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[Review] — Zwilling Sol II, 10 Pc Cookware Set Review

It’s about time to review this set of cookware I received during 2016 Christmas. It’s my very own set of cookware. With such an OCD person I am – I like to have a matching set instead of pieces from different brands. I’ve used this set for a good 4 months already.

They packed this set very sturdy. Let me tell you – this set of cookware is VERY heavy. I should of known how heavy it is before I purchased it but I didn’t think of it. It came with 10 pieces plus a free frying pan (picture right below). This set was on sale at 40%off and it came with a free frying pan.

Reason why I choose this set instead of the other sets is because I like the details on this set. I didn’t like the shiny glaze on it. Do I love it? I have to say – the only thing that throws me off is the weight of it! It’s heavy! I am used to holding pans and pots in one hand. I had to adjust to the weight but overall – this set is a pretty decent set. Also – I love how I can put these pots and pans in the oven to finish off my cooking. Which is convenient for me since I like to do both.

The sale at Kitchen Stuff Plus told me that Henckels Zwilling has a lifetime warranty – which sold me on it. But would I really keep this set for a lifetime? I think I would get bored of looking at it for the next 50 years lol. But for sure – sturdy! if anything happens to the handles – I can just call Henckels. This set comes with everything I need – no need to go buy extra pieces. I would recommend it – only if you don’t mind the weight of it.

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[Haul] — Indigo Home Valentine’s Day Haul

Here’s a little pink Valentine’s splurge! It’s very hard finding ‘pink’ quality things for my home – so when I saw these pieces at Chapters/Indigo – I waited for the after Valentine’s sale. Why pay full price when you know exactly it will go on sale the next day right? I ordered everything online with free shipping. From what I remember – after $49 – its free shipping.

I picked up 2 of these ‘LOVE’ pink jewelry travel. Intended for jewelry but I am using it in the bathroom & my kitchen. Am I weird? It works though!

Picked up 2 of these oversized teacups because its about time to get rid of the red large mugs I have. I always wanted to get pink cups but its nowhere to be found. I did end up returning these though. One being – it was broken & the other one had a mark on it. They were originally $18.00 and mark down to $9.00. Which makes it a $50%off.

Although I like the teacup design above – I realized I love these more. These only had a 25%off at $10.50 each. I still picked up four of them. I couldn’t help it. Its just way too cute. I think if it had a teapot to match it – I probably get that too.

Last but not least – I got this pink ‘Love Bug’ jewelry tray at 62%off. So $20.00 went down to $7.50! What a steal right? I’m debating if I should get a few more but I’ll need to figure out where to put it first.

Here is my little splurge. Love everything I picked up! I’m such a ‘pink’ kind of girl and I cannot help it when I see something ‘pink’. Pink makes my home warm and loving. Stay tune because of these purchases – I ended up picking up a set of pink dishes at Ikea too. I’ll share that soon! Are you a lover of pink stuff?

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[Organization] — Ikea Shelf Bins Organization


Being organize is my loving hobby! Yes – what better way than to live in an organize home and knowing where everywhere is?

I’ve lived in our new home for over an year now. I feel ultra-ly comfortable living in our new home and sometimes I don’t even want to step foot out of my home. The comfort of my home is everything! Especially with my family!

When we moved into our first bought condo – I was almost two months pregnant. At that time. I could barely organize anything with morning sickness and an almost 4 year old to take care of. It was so tough. I ended up just stuffing everything into these Ikea clear cabinets. Just to get it out of my sight at the time.


I picked out these clear cabinets instead of the solid fabric ones because it looks more stylish for my dining area. I do have the fabric cabinets in my son’s room – they are great to store anything! The fabric one is cheaper too!

Since I got the time – I fore-took this project of cleaning out these cabinets – it was a project for me. Categorizing things and throwing out things. Took about a few hour to clean out but definitely worth it!

It feels amazing after everything was organized – I know where everything is now. I wonder what is my next project? Won’t show the after progress because there’s too much to show. Stay tune for more!

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[Organization] — Kitchen Snack Cabinet Bins


Here’s my little haul from Kitchen Stuff Plus. Since these Ashley storage basket was on sale for $7.50 each – I decide to re-organize my son’s snacks. The little aqua blue jar is for my son’s hot lunches for school.


My son doesn’t snack on much variety of snacks – he has always enjoyed gold fishes, cheerios, and bear paws. Occasionally I’ll give him a bag of chips but only once a blue moon.


