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by! 


Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Travels] — Guang Zhou, China Day 6

[Day 12 of our trip] — Sixth Day in Guang Zhou, China — March 24th 2016 

It was our last day here in GuangZhou. We didn’t do much but the regulars – lunch at stepmothers. Stayed home to pack a little.

Than a big dinner at my stepmothers restaurant for our goodbye dinner. It was hard watching my stepmother cry because we are leaving but I know she’ll be returning to Toronto soon.


There goes our 12 day trip in Hong Kong and Guang Zhou. It was a short and bittersweet trip. It was an experience for my husband and my son. I wanted to vlog throughout our trip but it was a bit much with me being pregnant and jetlag. I did take loads of pictures when I can. These journal diaries will remind me of our first long trip away from home.

With a 17 hour flight + 2 hour delay back home – we were delighted to be home. I missed my bubble baths and my bed! Nothing like coming home to a clean home!

We are blessed and fortunate to have gone on this trip to experience and learn different things. Can’t wait to return one day with our Munchkin#2 – I think about 6-8 years later? Hubby wants to experience the historical side if China – so we will most likely visit Beijing next time when we visit Asia. Till next time!



[Travels] — Guang Zhou, China Day 5

[Day 11 of our trip] — Fifth Day in Guang Zhou, China — March 23rd 2016 

Headed out to my stepmothers restaurant for lunch as usual. Then headed back home to relax a bit before my stepmothers younger sister-in-law took us all out for shopping.

We went to this street where they sell manufactured kids clothes. Got a few things for Munchkin and baby#2. It was hard to shop with a bunch of people. It’s like shopping with pressure. After that we headed to this brand name outlet. They say it’s cheap but comparing to the prices – its not that much cheaper. We didn’t get anything at the outlet.

We had KFC in the outlet mall – interesting menu comparing to Toronto.

Anyways – ended our night dining at my stepmother’s restaurant. It was a tiring day for her being out for so many hours.



[Travels] — Guang Zhou, China Day 4

[Day 10 of our trip] — Fourth Day in Guang Zhou, China — March 22nd 2016 


I think this day was the most eventful day of my trip to Guang Zhou, China.


We started off the day of ordering dim sum from my stepmothers’ restaurant. Than around noon – we were picked up and drove to my stepmom’s cousin’s condo. I’ve been longing 6 years to see this cutie! Yes – it’s been a good six years since I’ve last seen him and I miss him so much. Six years ago when I visited China with my stepmother – we lived at her cousins place and I grew so much love for this dog. He understands so much. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to see him again because he’s aging and I won’t be taking any long flights for a long while. I wish I could take him home with me!


Anyways – after the visit – hubby and I headed out for our hair wash. Than we brought Munchkin to this supermarket where there’s a play area. He had so much fun there. I did a little shopping at the supermarket too – bought some cute candies for souvenirs for my sons little friends.


Than we headed to dinner at Four Seasons or Sheraton – I forgot which hotel name it was but it was very grand. The service was excellent too. Once again – they use peanut oil in their food. This time – I was prepared. I packed extra pork buns from my stepmother’s restaurant to bring it with me. Thank goodness I did that – otherwise he be starving. Just got to think ahead every time as a parent! Food was amazing! It was nice seeing my stepmother’s cousin and her husband again! They are the nicest people ever.


That concludes day 4 in GuangZhou. The most anticipated visit. 



[Travels] — Guang Zhou, China Day 3

[Day 9 of our trip] — Third Day in Guang Zhou, China — March 21st 2016 


Headed over to my stepmothers restaurant for brunch. Yes – we’ll be dining here almost every day because 1) they can special make food for my stepmother and 2) my son has peanut allergy. Her restaurant doesn’t use peanut oil – so it’s safe to dine at her restaurant most of our stay. It just gives us a peace of mind. Plus the food is pretty good there – cannot complain.


After brunch – we headed to a mall to do some window shopping. Everything was so expensive there – I didn’t bother buying anything.


We dined at this restaurant called Daye inside the mall. They used peanut oil in their food – so good thing there was a McDonald nearby. Bought my Munchkin a happy meal. Food was good and pricey.

After a few hours out – my stepmother was tired. We headed back home to rest and sleep.



