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[Summer Fun] — Barrie Hill Farm & Wasaga Beach

What a wonderful time at Barrie Hill Farm with our friends! It was our first time picking blueberries and strawberries. At first – hubby wasn’t too thrilled about the idea but he ended up enjoying it.

Munchkin#1 did not pick anything because he is OCD and didn’t want to touch anything. His job was to hold the bucket while his parents collected the goods. He had a lot of fun with his friend running around the farm.

After around 3 hours being at the farm – we headed for lunch at our friends Japanese restaurant. We had such an amazing meal – all of us were stuffed!

We stopped by Wasaga for about 2 hours after lunch. The water was quite cold but the kids still loved it.
What an amazing fun day out with our friends and we got to meet some new friends too.

Have a LOVELY day!!!



[Summer Fun] — Canada’s Wonderland

When was the last time I ever step foot in Canada’s Wonderland? I think over 13 years ago! Crazy much? It was nice to be back! We visited Canada’s Wonderland late July with our two kiddos. Munchkin#1 was overly excited even before we got in. Munchkin#2 behaved so well even after an 8 hour day out. I serious could not complain!

We stayed at the kids’ area and with eight hour we had. It was just not enough time for all the rides plus the park was so busy and so much to do too! Definitely worth getting the season pass!

We had to literally bribe & drag Munchkin#1 out of Wonderland! He loved it and is constantly asking to go back. He sure doesn’t know how fortunate he is to be enjoying all these summer activities. Sometimes I feel like our kids have life so good. For sure Wonderland will be a place to be back. Till next time!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!



[Celebration] — Cayden’s 1st Birthday Party

What a blessed day getting to celebrate his FIRST birthday with families and friends. We had about 50 attendees that day and it was fun catching up with everyone!

Hubby’s friend came with a professional camera and took some decent photos with us. So this post includes both Iphone & professional photos. We are so grateful to have a friend take photos! Photos mean the world to especially me! Thank you so much Kev!


Kids had loads of fun chasing each other around. They all love the wagon!

Munchkin#2 was a bit nervous when we all sang “Happy Birthday” to him. All eyes were staring at him – I would be nervous too.

I am so glad to be hosting this birthday party with adults and kids. But next party – I will only keep it small to the kids. With a party this big – it’s so hard to catch up with everyone. A conversation could only last maximum 10 minutes. Having a small and intimate party is definitely easier but I won’t say I will never host a big party again. Friends and families play a big part of our lives – we wouldn’t be who we are without them! Thank you all for finding the time out of your busy schedule to come out & love these munchkins!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!



[Event Planning] — Donald Duck & Anchor Theme Birthday Party • DIYs, Favor Bags, Banners, Prizes, Cake, and More

Finally taking the time to update my youngest son’s 1st birthday. It was fun and enjoyable planning his first birthday party. I decided on Donald Duck & Anchor – medium blue, grey, orangey-yellow theme. I had picked this theme prior before he was born. Yes – I am that crazy mama!

I had some stuff designed a year before his birthday party. All the details were important to me and especially things matching.

Made about 50 loot bags. Color ones were for the kids and the white ones for adults. I mainly decided on snacks. Who doesn’t like snack right? I bought snacks throughout the year and oh boy – I didn’t realized I accumulated that much…. I shall write it down for my next party!

Created 4 prize boxes for the games. Mainly snacks as well. Wrapped the boxes myself with cut outs matching the theme.

Wrapped up 40 popcorn favor bags. I thought of these last minute – so it was part of the birthday favors.

I made yellow and blue jello shots mainly for decorations for dessert cake table but the kids ended up loving it. It sure does give the dessert cake table the main color pop! Love it!

Of course we had to keep the kids busy with activities to do. These are the crafts I picked up. We also had bubbles and artificial tattoos for the kids. Had the face pie game for them to play. But the main thing they loved was of course playing with each other.

I made about three banners. The main one for the wall. Second one was for the dessert cake table and third was for the food counter.

These cups are for the potato salads – I believe I prepped 40 of these.

Oh man – the cake was one of the items I splurge on. It wasn’t easy finding a ‘Donald Duck” cake – so I had to special order it from a baker. I was so worried that it looked nothing like Donald Duck but thank goodness it was perfect! The flavor was cotton candy. A lot of people gave a lot of compliment of the cake. It wasn’t too sweet or too much cream.

I had a crazy amount of leftovers! I made enough to feed 100 people lol. I specifically messaged everyone to bring an empty stomach! Most ate already and that’s why. Thank god for containers – friends and family took most of the leftovers home. I made 3 main dishes and 1 appetizers myself. The rest were ordered or store bought.

In loved with my dessert cake table. I think it was one of the best I’ve done! I was really proud of myself! I mapped out everything beforehand.


A lot of work indeed for my youngest son’s first birthday but it was all worth it. Planning a party requires so much time and creativity! That’s why I plan it months in advance to avoid any unnecessary stress. I can’t wait to plan the next party! It was a blissful moment to have most of our friends and families there celebrating munchkin#2s birthday with us. Stay tune for his birthday party post!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!



[Cayden] — 9 Month Update

This active cutie pie is such a handful these days but mommy is embracing every bit of it. I’m blessed that I get to raise both kids on our own and watch every milestone.

He hasn’t been putting his fingers into his mouth as much as before because he puts other things in his mouth now. Literally whatever he can put in.

He doesn’t let anyone hold him except myself and his daddy. Usually he prefers mommy. But if I am out of his sight – daddy is fine too. Picky much?

He crawls literally everywhere! Kitchen, bathroom, foyer, and bedrooms. It’s crazy how fast he can go too! On another note – he’s been standing so often – that he takes steps by holding on the ledge of something. I think he might be walking very soon. Which means – it’s more trouble for mommy. I haven’t been sitting on my bum lately because I’m always walking around cleaning or watching him to see where he is lol. Perhaps it’s a good thing?