All organized! I wish my cabinet was a little wider – so I can add 2 extra storage baskets. But overall – very satisfied with these baskets – very sturdy and you can stack them up to however many you want. Do you have them? Love them or hate them? Comment below & share! Stay tune for more organizational ideas & hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time!

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[Haul] — Christmasty Dollarama Haul

Here’s a little Dollarama haul for my Christmasty stuff. I love checking out what Dollarama has every year because they come out with new stuff every year. What I don’t like every year is their prices raise! It’s up to $4.00 now!

Look at all these cool stuff I picked out. I love picking up a few new things each year to add to my collectioin. Soon I’ll need a bigger storage just for my Christmas decors!

Their stuff is just too cute! Can’t wait to use all the food stamps! I can be lazy at making my own food stamps this year! Hehehe. What are your Christmas hauls? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily reviews and hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!

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[Home] — Ikea Photo Frames Wall Collage • DIY Project


Been wanting to put up a collage of photos on this wall for quite sometime now. Never really had the time to think about it before till now. Before doing anything – I had to draw out what I want to put up and how I want it. Everything I do has a meaning to it and keep reading – you’ll understand why I did what I did. I’m quite proud of what I did and I love it! This wall is in front of my dining table.


I put up these four frames first – these four frames will have my kids birthday pictures from 1 year old to 6 year old. They each will have 6 photos. It wasn’t easy putting these frames up – so much planning – so much measuring too. I’m very OCD when things are off – but now it’s perfect!


Almost complete! Okay – so the bottom right where there is 4 little frames – those are first Christmases of both my kids and their baptism. You see the 2 empty ones – its because Cayden hasn’t experience his first Christmas & baptism yet. The left & right columns are for vacations that we go to. When the rooms are running out – we can add 2-3 more columns on each side (left and right).


Completion! Yes – finally done after hours.. I don’t even know how many hours. The top left has 2 large photo frames – a picture of us on our wedding day & our first family picture. I had to visit Ikea once more to complete this wall. It’s not really complete because we can always add extra frames on the left and right side. But overall – it’ll just be vacation pictures and birthday pictures we’ll be adding. My empty wall feels so different now with these frames on it! Feels more complete! I call this my “Wall of Love”. I LOVE IT! I’m so blessed to wake up to all these wonderful memories created every day! Life is such a blessing! Thanks for dropping by – stay tune for more updates – this blog is updated regularly!

Have a TERRIFIC day!!!




[Organization][Home] — Kitchen Cabinets Organization • IKEA 365+ Containers


Before Picture

Since my first born started school – I have a little more time to do things in peace as in I can get things done in one go instead of stopping 20x in between to do one thing. I’ve been wanting to organize ALL my kitchen cabinets for awhile. I couldn’t organize them when we first moved in because I was having severe morning sickness than life got busy. So here it is – I’m only showing two cabinets because I totally forgot to take ‘before’ photos of the others.


After Picture

I had my entire kitchen redone before moving in and I love how the inside of the cabinets can be adjusted very easily. Before shopping for new containers – I had everything measured out. Containers jars can be so expensive – I found these containers at IKEA and it’s the 365+ series. I love the look of it but wished it can be a little wider.

Left Cabinet: Top) All pastas – I fitted about 6 large containers. Middle) All my soup ingredients. Bottom) Where I store all my different size bowls.

Right Cabinet: All my baking ingredients. They look so much neater when it’s all in one cabinet instead in 2-3 different areas.

Organizing makes me so happy for some reason – it’s so therapeutic and fun! Spent quite a bit on the containers but I know I’ll be using it for a long long time unless I accidently drop them and they crack. Which is not gonna happen! I love how they are clear – no need to label them. Do you enjoy organizing too? What is your organizing tips? Comment below to share.  Stay tune for more hauls and reviews – this blog is updated regularly! Thanks for dropping by!

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[Lifestyle] — What Have I been Up To Lately? • October 2016


What has been up with me lately? I did take a month off from blogging which I am super behind. But that’s okay I needed my break from my blog anyways. Even though I took a month off from updating my blog – I still kept myself busy with different projects around the house (I’ll update the different projects I worked on in different blog posts).

Since it’s almost the end of October already – I’ve been thinking about what to stock up for the winter season: meat, canned goods, pastas, and etc… I heard it’s going to be a very very very cold winter and I don’t want to drag two kids out for grocery runs every week. Especially carrying the heavy stuff too. That’s what I’ve been doing – buying the things we can buy now for the winter to avoid lots of trips out.


