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[Celebration] — Carmen & Richard’s Gender Reveal Party

What a blessing to be invited to this Gender Reveal party of our good friends! A new member of the family means a new chapter of their lives.

I was so anxious finding out what the gender was! I wanted to do a gender reveal party when we found out what munchkin#2 was but the excitement to share killed us and we couldn’t keep it in! So kudos to this couple for keeping it a secret for a few months!

Congratulations on having a baby girl! We cannot wait to meet this little precious angel of yours!

Have a TERRIFIC day!!!



[Summer Fun] — Hubbys’ Co-Workers Gathering • Barbecue & Wine

What is better than some wine and barbecue over a hot summer day? It was a nice get together with Hubbys’ coworkers – catching up with life. Nice conversations and nice wine = a perfect summer patio day. Food was delish with a mixture of everything.

We try to get together every summer and it’s nice for me to socialize with Hubbys’ coworkers. Sometimes they invite me to go to their work dinner but with 2 kids – there’s no way for me to go. Maybe I’ll join them for their work lunches one day! It’s nice to feel included into things. Hubbys’ coworkers are all very nice & easy to get along. Till next time!

Have a LOVELY day!!!



[Review] — Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Eyes Time Complex Capsules – First Impression


My first impression with this Elizabeth Arden eye oil serum was amazing! I did not purchase my first few capsules – my girlfriend was telling me how much she loves it and brought over a few capsules for me to try. I am so grateful for girlfriends because we share a lot of beauty tips, daily life shenanigans, and etc with each other. If it wasn’t for her bringing over a few capsules – I don’t think I will ever buy an entire container of it. I always walk by it when I am at Costco but never thought of trying it out. There are way too many skin care products to try.

Here’s my first impression – I never used capsule products before and this was my first. Quite an unique concept how they put the products in capsules. It is mess free and has the right quantity of products in each capsule.

At first I was a little hesitant because its oil base. I don’t like anything oil in my skin – I don’t like the sticky oily feeling. But to my surprised – it didn’t feel oily at all. It felt very light. One capsule was enough to cover my whole face. It felt great and better than I expected.

The next morning I felt that my face was glowing. What an amazing product! Usually you need to try the products for a few weeks to know the results. This product had an instant result. Love it! I was sold!

They say to apply it twice a day but I only apply it during my night time skin care routine. That was good enough for me. I love how it helps with moisturizing and wrinkles around the eyes. I do have a few wrinkles around my eyes at this age due to rubbing my eyes every morning. It’s such a bad habit that I need to get rid of for sure!

I purchased these capsules at Costco at $38.99 plus tax from what I remembered. It comes in two containers and a total of 120 capsules. The containers itself is very classy.

If I use 1 capsule a day – it last me a good 4 months. If I feel like I need two capsules a day – it’ll last me two good months. This product is quite affordable if you buy them at Costco. I’ve seen this product sold elsewhere for double the price! I definitely will recommend this product to all of you! Amazing & affordable – what more can you ask for right? I also gave another girlfriend of mine – a few capsules to try and she loves it too!

Going into my late 20s – I’ve been taking better of my skin – so it won’t be as difficult to take care of later on. What are your thoughts of this product? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more hauls & reviews!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[Celebration] — Sixth Year Wedding Anniversary

Sixth year wedding anniversary with the love of my life was somewhat relaxing but with a day of kids activities. Before our anniversary lunch – we headed to Munchkin#2s first swimming lesson. He loved the water and was very comfortable in it.

After the swimming lesson – we headed to Good Catch for lunch. I ordered a cocktail to share with the Hubby. Ordered my first Spicy Salmon Poké and my thoughts? Nothing really that special. Not sure what the hype is about with everyone? Hubby loved his lobster sub.

After lunch we headed to Munchkin#2s’ baptism class.

Quite an eventful day for sure but we got to spend the rest of our day at home. Six years – 2 kids & a home. What more can we ask for? I am forever blessed with my family. I am content where life is & all we need is more time to spend with each other. Can money buy time?

Have a TERRIFIC day!!!



[Summer Fun] — Safari Niagara

It was our first visit to Niagara Safari and it was amazing. It took about 1.5 hour drive with 1 pit stop. It was an extremely hot day but thank goodness both kids behaved & cooperated.


