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[Summer Fun] — Canada’s Wonderland

When was the last time I ever step foot in Canada’s Wonderland? I think over 13 years ago! Crazy much? It was nice to be back! We visited Canada’s Wonderland late July with our two kiddos. Munchkin#1 was overly excited even before we got in. Munchkin#2 behaved so well even after an 8 hour day out. I serious could not complain!

We stayed at the kids’ area and with eight hour we had. It was just not enough time for all the rides plus the park was so busy and so much to do too! Definitely worth getting the season pass!

We had to literally bribe & drag Munchkin#1 out of Wonderland! He loved it and is constantly asking to go back. He sure doesn’t know how fortunate he is to be enjoying all these summer activities. Sometimes I feel like our kids have life so good. For sure Wonderland will be a place to be back. Till next time!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!



[Celebration] — Sixth Year Wedding Anniversary

Sixth year wedding anniversary with the love of my life was somewhat relaxing but with a day of kids activities. Before our anniversary lunch – we headed to Munchkin#2s first swimming lesson. He loved the water and was very comfortable in it.

After the swimming lesson – we headed to Good Catch for lunch. I ordered a cocktail to share with the Hubby. Ordered my first Spicy Salmon Poké and my thoughts? Nothing really that special. Not sure what the hype is about with everyone? Hubby loved his lobster sub.

After lunch we headed to Munchkin#2s’ baptism class.

Quite an eventful day for sure but we got to spend the rest of our day at home. Six years – 2 kids & a home. What more can we ask for? I am forever blessed with my family. I am content where life is & all we need is more time to spend with each other. Can money buy time?

Have a TERRIFIC day!!!



[Summer Fun] — Safari Niagara

It was our first visit to Niagara Safari and it was amazing. It took about 1.5 hour drive with 1 pit stop. It was an extremely hot day but thank goodness both kids behaved & cooperated.


There were so many animals to see. We walked about half way than decided to hop on the wagon ride to see the rest of the Safari. This place is huge!

Munchkin#1 learned so much about animals and his fave was the giraffes. It’s cute how little things interest him. Other than the giraffes – his favorite part was the park. He wasn’t too interested with the water park. Which it was a good thing for us – no need to change him. The park itself is huge. There’s a lot to do! From what I remember – we spent around 5 hours there. We sure did soak in those vitamin C & D that day! For sure we’ll be visiting again one day!

Have a GORGEOUS day!!!



[Lifestyle] — 8 Month Postpartum • #MomLife & Side Tracked

Finally getting back on track with my blogging. I’m glad life is back to normal.

It’s already my 8 month postpartum! I haven’t done anything regarding my weight yet. Not quite sure about my weight but I did start eating healthy for breakfast and sometime lunches. In order to build good habits – I got to do it in a slow process. Eating healthy one meal at a time is what I am doing now. I cannot cut carbohydrates yet because I am still breast feeding. Overall – everything in slow process. Will be adding in work out soon.

My mood last month was all over the place. I don’t want to explain too much here. Basically my time was disturbed. My schedule and routine was off. When I don’t do things in a structure routine – I feel like my whole self is messed up. Does that even make sense? Anyways – I’m never gonna feel sorry for anyone anymore, because its just not worth my time.

My main focus is raising my boys to be respectful, loving, and caring human beings. Providing a normal and happy family for them and my husband is my number one goal.

As for my milk supply – it had decreased quite a bit. I’m not too worried about it because Munchkin#2 has started solids for two months now. His solids substitutes for the milk. He only drinks milk before a naps or before bedtime or early in the morning. Basically 4-5 times a day.

I think I’ve mentioned that I would start pumping. I’m having different thoughts now. Its quite overwhelming with pumping because I need to wash the pump every day. I’m busy enough with feeding solids 4x a day, baths, entertaining munchkin#2, cooking meals, daily chores, Munchkin#1s school stuff + workbook and a whole lot of stuff that I cannot think of right now. Lol so yeah – I cannot sit on my ass all day and do nothing. Things will start piling up.

As for my sleep – it has been quite good ever since sleep training Munchkin#2 last month. Sleeping through the night is amazing but at times I still do wake up in between because Munchkin#2 still sometime cries in the middle of the night. I’ve stopped nursing the mid-night feeds.

The weather has been so cold lately – I’ve been basically home almost every day. If you ask if I can stay home every day 3 to 4 years ago – I would say no. But now – I love being home. I love being in my pajamas all day long with my messy hair. I can always find something to do. But than again – I cannot wait till Spring and Summer where I can bring the kids to parks and different activities.

