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[Summer Fun] — Toronto Railway Museum & Ripleys Aquarium

My son loves all types of transportation – so riding the Toronto Museum Train was a must on the list. The mini train seriously is nothing much but he still got very excited. An adult must be riding it with him – it cost $6.00 for the both of them. Whatever makes your kid happy right? I believe it was less than a 5 minute ride around the area.


After the mini train ride – Ripley Aquarium was our next destination. We’ve wanted to visit this place for awhile – so fitting it into our summer calendar was a must.

My whole family was excited when we got to the entrance. The tanks of fishes were so gorgeous! There’s so much to learn and see. I am sure that both munchkins’ will have class trips in the future here.

My faves were the jellyfishes. So unique and interesting. The play area was small and crowded but that doesn’t stop my son for having fun and playing with other kids.

We bought some candies at the gift shop to end our fun day out. We took about 2.5 hour to walk through the whole aquarium. If we had more time – I think I’ll go through it one more time. It’s a nice place to go once but I’m not sure if I want to revisit? Maybe in a few years?

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!



[Summer Fun] — Day Out With Thomas, Uxbridge

Fun day out with Thomas was planned a few months before summer break. I think we purchased the tickets in April? Crazy mommies we are! Anything for our kid’s right? Thank goodness for good weather overall. It didn’t rain long and the sun was shining bright and hot.

I didn’t tell Munchkin#1 where we were going till he found out himself. I just couldn’t bare listening to “are we there now!” Lol. Mom life much?

My thoughts of this ‘Day out with Thomas’ was quite disappointing. I expected a little more than what it is. The train had disappointing decorations. What was attracting was only the head of the train. The activities they had on the street was alright. A short little street.

Overall the kids enjoy experiencing it together and had fun. For the parents – we don’t feel like it’s worth the money. Have you been there? What are your thoughts? Comment below to share!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!



[Summer Fun] — Barrie Hill Farm & Wasaga Beach

What a wonderful time at Barrie Hill Farm with our friends! It was our first time picking blueberries and strawberries. At first – hubby wasn’t too thrilled about the idea but he ended up enjoying it.

Munchkin#1 did not pick anything because he is OCD and didn’t want to touch anything. His job was to hold the bucket while his parents collected the goods. He had a lot of fun with his friend running around the farm.

After around 3 hours being at the farm – we headed for lunch at our friends Japanese restaurant. We had such an amazing meal – all of us were stuffed!

We stopped by Wasaga for about 2 hours after lunch. The water was quite cold but the kids still loved it.
What an amazing fun day out with our friends and we got to meet some new friends too.

Have a LOVELY day!!!



[Summer Fun] — Canada’s Wonderland

When was the last time I ever step foot in Canada’s Wonderland? I think over 13 years ago! Crazy much? It was nice to be back! We visited Canada’s Wonderland late July with our two kiddos. Munchkin#1 was overly excited even before we got in. Munchkin#2 behaved so well even after an 8 hour day out. I serious could not complain!

We stayed at the kids’ area and with eight hour we had. It was just not enough time for all the rides plus the park was so busy and so much to do too! Definitely worth getting the season pass!

We had to literally bribe & drag Munchkin#1 out of Wonderland! He loved it and is constantly asking to go back. He sure doesn’t know how fortunate he is to be enjoying all these summer activities. Sometimes I feel like our kids have life so good. For sure Wonderland will be a place to be back. Till next time!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!



[Celebration] — Sixth Year Wedding Anniversary

Sixth year wedding anniversary with the love of my life was somewhat relaxing but with a day of kids activities. Before our anniversary lunch – we headed to Munchkin#2s first swimming lesson. He loved the water and was very comfortable in it.

After the swimming lesson – we headed to Good Catch for lunch. I ordered a cocktail to share with the Hubby. Ordered my first Spicy Salmon Poké and my thoughts? Nothing really that special. Not sure what the hype is about with everyone? Hubby loved his lobster sub.

After lunch we headed to Munchkin#2s’ baptism class.

Quite an eventful day for sure but we got to spend the rest of our day at home. Six years – 2 kids & a home. What more can we ask for? I am forever blessed with my family. I am content where life is & all we need is more time to spend with each other. Can money buy time?

Have a TERRIFIC day!!!



[Summer Fun] — Safari Niagara

It was our first visit to Niagara Safari and it was amazing. It took about 1.5 hour drive with 1 pit stop. It was an extremely hot day but thank goodness both kids behaved & cooperated.


There were so many animals to see. We walked about half way than decided to hop on the wagon ride to see the rest of the Safari. This place is huge!