There were so many animals to see. We walked about half way than decided to hop on the wagon ride to see the rest of the Safari. This place is huge!

Munchkin#1 learned so much about animals and his fave was the giraffes. It’s cute how little things interest him. Other than the giraffes – his favorite part was the park. He wasn’t too interested with the water park. Which it was a good thing for us – no need to change him. The park itself is huge. There’s a lot to do! From what I remember – we spent around 5 hours there. We sure did soak in those vitamin C & D that day! For sure we’ll be visiting again one day!

Have a GORGEOUS day!!!



[Celebration] — Joelle’s 4th Birthday Party


We celebrated Princess Joelle’s fourth birthday early July. The theme was everything pink & purple & princess-y.

The adults get to catch up & eat while the kids did their own thing! Which was perfect! I love how the kids get to celebrate birthdays together every year! What a blessing it is to have each other as good friends!

Cheers to another year older & stay healthy forever Princess Joelle! Can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you!

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[Celebration] — Cayden 1st Birthday at Luv2Play Indoor Playground

Celebrated Munchkin#2s actual FIRST birthday with just the four of us. Just how we like it – spending quality family time is so precious to us.

We decided to visit Luv2Play Indoor Playground for the first time since its newly opened. This place is huge and spacious. Plus there weren’t a lot of people the day we were there. It was quite quiet too.

Both boys had a blast and wouldn’t want to leave. So we decided to just have dinner there as well. We originally planned to dine at a restaurant.

We picked up a cake and sang “Happy Birthday” to this Munchkin. He was not too happy being locked down on his chair – hence the frown.

What a relaxing day with my family & nothing more. Wishing my forever baby boy healthy and terrible ones, twos, and threes never come!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!



[Celebration] — Cayden’s 1st Birthday Party

What a blessed day getting to celebrate his FIRST birthday with families and friends. We had about 50 attendees that day and it was fun catching up with everyone!

Hubby’s friend came with a professional camera and took some decent photos with us. So this post includes both Iphone & professional photos. We are so grateful to have a friend take photos! Photos mean the world to especially me! Thank you so much Kev!


Kids had loads of fun chasing each other around. They all love the wagon!

Munchkin#2 was a bit nervous when we all sang “Happy Birthday” to him. All eyes were staring at him – I would be nervous too.

I am so glad to be hosting this birthday party with adults and kids. But next party – I will only keep it small to the kids. With a party this big – it’s so hard to catch up with everyone. A conversation could only last maximum 10 minutes. Having a small and intimate party is definitely easier but I won’t say I will never host a big party again. Friends and families play a big part of our lives – we wouldn’t be who we are without them! Thank you all for finding the time out of your busy schedule to come out & love these munchkins!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!



[Event Planning] — Donald Duck & Anchor Theme Birthday Party • DIYs, Favor Bags, Banners, Prizes, Cake, and More

Finally taking the time to update my youngest son’s 1st birthday. It was fun and enjoyable planning his first birthday party. I decided on Donald Duck & Anchor – medium blue, grey, orangey-yellow theme. I had picked this theme prior before he was born. Yes – I am that crazy mama!

I had some stuff designed a year before his birthday party. All the details were important to me and especially things matching.

Made about 50 loot bags. Color ones were for the kids and the white ones for adults. I mainly decided on snacks. Who doesn’t like snack right? I bought snacks throughout the year and oh boy – I didn’t realized I accumulated that much…. I shall write it down for my next party!

Created 4 prize boxes for the games. Mainly snacks as well. Wrapped the boxes myself with cut outs matching the theme.

Wrapped up 40 popcorn favor bags. I thought of these last minute – so it was part of the birthday favors.

I made yellow and blue jello shots mainly for decorations for dessert cake table but the kids ended up loving it. It sure does give the dessert cake table the main color pop! Love it!

Of course we had to keep the kids busy with activities to do. These are the crafts I picked up. We also had bubbles and artificial tattoos for the kids. Had the face pie game for them to play. But the main thing they loved was of course playing with each other.

I made about three banners. The main one for the wall. Second one was for the dessert cake table and third was for the food counter.

These cups are for the potato salads – I believe I prepped 40 of these.

