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[Celebration] — Cayden’s 1st Birthday Party

What a blessed day getting to celebrate his FIRST birthday with families and friends. We had about 50 attendees that day and it was fun catching up with everyone!

Hubby’s friend came with a professional camera and took some decent photos with us. So this post includes both Iphone & professional photos. We are so grateful to have a friend take photos! Photos mean the world to especially me! Thank you so much Kev!


Kids had loads of fun chasing each other around. They all love the wagon!

Munchkin#2 was a bit nervous when we all sang “Happy Birthday” to him. All eyes were staring at him – I would be nervous too.

I am so glad to be hosting this birthday party with adults and kids. But next party – I will only keep it small to the kids. With a party this big – it’s so hard to catch up with everyone. A conversation could only last maximum 10 minutes. Having a small and intimate party is definitely easier but I won’t say I will never host a big party again. Friends and families play a big part of our lives – we wouldn’t be who we are without them! Thank you all for finding the time out of your busy schedule to come out & love these munchkins!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!



[Event Planning] — Donald Duck & Anchor Theme Birthday Party • DIYs, Favor Bags, Banners, Prizes, Cake, and More

Finally taking the time to update my youngest son’s 1st birthday. It was fun and enjoyable planning his first birthday party. I decided on Donald Duck & Anchor – medium blue, grey, orangey-yellow theme. I had picked this theme prior before he was born. Yes – I am that crazy mama!

I had some stuff designed a year before his birthday party. All the details were important to me and especially things matching.

Made about 50 loot bags. Color ones were for the kids and the white ones for adults. I mainly decided on snacks. Who doesn’t like snack right? I bought snacks throughout the year and oh boy – I didn’t realized I accumulated that much…. I shall write it down for my next party!

Created 4 prize boxes for the games. Mainly snacks as well. Wrapped the boxes myself with cut outs matching the theme.

Wrapped up 40 popcorn favor bags. I thought of these last minute – so it was part of the birthday favors.

I made yellow and blue jello shots mainly for decorations for dessert cake table but the kids ended up loving it. It sure does give the dessert cake table the main color pop! Love it!

Of course we had to keep the kids busy with activities to do. These are the crafts I picked up. We also had bubbles and artificial tattoos for the kids. Had the face pie game for them to play. But the main thing they loved was of course playing with each other.

I made about three banners. The main one for the wall. Second one was for the dessert cake table and third was for the food counter.

These cups are for the potato salads – I believe I prepped 40 of these.

Oh man – the cake was one of the items I splurge on. It wasn’t easy finding a ‘Donald Duck” cake – so I had to special order it from a baker. I was so worried that it looked nothing like Donald Duck but thank goodness it was perfect! The flavor was cotton candy. A lot of people gave a lot of compliment of the cake. It wasn’t too sweet or too much cream.

I had a crazy amount of leftovers! I made enough to feed 100 people lol. I specifically messaged everyone to bring an empty stomach! Most ate already and that’s why. Thank god for containers – friends and family took most of the leftovers home. I made 3 main dishes and 1 appetizers myself. The rest were ordered or store bought.

In loved with my dessert cake table. I think it was one of the best I’ve done! I was really proud of myself! I mapped out everything beforehand.


A lot of work indeed for my youngest son’s first birthday but it was all worth it. Planning a party requires so much time and creativity! That’s why I plan it months in advance to avoid any unnecessary stress. I can’t wait to plan the next party! It was a blissful moment to have most of our friends and families there celebrating munchkin#2s birthday with us. Stay tune for his birthday party post!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!



[Haul] — Largest Dollarama Haul

Sharing to you all – one of my largest Dollarama haul. I didn’t intend to get much – just the things I needed. This always happens – I can never walk out of Dollarama with things that don’t belong on my shopping list.

I got a two summer sand toys for our trip to the beach. A lot of home and party things for upcoming events. Found these cute treat bags in the wedding section which I’m not sure what to fill them up with. It just looks pretty – so I had to get it.

These baby squeeze bags was recommended in one of the Mommy groups – decided to give it a try. I will probably be putting blended juice in there. They are so cute arent they? Just hope they don’t leak.

