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[Summer Fun] — Safari Niagara

It was our first visit to Niagara Safari and it was amazing. It took about 1.5 hour drive with 1 pit stop. It was an extremely hot day but thank goodness both kids behaved & cooperated.


There were so many animals to see. We walked about half way than decided to hop on the wagon ride to see the rest of the Safari. This place is huge!

Munchkin#1 learned so much about animals and his fave was the giraffes. It’s cute how little things interest him. Other than the giraffes – his favorite part was the park. He wasn’t too interested with the water park. Which it was a good thing for us – no need to change him. The park itself is huge. There’s a lot to do! From what I remember – we spent around 5 hours there. We sure did soak in those vitamin C & D that day! For sure we’ll be visiting again one day!

Have a GORGEOUS day!!!



[Travels] — Gran Bahia Principe Coba • Mexico, Cancun • Day 1

First day of our trip didn’t really turned out the way it was planned – continue to read & you’ll understand why.

We woke up at 3 in the morning since our flight was at 7AM. We booked for car service at 4AM which gives us enough time to check in, security check, and have breakfast before boarding our plane. It was a connecting flight to Ottawa first than from Ottawa to Cancun.We choose the connecting flight because it was a lot cheaper than direct flight.

Long story short – after we boarded – the captain told us that weather in Ottawa is not looking too good. We were pushed back for an hour plus we had to sit on that plane for an hour. GREAT! When 8AM came along – there’s another hour delay. Which was pushed back to 9AM. By the second delay – we were allow to go back to the terminal. Anyways – we ended up leaving Toronto around 10:30AM – a 3.5 hour delay. Took 40 minutes to get to Ottawa & thank goodness our connecting flight waited for us. Since there were a lot of people on the same flight as us going to Cancun.

I told my hubby that – ‘what a coincidence’. With our Munchkin#1’s first trip – we were delayed four hours. For Munchkin#2’s trip – it was delayed three and a half hour. Haha.

Anyways – it would of been perfect with no delay. Munchkin#1 didn’t end up napping on the plane till we were about to land at Cancun, Mexico. GREAT?! Basically he annoyed the heck out of me for 3.5 hours. While Munchkin#2 did pretty well. Cry a little bit but he drank & slept well. I have no complaints with Munchkin#2 since it is his first plane ride!! I’m proud of him. He caught a lot of attention everywhere he went.

By the time we landed it was 4:00PM already and it was raining. Custom & picking up luggage was quick. Forgot to mention – the plane was circling in the sky for 15-20 minutes because of traffic at Cancun airport. A few flights were delayed and that was probably why. We waited about 15 minutes to get our transportation to the resort. Oh boy – the ride was 1.5 hour long! By the time we got to the resort around 6:30PM – it was dark. We basically wasted 1/2 a day because of a 3.5 hour delay. Our original plan was to get to the resort around 4PM where we could still dip into the water. Better safe than sorry right?

By the time we got to the resort – we were starving. We had a quick check in, headed back to our room, and dinner we went. This resort is gigantic! Talking about low season – I was expecting it not to be so busy. It was the exact opposite – there were so many people & we could barely find a table for our buffet dinner.

Dinner was a quick one – since we were so tired from traveling. First time traveling with two kids. I’m blessed one of them behaved quite well. I have to admit – bringing one is so much easier. Its like 2 adult vs 1 child. Now its like 1 adult per child. With much organization – it was worth it.

We headed straight back to our room after dinner. Everyone took a bath & then KOed.

Overall – an experience! There’s a first for everything right? Stay tune for the rest of our trip! I try to vlog as much as I could but sometimes its just very hard with 2 kiddos.

Have an AMAZING day!!!