[Travels] — Guang Zhou, China Day 1

[Day 7 of our trip] — First Day in Guang Zhou, China — March 19th 2016 

Had our morning last breakfast at McDonald. No pictures taken because it was packed and we were in a little rush.

Visited Watsons and SaSa one last time. I got quite a bit but totally forgot to take pictures of my loot that day. Basically more masks!

Packed some last minute stuff into our luggage than we got picked up by hubbys’ aunt and uncle to the ferries.

Our original plan was to take the ferries to Macau and have my relatives pick us up at the Gung Buk boarder to GuangZhou, but since it was so foggy and the Turbo Jet could barely see anything and it was a massive delay. We decided on another route. We took taxi to Tsum Suin (not the correct translation) boarder to meet them instead. Taxi took about 40 minutes and $350hkd. Pretty fast and affordable.

Crossing the border was easy too. Waited for my relatives for about 40-50 minutes. The drive was quite long to Guang Zhou – about two hours plus.

I had mixed emotions seeing my stepmother after so many months. I missed her but I didn’t want to accept the condition she was in. She aged quite a lot and couldn’t do much on her own. I didn’t cry in front of her because I know that’ll make her sad. But this ALS disease has taken her life away from her. She’s an active and independent person. Now she can’t even do the basics on her own. It’s very heart wrenching to watch but I’m glad she’s still here with us.


e230 e231

After dropping our stuff off – we quickly headed off to my stepmothers place for dinner. Her pride and joy was opening two restaurants in GuangZhou. Food was delicious and we were tired from all the travelling. That concludes our first day in GuangZhou.



[Travels] — Hong Kong Day 6

[Day 6 of our trip] — Sixth day in Hong Kong — March 18th 2016 

e223 e224

It was a well rested day for day 6 of our trip – we took this day to sleep in and just relax a little before heading out. Visited Fairwood for brunch and my in-laws joined us.

. e225

Picked up by my hubbys’ 4th uncle in the afternoon to take another city tour. This time he took us to this street where a lot of travelers shop at. I bought 2 Chinese outfits – 1 for my son and one for his newborn cousin. It was quite inexpensive comparing to Toronto pricing. From what I remember – it was $40hkd to $65hkd. Pretty cheap I must say.


We got to experience siu mai and fish balls from Seven Eleven for the first time. It’s like one of the top things I wanted to experience. Seems like the thing to do when visiting Hong Kong lol. Anyways – after that we dropped by hubbys’ 4th aunt & uncles condo.


Than off we go – back to our hotel where we’ll have our Cheungs family dinner. Munchkin had a lot of fun with his cousin Garret – they both love cars.


Food was amazing! Service was excellent. This day really concludes our Hong Kong trip. It was an amazing experience and we were traveling like Kings and Queens being picked up and brought to places. We barely need to worry about a thing. Everything was paid off by hubbys’ relatives. We are very fortunate and spoiled to the max!

We won’t be visiting Hong Kong anytime soon again – not with two kids and 17hr flights. It’s just a big chore to take. It was an amazing experience for sure!

Stay tune for our GuangZhou, China experience!



[Travels] — Hong Kong Day 5

[Day 5 of our trip] — Fifth day in Hong Kong — March 17th 2016 


Had breakfast at Delifrance – it’s like a French style restaurant? You order from the front and they bring it to you. A bit on the pricier side – about $35hkd but we wanted to try something new. Food tasted alright.

Today is our last goodbye to my husband’s grandpa. We got picked up in the morning around 10 to the funeral home. A bittersweet moment but I know he’s watching over us from above. May you rest in peace and be reunited with your wife from above.


After the funeral/cremation – we headed for lunch at the Royal Park restaurant where we stayed at. Didn’t take any food pictures but everything was delicious.

After that – we headed back to our hotel room to change than head out to visit Hubbys 3rd aunt’s condo and visit hubbys’ grandmothers grave.


After all that – hubbys’ 4th uncle dropped us off at Hubbys’ mother sides’ relatives place for a visit. Haven’t seen them for over two years and it’s great to catch up and meet their kids and cats. Surprisingly I was allergic to these cats. I think it is because of this pregnancy – usually I am good.