That’s really it for this haul. I had to visit two Dollaramas because they didn’t have party favor bags for the first one I visited. Stay tune for the next haul!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[DIY] — Planner Sheets of June 2017 to December 2017

Finally finished off with designing the rest of my planner of 2017. If you follow my blog long enough – you would know why I customize my own planner. I just like things my way. I’ve added a few new sections for the rest of 2017.  hydration (tracking down the amount of liquid I drink, workout (track my workout), and youtube. I have been doing videos again and uploading it privately for a month now. I just want to have snippet of our lives captured for memories. That’s really it for the edit version. It’s getting a lot busier – so keeping organize will keep the stress away.

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[Party Planning] — Donald Duck & Anchor Theme

I’m the crazy mom that plans my kids party months in advance. Well – in this case – I designed these Donald Ducks & Anchors before Munchkin#2 was born. So almost a year in advance? When I think of something – I have to do it right away.

Recently – I just printed these and now in the process of cutting it all out. Some may think – why don’t I just purchase everything? To be honest – I love the DIY-ing part of everything. I love the designing, cutting, and all the jazz of putting it all together. It’s fun to me. I put a lot of time in my kids birthday party. It’s rewarding when others appreciate what I do. On the other hand – I did search to see if there were any Donald Duck decorations out there – there is barely any. Stay tune to see how I put everything together when it’s closer to date! Do you love DIYs too?

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!




[Kids] — Easter Play Date & Egg Decorating

We had a little Easter play date over the weekend with a few kids and decorated Easter eggs for the first time. It was my first time decorating too and same with most of the kids. It was a lot of fun!

I purchased all these at Walmart – very inexpensive. The fake eggs – looks so much like real eggs. At first I was debating if I should just boil real eggs but it would be such a waste. I know real eggs aren’t expensive but I’m not a fan of wasting food like that. So fake eggs is the way to go! We had a total of 24 eggs for 4 kids. That’s a lot but the Mamas had fun too!

My munchkin wasn’t a huge fan of painting eggs – he’s an OCD freak like his mommy. Lol – he did not like the paint in his hand and all over the place. He was over it after painting one egg. However – the girls had a lot of fun painting. Shall I say it’s a girl thing? I had fun painting a few eggs too!

So colorful and creative! Everyone got to bring a basket of eggs home.

The kids had lunch after painting and some play time too. Love how well they behaved.

Overall a fun experience – I cannot wait to do this again next year. It was a good amount of kids. Too many kids will be more hectic for sure. The girls are much more mature than the boys. They know what they were doing. Cheers to a fun Easter play date!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[DIY] — Easter Favors & Easter Baskets 2017

Easter is around the corner – how could I not shop for Easter right? Since my friend is hosting a kids Easter party at their place – I’ve decided to put together some Easter favor boxes for the kiddos. It’ll be a huge play date with some Easter activities.

I went to two places to pick up these items; Walmart & Dollarama.

These Easter favor boxes is almost complete – still need to add the small little egg chocolates in.

I’ve decided to pick up four of these Easter baskets for my kids god-siblings and cousin.

This is how it looks like after it being filled. It was a lot of fun putting everything together. This is also my first year doing Easter festivities. Stay tune – I’ll be sharing with you what I did for my kids Easter basket this year!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Lifestyle] — DIY 2017 Planner

Here I am sharing my DIY 2017 planner! You may ask – why do I even bother with all the work when I can pay a few bucks for one? The answer to that is – I like things my style & my way. I like the finishing touches to it. I like to have things plan according to my way. I like the colors I use.

I purchased the Quo Vadis planner for a few years back. Love the pink leather cover! Most importantly – I like the small size of it. I like things handy and convenient. I like to carry my planner out either if I’m running errands or grocery shopping. I re-use the pink cover but repurchased the papers inside.

From what I remember – it was $15. Doesn’t make much sense to put paper over a planner right? Well the original calenders/day to day sheets are so boring and not my style. I purchased it – so I can DIY my own.

This is the order I have my life planned. I plan my meals, groceries, weekly to-do’s, outings, school, extra curricular, next week meals, reminders, and blog all in one section! I like to look at everything instead of flipping pages.

I have these DIY sheets done every few months – so I can adjust to my needs. If its summer – I can take out the school section if I want. Or I can add other stuff too.Also – it is color co-ordinated by month.

