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[Summer Fun] — Barrie Hill Farm & Wasaga Beach

What a wonderful time at Barrie Hill Farm with our friends! It was our first time picking blueberries and strawberries. At first – hubby wasn’t too thrilled about the idea but he ended up enjoying it.

Munchkin#1 did not pick anything because he is OCD and didn’t want to touch anything. His job was to hold the bucket while his parents collected the goods. He had a lot of fun with his friend running around the farm.

After around 3 hours being at the farm – we headed for lunch at our friends Japanese restaurant. We had such an amazing meal – all of us were stuffed!

We stopped by Wasaga for about 2 hours after lunch. The water was quite cold but the kids still loved it.
What an amazing fun day out with our friends and we got to meet some new friends too.

Have a LOVELY day!!!



[Food] — April 2017 Cooking Diary

I did quite a bit of cooking this month. I feel like I stay in the kitchen more than I sit on the couch to watch my shows. But I love what I do. I’m either in the kitchen cooking meals, cooking for my 9 month old, prepping Munchkin#1s lunch, boiling soup once a week, or baking muffins or banana bread.

I made/boil live blue crab for the first time. I was a bit hesitant about it because it does move but to my surprise – its very easy. Hubby and I loved it and looks like I’ll be buying more of it.

Made ginger chicken congee for the second time. This time is much better. When I cook – I usually add no salt or sugar in my food. I let the food have its taste. Less oil as well.

Steam egg with ground pork and duck eggs is one of our favorite. We have it twice a month.

Homemade nann pizza is still one of my favorites. It’s healthy and it’s quick to make!

Not a huge fan of ribs but wanted to try something new too. Which turned out pretty good. Will probably have it more often.

Trying to experience more simple soups these days.

I bake once a week. Usually my bake goods is for Munchkin#1s breakfast in the morning. Sometimes my hubby will snack on it during the night. He loves almost everything I bake. I usually don’t eat any of the things I bake because of the amount of flour it has. I’ll taste test it and that’s about it. I let hubby do the judgement to let me know if it’s good or not.

Have an YUMMILICIOUS day!!!




[LifeStyle] — 9 Month Postpartum

This will be my last postpartum update – next month I’ll have a different title of my monthly update instead. Lots happened this month. First off – I stopped my second breastfeeding journey at the end of March. I wasn’t planning to stop so early but since I had to be antibiotics – I was forced to stop. Kind of sad in a way because it’ll be my last breastfeeding experience. Both breastfeeding experience was amazing to me. I loved how convenient it is and the special bond. Only breastfeeding mommies would understand that. I’m glad I gave 9+ month of the most precious breast milk to Munchkin#2. Now he’s onto liquid formula and is loving it. Took him two to three days to adjust – which was fast.

Since my breast feeding journey ended – I’ve changed some of my eating habits. These are the liquids I drink daily. Every morning I prepare 8 cups of liquid – that ensures me that I drink enough liquid a day. I cut out almost all sugary drinks. I substitute it with diet coke if I want anything sweet. Other than that – I don’t crave for any sugary food or drinks.

Since weather has been getting better – I’ve been out of the winter hibernation mode. Heading out more, seeing more friends, and taking walks more. It feels amazing. I’m still a homebody though – I enjoy being home but when the weather is amazing – I love to be out too. So much easier going out with two kids without needing to bundle them.

It’s getting much more busier since Spring 2017 are here. Lot more kids extra curricular activity to attend to, birthday parties, outings, and special events. I’ve got our next few months packed with different things to do already. It’ll be a fun and busy spring & summer for sure.

So grateful for awesome girlfriends, I have my own me time about once a week now – since both kids are less clingy to me. I get to go out to chill with my girlfriends and just catch up with life. The first 6 month was hard because Munchkin#2 was still so young and needed me around all the time. Now I feel that I can go out without worrying about him. Me time is so much needed to refresh myself. I love being a mom but I do need to be away from my kids for a couple hours to have adults conversation and just enjoy adult life.

I realized these two months I’ve gained a little more patience with my boys. Which is a good thing – I need to have patience with them. We are on a better routine schedule now which makes life a little easier. Routine life prevents stressful times – I love it!

My family is healthy and happy – there’s nothing more to ask for. I thank God and my mommy from above every day for this life.