An hour later – we headed downstairs for dinner. We dined at Victoria Harbor Restaurant. I couldn’t enjoy much of the food because I was exhausted by this point. Waking up extra early with no nap was killing me.


Then we visited Hubbys’ cousin at the ice-cream shop. Hubbys aunt introduced me to this skin care shop called Wishh! I was in heaven with their masks. If she brought me here before dinner – I think I’ll b more awake during dinner LOL.

I spent around $600hkd but it was worth it. Lots of beauty products and I wish I had more time!


We are so spoiled by our relatives – look at all these red pockets we received throughout our trip!

That concludes my day – I fell right asleep after my shower.Stay tune for day 6 of our trip – last day in Hong Kong!



[Travels] — Hong Kong Day 4

[Day 4 of our trip] — Fourth day in Hong Kong — March 16th 2016 


It’s a simple day in Hong Kong on our day four. Had breakfast dim sum with the in-laws and second aunt.


And OMG – I found SaSa around our hotel. Right underneath Watson! It’s crazy because I did go CRAZY with the masks. SaSa is well known for their beauty products! Especially makeup and skin care. I felt like I was in heaven when I saw the store. I bought quite a lot – I think $600HKD worth of masks? Over 100s of pieces of masks. I was in heaven!


After a little shopping we headed to Fairwood for lunch. It’s another Hong Kong fast food restaurant. Food was typical and simple. Love the soup they served with no MSG.


Than we dropped by McDonald to pick up a Taro Pie – something I never tried. It was alright – nothing spectacular. I would prefer the red bean pie better but too bad they didn’t have it this time I’m in Hong Kong – I tried it many years ago.

Took a little break back in our hotel room till the viewing of Hubbys’ funeral. We took the taxi to the funeral home since it was very close by.

Initially our plan was to visit last November – but since hubby had a firm changed – our trip was delayed for 4 months. It’s sad because we initially wanted to see his grandpa one last time because he is 104 year old. But since the date change – it ended up being his funeral. Who know four months later he’ll be gone right? A bit sad but he lived a very good and long life.

There goes our day – the next day was the actual funeral and cremation.



[Travels] — Hong Kong Day 1

[Day 1 of our trip] — First day in Hong Kong — March 13th 2016 


The night before we arrived it was super duper late before midnight. With long line up of crossing immigration and picking up luggage – it was almost 1AM when we left the airport. Hubbys’ Aunt & Uncle picked us up and dropped us off at the hotel.

I’ll do a separate company review of China Eastern airline in another post. Want to give a proper review! So stay tune for that!


Thank goodness that we slept on the plane well. By the time we settled down in our hotel room at Royal Park hotel – we were starving! Ordered room service right away – the fried beef noodle was PRICEY but we didn’t want to wander around at 3AM for food. So we didn’t have a choice. The portion was small. We could basically order 5 of these in Toronto with the portion doubled. Oh well – we were starving! We bath and slept right away!

To my surprise – none of us were jetlagged! Not even our 4 year old! We started our day around 9:30AM in the morning. The hotel we stayed in was connected to the mall. This was convenient! There were a food court, supermarket, shops, and lots of restaurants too!


We decided to have breakfast at Cafeholic. Food was good – average American style breakfast with Hong Kong milk tea. Love the interior of the restaurant – very cozy!

After breakfast we walked around the mall before Hubbys’ Aunt and Uncle picked us up for a full day of fun!


We toured around a few places before lunch. Not much pictures taken because it was a foggy and muggy day.


Around 12:30PM – we headed to this restaurant which I don’t know the English name of. This restaurant is famous for their pigeons. Lunch was great and tasty. The restaurant felt like the ones back in the olden days – very vintage looking.


While lunch was satisfying – we headed to take a look back at Hubbys’ old neighborhood. We are talking about almost 30 years ago! He immigrated to Canada when he was around 4-5 years old. It was a walk down memory lane for him for sure. Bringing his wife and son back to where life started for him.


Visited the mall he used to go to when he was young too – which looks completely different with the newly renovation.


His relatives drove us to his elementary school too! Crazy eh? It looked exactly the same. It was very steep uphill drive – kind of scary. Quite far from where he used to live too.

After touring around town – we visited his relatives home. No pictures taken because I was resting with my baby pump. It was a long fulfilling day! Very comfortable too since we were in the car most of the time.


