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[Haul] — Personalized Passport Holder • The Heart Stuff

g0156 g0157

Isn’t this cute? Remember my blog post about these adorable personalized passport photos back in August 2015? We never thought we’d be having another child so soon but good thing that #THEHEARTSTUFF shop was still around. I’d have a problem if I couldn’t get one for my second son! I’m OCD and I have to have everything matching right? I love it – it came really quickly.


Look how cute this set of passport holders are! I love them so much – it just completes it perfectly. If your looking for something personalize like this – do shop at her shop. It’s on the affordable price and the material is perfect. Stay tune for more daily reviews and hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time. Thanks for dropping by!

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[Food] — Akane Sushi Price Change • Review & Richmond Hill


Akane’s prices went up with all their items. This tray I used to order was $64.99 and it came with a box of Korean glass noodles for free. Plus it was tax free too if you pay cash. A tray like this is $79.99 now – it went up $15.00 for a 90 piece boat. However – we still order from Akane Sushi daily with their bento boxes – we order sushi trays when we have a large group. Their quality is just amazing! Here’s a little update on their price change – stay tune for more food reviews & adventure – this blog is updated daily at 12PM Eastern Time – see you soon!

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[Home] — Ikea Photo Frames Wall Collage • DIY Project


Been wanting to put up a collage of photos on this wall for quite sometime now. Never really had the time to think about it before till now. Before doing anything – I had to draw out what I want to put up and how I want it. Everything I do has a meaning to it and keep reading – you’ll understand why I did what I did. I’m quite proud of what I did and I love it! This wall is in front of my dining table.


I put up these four frames first – these four frames will have my kids birthday pictures from 1 year old to 6 year old. They each will have 6 photos. It wasn’t easy putting these frames up – so much planning – so much measuring too. I’m very OCD when things are off – but now it’s perfect!


Almost complete! Okay – so the bottom right where there is 4 little frames – those are first Christmases of both my kids and their baptism. You see the 2 empty ones – its because Cayden hasn’t experience his first Christmas & baptism yet. The left & right columns are for vacations that we go to. When the rooms are running out – we can add 2-3 more columns on each side (left and right).


Completion! Yes – finally done after hours.. I don’t even know how many hours. The top left has 2 large photo frames – a picture of us on our wedding day & our first family picture. I had to visit Ikea once more to complete this wall. It’s not really complete because we can always add extra frames on the left and right side. But overall – it’ll just be vacation pictures and birthday pictures we’ll be adding. My empty wall feels so different now with these frames on it! Feels more complete! I call this my “Wall of Love”. I LOVE IT! I’m so blessed to wake up to all these wonderful memories created every day! Life is such a blessing! Thanks for dropping by – stay tune for more updates – this blog is updated regularly!

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[Home][Organization] — Developing & Organizing Photos & Photo Albums

g0159 g0160

Here’s another project I worked on when I took a month and a half break from my blog. I looked over thousands of photos and developed thousands of photos. I love keeping a hard copy of my photos. Who knows if Facebook will be gone one day right? I store all my photos on Facebook. I had to go back to looking at photos from 2009 to this year – bring back so many memories. Took me hours looking through photos, choosing what to develop, and putting it all together. But it’s ALL worth it because I love looking back at all the amazing memories created.

g0161 g0162

These are the photo albums categorize by year – from year 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and many empty ones waiting to be filled.


These albums are from our wedding (7 from the left) and the rest is for my kids. Believe it or not – but most of these albums are all filled up. I still need to get 8 more to fill up the rest of my shelf on the right. Are you as crazy as me? When I’m old and wrinkly – these are the photos I’ll be looking back at. It’s crazy to think that I developed over thousands of photos. That’s a lot of money well spent there. Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time. Thanks for stopping by.