Its so different having 1 kid verse 2 kids. A lot more to think about and plan. As long as I am organized it cuts out the stress for me. So far my kids are easy to take care of.

  I’m grateful to have girlfriends come over to chill 2-3 times a month. Everyone has their busy schedule and I don’t expect to see them as often. But when we do see each other – its like a catch up session. Its awesome!

Last – hair loss has stopped! Finally! I don’t see my hair flying everywhere or on the floor much. But my baby hair is sticking up – which is annoying. Haha. Grow faster!

That’s all for my 8 month postpartum. I am so grateful and blessed for this simple life God has given me! Please keep my 3 boys healthy and happy always!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!

[Lifestyle] — 6 Month Postpartum Update • Baby Hair Growth

A super super late update with my 6 month postpartum. Haven’t had much time to do much blogging lately but I’ll get back to it now!

One thing that bothered me this month is – remember how my hair was falling off the past 2 month or so? Yes – now the hair is growing back and the baby hair is like sticking up on my head. Which I find it very annoying. It’s at the length that I can’t do nothing about it. I can possibly put hair spray on it every day but washing my hair every day is not something I want to do – it dries out my hair. I guess I’ll have to leave it for awhile till it grows to a length that doesn’t stick up.

Since Munchkin#2 has started solids – my milk supply has die down a little bit. He’s not as demanding as before. I breast feed him during night time, morning, and before nap time. So I would say 5 times a day instead of 8-9. I’m still thinking about pumping my milk out – but that does give me a little more work to do and time as well. Work as in washing bottles and the pump.

As for weight – I’ve been consuming so much naughty food – I’m quite scared to get on the weight. I’ll talk about it when I’m more comfortable.

Ever since having a second child – I’ve been wearing a lot less makeup. I probably put on makeup 1 day out of the week. Well the other thing is – I like staying home. Staying home keeps me busy enough. Taking care of a baby, household chores, daily meals, a 4 year old, DIY projects and etc.. I enjoy staying home and having my peaceful moment. Sometimes I’m even comfortable not wearing makeup out.

Anyways – I think that’s all the updates from last month! Stay tune for more daily updates soon! I’ll be getting back into daily blogging!

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[Love] — Cayden’s 1st Santa Photos

Took our Santa photos on December 4th this year. It was Cayden’s first Christmas – so of course Santa photos were a must! He wore the same onesie that Munchkin#1 wore for his first Santa photos too!

I didn’t want to take our photos that late. Well to me it’s late because it took about over an hour wait. Thank goodness there were a lot to see and explore.

I took advantage of the one hour long wait by snapping lots of photos on my Iphone. How can I not with such beautiful decorations? I went a little overboard but there are never enough photos.

Look at my Munchkin#1s face. He’s never serious anymore when I tell him to smile. He purposely does these faces too…

Here’s our Santa photo this year after over an hour wait. To be honest – the packages they have is so overpriced and not worth the money. But it was Munchkin#2s first Christmas – so it was obligated to take it. Now I have both my boys 1st Santa photos. No more buying these expensive package photos! Have you taken yours yet? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily reviews and hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by!

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[Home] — Christmas 2016 Decorations

It’s the most wonderful of the year! Christmas is the best holiday to decorate for because everything’s so sparkly and cute! Plus I can leave them up for 2 whole months!

Our new set of Christmas stockings from MerryStockings.Com

It’s the most wonderful of the year! Christmas is the best holiday to decorate for because everything’s so sparkly and cute! Plus I can leave them up for 2 whole months!

Got this new glittery banner at Dollarama

I love decorating! Most importantly my son loves looking at all these festive decorations too. It lights up his face when he sees it. I love watching him learn all the Christmas-ty stuff!

Favor boxes filled with candies, 2 new nutcrackers, and a silver Christmas tree from dollarama

I didn’t get a lot of new stuff this year. Every year I get a few pieces of new decors to add into my collection and that’s it. My theme this year is red, green, and silver. I decided to take a break from my Rilakkuma bears and pink ornaments. Just wanted to change it up.

Here’s how our Christmas tree looks like this year – it has silver cross’s on it too but you can’t really see it on the picture. I have box on each of my doors – that’s about 6 bows total. I had to get 4 extra this year because of course everything’s got to match in my world right? 😉

Yes – I did decorate my switches by putting these glittery shapes on each set of switches. There’s snowman and Christmas trees as well. I love decorating! I think next year I can get my 5 year old to help with the tree decorating. He’ll be old enough but that’s it he wants to help though. Haha.