Munchkin#1 learned so much about animals and his fave was the giraffes. It’s cute how little things interest him. Other than the giraffes – his favorite part was the park. He wasn’t too interested with the water park. Which it was a good thing for us – no need to change him. The park itself is huge. There’s a lot to do! From what I remember – we spent around 5 hours there. We sure did soak in those vitamin C & D that day! For sure we’ll be visiting again one day!

Have a GORGEOUS day!!!



[Mommy Monday] — Our Summer 2017

Mommy Monday • Where Did Summer Go?

I have to admit – I’ve been neglecting my blog for awhile. Summer had just been fun and productive for me and my family. It felt like it zoomed by! I remember the first day of my summer break – My thoughts were “it’ll be a dreadful summer holiday with two kids”. But to my surprise – it was a very eventful first summer break for all of us. We didn’t get a weekend off to do nothing – now that’s how busy life was.

The only thing that was different from going to school and being on break was that I am the one filling up the calendar with things to do for both kids. With school – I can just send him there and the teacher figures it out.

I made sure he didn’t only have fun. We followed a routine at home too. Work books, reading, and a little bit of chores here and there.

Play dates were twice a week and I don’t think I could of handled any more. It was nice seeing his friends this summer because all the kids were on break. During school terms – he gets to see friends once or twice a month. So it was a bonus seeing them so much! Love how they all get along with no one being in tears or complaining about this and that. Love how they are well behaved when they play together while the mommies can catch up too.

Munchkin#1 wasn’t always home all the time – I had scheduled different kinds of educational and fun activities throughout this summer. Not every week – just a good balance. He enjoyed meeting new friends and learning new things. My favorite part was hearing what he learned and enjoyed that day. It’s very heartwarming to me that he loved what I plan out for him. I don’t just pick a program and send him there. I wanted it to be educational yet fun yet something he finds interesting yet meet new friends.

I am actually surprised the Ipad wasn’t used much! I thought I would rely on the Ipad to keep myself sane. They were content with the toys at home and different activities. I am proud of them!

Another thing was – a balance summer was important to me. Not too much fun. Not too much educational things. Not too much time being at home. We spent a lot of time outdoors soaking up vitamin c and vitamin d. Both my boys love being outdoors & I have no complaints either. Summer in Toronto is just way too short – so whenever time permits – we are outdoors. Either for family walks, bikes, or any activities.

My eldest son got to spend more time with his baby brother. It is heartwarming to watch. I find it very cute how they interact with each other. Sometimes it can be annoying but that’s part of brotherhood right? I love that they make each other laugh. They play together at times. Big brother acts like a boss and tells his baby brother how things should be done. I love every bit of it! I love it even though it frustrates me sometimes! They bond very well. I am blessed.

Enough talks about my babies. I kept myself quite productive with different home and life projects. I had a chance to go out daily with the girlfriends for catch up or girl’s time. We got the chance to catch up with good old friends this summer as well. Some we only get to see once or twice in a year. Life is busy for everyone and we all understand how precious time is.

Relatives from Asia came for a visit for a few months as well. It was nice getting to spend time with them.

Hubby took this Munchkin to work for a day for him to really have a glimpse of what daddy does for work. He was thrilled and excited but bored by the afternoon. LOL – he asked to go to work with him again the next day but hubby declined his request. Hahaha. Work life in another 20 years?

Can’t believe two months flew by just like that. There are a lot of events to catch up with on this blog. I’m hoping I get a little free time to do so. It’s time to plan munchkin #2s activities for this fall. A birthday party to plan for my girlfriends’ daughter too. Life never stops when we have kids but it’s a blessing. I love every part of parenthood except dealing with annoying kids lol. That’s it for now – stay tune!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!



[Celebration] — Easter Sunday Dinner With InLaws

This dinner concludes our last event of Easter 2017! What an eventful and fun Easter we had this year! We ended our Easter with a lovely dinner at Monte Carlos hotel with the inlaws. It was a yummy four course dinner.

Munchkin#1 was busy with his dinner while Munchkin#2 kept busy with watching cartoons and somehow let his parents enjoy their dinner. What a bonus right?

The kids got really spoiled with surprise eggs as gifts from their grandparents. When I got home – I had to quickly hide them! Surprisingly till this date – Munchkin#1 does not remember receiving it! I’m just not a fan of my kids having too much sweet. The egg on the right – that size will last Munchkin#1 up to a whole year. Happy Easter to you all!

Have a TERRIFIC day!!!




[LifeStyle] — Good Friday 2017

We started off  Easter 2017 weekend with a relaxing Good Friday – spending just pure family time. We had no one or events to attend to and that is very rare. Normally our weekends are packed with things to do and people to see. Hubby & I enjoyed ‘our’ time – just a family of 4. We didn’t have to worry about the time.