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[Celebration] — Our 8th Year Dating Anniversary • #FamilyOf4


Not everything is perfect but to me – this is my kind of perfect. They are perfect in my eyes and I love them very much. Happy 8th year dating anniversary Hubby! Who knew 8 years later we’d end up with 2 adorable human beings that’s ours! We get to keep them forever and ever!

g0129 g0130 g0131

Look at my loves – we celebrated our 8th year dating anniversary on October,17th 2016 at Baton Rouge. It was a really quiet day at the restaurant and that’s just what we needed. Being a mother for over 4 and a half year – I’m not into crowds and noise anymore. I even stay away from the mall during Christmas season. It’s a different kind of life when you have kids. Does this make sense? If it doesn’t – oh well. I’m typing this post with my 4.5 year old asking me tons of questions.


It was a somewhat enjoyable dinner – yes somewhat. When you have kids – you really don’t enjoy your dinner much because they can be a handful. Not siting still, crying babies, and the list goes on. I do enjoy my take out dinner more these days – it’s much more relaxing being at home when they can do whatever they want and you don’t need to be over their heads. You know what I mean? #PARENTHOOD. We had a nice 3 course dinner – our favorites – steak & lobster. The entree itself filled me up already.

Can’t believe its been 8 years of love. Not everything was smooth and dandy but we worked together to work through it. All relationships or marriages will always be a work in progress. As the saying goes ‘if you don’t put fuel in your car, it doesn’t go’ – it applies for relationships too. Oh man – that’s 8 years already – how much did I really aged? After having 2 kids.. Cheers to many more years to go Hubby! Love you lots!

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[Organization][Home] — Kitchen Cabinets Organization • IKEA 365+ Containers


Before Picture

Since my first born started school – I have a little more time to do things in peace as in I can get things done in one go instead of stopping 20x in between to do one thing. I’ve been wanting to organize ALL my kitchen cabinets for awhile. I couldn’t organize them when we first moved in because I was having severe morning sickness than life got busy. So here it is – I’m only showing two cabinets because I totally forgot to take ‘before’ photos of the others.


After Picture

I had my entire kitchen redone before moving in and I love how the inside of the cabinets can be adjusted very easily. Before shopping for new containers – I had everything measured out. Containers jars can be so expensive – I found these containers at IKEA and it’s the 365+ series. I love the look of it but wished it can be a little wider.

Left Cabinet: Top) All pastas – I fitted about 6 large containers. Middle) All my soup ingredients. Bottom) Where I store all my different size bowls.

Right Cabinet: All my baking ingredients. They look so much neater when it’s all in one cabinet instead in 2-3 different areas.

Organizing makes me so happy for some reason – it’s so therapeutic and fun! Spent quite a bit on the containers but I know I’ll be using it for a long long time unless I accidently drop them and they crack. Which is not gonna happen! I love how they are clear – no need to label them. Do you enjoy organizing too? What is your organizing tips? Comment below to share.  Stay tune for more hauls and reviews – this blog is updated regularly! Thanks for dropping by!

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[Kids] — Halloween 2016 Costumes

g0181 g0182

What are your kids wearing this Halloween? I bought my kids costumes about two months before Halloween. Yes – this organizing Mama always plans early. I know if I buy it later – the choices is very limited. For my 3 month old – I purchased him the pumpkin onesie and his superman costume online. While I bought my 4.5 year old son his policeman costume at Winners HomeSense at $24.99 – quite reasonable price. Usually costumes can go up to $60-$70. I’m not willing to spend a fortune for a one time wear. It’s just not worth it in my opinion. So what are all your kids dressing up as this year? Comment below to share. Stay tune for more updates for our Halloween event this year – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by!

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[Lifestyle] — What Have I been Up To Lately? • October 2016


What has been up with me lately? I did take a month off from blogging which I am super behind. But that’s okay I needed my break from my blog anyways. Even though I took a month off from updating my blog – I still kept myself busy with different projects around the house (I’ll update the different projects I worked on in different blog posts).

Since it’s almost the end of October already – I’ve been thinking about what to stock up for the winter season: meat, canned goods, pastas, and etc… I heard it’s going to be a very very very cold winter and I don’t want to drag two kids out for grocery runs every week. Especially carrying the heavy stuff too. That’s what I’ve been doing – buying the things we can buy now for the winter to avoid lots of trips out.