Oh man – the cake was one of the items I splurge on. It wasn’t easy finding a ‘Donald Duck” cake – so I had to special order it from a baker. I was so worried that it looked nothing like Donald Duck but thank goodness it was perfect! The flavor was cotton candy. A lot of people gave a lot of compliment of the cake. It wasn’t too sweet or too much cream.

I had a crazy amount of leftovers! I made enough to feed 100 people lol. I specifically messaged everyone to bring an empty stomach! Most ate already and that’s why. Thank god for containers – friends and family took most of the leftovers home. I made 3 main dishes and 1 appetizers myself. The rest were ordered or store bought.

In loved with my dessert cake table. I think it was one of the best I’ve done! I was really proud of myself! I mapped out everything beforehand.


A lot of work indeed for my youngest son’s first birthday but it was all worth it. Planning a party requires so much time and creativity! That’s why I plan it months in advance to avoid any unnecessary stress. I can’t wait to plan the next party! It was a blissful moment to have most of our friends and families there celebrating munchkin#2s birthday with us. Stay tune for his birthday party post!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!



[Mommy Monday] — Our Summer 2017

Mommy Monday • Where Did Summer Go?

I have to admit – I’ve been neglecting my blog for awhile. Summer had just been fun and productive for me and my family. It felt like it zoomed by! I remember the first day of my summer break – My thoughts were “it’ll be a dreadful summer holiday with two kids”. But to my surprise – it was a very eventful first summer break for all of us. We didn’t get a weekend off to do nothing – now that’s how busy life was.

The only thing that was different from going to school and being on break was that I am the one filling up the calendar with things to do for both kids. With school – I can just send him there and the teacher figures it out.

I made sure he didn’t only have fun. We followed a routine at home too. Work books, reading, and a little bit of chores here and there.

Play dates were twice a week and I don’t think I could of handled any more. It was nice seeing his friends this summer because all the kids were on break. During school terms – he gets to see friends once or twice a month. So it was a bonus seeing them so much! Love how they all get along with no one being in tears or complaining about this and that. Love how they are well behaved when they play together while the mommies can catch up too.

Munchkin#1 wasn’t always home all the time – I had scheduled different kinds of educational and fun activities throughout this summer. Not every week – just a good balance. He enjoyed meeting new friends and learning new things. My favorite part was hearing what he learned and enjoyed that day. It’s very heartwarming to me that he loved what I plan out for him. I don’t just pick a program and send him there. I wanted it to be educational yet fun yet something he finds interesting yet meet new friends.

I am actually surprised the Ipad wasn’t used much! I thought I would rely on the Ipad to keep myself sane. They were content with the toys at home and different activities. I am proud of them!

Another thing was – a balance summer was important to me. Not too much fun. Not too much educational things. Not too much time being at home. We spent a lot of time outdoors soaking up vitamin c and vitamin d. Both my boys love being outdoors & I have no complaints either. Summer in Toronto is just way too short – so whenever time permits – we are outdoors. Either for family walks, bikes, or any activities.

My eldest son got to spend more time with his baby brother. It is heartwarming to watch. I find it very cute how they interact with each other. Sometimes it can be annoying but that’s part of brotherhood right? I love that they make each other laugh. They play together at times. Big brother acts like a boss and tells his baby brother how things should be done. I love every bit of it! I love it even though it frustrates me sometimes! They bond very well. I am blessed.

Enough talks about my babies. I kept myself quite productive with different home and life projects. I had a chance to go out daily with the girlfriends for catch up or girl’s time. We got the chance to catch up with good old friends this summer as well. Some we only get to see once or twice in a year. Life is busy for everyone and we all understand how precious time is.

Relatives from Asia came for a visit for a few months as well. It was nice getting to spend time with them.

Hubby took this Munchkin to work for a day for him to really have a glimpse of what daddy does for work. He was thrilled and excited but bored by the afternoon. LOL – he asked to go to work with him again the next day but hubby declined his request. Hahaha. Work life in another 20 years?

Can’t believe two months flew by just like that. There are a lot of events to catch up with on this blog. I’m hoping I get a little free time to do so. It’s time to plan munchkin #2s activities for this fall. A birthday party to plan for my girlfriends’ daughter too. Life never stops when we have kids but it’s a blessing. I love every part of parenthood except dealing with annoying kids lol. That’s it for now – stay tune!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!



