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[Celebration] — Cayden’s 1st Birthday Party

What a blessed day getting to celebrate his FIRST birthday with families and friends. We had about 50 attendees that day and it was fun catching up with everyone!

Hubby’s friend came with a professional camera and took some decent photos with us. So this post includes both Iphone & professional photos. We are so grateful to have a friend take photos! Photos mean the world to especially me! Thank you so much Kev!


Kids had loads of fun chasing each other around. They all love the wagon!

Munchkin#2 was a bit nervous when we all sang “Happy Birthday” to him. All eyes were staring at him – I would be nervous too.

I am so glad to be hosting this birthday party with adults and kids. But next party – I will only keep it small to the kids. With a party this big – it’s so hard to catch up with everyone. A conversation could only last maximum 10 minutes. Having a small and intimate party is definitely easier but I won’t say I will never host a big party again. Friends and families play a big part of our lives – we wouldn’t be who we are without them! Thank you all for finding the time out of your busy schedule to come out & love these munchkins!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!



[Event Planning] — Donald Duck & Anchor Theme Birthday Party • DIYs, Favor Bags, Banners, Prizes, Cake, and More

Finally taking the time to update my youngest son’s 1st birthday. It was fun and enjoyable planning his first birthday party. I decided on Donald Duck & Anchor – medium blue, grey, orangey-yellow theme. I had picked this theme prior before he was born. Yes – I am that crazy mama!

I had some stuff designed a year before his birthday party. All the details were important to me and especially things matching.

Made about 50 loot bags. Color ones were for the kids and the white ones for adults. I mainly decided on snacks. Who doesn’t like snack right? I bought snacks throughout the year and oh boy – I didn’t realized I accumulated that much…. I shall write it down for my next party!

Created 4 prize boxes for the games. Mainly snacks as well. Wrapped the boxes myself with cut outs matching the theme.

Wrapped up 40 popcorn favor bags. I thought of these last minute – so it was part of the birthday favors.

I made yellow and blue jello shots mainly for decorations for dessert cake table but the kids ended up loving it. It sure does give the dessert cake table the main color pop! Love it!

Of course we had to keep the kids busy with activities to do. These are the crafts I picked up. We also had bubbles and artificial tattoos for the kids. Had the face pie game for them to play. But the main thing they loved was of course playing with each other.

I made about three banners. The main one for the wall. Second one was for the dessert cake table and third was for the food counter.

These cups are for the potato salads – I believe I prepped 40 of these.

Oh man – the cake was one of the items I splurge on. It wasn’t easy finding a ‘Donald Duck” cake – so I had to special order it from a baker. I was so worried that it looked nothing like Donald Duck but thank goodness it was perfect! The flavor was cotton candy. A lot of people gave a lot of compliment of the cake. It wasn’t too sweet or too much cream.

I had a crazy amount of leftovers! I made enough to feed 100 people lol. I specifically messaged everyone to bring an empty stomach! Most ate already and that’s why. Thank god for containers – friends and family took most of the leftovers home. I made 3 main dishes and 1 appetizers myself. The rest were ordered or store bought.

In loved with my dessert cake table. I think it was one of the best I’ve done! I was really proud of myself! I mapped out everything beforehand.


A lot of work indeed for my youngest son’s first birthday but it was all worth it. Planning a party requires so much time and creativity! That’s why I plan it months in advance to avoid any unnecessary stress. I can’t wait to plan the next party! It was a blissful moment to have most of our friends and families there celebrating munchkin#2s birthday with us. Stay tune for his birthday party post!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!



[Celebration] — Jayden’s 5th Birthday Party

Celebrated our son’s 5th birthday party on March.5th.2017, a Sunday afternoon. This was his third 5th birthday celebration. We are very grateful to celebrate his special day with all his little friends – thank god it was the last celebration till next year! I believe this party is his most looked forward for because it includes all his favorite little friends. We even got a helium tank to fill up over 12 medium size balloons this year. All the kids were so happy to bring one home too!

For the menu – I focused more on what the adults would love to eat because – let’s be honest – the kid wasn’t here for the food! They can careless of what they eat. They were here to play with each other and explore different toys. Most importantly the birthday song and cake cutting.

The older kids got to do an art & craft which lasted about 5 to 10 minute long. Yes – these crafty things gotta be fast because their patience is only so limited. There were about 12 kids total – including ours as well. I was so surprised that they played so nicely and quietly. No one was shouting or arguing. The Mama’s got to chill and catch up while the Daddys’ got to play video games!