Dined at Ka Ma Do Japanese Dining around 7PM – Hubbys’ 3rd Aunt joined us too. The view was in front of Victoria Harbor but too bad it was rainy and foggy. Couldn’t capture a proper picture.

Here’s the food pictures. Very nicely put together but the prices were a bit crazy. I think that’s the typical price in Hong Kong dining at Japanese restaurants. Food was good but service on the other hand was totally off! Dining with 5 people was about $1800hkd not including service charge. Crazy much? That’s about over $300CAD. I guess we are paying for the view? A view we couldn’t see properly… Hahaha. It still was an experience. At least we know that it taste the same as Toronto.

By the time we got back to the hotel – I was exhausted! I hurried up and took a bath before I KO’ed around 10PM? Hubby had to go out and buy Munchkin McDonald at the mall since he missed dinner because of napping. He did well the whole day – loved sightseeing and the many transportation vehicles Hong Kong has. He had a blast! McDonald tasted the same and it was 23HKD for a double cheese burger combo – cheaper than Toronto but they do have a wider variety on their menu in Hong Kong. Like macaroni, rice, and etc.. Don’t know if we’ll be able try those since there’s a lot to try! That’s it for day 1 of my diary in Hong Kong! Amazing hospitality! Stay tune for day 2!



[Home][Organization] — Kitchen Storages & Fridge Organization

b69 b70

I recently did a little reorganizing in the kitchen. Not everything is fully organized yet – so I won’t do a full kitchen organized blog post.

I’ve been searching for pink clean containers and finally found them at an affordable price! These containers were for $6.99+tax for 6! What a steal? I’m looking forward into purchasing more when I have the time to. I purchased them at One’s Better Living inside Market Village. They come in different sizes too.

b71 b73

If you follow my blog – you would know how OCD crazy I am. Everything’s got to match – even with kitchen containers! The colors have to be either pink or purple too.

The first thing I stored was the soup ingredients – I just had too much. Since i love making soup plus I make it twice a week too. Love how the bottom is see through. I don’t even need to label it.

b74 b75

Just a little fridge organization too lol. I like my fridge neat and tidy too. Stay tune for more organization adventures – this blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by! 

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Youtube] — Every Day Vlogs turned Clip Vlogs

I love doing every day vlogs but it can be quite time consuming with the editing. I still want a couple minutes in our everyday life captured without doing ANY editing. So I decided to just capture the moments worth capturing and uploading them straight to Youtube on my phone! Boy do I love this process! I still can capture the memories without editing anything!For the vacation vlogs – I’ll still do the whole day vlog – those are worth it. Same with birthday, celebrations, special outings, and milestones ones will be full day vlogs too!

What type of vlogger are you? I love capturing memories because I don’t have much of my own when I was a baby slash kid. I want these memories be long lasting for my little one! Stay tune for more daily life updates and vlogs! This blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Life Style] — Life As A Blogger


How do I blog? How do I get a blog post in every single day? Where do I find time for this? How do I do it? 

First off – I got to love what I’m doing – otherwise I would not enjoy blogging. Blogging is like keeping a life journal for me which I share with other people.

Second is I don’t blog every day – all my blog posts are typed in advance and scheduled in advance. I try to be super advance as I can be. Because I just got to expect the unexpected.

When things come up – I got to be prepared for it. Ideally – I try to blog a month in advance. Some blog posts are a couple days in advance. I would prefer to have it two months advance but it all depends if I’m in the mood for it. I plan my blog posts in advance – so I can have my MeTime or plan other blog posts in advance.

Third goes to I blog when I have free time. For example: Taking my son to play room, swimming class, and summer camp. I usually don’t blog at home. It’s always on the go when I have time to squeeze. Hence – I don’t like to waste my time. Every minute wasted I can be doing something useful. I’m usually on the go when I blog. I would type out the topics of my blog posts on my phone and blog from my phone. How convenient right?

That’s basically my blogging recipe. I find this blog therapeutic for me where I can manage it and enjoy it. I don’t necessarily need to blog every single day but I love to. No one is managing me on what to do and not to do. This blog is just ME. Welcome to my blogging life!

How do you manage your blogging style? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily blog posts – this blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!