As always – I did Christmas shopping early this year and is 80% done. I’m not a fan of crowded malls and long line ups! Totally not my thing. If I could shop it now – why not right? Plus I don’t want to come home after my vacation to deal with Christmas shopping and wrapping. I just want to get it over with and done with before November hits.

These two months we’ve been doing some home improvement – as in – upgrading some of our furniture. I’ll do another separate post on it. We’ve wanted to upgrade some of our furniture for awhile now – it all comes down to the kids. Some we could upgrade and some we couldn’t do it till the kids are older – so they won’t ruin it.

I did take some ‘Me Time’ away from the kids for a refreshment. Even one hour a day is amazing and we all need it. I love my kids to death but sometimes I just need to be away from them to refresh myself and get myself back together. Fell off the band wagon of my diet after a week. In a week I did lose about 6 pounds – which is not too bad right? I have to get back into this wagon to lose the rest of the weight – 24 pounds to go!

We’ll be going to our winter vacation mid-November. A much needed vacation for hubby and I. We need to see palm trees, sunshine, beach, sand, and paradise – now that’s a vacation! I can’t wait to lounge on beach chairs and watch our kids play in water. Munchkin#2 will be over 4.5 months and we had the okay from his doctor to go. There’s gonna be quite a lot to pack but we can’t wait to experience it with both our boys.

I haven’t talked much about my stepmoms ALS journey. I guess I’ve came to accept it and not talk about it. It’s a very very sad disease without a cure and I pray that there will be a cure very soon to help everyone with this disease. Her situation looks stable right now but she is paralyzed. What can a paralyze person do? Why couldn’t she be stabilize when she could still walk and move her hands? Anyways – I help them buy groceries every week or two weeks. I try my best to visit once a week or if my schedule don’t work – every other week. I don’t know what else to update about her situation – my heart is numb about it. So that’s it.

As for my in-laws – our relationship has gotten better and hope it stays that way. I’m not hard to get along with – I just don’t like being annoyed. We see them about once a week if time permits.

I realize that I don’t socialize with a lot of people these days – the only people I socialize is mommies with kids. I know right – my priorities are so different than 5 years ago. But I do like it this way. When time is so limited – I can’t deal with everyone. My priorities has shifted and my priorities is my kids and husband.

As for blogging goes – I miss blogging. I won’t force myself into blogging if I don’t want to. Its all about if I feel like it or not. I love documenting my life and have a journal to read back. Especially for my kids. My family is my everything!

That’s it for this Life Update – life will only get busier from here when November hits. As long as I’m organize with my time – I won’t be stressing out. Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly. Thanks for dropping by & see you soon!

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[Celebration] — Cayden’s 100 Day with Relatives


Celebrated our son’s 100 day on October 8th 2016 – exactly 100 day old at King Dragon Cuisine with relatives. It was a small little celebration dinner for him. It’ll be his last celebration till his 1st birthday. Over the past 100 day was just amazing – I love being a mother – even though it can be frustrating at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way – I love my boys to the moon and back! There’s nothing as rewarding as being a mother. #MOTHERHOOD. I feel so blessed to have this family! It’s my forever blessing.


Of course I captured a lot of photos for this special occasion. Glad relatives did some catching up and enjoy their dinner that night. It was a nice and delicious dinner.


We had over 14 courses that night – I couldn’t take a picture of every dish but this is as good as it gets. I ordered ‘red eggs’ on the side for this celebration. I think ‘red eggs’ for Chinese means good luck. I’m not 100% sure of the meaning but oh wells. We were all stuffed to the max after 6-7 courses and had to pack 1/4 of the food home. They sure did serve huge portions here! Overall a relaxing dinner with not much planning to it. I gave out candles as a party favor or you can call it a Thank You gift for coming. Thanks for dropping by – stay tune for more daily updates! See you soon

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[Cayden] — 3 Month Old Update • Cooing & Annoyingness

g0042 g0043

This Munchkin is weighting 9 and a half pound already. His doctor is happy with his growing progress. He doubles up from his birth weight already.