We started the morning off with a Easter hunt. Instead of having Easter baskets – we had a Easter egg hunt. It is Munchkin#1s first egg hunt.. He had a lot of fun collecting eggs all around our home. Surprisingly – he never asked to eat any of the chocolates.

Had breakfast and lunch at home before we headed to the park for some outdoor fun.

We had the most perfect weather. It was super warm and sunny. After an hour or so – we headed back home to relax.

We had a late dinner because we snacked in between.

  It was such a perfect relaxing day & we definitely need more of this. I’ll make sure it happens more often that we spend time like this as a family. There goes our fun & relaxing Good Friday – stay tune for more Easter events!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Haul] — Costco Large Haul

Here’s a huge Costco haul – doesn’t look like much in this photo but I did purchase 3 boxes of diapers and a stack of paper towel. I don’t go to Costco often – at around every 2-3 weeks. I try to get everything I need in one trip to save myself sometime.

Picked up two new things to try this time. Shampoo and conditioner from Marc Anthony – the packaging seems interesting and it has argan oil in it. The second item was on sale – Pho with Chicken. Costco is always a dangerous place to go because we always come out with more than we need. I’m sure everyone can relate to this!

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[Kids] — CandyLand Indoor Playground at Vaughn, Ontario

Over the March break we took our Munchkin to an indoor playground in Vaughn – near Wonderland. I’ve read quite a bit of reviews on this indoor playground before deciding to go there. What better way to keep kids happy for two long hours during their break right? We already had a play date earlier that week with his school friend and this was the second event out of the March break for him.

My thoughts on this indoor playground? Since it was March break – it was flooded with kids! Right when I got into the door – there was this smell of sweat. I wish there were windows in this playground – so it wouldn’t be that humid. Other than that – this playground was HUGE! Lots to do and play. Some machines do require coins to play – just a few. Also – I like how they have a seating area with a few high chairs. A little snack area and a few party room as well. The fee per child was $14.00 with tax – babies were free. Adults were free as well. Lots of seating area around too.

Mommy and her two boys! Munchkin#2 was very curious and checked out basically everything! He can’t wait to touch and play everything when he’s at that age to play. Oh right – there was a toddler area in the middle of the playground – which is great!

My babies keeping busy! Look at that big smile! Nothing makes me more happy than watching them smile and just enjoy the life they have!

Family photo is a must!

Oh man – look at this Jits table! I haven’t touched a jits or you call Foosball table in a very long time. I believe back in 2010? This brings back a lot of teenager/college memories. It was so much fun with my kids and husband!

Would I recommend CandyLand Indoor Playground for you? Yes I would but do go on a weekday where there is less kids. Advice for the adults is bring something to do! Kids can keep themselves busy all day long there! Another thing that I like is – they allow outside food. They do have a restriction on some sort of food though. Have you been here? What are your thoughts? Comment below to share!

Have a TERRIFIC day!!!




[Celebration] — Jayden’s 5th Birthday With Us

Look at how happy this Munchkin is! We gave him his birthday present a day early – so he could enjoy it while we were busy the next day with his birthday festivities. Since he’s been watching a lot of kids doctor videos – we decided to get him his own set of doctor set. He was so excited and fell in love with it!

On his actual birthday – we took him to his favorite place – which is Chuck E Cheese. We have been here the third time for his previous birthdays. He loves this place! We try to bring him here only on special occasions – so it’s more special. Us parents got to play too.

After that – we headed next door to Boston Pizza. We basically repeated everything we did the year before. It was just convenient to dine here since it’s so close and spacious. The food was yummy and Munchkin loved it! Munchkin#2 gave me time to eat 3/4 of my dinner before he started being fussy. I was grateful already because he could of started his fussiness in the beginning of my dinner.

As always – can’t forget the birthday cake and lots of family photos to end off the night! My 5 year old has grown up to be a loving, caring, sweet, and grateful kid. Please stay healthy and happy as always! We love you!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Lifestyle] — 8 Month Postpartum • #MomLife & Side Tracked

Finally getting back on track with my blogging. I’m glad life is back to normal.

It’s already my 8 month postpartum! I haven’t done anything regarding my weight yet. Not quite sure about my weight but I did start eating healthy for breakfast and sometime lunches. In order to build good habits – I got to do it in a slow process. Eating healthy one meal at a time is what I am doing now. I cannot cut carbohydrates yet because I am still breast feeding. Overall – everything in slow process. Will be adding in work out soon.

My mood last month was all over the place. I don’t want to explain too much here. Basically my time was disturbed. My schedule and routine was off. When I don’t do things in a structure routine – I feel like my whole self is messed up. Does that even make sense? Anyways – I’m never gonna feel sorry for anyone anymore, because its just not worth my time.