Is this call a lot of work? I consider not because I enjoy it. I enjoy being organized to the max! Having a planner to me is super duper important. My whole life is in it. Well – sort of! Haha.

What’s my secret for a stress-free life? Be super duper organized and plan ahead! Always think a few steps ahead! Sometimes I plan meals 2 weeks in advance too! How do you organize your life? Comment below to share!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[DIY] — My Cross-Stitching Projects


Just wanted to share these cross stitching DIY projects I did back in 2016. When I have some free time – I enjoy picking up this hobby. Hopefully I get to make a few this year too if time permits. I never have nothing to do at home because I always find something to do.


I made this one for myself that has my babies name on it. Love it!


For my girlfriend & her daughter. #LOVELOVELOVE.


For my son’s backpack. I made him a few already. Love how the colors turn out and it matches his backpack too.


There was no where to put his name on this scarf – so I cross stitched it on his scarf instead.


My babies have matching ones too.


I totally forgot to take a photo of the finish product for this one! Oppps – I wanted to try ‘ombre’ – it turned out beautifully! Hopefully I have some more time this year – Munchkin#2 has been so mobile lately – I just got to spend more time with him and entertain him. #MOMLIFE.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!




[Organization] — Ikea Shelf Bins Organization


Being organize is my loving hobby! Yes – what better way than to live in an organize home and knowing where everywhere is?

I’ve lived in our new home for over an year now. I feel ultra-ly comfortable living in our new home and sometimes I don’t even want to step foot out of my home. The comfort of my home is everything! Especially with my family!

When we moved into our first bought condo – I was almost two months pregnant. At that time. I could barely organize anything with morning sickness and an almost 4 year old to take care of. It was so tough. I ended up just stuffing everything into these Ikea clear cabinets. Just to get it out of my sight at the time.


I picked out these clear cabinets instead of the solid fabric ones because it looks more stylish for my dining area. I do have the fabric cabinets in my son’s room – they are great to store anything! The fabric one is cheaper too!

Since I got the time – I fore-took this project of cleaning out these cabinets – it was a project for me. Categorizing things and throwing out things. Took about a few hour to clean out but definitely worth it!

It feels amazing after everything was organized – I know where everything is now. I wonder what is my next project? Won’t show the after progress because there’s too much to show. Stay tune for more!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Party Planning] — DIY Minion Birthday Theme & Activities

DIY party favor bags is definitely a must for each party! I love the whole process of it: Designing, cutting, gluing, and putting it together. For the favors this year it’s mainly snacks & useful things such as bubbles, crayons, and stickers. It was so much fun putting 12 favors for these kids. I always make extra in case there are extra kids.

Banner designed by myself. I wanted to get Munchkin involved in it but he didn’t have much idea. It was yet again so much fun designing and putting it together. I love designing banners and everything related to theme parties! SO SO SO much fun!

Backdrop to me is very important because I like to capture lots of pictures for memories. Decided to cut around 30 minions out and put it around the window frame. The big minion on the left is a balloon but decided to just tape it on the wall for another decorative piece. It’s cute eh?

 I DIY these food stands for food. I made about 60-70 of these. I toned it down a lot – I use to make around 150 to 200 of these. It just gives a finishing touch to all the party food I make.

Since last birthday we did the head band art and craft for the kids. I decided to pick out another art and craft for the kids to create this year. It’s always fun to watch them do it together. I got these prepared and all they had to do is put it together with parents help. Hope they’ll have tons of fun with it.

The rest of the stuff I bought. I love the Minion eye googles! That’s really it for all the prep stuff for his 5th birthday party! I can’t wait to plan the next party. Stay tune for more hauls & reviews!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Jayden] — The Past 4 Birthdays • Special Memories

Since tomorrow is Munchkin#1’s 5th birthday – I thought I would do a little reflecting on throughout all his birthday celebrations.

First birthday was Winnie the pooh theme & he had no idea what’s going on really except seeing a lot of aunties, uncles, and little friends.

Second birthday was the Sesame Street theme. This birthday he enjoyed playing with his little friends.

Third birthday was the Thomas & Friends theme. He was very shy this birthday.