He’s breaking into his size 2 diapers and 3 month size clothing. So sad for mommy to put away the newborn clothes and possibly give them away to whoever needs it. Thinking about it makes me cry. He’s growing too fast!

g0044 g0045

Lots of movements and cooing up a storm lately. He loves it when we talk to him & he’ll talk back. I kept a record of it on videos.

g0046 g0047

He’s awake a lot more than before 4-6 hours per day now. Mommy needs to get used to it – less time for me to do things while this Munchkin is awake. He’s half co-sleeping and the other half in the play pen still. Not going to fully have him sleeps on his own yet because I don’t want to get up in the middle of the night to get him. So far – he’s still sleeping well at night. There was one night he slept for 8.5 hour straight! That was SO amazing! That only happened once though. Some nights 4, 5, 6 hour straight. It all depends how tired out he is. As for naps in the afternoon us quite broken. He use to nap 3hr straight no problem. Now is probably 1.5-2hr long. Oh and night time – he usually sleeps around 8-9pm – just like his brother. Sometimes they sleep at the same time.

g0048 g0049

As for routine – we don’t really have one right now. Since he sleeps most of the time – we just let him sleep whenever he wants.

Bath schedule is every other day. I started bathing him in the tub with the Angel Care support myself. Just saves time for daddy. When hubby is home – we just want to spend family time as much as possible.

g0050 g0051

g0052 g0053

It’s hysterical and annoying at the same time. He has a problem when he’s in the car and the car doesn’t move. When the car immediately stops – he starts crying by the second. When the car moves – he stops crying right away. When he’s asleep during the ride – he’ll be fine. My first born never had this ‘problem’. If we are stopped on a red light and he’s awake – we are screwed lol.

g0054 g0055

Still breastfeeding still – I say he drinks every 3 hours. Strictly on the breast now. After we get back on vacation – I’ll reintroduce him with bottles again. Hubby does miss feeding him.

g0056 g0057

Loves cuddling with mommy or maybe it’s the other way around that mommy loves cuddling with him. I’m trying to smell him more and hold him more because I know I’ll miss how tiny he is now.


I think that’s all the updates for now. He’s grown so fast and I truly miss my 4 pounder! Stay tune for more updates!

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[Jayden] — 4 Year & 7 Month Old • School & Sleep


School has started for over a month now. And my Munchkin#1 has loved every bit of it. Sometimes I wish there’s cameras in the classroom for me to watch what he’s doing, how’s he’s interacting with others, or if he’s doing something sneaky. It’s so hard for me to let him go but I did for over a month already. He loves school and learns so much already. He learned prayer, lots of songs, calendars, and a lot of new words.

g0060 g0061

We had a parent’s night end of September and we had the chance to chat with his teacher. She said he’s doing great, interacting well, following instructions well, and etc. The only problem is sitting still on the carpet. Which I knew that will happen because he can never sit still at home.

Having him gone 8 hours a day feels like heaven. Not to be mean but I get a lot done in peace. Eight hours goes by very fast!

As for lunches at school – he’s doing very well. Even at times where there are veggies in his food – he still eats it. That’s what I fear most before school started is that he won’t eat veggies at all. He usually finishes most of his lunch but sometimes its half done. I usually pack more than he can eat. Whatever doesn’t get finish – turns into snack after school.

For lunches and snacks – I try to pack a variety for him. Every day is different.

g0062 g0063

Summer soccer season has ended. Now we are just waiting on the fall indoor season to start mid-November. He earned his first medal for the summer season. He loves it!

As for swimming – swimming didn’t start till early October for this Munchkin – he had a month off of swimming lessons.

g0064 g0065

This Munchkin sleeps around 8-9pm every school night now. On weekdays we are a little lenient on it. He’s usually exhausted by 8. Waking up around 7 to 7:15am every morning. Sometimes it can be a drag waking him up. Even after a 10-11hour sleep! He loves his sleep as much as I do. For sure I know he has enough sleep to fuel throughout the day.

g0066 g0067

Christmas is within two months and I’m already doing some Christmas shopping for both my toys. It’s a lot easier to shop for them now when they are still young. When they get older – they’ll start asking for alesis sample pad pro and other expensive gadgets.