As always – I did Christmas shopping early this year and is 80% done. I’m not a fan of crowded malls and long line ups! Totally not my thing. If I could shop it now – why not right? Plus I don’t want to come home after my vacation to deal with Christmas shopping and wrapping. I just want to get it over with and done with before November hits.

These two months we’ve been doing some home improvement – as in – upgrading some of our furniture. I’ll do another separate post on it. We’ve wanted to upgrade some of our furniture for awhile now – it all comes down to the kids. Some we could upgrade and some we couldn’t do it till the kids are older – so they won’t ruin it.

I did take some ‘Me Time’ away from the kids for a refreshment. Even one hour a day is amazing and we all need it. I love my kids to death but sometimes I just need to be away from them to refresh myself and get myself back together. Fell off the band wagon of my diet after a week. In a week I did lose about 6 pounds – which is not too bad right? I have to get back into this wagon to lose the rest of the weight – 24 pounds to go!

We’ll be going to our winter vacation mid-November. A much needed vacation for hubby and I. We need to see palm trees, sunshine, beach, sand, and paradise – now that’s a vacation! I can’t wait to lounge on beach chairs and watch our kids play in water. Munchkin#2 will be over 4.5 months and we had the okay from his doctor to go. There’s gonna be quite a lot to pack but we can’t wait to experience it with both our boys.

I haven’t talked much about my stepmoms ALS journey. I guess I’ve came to accept it and not talk about it. It’s a very very sad disease without a cure and I pray that there will be a cure very soon to help everyone with this disease. Her situation looks stable right now but she is paralyzed. What can a paralyze person do? Why couldn’t she be stabilize when she could still walk and move her hands? Anyways – I help them buy groceries every week or two weeks. I try my best to visit once a week or if my schedule don’t work – every other week. I don’t know what else to update about her situation – my heart is numb about it. So that’s it.

As for my in-laws – our relationship has gotten better and hope it stays that way. I’m not hard to get along with – I just don’t like being annoyed. We see them about once a week if time permits.

I realize that I don’t socialize with a lot of people these days – the only people I socialize is mommies with kids. I know right – my priorities are so different than 5 years ago. But I do like it this way. When time is so limited – I can’t deal with everyone. My priorities has shifted and my priorities is my kids and husband.

As for blogging goes – I miss blogging. I won’t force myself into blogging if I don’t want to. Its all about if I feel like it or not. I love documenting my life and have a journal to read back. Especially for my kids. My family is my everything!

That’s it for this Life Update – life will only get busier from here when November hits. As long as I’m organize with my time – I won’t be stressing out. Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly. Thanks for dropping by & see you soon!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[Organization] — My New Beauty Shelf

e289 e290

Decided to get this bathroom organizing shelf for my beauty care and jewelry display. It took me awhile to decide what I wanted next to my vanity table.

Since this shelf was having a sale at $20 off – I decided to get it. I like the silver bar and clear glass. The price was $47.99+tax.

Not a huge shelf but this will do for now. Got my jewelry box on the top shelf. Lip sticks and display boxes on the second layer. The last two layers I stored all my beauty masks.

This looks much more tidy and organized now. I’m thinking of purchasing a second shelf when it goes on sale again. I still have quite a lot of makeup products to store and display. How do you like my organization? I love it! Stay tune for my hauls and reviews – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time!

Have a LOVELY day!!!




[Home] — Halloween Home 2016 Decorations

g0076 g0077

Last year we were renting a small condo unit – so I missed out on decorating last Halloween. Here it is – to our new place and my first time putting up Halloween decorations up. I miss decorating! I cannot wait till Halloween is over than I can put up my Christmas tree and lots of festive decorations. Not a lot of Halloween decors this year – I will be purchasing a lot more for next year. So far – it’s not too bad right?

g0078 g0080

This year we’ll be hosting a Halloween party for kids and trick or treating too. Hopefully the weather cooperates! Ever since 2012 – the weather was NOT good – it rained every year! Plus its freezing every year too. I have all the costumes ready for my kids since last month. I like to plan ahead to avoid any unnecessary stress! Plus if you don’t buy the costumes early – there’s not much choices after.


That’s all the home decors I’m putting up this year – there a few I didn’t take pictures of. I’ll be making loot bags for the kids at the party & loot bags for my son’s classmates soon – look out for that post! Have you decorated your home? Ready for Halloween? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily updates – see you soon! Happy early Halloween to you all!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Home] — Kids Minion Bedroom Theme


Here’s a little peak in my son’s bedroom. It’s not completely finish yet. I still want to add two Ikea wall shelves above the TV to display picture frames and his Air Jordan shoes collection.