All the kids were so excited about the Minion cake – it was deliciously made and bought from T&T Supermarket! Not too sweet or too creamy either. Definitely will be purchasing their birthday cakes from there from now on! Can’t believe our first born is 5 already! We love celebrating with these kids every year – it’s the same bunch of kids that grew up together and we add in a few new friends every year.

Look at these kiddos! I can’t wait to plan the next party!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Celebration] — Jayden’s 5th Birthday Part 1

Munchkin#1 had an early mini birthday celebration with the relatives on February 20th, 2017. Usually we would have them over after his actual birthday party after the kids’ leave. But since it was also Family Day – we decided why not have a lunch and have our kids bond with their relatives right?

Nothing much – I made a small lunch, catch up, sang Happy Birthday, and played monopoly!

We had so much fun playing monopoly with the relatives. It was actually our first time playing together! We had quite a good laugh and glad everyone enjoyed it! Hubby and I ended up winning the game by luck. This game requires a lot of luck!

After a 2-3 hour game of monopoly – we headed for a very early dinner. It was such a fun day and I think we should have it much more often! Both our boys behaved very well. Munchkin#1 got to spend quality time with Great Grandma when we were busy playing.

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Celebration] — Christmas 2016 With Relatives

This will be the last Christmas event that we celebrated in the 2016! Christmas with relatives has been a tradition every year for us. This year is exact special because we are hosting. I love hosting events because of all the organizing and planning that includes in it. I plan my menu days in advance – I even plan the set up of my table. I put 100% on what I do because I love what I do.

It was so much fun getting to gather together and catch up! Look how festive everyone is – they are mostly in red! We didn’t bother changing out of our Christmas pajamas since Christmas Eve because it’s very festive! We are very blessed to have them in our life and I cannot wait to host another Christmas event like this!

Have a THANKFUL day!!!




[Celebration] — Cayden’s 1 Month Kerropi Party


Celebrated my son’s 1 month birthday on August 14th 2016 – he was a little more than a month old by than. Above was the party food I prepared for around 25-30 people. For more details about the theme and food – check out this link here.

f275 f276

Friends playing diaper game and chubby bunny here. I made the diaper game a little harder this time with the not so well known chocolates – I did have about 4-5 winners! They must know their chocolates! I had the honor of playing chubby bunny for the first time too! LOL – it was fun and disgusting at the same time!

f277 f278

Here’s our friends playing the cotton challenge game and fitbit (I think that’s what it’s called?). The cotton challenge game is really fun! I love how you get blind folded and you have no idea if you are scooping cottons or not!

f279 f280

Here’s myself and my Munchkin#2! We didn’t intend to have two outfit changes but he did wet his first outfit – so the froggy outfit was perfect for the Kerropi theme!


Finally a perfect family picture! I LOVE LOVE LOVE pictures and especially family pictures! For sure I’ll be developing a few of these to put it around the home and photo albums! I love my family!


Here’s a little collage I made! Thank you all for coming out to spend time with this little Munchkin – he sure did feel spoil by your love and time! The backdrop I made was perfect!


Thank you for bringing gifts!

By the time this post goes live – Munchkin#2 will be almost two months old. I miss the time when he was kicking in my belly, hiccuping in my belly, and just moving nonstop in my belly! Only mothers will understand and miss those! Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for hopping by!

Have a GORGEOUS day!!!


[Event Planning] — Kerropi DIY Theme Party • Decorations, Party Favors, Prize Baskets, Food Stamps

f265 f266

Do you guys remember Kerropi? Kerropi is a Japanese Sanrio character and we don’t see this character around often anymore. It was so much fun creating and designing for this party! This theme was for my son’s 1 month celebration party. Here you see above is the banner I created & the 145 food stamps I designed, cut, and paste together. I should of made more food stamps – I didn’t have enough for all the finger food I had.


Prize baskets for the games we played that day. Another fun project for me to put together these 6 baskets and our friends enjoyed them too. I try to put in kids snacks to bring back childhood memories. There were six different kinds of snacks in each basket.


Here’s the favors I had for our guests. There’s two parts: DIY candy kabobs & loot bags. For the candy kabobs – putting it together was messier then I thought. I wanted to give up after the second kabob! It was just so sticky and messy! Especially being OCD myself…. I did end up making 26-27 of those. Guests tend to like them because it was wrapped nicely and it’s a unique kind of favor. I might do them again for future parties? Who knows… As for the loot bags – there were 3 different kinds of snacks: chocolate chip cookies, chewy bars, and ritz cheese dip sticks. I love putting together loot bags! I made about 25 of these and I almost didn’t have enough. Well technically I don’t have enough because I want to give a few more out for people that visited at different times.