I take photos of my yearly decoration because I’ll know what I have and what I’ll be using for the year. When do you usually decorate for Christmas? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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[Haul] — Winners HomeSense Haul • Affordable Prices


A bit late for this blog post – just found these photos on my album on Facebook – so had to share. The outfit on the left was for my son’s Halloween outfit. We bought it quite early. Picked up 7 photo albums, kitchen spoon, rain boots, kitchen towels, and a organization basket. All were at amazing prices. When you visit Winners HomeSense daily – you can sure go bankrupt because they have new stuff daily.


Here’s a close up – I visited 3 different Winners HomeSense to find 7 photo albums. These photo albums are for my kids photos. I need to find a couple more but so far out of luck right now. Do you like shopping at Winners HomeSense? Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time. Thanks for dropping by!

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[Home][Organization] — Developing & Organizing Photos & Photo Albums

g0159 g0160

Here’s another project I worked on when I took a month and a half break from my blog. I looked over thousands of photos and developed thousands of photos. I love keeping a hard copy of my photos. Who knows if Facebook will be gone one day right? I store all my photos on Facebook. I had to go back to looking at photos from 2009 to this year – bring back so many memories. Took me hours looking through photos, choosing what to develop, and putting it all together. But it’s ALL worth it because I love looking back at all the amazing memories created.

g0161 g0162

These are the photo albums categorize by year – from year 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and many empty ones waiting to be filled.


These albums are from our wedding (7 from the left) and the rest is for my kids. Believe it or not – but most of these albums are all filled up. I still need to get 8 more to fill up the rest of my shelf on the right. Are you as crazy as me? When I’m old and wrinkly – these are the photos I’ll be looking back at. It’s crazy to think that I developed over thousands of photos. That’s a lot of money well spent there. Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time. Thanks for stopping by.

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[Celebration] — Cayden’s 100 Day with Relatives


Celebrated our son’s 100 day on October 8th 2016 – exactly 100 day old at King Dragon Cuisine with relatives. It was a small little celebration dinner for him. It’ll be his last celebration till his 1st birthday. Over the past 100 day was just amazing – I love being a mother – even though it can be frustrating at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way – I love my boys to the moon and back! There’s nothing as rewarding as being a mother. #MOTHERHOOD. I feel so blessed to have this family! It’s my forever blessing.


Of course I captured a lot of photos for this special occasion. Glad relatives did some catching up and enjoy their dinner that night. It was a nice and delicious dinner.


We had over 14 courses that night – I couldn’t take a picture of every dish but this is as good as it gets. I ordered ‘red eggs’ on the side for this celebration. I think ‘red eggs’ for Chinese means good luck. I’m not 100% sure of the meaning but oh wells. We were all stuffed to the max after 6-7 courses and had to pack 1/4 of the food home. They sure did serve huge portions here! Overall a relaxing dinner with not much planning to it. I gave out candles as a party favor or you can call it a Thank You gift for coming. Thanks for dropping by – stay tune for more daily updates! See you soon

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[LifeStyle] — 3 Month Postpartum • Weight & Breastfeed Challenges

I took a little break from blogging to focusing a little bit on myself lately. So bare with me till I start my daily posts again. For now – I’m just going to blog randomly.


 g0073 g0074 g0075

Last month I decided it was about time to finally work on myself. Fitness + diet plans. My goal is to lose 30 pounds before our family trip in November. Well if not – close to it. I prep daily meals every 2-3 days. This time around I mix meals up – so I don’t eat 6 of the same meals per day. Yes – 6 mini meals for every two hours. Imagine that? I think I’m better at it this time. Eating every 2 hours allows me not to feel hungry. Once I feel hungry – I go out of hand & the cravings show up. Not a lot of cravings! I’m doing good. Joined hot yoga for a month. I haven’t been to hot yoga for over a year and I am so out of place with it. Plus having a baby 2 months ago is even harder than I expected. My cardio is taking walks with my little Munchkin before picking up big bro. About 30-40minute walks daily. I should really be hitting up the gym downstairs as well.


Our winter vacation is finally booked! This kind of motivates me on losing my pregnancy weight! I’m so envious on those that don’t need any effort to lose that pregnancy weight! Breastfeeding doesn’t help with me. It takes hard work to lose weight for both my pregnancy sadly!