He loves kissing his baby brother. It’s like a every morning, after school, and throughout the day routine for him. He adores his baby brother but he does get annoy with him when he cries.

I feel like he grew up so fast (well I say it all the time) but for real – ever since he started school – he’s a lot more independent. He would ask a lot of “what is this and what is that” – he learned a lot and loves learning! Makes us very proud to be his parents. Keep up the great work Munchkin! We love you so much!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[LifeStyle] — 3 Month Postpartum • Weight & Breastfeed Challenges

I took a little break from blogging to focusing a little bit on myself lately. So bare with me till I start my daily posts again. For now – I’m just going to blog randomly.


 g0073 g0074 g0075

Last month I decided it was about time to finally work on myself. Fitness + diet plans. My goal is to lose 30 pounds before our family trip in November. Well if not – close to it. I prep daily meals every 2-3 days. This time around I mix meals up – so I don’t eat 6 of the same meals per day. Yes – 6 mini meals for every two hours. Imagine that? I think I’m better at it this time. Eating every 2 hours allows me not to feel hungry. Once I feel hungry – I go out of hand & the cravings show up. Not a lot of cravings! I’m doing good. Joined hot yoga for a month. I haven’t been to hot yoga for over a year and I am so out of place with it. Plus having a baby 2 months ago is even harder than I expected. My cardio is taking walks with my little Munchkin before picking up big bro. About 30-40minute walks daily. I should really be hitting up the gym downstairs as well.


Our winter vacation is finally booked! This kind of motivates me on losing my pregnancy weight! I’m so envious on those that don’t need any effort to lose that pregnancy weight! Breastfeeding doesn’t help with me. It takes hard work to lose weight for both my pregnancy sadly!

I did have my period for a day – weird! I had my period with my Munchkin#1 when I totally stopped breastfeeding. So I wasn’t expecting it so soon. But on the pro side of it – I google searched that when your period comes – it means your weight will drop intensively. I was happy about that! Haha.


As for breastfeeding. I did encounter the problem of not having enough milk. Right now – I feel that my milk supply is alright. Took me about a week or two to get my milk supply back up. 1) No more caffeine 2) Herbal Mom Milk Tea 3) Papaya Soup. Even with drinking 10-12 cup of liquids did not work for me – so my last resort was those 3 steps! Hopefully my milk supply stays! When my milk supply got low – I’m so thankful my freezer was full of milk from the first month! It’s always nice to have back up milk. If my milk supplies run out – I still have ready to go formula as well.

As for bottle feeding. I got a bit lazy to pump & Munchkin#2 wasn’t loving the bottle nipple. He figured out at 2 months of age that he doesn’t like it. I do want to get back on bottle feeding one day because hubby loves feeding him. Breastfeeding is just way too convenient right now. No washing breast pumps & bottles!


I’ve been sleeping quite early – around 10-11pm – waking up at 7 in the morning sure tires me out. I refuse to take a nap – I find that napping makes me even more tired. So during my day – I just find things to do around my home or find little projects to work on. I have to keep my hands busy – otherwise I’ll think of what to snack on next! LOL.

My sleep is still awesome – even though I need to wake up in between my sleep to feed him. I just give him my nipple & fall back asleep. He falls right back to sleep or sleeps while drinking too. Sometimes I lose track on how many feeds He gets a night.

I seriously cannot believe that it’s October already! The end of the year is quickly approaching us! The weather is getting colder these days too! I think that’s all the updates from last month. Three month postpartum – I wish I could go back in time. Go back to the day I deliver my 2nd bundle of joy. Heck – I wouldn’t even mind going through c-section again. Everything was just so perfect! It’s still perfect except my kids are growing up way too fast! Alright – that’s it for now – time to look at encore electric for a friend of mine! Stay tune for more updates!

