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Here’s a before photo before I changed up the play area again. At first – I was thinking maybe we should have a baby section and a kid section – so they both have their own area. But than – that wasn’t a good idea because toys were going literally everywhere. Especially when Munchkin#2 knows how to crawl.

Here’s an updated version of our play area as of now. I decided to combine the toys and have it in one area instead. Much easier to deal with instead of having it in 2 separate spots. They can play together too. Well – sometimes Munchkin#1 enjoys playing with baby brother.

Here’s the extra toys inside Munchkin#1’s room. At first – I didn’t like the idea of having toys inside a child’s room because who knows what they will be doing in the middle of the night right? But it turned out not a bad idea – our son never gets up to play toys. When it’s bed time – it’s bed time.

My kids are very fortunate to be gifted with many things during Birthdays and Christmases. We are very blessed. I cannot wait to get rid of some toys and bring in the bigger toys left at my in-laws place. I didn’t grow up with a lot of toys when I was a child – so my kids are super blessed with so many things to play with. To me – that’s what a childhood should be like.

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[Jayden] — 5 Year Old Update :: Growing Up & Responsibilities

My 5 year old is a big boy now! He quickly adapted to being 5 so quick. Right on his birthday – we asked how old he is – his answer was “5 year old”.

He had three different birthday celebrations this month which he was very blessed with. He got to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and blow the candle 3 times. Just like any other years – he has his actual kid’s party, a lunch or dinner with relatives, and celebrating his actual day with us. So so blessed!

The thing that comes out of his mouth is so funny sometimes. I would say mature in a way. He is definitely growing his vocabulary! I still remember those times when he started with 2-3 words when he was a little over one year old. Compare to now – he’s grown so much! I miss my baby being a baby!

His adores his baby brother is still the same! He’s quite funny because he enjoys playing with his baby brother’s toys and gadgets. He likes sitting in his high chair and swing. Just makes us laugh at his silliness!

He has gotten a lot more independent. As in putting things away when he comes home from school, puts dirty clothes in the laundry, puts dishes in the kitchen when he’s done with, helps us get this and that, clean up after himself, and etc… I’ve been thinking about developing some chores for him. Vacuuming? Folding laundry? The problem being is – by the time he gets home from school – all chores are already done and mommy doesn’t do chores on weekends. So far – I’m already proud that he’s picking up his own things. Sometimes he would help get this and that for baby brother too.

He got to experience his first Valentine’s Day in school this year. They had a dance in the gym and handed out Valentine’s Day cards. Which he came home with some and he told me he had fun.

Also – he got to experience his first field trip. I’m not sure how it went – he didn’t tell me much about it. The trip was about 3 hours long in the morning.

Since we’re talking about school – we’ll continue on this subject. He received his very first report card which made me teary! Yes teary because I am so proud of this Munchkin. In the beginning of the school year – he wasn’t doing so great which worried me. He wasn’t sitting still during carpet time and he wasn’t listening well. After a few months of changing bad habits and being so strict at home on him – it really did pay off. His report card proves that he’s excelling in school. Listening well and getting along with others. He loves learning too. After reading such a good report – we quickly bought him a reward that day. I was so proud of him! Excited for him! He’s never told me once that he didn’t like school. I hope after this reward – he’ll continue to excel in school. Rewards are only given when he works hard. I don’t believe in giving them whatever they want at any given time. That’s my opinion.

On another note he loves to act what the teacher does in school. Take attendance, bring attendance to office, and pretend to show and share.  I love watching it because it gives me an idea on what he is doing in school.

It’s March already – which means summer is around the corner. Well – 3 months away! I’ve thought and planned out his summer activities already. This Munchkin will be having a busy summer with activities and chilling with his friends. I’ll go into details on what he’ll be doing in a few months!

As for soccer – winter soccer season 2017 has officially ended! Munchkin loves soccer and we are so happy he enjoys it. He enjoys the interaction with other kids and listening to instructions. We cannot wait till summer 2017 season to start! That’s all for his 5 year old update or journal!

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[Haul] — Toys R Us Haul


Picked up a few items at Toys R Us. This is my first Toys R Us haul on my blog ever. Usually when I go to Toys R Us – I’m usually picking up one or two things – so it’s not really a haul to talk about. I got a bubble gun for Munchkin#1 and the rest of the stuff is for Munchkin#2. Had to get one of those nose suckers, finger toothbrush, baby mirror, and a nursing cover. These are the things we actually needed 2 months ago. Not a huge haul but my first Toys R Us haul. I don’t shop at Toys R Us much for baby stuff because I find their stuff a little overpriced than Walmart. I prefer buying baby stuff at walmart – even diapers. What about you? Do you shop at Toys R Us often? Comment below to share. Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time. Thanks for stopping by!

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[DIY] — Halloween Loot Bags Without Treats


Made these Halloween loot bags for my son’s class – a total of 29 of them. It was a challenge because no treats were allowed. There were only a few options I could choose from. I picked out rings, pencil, stickers, and an eyeball toy. It was so much fun putting it together myself. I didn’t ask my son for help because I know it’ll take three times as long to put them together. I just didn’t have the patient for it. I think for next year – maybe I’ll get his help?


I’m already thinking of what to put in next years’ loot bags – do you have any ideas to share? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily updates & reviews – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!

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