I did have my period for a day – weird! I had my period with my Munchkin#1 when I totally stopped breastfeeding. So I wasn’t expecting it so soon. But on the pro side of it – I google searched that when your period comes – it means your weight will drop intensively. I was happy about that! Haha.


As for breastfeeding. I did encounter the problem of not having enough milk. Right now – I feel that my milk supply is alright. Took me about a week or two to get my milk supply back up. 1) No more caffeine 2) Herbal Mom Milk Tea 3) Papaya Soup. Even with drinking 10-12 cup of liquids did not work for me – so my last resort was those 3 steps! Hopefully my milk supply stays! When my milk supply got low – I’m so thankful my freezer was full of milk from the first month! It’s always nice to have back up milk. If my milk supplies run out – I still have ready to go formula as well.

As for bottle feeding. I got a bit lazy to pump & Munchkin#2 wasn’t loving the bottle nipple. He figured out at 2 months of age that he doesn’t like it. I do want to get back on bottle feeding one day because hubby loves feeding him. Breastfeeding is just way too convenient right now. No washing breast pumps & bottles!


I’ve been sleeping quite early – around 10-11pm – waking up at 7 in the morning sure tires me out. I refuse to take a nap – I find that napping makes me even more tired. So during my day – I just find things to do around my home or find little projects to work on. I have to keep my hands busy – otherwise I’ll think of what to snack on next! LOL.

My sleep is still awesome – even though I need to wake up in between my sleep to feed him. I just give him my nipple & fall back asleep. He falls right back to sleep or sleeps while drinking too. Sometimes I lose track on how many feeds He gets a night.

I seriously cannot believe that it’s October already! The end of the year is quickly approaching us! The weather is getting colder these days too! I think that’s all the updates from last month. Three month postpartum – I wish I could go back in time. Go back to the day I deliver my 2nd bundle of joy. Heck – I wouldn’t even mind going through c-section again. Everything was just so perfect! It’s still perfect except my kids are growing up way too fast! Alright – that’s it for now – time to look at encore electric for a friend of mine! Stay tune for more updates!

Hope you’re having an amazing fall 2016 – thanks for dropping by & see you soon for regular updates! 

Have a FALL-LICIOUS day!!!




[Food] — July 2016 Cooking Diary

f154 f155

Here’s to another month of my cooking diary. I love doing these little diaries because when I have no idea what to meal plan for the week. I go back to these blog posts.

f156 f157

f158 f159

Surprisingly I did do quite a bit of cooking last month even after a C-Section. Everything went back to normal & I had a speedy recovery.

f160 f161

f162 f163

I made a lot of soup to make sure I drank enough liquid for my milk supply! I drink about 8-10 cups of liquid a day and I think it does help a lot. I don’t need to worry about not having enough milk.

f164 f165

f166 f167

f168 f169

f170 f171

f172 f173

f174 f175

f176 f177 f178

There goes my July 2016 home cooking diary. Do you keep a cooking diary yourself too? Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for hopping by! 

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Celebration] — 5 Years Wedding Anniversary with 2 Munchkins


A little overdue for this post! We celebrated our five years wedding anniversary as a family of four this year! We never thought Munchkin#2 would arrive so early that he would get to celebrate this special day with us this year! Five years & two Munchkins’ later! Life is just so wonderful to us and I’m forever blessed!

f250 f251

We celebrated this special day by having lunch at Joey’s. Yes lunch since Mommy doesn’t like being out so late these days. All these special occasions dinner has turned into lunch. No biggie – it’s who we spent with that matters right?


We even took our first family picture. I still got a lot of weight to lose but I’ll think about that when September hits – that’s when I’ll have more time for the gym!

f253 f254

Cheers too many more years to come Hubby! Thanks for this amazing life you provide for us and our family. I can still remember exactly what happened 5 years ago on July 9th 2011. It’s so magical!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Pregnancy Journal] — My C-Section Experience

f220 f221

last babypump picture & last picture of my munchkin being the only child

Before knowing that I was FOR SURE getting a C-Section – I was scared shitless. I never had any major surgeries or never been cut open before in my life. This was my major surgery!

I had two days to prepare for this surgery and to be honest. With so much going on – I barely had time to think about it.

The day of my C-Section – I had a little over 2 hours of sleep. Since the C-Section was scheduled 6:30AM in the morning – I had to be at the hospital at 4:30AM that day. Dropped my son at my in-laws around 4 in the morning. I felt kind of guilty of leaving him there because he was a bit sad.