Hope you’re having an amazing fall 2016 – thanks for dropping by & see you soon for regular updates! 

Have a FALL-LICIOUS day!!!




[Lifestyle] — 1 Month Postpartum


My weekly baby pump photos

It’s a month already? That also means my baby is a month old already! As much as I want him to grow fast and healthy – I want him to slow down a little bit. I want to hold my tiny baby as much as I can because I know I won’t be able to hold another one of my own.

It’s been a month! Let’s talk about my c-section scar. I still haven’t really taken a closer look at it because I am scared of it! I know its healing well because I haven’t felt any pain or itchiness. I do have my Hubby to look at it and he tells me how it looks and stuff.


I started taking my bubble bath after two and a half week after postpartum – which seems alright. I remember last time I had to wait six weeks because of natural birth. This time since it was c-section – nurse said it was okay to take baths.


Wanted to have my hair cut done before my delivery but didn’t have time – so this is after delivery

My bleeding stopped after the 11-12 day – which was weird because it’s supposed to last 6 weeks. Although the bleeding stopped – there’s still this yellowish-white discharge coming out every day. Once in awhile there’s blood.

Since I am Asian – you would have thought I’d follow the Chinese tradition. One month confinement and etc etc… I didn’t follow any last time except eating ginger vinegar. This time I try to not eat this or that due to my scar. I tried for two weeks which was a big fail. I did end up going out and taking the baby out after a few days.


My first bowl of ginger vinegar after 3 weeks postpartum

Basically everything went back to normal after I came home. I cooked, baked, cleaned, and etc. Since I didn’t feel pain at all – everything was all good. I didn’t feel tired at all too. I wonder why? I kept myself busy with just the regular to do(s).

I did drink lots of liquids! I made sure I had enough milk supply in me this time because I do want to start freezing milk. The more milk I freeze = the faster I can stop breastfeeding. I want my Munchkin to breastfed till 10 months old and the rest bottle fed with breast milk. By 10 months – I would want him to sleep in his own without needing to wake up in the middle of night for feeding (just like his brother).

As for my weight gain.. I am not sure how much I weight now (I need to buy a new scale). I do want to start hitting up the gym next month when Munchkin#2 is at school. I’m not too worried about my weight right now. My focuses are providing enough breast milk and keep myself healthy.


Took millions of pictures of myself & family already…

I have to say my c-section recovery was quite fast. I felt like I never undergo a surgery at all! I thought I’d be handicap for two weeks till two months of time. I was so ready to be bedridden for awhile because of the pain. But thank goodness for no pain!

I think that’s all the update for my first month of postpartum. Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for dropping by!

Have an AWESOME day!!!




[Pregnancy Journal] — My C-Section Experience

f220 f221

last babypump picture & last picture of my munchkin being the only child

Before knowing that I was FOR SURE getting a C-Section – I was scared shitless. I never had any major surgeries or never been cut open before in my life. This was my major surgery!

I had two days to prepare for this surgery and to be honest. With so much going on – I barely had time to think about it.

The day of my C-Section – I had a little over 2 hours of sleep. Since the C-Section was scheduled 6:30AM in the morning – I had to be at the hospital at 4:30AM that day. Dropped my son at my in-laws around 4 in the morning. I felt kind of guilty of leaving him there because he was a bit sad.

Got to the hospital a little earlier than expected. Checked in, changed, and the nurses did what they needed. IV, blood sugar, and blood work. After they poke the IV in – I had to visit the bathroom a 2-3 times.


all our stuff for the hospital

The two hours I was there flew by so fast. When time came – the nurse walked me to the surgery room. I imagined the surgery bed would be big but to my surprise it was small. I saw everything in the room… It looked big and scary thank god my OB was the one doing my surgery… She comforted me and held my hands while getting my “pain medication” – it’s something like epidural but there’s another name for it. While getting my pain medication – I did feel a little pressure but it was gone fast. The pain medication worked so fast – it was within minutes that half my body was frozen. My arms were shaky though and I couldn’t stop the shake. I had trouble breathing too.