Please Pray!

Praying very hard for these hurricanes to magically disappear! My heart aches for the people that is affected! I cannot imagine what these people are going through – losing everything, family, homeless, and no food. Basically nothing! Please everyone pray & donate!

[Haul] — Walmart Kids Haul

Here’s a little Walmart kids haul. Well except the chocolate bar – I haven’t had one in a long while! Hahah. Basically all kids necessities. Stay tune for more hauls and reviews!

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[Review] — Fitbit Alta HR review

I have been using my Fitbit for a few months now and it’s time to give a thorough review with this new device.

Before purchasing this device – I did ask a lot of people of what they think of this device and if it’s worth the money. The results were half half – so it made it even harder to know if I should get it or not.

I gave it a month to think – if I should get it. Would I use it every day? What would I benefit from it? There’s a wide range of different types of Fitbit but the one I wanted was the latest one which looks more chic. It is $229.99+ tax which makes it around $260. The issue isn’t about money. The issue is would I only use it for a few weeks and not even bother using it anymore? I had to make sure that I will be using it for a long period of time first.

After much debate with myself – I pull the plug and ordered it online at Since the color I wanted was limited edition – I waited almost 3 weeks for it to arrive. If you get other colors – they are cheaper plus the shipping is way faster. But being the picky-self I am. If I am going to wear it every day – I wanted the color I like.

After the first few hours of wearing my Fitbit – I fell in love with it. It shows everything. Heart beat, sleeping stats, steps I took, goals, weight, alarm, and etc. One thing I love love, and love about this device is – you can have challenges with your friends. It makes exercising so much more fun.

I think without your friends having Fitbit – it would be a bit boring and less motivating. Basically your friends can keep you accountable because when you do challenges with them – they see your activities and when you are moving as well. So every week or weekend – I have a few challenges with a few different groups of people. It’s so much fun with the challenges because you get to see how many steps they took and you try to beat them. I feel like if you have no friends with Fitbit- its less motivating.

Is it irritating to wear the Fitbit every day? Not at all. I get used to it – that sometimes I forget that I’m wearing it. It’s very light and chic. After using my Fitbit for a few days – without any convincing – 2 of my girlfriends got one for themselves too. They love it and we have challenges daily. After talking about my stats and having friends that have it – my hubby wanted one too. Lol with no convincing needed. It interested him because of the challenges we were having plus he was interested in seeing how his sleeping routine was like.

It does need a quick charging every 4-5 days. Its shower water resistance but I don’t wear it when I’m taking a bath.

I have no regrets with this new toy at all! Worth every penny and I am happy that it gets me moving all the time! There is not one bad thing I can say about it! Do you have one yourself? Do you love it or hate it? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more hauls & reviews!

Have a GORGEOUS day!!!




[Mommy Monday] — Thankful for Good Sleepers!

I can’t be blessed enough with both kids sleeping so awesomely! Before having kids – my worry was always about my sleep. Would I get my beauty sleep again? I love my sleep!

Thank goodness both my kids sleep so well during the night – I can get up to 9 hours straight of sleep every night. Well once in a blue moon – I’ll hear crazy crying. Or when the kids are sick – I’ll need to check up on them. But that’s really it.

We’ve sleep trained them both at a very young age. Munchkin#1 at 10 month old and Munchkin#2 at 7 month old. I would say its quite young but its good to start early. The earlier you sleep train your kids the easier it is. Both my kids ‘cry it out’ for 3-4 days and that was it! No more trouble after that.

For both kids – during and after sleep training – I no longer gave them night time feeds. They just sleep through the night. If you want good night sleeps – start early with sleep training! It’s the best decision I ever made!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Food] — Scaddabush Italian Restaurant – Richmond Hill Review

Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar has been one of my fave go to place when I crave Italian food. My fave entrée is the chicken sandwich and their garlic fries! #nomnomnom. Makes my mouth watery typing up this post!

There food is very delicious and tasty! The interior of this restaurant is unique too. It’s always busy when I dine here – so make sure you make your reservation!

I can’t wait to be back and try some new entrées and appetizers! Have you been here? What are your faves? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more foodie reviews & advantures!

Have an YUMMILICIOUS day!!!