Can’t wait till the weather gets a little more warmer – we’ll be spending more time outdoors.

Life is simple, amazing, and busy – just what I love!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Food] — Fresh Vegan Restaurant • Yonge & Eglinton


Here’s my first impression and review at a vegan restaurant. My girlfriend took me here a few weeks back and boy was it an experience! Since we had dinner prior – we only ordered two things to snack on. The first thing that came up was the poutine. It tasted good but I do notice the difference with their cheese. They used  vegan cheese and vegan gravy. It’s tasty but different from what I am used to.


This piece of chocolate cake is my first piece of vegan cake. I would have to say it tasted pretty blend to me. I do notice the difference from a regular piece of chocolate cake and this one.

I wouldn’t say I would not try vegan food again – I am open to it. Maybe when I have it more – I’ll get used to it? Who knows! Where is your favorite Vegan restaurant? Comment below to share with me!

Have an YUMMILICIOUS day!!!




[Food] — March Home Cooking Diary

Haven’t done a home cooking diary for awhile now – will be getting back into it now. I enjoy being in the kitchen and experiencing new recipes. This month I tried out 2-3 new Chinese dishes. All turned out pretty good. Having more family breakfasts at home as well on weekends.

I have my meals planned out by the week – I would say we have a balance diet. We get takeouts/go out to eat 2-3 times a week. While the rest – I make healthy home cook meals. I enjoy a balance because eating at home is a lot more healthier.


I find that cooking Western food is so much easier than cooking Chinese food. Chinese food tends to have a lot of different spices. Am I right or wrong?

I feel very blessed to be a housewife and stay at home mother where I can make healthy meals for my three loves. I feel like feeding them healthy food is my priority. Keeping them healthy is my responsibility. That is all for the month of March – I am looking forward to checking out more new recipes next month!

Have an YUMMILIOUS day!




[Kids] — School Lunches Ideas • Junior Kindergarten & Young Kids

This post – I’ll be sharing some kindergarten/little kids lunch ideas with you. I try my hardest to keep each lunch healthy and different.

I like keeping my son’s lunches healthy – well what better than raising healthy kids right? Habits are start when they’re little. Plus school did mention about healthy eating. Some school is as strict as no gold fishes & juices. Thank goodness that’s not my son’s school because he has a limited variety of snacks he likes.

g0236 g0237 g0238

Chicken & Spinach Alfredo Pasta       |       Chicken Pasta      |       Honey Garlic Chicken Wrap

My son doesn’t ‘like’ vegetables but sometimes I still include a small amount in his lunch and hoping he would eat it. Got to take it one step at a time right? During meals at home, with my guidance, he doesn’t have a choice. He must eat it because its healthy. Strict mom much? I’m strict because I refuse to make 2 different lunches or 2 different dinners. He’s got to eat whatever I serve for dinner period. Why give myself more work to do – when I don’t have to?

Every morning after I finish putting my son’s lunch together – I would snap a photo to remind myself what kind of drinks, snacks, or lunch I packed him for reference. I try to give him different snacks each day as well.

g0239 g0240 g0241

Homemade Banana Bread       |       Meatballs        |       Pasta with Tomato Sauce & Ground Beef

The school advised us to put numbers on their snacks & lunch. Number 1 is morning snack, 2 is lunch, and 3 is afternoon snack. Just a easier way for the kiddos to get what they need to.

Anyways there’s a trick with the snacks. I like giving my son a light snack in the morning – so by the time lunch hits – he’s hungry and would finish most of his lunch. I give a heavier snack in the afternoon in case he didn’t finish his lunch and he would still be hungry. That’s how I place his snacks. Do you mommies do the same too?

For drinks – its either a juice or a yogurt drink. I give apple juice once a week due to the amount of sugar it has. My son loves both drinks. Never is picky on which one to have.

g0242 g0243 g0244

Mini Sausage Buns       |       Chocolate Chip Blueberry Muffins       |       Chinese Sausage Bun

On special occasions – such as birthday, Christmas and etc – I’ll put in some kind of chocolate or a bag of chips for treats for him. Only on special occasions! I don’t allow much chocolate or chips at home either. Those are treated as rewards given when he deserves it.

Before my son started school – my fear would be 1) he wouldn’t eat his lunch at all 2) he would be starving till he gets home from school. Yes – us parents constantly worry about everything!