They didn’t tell me the procedure has started… The nurse took my husband in and that’s when he told me it started awhile ago.. Lol I think they didn’t want to scare me because if they did tell me it’s starting – I probably say “Please wait or please not yet!”


I was cold after the IVs.. before surgery

They told my husband not to watch what was going on in case he faints – so he didn’t get to watch munchkin#2 coming out & cutting the cord.

The procedure was quite fast – everything was done less than an hour. I think sewing my stitches took longer than cutting me up & taking the baby out.

When Munchkin#2 came out – my husband follow the nurse to the nursery and did skin to skin time. I had a peek when he came out of my belly but I was dying to see him and touch him. Hubby went totally MIA on me the rest of the surgery. I was so anxious to hear about everything! Was baby okay? How does he look like? Did he cry a lot? Was he breathing ok? So many questions in my mind!

The nurses’ transfer me back to the recovery room till the pain medication was dying off a little and I can move my foot.

Thirty minutes in the recovery room – my OB came in with my husband’s phone and told me everything us looking great and here’s his phone with pictures and videos of Munchkin#2. I was relieved!

f223 f224

my first few glances of Munchkin#2 from my husbands iphone

I was already having conversations on Whatsapp and posting photos on Facebook after 30 minutes of being cut open. I imagined myself feeling sick and in pain. But it was none of that.

Hubby came to the recovery room shortly. Than shortly after they pushed me to my room. I still didn’t get to see my baby boy by then. Imagine how crazy I was feeling? I had to wait till I can get off my bed and sit in a wheel chair. I was going a little crazy!

While waiting – the nurse and hubby walked in with my baby! I’m like OMG! I finally got to hold him! It was the longest wait of my life. It was just tough not being able to see him or hold him when he first came out of my belly. He was so precious & tiny!


opening gift from baby brother before visiting baby brother at the NICU room

Anyways – back to my c-section experience. The nurses gave me pain killer every 6 hours and checked my belly. I didn’t dare to look at the scar or anything.

After being discharge on the third day – I didn’t take any pain killers afterwards. I didn’t have time to go to the pharmacy to pick any up. I just wanted to spend all my time with my two boys. To my surprise – I felt no pain even with no pain killer. I only felt a bit of pressure getting off of chairs/beds/couches and that was it. Walking was fine. I didn’t feel the stitches at all.

f226 f227 f228

my first time visiting the NICU room

This C-section experience was better than I thought. There were no pains but only pressure. I thought I was going to die from pain. How could I not when knives did cut me open! But there really was no pain! Thank you God and mommy for watching over me!

f230 f231

mommys’ precious little munchkin

Since there were no pains involved – everything at home went back to normal. Cleaning, cooking, chores and etc… Even hubby went right back to work.

I feel so blessed to have experience two kinds of delivery. Although both types of delivery did scared me! Hope you enjoy reading my experience with my C-Section delivery. Stay tune for more updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time!

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[Festive] — Christmas 2015 at Our New Home


Finally getting to my Christmas 2015 post! I know I’m like way behind and four months late – but better late than never right? I love jotting down the events that happens in our life because one day I’ll be looking back at it. It was Munchkins’ fourth Christmas – he’s more aware this Christmas than all the past Christmases. He enjoys opening gifts too!

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We opened presents Christmas morning that day. It was the three of us for the first time at our new home! Love spending quality family time – its the best ever!

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After opening all his gifts – he loved everything.


Not much places were opened that day and I wasn’t feeling my best either – so lunch at home it was. Popeyes for Christmas lunch! At this point I was about 2 months pregnant and I had to keep it a secret till January! Hardest thing to do ever! Because at Christmas night we had dinner with the relatives and I had to act normal. Hahaha. Overall – what a crazy Christmas! Moved into our new home not long before Christmas, morning sickness started first week of December, unpacking, and etc.. No matter what I still captured the special moments for memories. Thanks for dropping by – stay tuned for more daily blog posts – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time!

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