Cut out around 45 of these cuties to decorate around our home. I’m usually watching TV when doing all these DIY stuff – so it’s really not that much work to me. If you love what you do – its really fun!

f271 f272

Two out of the four party games we had. We had the famous diaper game, cotton challenge game, chubby bunny, and musical chairs. I’m so glad that our friends enjoyed the game and had fun. Having games at a party gives a better connection and vibe with each other. It’s just much funner then sitting around and being on their phones.


Last but not least – the party food! It’s mostly finger food – which is easier to manage! I had meatballs, cheesey mussels, chicken bites, chicken nuggets, Greek pastry (forgot the name), devil eggs, potato salad, and cupcakes. The potato salad was a big hit! I was actually surprised that people wanted more but I didn’t have anymore! For sure will be having that again for my next party!

Overall – it was so much fun organizing yet another party! This is actually the very first party for my Munchkin#2! Do you plan your parties too? Care to share some of your tips? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[Cayden] — Relatives Meet & Greet


We decided to do Saturday lunch at our place on July 9th 2016 since everyone was dying to meet our 2nd bundle of joy.


Instead of buying take out – I decided to cook/bake everything instead. It took me about 1.5 hours to have everything ready which is quite fast. I enjoy the process of making the food and displaying the food. It’s just very therapeutic to me. And fun too!


Thank goodness Munchkin#2 behaved quite well too while I was in the kitchen keeping busy. Munchkin#1 was out with daddy at soccer practice – so I had some peace. Look at how spoil this Munchkin is already being held by his relatives. It’s such a joy having relatives watch our kids grow. He even got a few red pockets too. Spoil much? 

Have a TERRIFIC day!!!




[Celebration] — Jayden’s 4th Birthday Party • Mickey Mouse Theme Party


I prepped these Mickey Mouse decorations half a year ago and Thank God I did! Because I wouldn’t and couldn’t do much during these few months with morning sickness! That is why I always think and plan ahead!


Everything turned out perfect! He loved it and enjoyed it with his little friends. This year we opted to just invite the little kids instead of mommy and daddy’s’ friends. It’s just hard to accompany so many people. We just want to focus on the little kids.


Note to self: Way too much food this time! For sure next year I’ll do better.


I had a little arts and crafts project that some kids enjoy. It’s to decorate Mickey Mouse head bands with stickers. Mostly the girls loved it while most of the boys don’t care for it. Hahaha.


Another fun party! Next year Munchkin will be picking his own themes because he’ll have an opinion about it. I’ll start planning it during the summer before the baby arrives. I’m not sure how busy I’ll get when the baby is here. Always great to plan in advance right? I LOVE theme parties! It’s so much fun! If you’re wondering – I DIY mostly everything myself. Except for the table cloth and Mickey mouse plates. A lot of time spent but it’s what I love to do!


Thanks for dropping by! Stay tuned for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Events Planning] — DIY Mickey Mouse Party Decorations • Affordable & Fun

d059 d060

Munchkins’ birthday is coming up and I’ve been prepping very early since last summer. I plan my parties and decorations early to avoid any unnecessarily stress when the date is closer. I made new invitations because the old ones just didn’t work out – I had to change a lot of things – so mind as well design new ones to save some time. You can check out my other version of invitation HERE. I made these two years ago because the theme was suppose to be Mickey Mouse on his third birthday but since he loved Thomas & Friends so much – I changed it last minute and wanted to save the old invitations for this year. It didn’t work out but oh wells.

d061 d062

Here’s his birthday banner and I love them – it turned out pretty good! I can’t wait to hang it up and take lots of pictures with the kids. The picture on the right is just stickers for the invitation envelopes. I’m very attention in details!

It didn’t take too long for me to have all this design on the computer, have it printed out, and cut & paste. I love projects like this and I can’t wait to plan his next birthday. This will probably be the last birthday theme I’ll decide for him – I’m sure after four – he’ll have an opinion of his own and knows what he wants. Do you plan parties yourself? Any tips to share? Comment below! Stay tune for more DIY fun & hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by!

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[Event Planning] — Halloween Loot Bags & Ideas


Happy belated Halloween to you all! I made these Halloween loot bags for my son’s little friends and his Saturday school classmates. Just little treats and toys in each bag.


d117 d118

d119 d120

I love organizing and spending my time packaging these for the little kiddos. These are some of the stuff I picked up at No Frills & Dollarama.

d121 d122

I wanted to look for mini pumpkins to add into the loot bag – but couldn’t find any. Can’t wait till next Halloween! Munchkin will be in full time school and it’ll even be more festive too!


What did you do this Halloween? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more hauls & reviews – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! 