Fourth birthday was the Mickey Mouse theme. This birthday was the MOST exciting birthday for him because he understood that it was his birthday and he was very very very excited!

It had been an amazing parenthood life for his daddy and I – we cannot wait to celebrate many more birthdays, special events, and daily life events with this little baby. He’s forever our baby. Can you guess what theme is he having this year? Comment below to guess!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!




[Kids] — Christmas Gingerbread House 2016

We decided to do our annual gingerbread house at home this year since I couldn’t find a class at Loblaws for it.

We bought a kit at No Frills for $10 bucks. The pre-built ones are more expensive but since we can never keep the house up – I decided it’s best to get the pre-built ones. Just easier for us.

We had fun decorating – Munchkin#1 helped with decorating the roof while we did the rest. Munchkin#2 helped by just watching and not crying lol.

Look at how concentrated he was! I have to say that this year he is more excited and enthusiastic in all these Christmas activities!

I think we’ll just buy the kit every year – so we can spend family quality time at home. Maybe next year Munchkin#2 can help too! What kind of festive activities did you do with your kids? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily updates and reviews – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[Lifestyle] — 25 Christmas Books • Starting December 1st


I was so thrilled to find 25 Christmas books at such affordable prices! The most expensive one was $3.50 and these are amazing quality books! Hard covers too! I’ve wrapped up all 25 books and starting from December 1st – my older son will be unwrapping one book a day until Christmas. I want this to be a tradition in our household. I’ll probably use these books for a few years – I don’t think he’ll remember it after a whole year right? I’ll be replacing a few books here and there but overall – it’ll mostly be the same ones.

g0200 g0201 g0202 g0203 g0204 g0205

Just for a little self reminder – I took pictures of the 25 books – so in case I shop for a few new ones – I won’t get duplicated. I can’t wait to do elf on the shelf next year as well. What are your family Christmas traditions? Comment below to share with us! Stay tune for more daily adventures & hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time. Thanks for dropping by!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[LifeStyle] — Operation Christmas ShoeBoxes 2016 • DIY Projects


Christmas is around the corner and the first time I think about is these shoeboxes for the kids in 3rd world country. We live a pretty privilege life with clean water to drink, a roof over our heads, and food on the table every day. The kids in third word countries might not even have 1/3 of what we have! I did this project with a girlfriend, her kids, and my son last year – you can check out the post here. We had so much fun wrapping up the shoe boxes, shopping for toys, and putting it together. The most important thing is the meaning behind it – teaching our kids to give back. This year I’ll be doing this project with my 2 son’s and husband – a family thing.

g0123 g0124

I wrapped these shoeboxes early October and did the shopping later on. The date to donate these shoeboxes is the third week of November this year. I wanted to wrap them early and put them together early is because when November hits – it’s like crazy busy for us! It’s always nice to plan ahead to avoid unnecessary stress right? I always say this but its so true! It’s such a busy season – I want to relax and enjoy the moment! I wrapped up 10 shoeboxes this year – for each shoeboxes – we need to donate $7.00CAD on top for shipping and handling. If your interested – check this website out for more information.


I had a bag of 100 balls laying around and I didn’t want to open it for my son to play with. So I had this idea of wrapping up these balls as part of the gifts for the shoebox project. It was so much fun wrapping and they look so cute too. Don’t they look like candies?

g0179 g0180

g0210 g0211

These are a few of the stuff I included in the shoe boxes – mostly toys and some are sanitation products. We could not include any liquid items or toothpaste – so I had to be thoughtful to what to get.


It’s a family affair and I love getting my kids involved. Well for this year – one kid involved. We try to explain to him why we do this and how some kids don’t have toys or anything to play with in other countries. I don’t think he quite understood that but we’ll try again next year.


Our little helper that helped put everything inside each box – he listened to instruction quite well. Except when he saw cars… He wanted to be playing with it instead of helping. Haha. But he did do a great job this year! Last year he did help a little bit but I did most the packing.


Here’s a shoebox for a girl. Which includes some toys, jewelries, crayons, coloring book, tissue, and band-aid. Have you given back this year? If not – start searching on how you can give back! It’s the season in giving back – although I believe giving back can be any season! Stay tune for more daily reviews & hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!