Good thing is – most lunches come home 95% finished. Makes me happy that hes eating. He enjoys hot food more than cold food.He loves his rice and pastas. He hasn’t requested what he wants to have for lunches yet but I know he will one day.

g0245 g0246 g0247

Fried Rice       |       Ground Pork Pasta       |       Pasta with Tomato Sauce & Ground Beef

I usually prepare his lunch the night before – so in the morning I just microwave it. Just gives me 10 to 15 minutes more sleep each morning.

I do believe starting healthy eating at a young age for kids. It is easier to develop good habits. Don’t get me wrong – we do indulge in cheeseburgers, pizzas, fries and all those unhealthy food – but having those once a week is good enough to satisfy our cravings. Just got to remember, balance, balance, and balance. Just to remind you all – I’m no dietitian expert – this is fully my opinion on how I raise my own kids. Making good choices for your kids is what parents should do!

I think I cover quite a lot here. Feel free to share your kids healthy lunches in the comment below! Stay tune for more fun hauls & reviews!

Have a TERRIFIC day!!!




[Food] — Home Cooking Diary • September 2016

g0101 g0102

Here’s my home cooking diary of September 2016. Nothing really new last month except I did get a bag of frozen Haddock filet for the first time. I use seafood sauce to marinate it and baked it. Hubby loves it! That picture is at the very bottom of this post.

g0103 g0104

g0105 g0106

g0107 g0108

  g0110 g0111

g0112 g0113

g0114 g0115

g0116 g0117

g0118 g0119

g0120 g0121

Will seriously need to check out some new recipes soon! Life has been so busy lately even with my  first born being in school – I’m just keeping myself busy around the house. Planning things way in advance to avoid stress. I know when November hits – the days will fly by like there’s no tomorrow. So many different events going on – birthdays, Christmases, play dates, wedding, and etc… I should make some goals to try 1 new recipe a week. We’ll see!

Have an YUMMILIOUS day!!!




[Jayden] — 4 Year & 7 Month Old • School & Sleep


School has started for over a month now. And my Munchkin#1 has loved every bit of it. Sometimes I wish there’s cameras in the classroom for me to watch what he’s doing, how’s he’s interacting with others, or if he’s doing something sneaky. It’s so hard for me to let him go but I did for over a month already. He loves school and learns so much already. He learned prayer, lots of songs, calendars, and a lot of new words.

g0060 g0061

We had a parent’s night end of September and we had the chance to chat with his teacher. She said he’s doing great, interacting well, following instructions well, and etc. The only problem is sitting still on the carpet. Which I knew that will happen because he can never sit still at home.

Having him gone 8 hours a day feels like heaven. Not to be mean but I get a lot done in peace. Eight hours goes by very fast!

As for lunches at school – he’s doing very well. Even at times where there are veggies in his food – he still eats it. That’s what I fear most before school started is that he won’t eat veggies at all. He usually finishes most of his lunch but sometimes its half done. I usually pack more than he can eat. Whatever doesn’t get finish – turns into snack after school.

For lunches and snacks – I try to pack a variety for him. Every day is different.

g0062 g0063

Summer soccer season has ended. Now we are just waiting on the fall indoor season to start mid-November. He earned his first medal for the summer season. He loves it!

As for swimming – swimming didn’t start till early October for this Munchkin – he had a month off of swimming lessons.

g0064 g0065

This Munchkin sleeps around 8-9pm every school night now. On weekdays we are a little lenient on it. He’s usually exhausted by 8. Waking up around 7 to 7:15am every morning. Sometimes it can be a drag waking him up. Even after a 10-11hour sleep! He loves his sleep as much as I do. For sure I know he has enough sleep to fuel throughout the day.

g0066 g0067

Christmas is within two months and I’m already doing some Christmas shopping for both my toys. It’s a lot easier to shop for them now when they are still young. When they get older – they’ll start asking for alesis sample pad pro and other expensive gadgets.

He loves kissing his baby brother. It’s like a every morning, after school, and throughout the day routine for him. He adores his baby brother but he does get annoy with him when he cries.