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[Events Planning] — Mickey Mouse 4th Birthday Preparation

b173 b174 b175

I’m the crazy mother that plans her son’s 4th birthday event almost 7 months early. If you follow my blog – I plan everything early! Its only August and August is the most free-est month of the year. I try to squeeze most projects and to-dos in during this month. I like to spread my yearly to do out so I never get stress out.


My son’s birthday is in March but being early in the year that we are moving and settling in our new place – planning makes it impossible. Since I have time now – why not prep it now right? I’m just planning early to avoid the stress.

c008 c009

His fourth birthday and I can’t even believe it! He’s turning 4? What? Yes! I got to accept the fact he isn’t no baby or toddler anymore! This will probably be my last year picking out a theme. He gets all the rights to decide on his themes for all his birthdays onwards and all I got to do is design, cut, and plan it out.

c010 c011 c012 c013

Event planning is just oh-so-therapeutic to me. It’s fun and enjoyable and I love every bit of it. This year is supposed to be Mickey Mouse but since he was so in love with Thomas and Friends – I switched it out last minute. Mickey Mouse will be next year.

Are you a big fat planner like I am? Share some tips and tricks with me below! I love learning new things! Stay tune for more updates with daily life and event planning’s – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for hopping by!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!




[Life][Celebration] — Carmen & Richard’s Wedding


What a fun day! I started off my day at 9AM in the morning – breakfast and getting ready. Headed to church at 10AM to get all the refreshment food ready and set up. The planning and setting up for every party is so much fun for me. I don’t know why I love it so much. I got everything set up a little after 12 and headed straight to the ceremony.


This is actually my first time planning for a party for 300 and I’m quite proud of it. The food was just right with a little leftover.


Dinner was delicious followed by meaningful speeches. Night time was where I let loose and drank with my close friends. I seriously hadn’t drank this much since my bachelorette party back in June 2011! It felt good and free but of course I have my guilt. I feel like a mother shouldn’t be drunk and all that. But only once a blue moon is good. I’m thankful for a supportive and loving hubby!


Overall a very fun night! Thanks for dropping by – stay tune for my daily life blogs – this blog are updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! 

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[Life][DIY] — DIY Daily Planner Organization


After viewing so many planner/agenda organization – I decided to create my own to the way I like. Everyone’s needs is different – so DIY-ing my own is the way to go. I bought many different planners over the year and they never satisfy me. I like things my way and especially that I’m an organizing freak.

(01) 10 Year Plan
(02) 2015 Major Events & Celebrations
(03) Benefit Claim Charts 
(04) Monthly Calendars 
(05) Vacation Planning Chart 
(06) Weekly Calendars 

That’s the orders my planner go in and I won’t show everything because it’s too personal. For the weekly planner – each month is a different color.


It’s so much fun planning my own planner to the way I need it to be. I save a lot of money from buying expensive planners and stickers. Here’s my planner review – anyone can create their own little planner to the way they want with very little money spent! Stay tune for more hauls & life adventures – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by! 

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!




[Life Story][Celebration] — Jayden’s 3rd Birthday Party – Thomas & Friends theme


Celebrated our son’s third birthday early this week – we celebrated 7 days early so we could spend the day with him and just enjoy a stress free day spending family time. Every year I do the same because I’m greedy and I just want to enjoy my loving family.


I started planning his birthday early last year! Yes I am crazy but I cannot help it! It was suppose to be a Mickey Mouse theme this year but since my son is so in love with Thomas & Friends – I changed the theme. It looks like a lot of prep work but I enjoyed every bit of it. I design, print, cut, and planned everything on my own! I just love it! The process of planning is too much fun for me – you can read my Thomas and Friends party planning process HERE. I document everything!

400 401

A lot of prep work, set up, and cleaning up to do but I won’t have it any other way! He only turns three once and I will do it every year till he tells me he no longer wants a birthday party. Got to thank my stepsister for helping I set up! One thing I know missing is some Creative Costumes – for sure I’ll be picking out some for his next birthday!

402 403

Every party I plan – there’s only one reason to it – it’s to have fun, create memories, and capture them. We live once – so I try to make it as memorable as possible! My son was such a shy bug on his birthday – he wouldn’t even face the camera when taking photos! Got to thank our friend, Clement for the amazing photos! These photos mean the world to me!

404 405

Can’t believe he’s three! The big THREE! It tears me up every year – he’s another year older and another year wiser or shall I say another year naughtier? Lol. It’s a life time of blessing being his parents. We want to thank all his aunties, uncles, and little friends for all the love and care – he’s truly a spoil bum. Thanks for being in our life and bringing joy and happiness! We are truly blessed to have amazing people in our lives! Stay tune for more daily blog posts – this blog is updated every single day at 12PM Eastern Time!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!