I know most find it ridiculous to put a TV in a 4 year old bedroom. No – the TV is not plugged in or used. We just have an extra TV and have nowhere to put it. We don’t plan on letting him use the TV till he’s old enough. Which I’m not sure when is that. 5-8 years later?


We decided on the Minion theme because it was just easier to find Minion stuff instead of Thomas the Train decors. Minions stuff is a bit cheaper than Thomas.

I ordered these Minion stickers on Aliexpress for less than $2.00CAD. Which was perfect! My son loves them.

We purchased the Minion set of beddings for him for last Christmas. From what I remember – it was about $100-$120 for the entire set.


These Minion dolls were all purchased second hand. From what I remember they were $5 a piece. What a steal right? They were in excellent condition as well!

These Ikea shelves are very spacious – stored a lot of things from clothes, shoes, extra bedding, extra pillows, toys, stuff toys, and more. The black boxes were from Ikea as well.

Last but not least – this Ikea shelf next to his bed side is mainly for books.

We will be sticking to this Minion theme till one day he tells us he wants a change. Hopefully it will be for a long while. He’s not too picky about things like decorating and matchy matchy things like this. Stay tune for more daily reviews & hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Home] — My Little Office Nook


My little office nook area is located in a little area in my living room. Since we only have 3 bedrooms in my home – there’s no room for an actual office. Got to make do on whatever space there is left right? No complain at all because to be honest – even if we had a room for an office – we are barely in it. I like sitting on the couch with my laptop.


Anyways – not much in my little office. Just a laser printer, paper shredder, some supplies, and my laptop. Since I do everything on my phone now – laptop is only been use even less these days. Only to design, edit photos, and edit blog posts. That’s really it. The convenience of Smartphone’s! Even typing on a Smartphone is faster and easier. That’s really it for my little office nook. Stay tune for more home organization & reviews – this blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!

Have a PERFECT day!!!








[Home] — My Arts & Craft Storage & Organization


Just finished organizing this little area under my couch not too long ago! I wonder how long it will stay organize for. I don’t come here as often as before – only if I have a mini project to do. I love how everything is tucked under and clutter free. These are mostly my craft accessories, wrapping papers, and etc. Let’s go by sections.

Let’s go from bottom left to right.

(01) Wrapping Paper
(02) Tissue Paper & Table Clothes
(03) Glue Guns & Glues
(04) Ribbons
(05) Ribbons & Bows
(06) Tape, Staplers, & Office Supplies
(07) Stickers & Foam Stickers
(08) Foam Stickers & Confetti’s
(09) Foam Stickers
(10) Favor Bags & Festive Plastic Bags
(11) Favor Bags & Festive Plastic Bags & Fabrics
(12) Assorted Sticks & extra Zip Lock Bags
(13) Misc
(14) Misc
(15) Misc

That’s really it for my arts and craft area. I love how I can store a lot of things in here. What do you store under your couch? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more home organizing tips & daily reviews – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[Home] — Baby Nursery Tour Update


Here’s an updated nursery tour for you all! Yes finally complete and I love how everything went. It wasn’t hard setting up his nursery – just a lot of organization.


Beddings and wall sticker is all Winnie the Pooh too. Cute aren’t they?

f141 f142

Look at all these pooh bears! They belong to me when I was a child/teen. My little collection.


I didn’t know what to do with all the ultrasound photos we surprised our family and friends with – so I decided to make a collage instead of throwing them out.

f144 f145

Changing table with bathtub and more diapers under. & Some of Jaydens old shoes that Cayden will be making good use of :).


This shelf is just for storage – nothing special. Diapers, wipes, and extra stuff.

That’s really it for this nursery! I already thought about how to change it to a big boy room in the future. But that’s not till 4-5 years later. Overall a very fun project! Stay tune for more daily updates. This blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern time! Thanks for dropping by! 

Have a EXCELLENT day!!!


[Lifestyle] — Summer Fun 2016 To Do List


Summer is around the corner. Although I am pregnant this summer – it doesn’t mean I am hibernating at home. I’ve hibernated enough during the winter and it’s time to have some family fun times.

I made a little list to accomplish this summer before I pop out Munchkin#2. I still want our Munchkin #1 to have a fulfilling & fun summer 2016 to look back on. Might not accomplish everything on the list but most will be fine. Have you made up a list of your summer activities yet? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily life updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for coming by!

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!