I feel like he grew up so fast (well I say it all the time) but for real – ever since he started school – he’s a lot more independent. He would ask a lot of “what is this and what is that” – he learned a lot and loves learning! Makes us very proud to be his parents. Keep up the great work Munchkin! We love you so much!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[LifeStyle] — 3 Month Postpartum • Weight & Breastfeed Challenges

I took a little break from blogging to focusing a little bit on myself lately. So bare with me till I start my daily posts again. For now – I’m just going to blog randomly.


 g0073 g0074 g0075

Last month I decided it was about time to finally work on myself. Fitness + diet plans. My goal is to lose 30 pounds before our family trip in November. Well if not – close to it. I prep daily meals every 2-3 days. This time around I mix meals up – so I don’t eat 6 of the same meals per day. Yes – 6 mini meals for every two hours. Imagine that? I think I’m better at it this time. Eating every 2 hours allows me not to feel hungry. Once I feel hungry – I go out of hand & the cravings show up. Not a lot of cravings! I’m doing good. Joined hot yoga for a month. I haven’t been to hot yoga for over a year and I am so out of place with it. Plus having a baby 2 months ago is even harder than I expected. My cardio is taking walks with my little Munchkin before picking up big bro. About 30-40minute walks daily. I should really be hitting up the gym downstairs as well.


Our winter vacation is finally booked! This kind of motivates me on losing my pregnancy weight! I’m so envious on those that don’t need any effort to lose that pregnancy weight! Breastfeeding doesn’t help with me. It takes hard work to lose weight for both my pregnancy sadly!

I did have my period for a day – weird! I had my period with my Munchkin#1 when I totally stopped breastfeeding. So I wasn’t expecting it so soon. But on the pro side of it – I google searched that when your period comes – it means your weight will drop intensively. I was happy about that! Haha.


As for breastfeeding. I did encounter the problem of not having enough milk. Right now – I feel that my milk supply is alright. Took me about a week or two to get my milk supply back up. 1) No more caffeine 2) Herbal Mom Milk Tea 3) Papaya Soup. Even with drinking 10-12 cup of liquids did not work for me – so my last resort was those 3 steps! Hopefully my milk supply stays! When my milk supply got low – I’m so thankful my freezer was full of milk from the first month! It’s always nice to have back up milk. If my milk supplies run out – I still have ready to go formula as well.

As for bottle feeding. I got a bit lazy to pump & Munchkin#2 wasn’t loving the bottle nipple. He figured out at 2 months of age that he doesn’t like it. I do want to get back on bottle feeding one day because hubby loves feeding him. Breastfeeding is just way too convenient right now. No washing breast pumps & bottles!


I’ve been sleeping quite early – around 10-11pm – waking up at 7 in the morning sure tires me out. I refuse to take a nap – I find that napping makes me even more tired. So during my day – I just find things to do around my home or find little projects to work on. I have to keep my hands busy – otherwise I’ll think of what to snack on next! LOL.

My sleep is still awesome – even though I need to wake up in between my sleep to feed him. I just give him my nipple & fall back asleep. He falls right back to sleep or sleeps while drinking too. Sometimes I lose track on how many feeds He gets a night.

I seriously cannot believe that it’s October already! The end of the year is quickly approaching us! The weather is getting colder these days too! I think that’s all the updates from last month. Three month postpartum – I wish I could go back in time. Go back to the day I deliver my 2nd bundle of joy. Heck – I wouldn’t even mind going through c-section again. Everything was just so perfect! It’s still perfect except my kids are growing up way too fast! Alright – that’s it for now – time to look at encore electric for a friend of mine! Stay tune for more updates!

Hope you’re having an amazing fall 2016 – thanks for dropping by & see you soon for regular updates! 

Have a FALL-LICIOUS day!!!




[Food] — August 2016 Home Cooking Diary


Here goes on August 2016 home cooking diary – nothing new to explore last month. I haven’t had much time to look at different recipes. I think I should write down two new recipes each month – so my family can try something new.

g0019 g0020

g0021 g0022

g0023 g0024

Didn’t cook much last month – didn’t have the mood too. I was much more tired last month than the month I gave birth to Munchkin#2. I think my tiredness is catching up on me. Last month was when my freezer meal gets handy!

g0025 g0026

g0027 g0028

g0029 g0030

However – I did do a DIY food project aka I made over 400 chives & pork dumplings. I wanted to make these dumplings in June before Munchkin#2 arrives but life got too hectic. My freezer is full of delicious dumplings and hopefully these will last half a year. I fold them once a year and every year I will make a lot to last me a long while.