Got to the hospital a little earlier than expected. Checked in, changed, and the nurses did what they needed. IV, blood sugar, and blood work. After they poke the IV in – I had to visit the bathroom a 2-3 times.


all our stuff for the hospital

The two hours I was there flew by so fast. When time came – the nurse walked me to the surgery room. I imagined the surgery bed would be big but to my surprise it was small. I saw everything in the room… It looked big and scary thank god my OB was the one doing my surgery… She comforted me and held my hands while getting my “pain medication” – it’s something like epidural but there’s another name for it. While getting my pain medication – I did feel a little pressure but it was gone fast. The pain medication worked so fast – it was within minutes that half my body was frozen. My arms were shaky though and I couldn’t stop the shake. I had trouble breathing too.

They didn’t tell me the procedure has started… The nurse took my husband in and that’s when he told me it started awhile ago.. Lol I think they didn’t want to scare me because if they did tell me it’s starting – I probably say “Please wait or please not yet!”


I was cold after the IVs.. before surgery

They told my husband not to watch what was going on in case he faints – so he didn’t get to watch munchkin#2 coming out & cutting the cord.

The procedure was quite fast – everything was done less than an hour. I think sewing my stitches took longer than cutting me up & taking the baby out.

When Munchkin#2 came out – my husband follow the nurse to the nursery and did skin to skin time. I had a peek when he came out of my belly but I was dying to see him and touch him. Hubby went totally MIA on me the rest of the surgery. I was so anxious to hear about everything! Was baby okay? How does he look like? Did he cry a lot? Was he breathing ok? So many questions in my mind!

The nurses’ transfer me back to the recovery room till the pain medication was dying off a little and I can move my foot.

Thirty minutes in the recovery room – my OB came in with my husband’s phone and told me everything us looking great and here’s his phone with pictures and videos of Munchkin#2. I was relieved!

f223 f224

my first few glances of Munchkin#2 from my husbands iphone

I was already having conversations on Whatsapp and posting photos on Facebook after 30 minutes of being cut open. I imagined myself feeling sick and in pain. But it was none of that.

Hubby came to the recovery room shortly. Than shortly after they pushed me to my room. I still didn’t get to see my baby boy by then. Imagine how crazy I was feeling? I had to wait till I can get off my bed and sit in a wheel chair. I was going a little crazy!

While waiting – the nurse and hubby walked in with my baby! I’m like OMG! I finally got to hold him! It was the longest wait of my life. It was just tough not being able to see him or hold him when he first came out of my belly. He was so precious & tiny!


opening gift from baby brother before visiting baby brother at the NICU room

Anyways – back to my c-section experience. The nurses gave me pain killer every 6 hours and checked my belly. I didn’t dare to look at the scar or anything.

After being discharge on the third day – I didn’t take any pain killers afterwards. I didn’t have time to go to the pharmacy to pick any up. I just wanted to spend all my time with my two boys. To my surprise – I felt no pain even with no pain killer. I only felt a bit of pressure getting off of chairs/beds/couches and that was it. Walking was fine. I didn’t feel the stitches at all.

f226 f227 f228

my first time visiting the NICU room

This C-section experience was better than I thought. There were no pains but only pressure. I thought I was going to die from pain. How could I not when knives did cut me open! But there really was no pain! Thank you God and mommy for watching over me!

f230 f231

mommys’ precious little munchkin

Since there were no pains involved – everything at home went back to normal. Cleaning, cooking, chores and etc… Even hubby went right back to work.

I feel so blessed to have experience two kinds of delivery. Although both types of delivery did scared me! Hope you enjoy reading my experience with my C-Section delivery. Stay tune for more updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Celebration] — Grandma & Grandpa Luk 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

f134 f135

What? 60th Year Wedding Anniversary? Yes! It’s crazy how my hubbys’ grandparents stayed together for over 60 years when divorce rate is so high these days! This is like a HUGE milestone for them and I am blessed to have witnessed and celebrate these milestones of theirs!

We celebrated their big milestone at my in-laws with some games and lots of food to munch on. It was overall a relaxing and fun day for sure! Cheers to another 60 more years!

Hubby and I had a great laugh talking about our 60 years anniversary. Lol we’ll be soooo old. That’s like 55 years later. I’ll be 83 years old and he’ll be 89 years old! Oh my! Wrinkly and blind by than probably. LOL. Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more reviews and hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!