My main focus is raising my boys to be respectful, loving, and caring human beings. Providing a normal and happy family for them and my husband is my number one goal.

As for my milk supply – it had decreased quite a bit. I’m not too worried about it because Munchkin#2 has started solids for two months now. His solids substitutes for the milk. He only drinks milk before a naps or before bedtime or early in the morning. Basically 4-5 times a day.

I think I’ve mentioned that I would start pumping. I’m having different thoughts now. Its quite overwhelming with pumping because I need to wash the pump every day. I’m busy enough with feeding solids 4x a day, baths, entertaining munchkin#2, cooking meals, daily chores, Munchkin#1s school stuff + workbook and a whole lot of stuff that I cannot think of right now. Lol so yeah – I cannot sit on my ass all day and do nothing. Things will start piling up.

As for my sleep – it has been quite good ever since sleep training Munchkin#2 last month. Sleeping through the night is amazing but at times I still do wake up in between because Munchkin#2 still sometime cries in the middle of the night. I’ve stopped nursing the mid-night feeds.

The weather has been so cold lately – I’ve been basically home almost every day. If you ask if I can stay home every day 3 to 4 years ago – I would say no. But now – I love being home. I love being in my pajamas all day long with my messy hair. I can always find something to do. But than again – I cannot wait till Spring and Summer where I can bring the kids to parks and different activities.

Its so different having 1 kid verse 2 kids. A lot more to think about and plan. As long as I am organized it cuts out the stress for me. So far my kids are easy to take care of.

  I’m grateful to have girlfriends come over to chill 2-3 times a month. Everyone has their busy schedule and I don’t expect to see them as often. But when we do see each other – its like a catch up session. Its awesome!

Last – hair loss has stopped! Finally! I don’t see my hair flying everywhere or on the floor much. But my baby hair is sticking up – which is annoying. Haha. Grow faster!

That’s all for my 8 month postpartum. I am so grateful and blessed for this simple life God has given me! Please keep my 3 boys healthy and happy always!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!

[Celebration] — Chinese New Year 2017

Celebrated Chinese New Year with the relatives on January 28th, 2017- a Saturday this year.

We wanted to get Munchkin#2 a new Chinese New Year outfit but nothing is as small as one years old size – so we opted to re-use his big brothers’ old outfit. Still pretty brand new to me! It’s Munchkin#2s’ first Chinese New Year this year & look at my two boys – very festive!

Family photo is of course a must – gotta capture all those memories right? Look at the three cousins. I bought Francesca her Chinese New Year outfit when I visited Hong Kong last March. I am glad it fits her so well – she can probably wear it again next year too. All 3 of them look so cute together.

We had lunch at Ding Tai Fung to celebrate the upcoming year. Wishing everyone amazing health and happiness the year ahead and forever! May all your wishes come true! Stay tune for more updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Travels] — Gran Bahia Principe Coba • Mexico, Cancun • Day 5

This day marked my 28th birthday. I believe its my first birthday celebrated at another country. Feels different and special.

Started off the day bright and early with my loves. My boys woke us up first.

Than we headed off to breakfast at the Coba buffet. Visited the Privilege Lounge after our breakfast. Privilege lounge is where we can chill & get our free wifi. To be honest – we don’t visit there much. Hubby and I believe if were on vacation – we are on vacation. We don’t want any other distractions or anything. I don’t even want to have a conversation with anyone either. Not to be rude or anything but this is my family & my time. I only use about 15 minutes of wifi a day to upload all my photos from my phone. My space on my phone is very limited – so once its uploaded – I got to delete them.

After chilling at the Privilege Lounge – we headed to the Water park & main pool area. I visited the spa area near the pool for hair braids. I get my hair braided on every vacation and I loved it! This spa charges a little bit more. I remember at Samana it charged me $1USD per braid. Here it was $3USD a braid. As always – I got my right side of my head braided.

For lunch we decided to visit another buffet which is at the Tulum area. It was a really nice place – the Tulum lobby was being renovated. The buffet was busy! Food was about the same.

After lunch we headed back to the Water park instead of the beach. Just wanted to take a little break from the beach.

Its so amusing watching Munchkin#1 interact and play with other kids. He would find kids to play with him. He never done that for the past resort vacations. Shows that he has grown a lot! My baby is such a big boy now! After the second round of water park – we headed back to our room to get ready for dinner. Surprise surprise – they decorated our bed and left a heart shape cake for me. They are so sweet. So blessed to have spent this birthday with my family. My husband and my 2 boys!

We had Mediterranean cuisine at 6:30PM. The food at this restaurant was really nothing special. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The last 3 a la cartè restaurant was good!

That was it for day 5! Stay tune for my next travel blog post where we headed for our excursion! It was a full day of fun! Thanks for dropping by!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!