Stay tune for my next home cooking diary – maybe I’ll explore some new recipes. Do you have any to share? Comment below to share! Stay tune for daily updates & reviews – thanks for dropping by!

Have a YUMMILICIOUS day!!!




[Food] — July 2016 Cooking Diary

f154 f155

Here’s to another month of my cooking diary. I love doing these little diaries because when I have no idea what to meal plan for the week. I go back to these blog posts.

f156 f157

f158 f159

Surprisingly I did do quite a bit of cooking last month even after a C-Section. Everything went back to normal & I had a speedy recovery.

f160 f161

f162 f163

I made a lot of soup to make sure I drank enough liquid for my milk supply! I drink about 8-10 cups of liquid a day and I think it does help a lot. I don’t need to worry about not having enough milk.

f164 f165

f166 f167

f168 f169

f170 f171

f172 f173

f174 f175

f176 f177 f178

There goes my July 2016 home cooking diary. Do you keep a cooking diary yourself too? Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for hopping by! 

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Cayden] — Relatives Meet & Greet


We decided to do Saturday lunch at our place on July 9th 2016 since everyone was dying to meet our 2nd bundle of joy.


Instead of buying take out – I decided to cook/bake everything instead. It took me about 1.5 hours to have everything ready which is quite fast. I enjoy the process of making the food and displaying the food. It’s just very therapeutic to me. And fun too!


Thank goodness Munchkin#2 behaved quite well too while I was in the kitchen keeping busy. Munchkin#1 was out with daddy at soccer practice – so I had some peace. Look at how spoil this Munchkin is already being held by his relatives. It’s such a joy having relatives watch our kids grow. He even got a few red pockets too. Spoil much? 

Have a TERRIFIC day!!!




[Food] — June 2016 Home Cooking Diary

f112 f113

Did quite a bit of home cooking for my family this month. I want to cook as much as I could before I pop Munchkin#2 out of me. I’ll be taking a two to three weeks break from cooking and just caring for myself and him.

f114 f115

f116 f117

Anyways – lots if soups this month too. Well really I usually boil soup once a week and bake once a week. I try to cook about 3-4 times a week. The rest we eat out. Just need that kind of balance.

f118 f119


f121 f122

That’s all from my June home cooking – hope you enjoy! Do you keep a home cooking diary!? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily blog posts – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern time! Thanks for stopping by!

Have a TERRIFIC day!!!




[Food] — April 2016 Home Cooking & Baking Diary

e373 e374

Look at all these cooking & baking photos! Yes I am finally back on track with my life. Cooking daily meals for my family is such a joy! I love it!

e375 e376

e377 e378

e379 e380


Since my morning sickness had subsided a lot – I feel amazing and myself again. So back to the kitchen I go. I’ve been exploring a few new recipes as well. As well – I am storing some freezer meals for after I pop. In case I cannot cook.




It’s amazing enjoying my brand new kitchen. Some may say – cooking is a lot of work. But to be honest – it’s the process of enjoying the moment. I love the process of preparing, cooking, washing, and meal planning. It’s all fun and therapeutic to me. You got to do what you love right?



Anyways – here goes my April 2016 cooking & baking diary. Hope it inspires you. Stay tune for more daily updates & food adventures – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by!

Have an YUMMILICIOUS day!!!




[Festive] — Valentine’s Day 2016


Celebrated our 8th Valentine’s day together this year with the love of my life! With an almost four year old and a fetus that’s growing in my belly! What more can I ask for? I don’t give this man enough credit for all he does for our family – I’m so lucky to call him my husband! Cheers to many more years to come Hubby! I love you so much!

e0111  e0113

As always – cooking dinner on Valentine’s day at home has been a tradition of ours! Since my Hubby loves seafood – seafood dinner it was! I made; Mushroom & scallop cream of mushroom, Cheesy garlic lobsters, Honey garlic onion salmon, with spinach and rice. To top it off – some Valentine’s cupcakes that Munchkin loved.


Look at this handsome boy on Valentine’s day! Please no girlfriend for the next twenty years! Just kidding! Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!