We have started baby classes last month. It’s a great class for babies to interact and play together. Great for us mommies to have a conversation too. So far – he enjoys it.

He understands ‘no’ – but sometimes he still does it. Rebellious at 9 month old already? Oh no! If we raise our voice – he’ll know we are serious but if we have a smile on our face – he knows it’s not that serious. How do such young child know these things?

He is still taking iron supplement and D-drops.

He has been on liquid formula for a month now. It took him about 2-3 days to get used to it and now he loves it. He drinks about 4-5 ounce per feeding. Which is 3 times a day. Usually when we are out – we skip the afternoon milk.

He’s still having four meals a day with three bottle of milk. Keeps mommy busy for sure!

Still taking 2 naps but the naps seem to be getting shorter and shorter! Usually it’s two hour long – but these days seem to be an hour or an hour and a half. Maybe he doesn’t need as much sleep anymore? I forget when did Munchkin#1 cut down to 1 nap. Maybe soon?

He’s been playing with everything. Even things he’s not suppose to – he shows interest in everything. I got to say – comparing my two boys – this one is definitely much more active than my first born! Even though my first born is very active – this one is extremely active. Hopefully it’s a good thing – so mommy can loose some weight chasing after him lol. That’s it for his 9 month update!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[LifeStyle] — 9 Month Postpartum

This will be my last postpartum update – next month I’ll have a different title of my monthly update instead. Lots happened this month. First off – I stopped my second breastfeeding journey at the end of March. I wasn’t planning to stop so early but since I had to be antibiotics – I was forced to stop. Kind of sad in a way because it’ll be my last breastfeeding experience. Both breastfeeding experience was amazing to me. I loved how convenient it is and the special bond. Only breastfeeding mommies would understand that. I’m glad I gave 9+ month of the most precious breast milk to Munchkin#2. Now he’s onto liquid formula and is loving it. Took him two to three days to adjust – which was fast.

Since my breast feeding journey ended – I’ve changed some of my eating habits. These are the liquids I drink daily. Every morning I prepare 8 cups of liquid – that ensures me that I drink enough liquid a day. I cut out almost all sugary drinks. I substitute it with diet coke if I want anything sweet. Other than that – I don’t crave for any sugary food or drinks.

Since weather has been getting better – I’ve been out of the winter hibernation mode. Heading out more, seeing more friends, and taking walks more. It feels amazing. I’m still a homebody though – I enjoy being home but when the weather is amazing – I love to be out too. So much easier going out with two kids without needing to bundle them.

It’s getting much more busier since Spring 2017 are here. Lot more kids extra curricular activity to attend to, birthday parties, outings, and special events. I’ve got our next few months packed with different things to do already. It’ll be a fun and busy spring & summer for sure.

So grateful for awesome girlfriends, I have my own me time about once a week now – since both kids are less clingy to me. I get to go out to chill with my girlfriends and just catch up with life. The first 6 month was hard because Munchkin#2 was still so young and needed me around all the time. Now I feel that I can go out without worrying about him. Me time is so much needed to refresh myself. I love being a mom but I do need to be away from my kids for a couple hours to have adults conversation and just enjoy adult life.

I realized these two months I’ve gained a little more patience with my boys. Which is a good thing – I need to have patience with them. We are on a better routine schedule now which makes life a little easier. Routine life prevents stressful times – I love it!

My family is healthy and happy – there’s nothing more to ask for. I thank God and my mommy from above every day for this life.

Can’t wait till the weather gets a little more warmer – we’ll be spending more time outdoors.

Life is simple, amazing, and busy – just what I love!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Haul] — Walmart – Second Haul of Baby Food

You have to love the convenience of Walmart’s free shipping! I basically don’t have to step out of my home and have everything delivered to me. Makes me lazy but I love it! I decided to make another order of a bunch of baby food for Munchkin#2. Instead of lugging it home – why not have it delivered? It was interesting how they wrapped up each bottle of baby food this time – a lot more work to open but very safe. Mainly – this haul is baby food jars, baby pouches, and baby cereal.

Purchased a lot of baby pouches this time for Munchkin#2 to try – I never bought these for Munchkin#1 when he was a baby. And boy did I missed out! These are so convenient to take out! I also got a cleanser for myself to try and two bottles of toothpaste for Munchkin#1. To save you time – do have Walmart deliver your stuff for you! But might I add – they don’t deliver everything!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[Organization] — Kids & Babies Toys & Gadgets


Here’s a before photo before I changed up the play area again. At first – I was thinking maybe we should have a baby section and a kid section – so they both have their own area. But than – that wasn’t a good idea because toys were going literally everywhere. Especially when Munchkin#2 knows how to crawl.

Here’s an updated version of our play area as of now. I decided to combine the toys and have it in one area instead. Much easier to deal with instead of having it in 2 separate spots. They can play together too. Well – sometimes Munchkin#1 enjoys playing with baby brother.

Here’s the extra toys inside Munchkin#1’s room. At first – I didn’t like the idea of having toys inside a child’s room because who knows what they will be doing in the middle of the night right? But it turned out not a bad idea – our son never gets up to play toys. When it’s bed time – it’s bed time.

My kids are very fortunate to be gifted with many things during Birthdays and Christmases. We are very blessed. I cannot wait to get rid of some toys and bring in the bigger toys left at my in-laws place. I didn’t grow up with a lot of toys when I was a child – so my kids are super blessed with so many things to play with. To me – that’s what a childhood should be like.

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[Party Planning] — Donald Duck & Anchor Theme

I’m the crazy mom that plans my kids party months in advance. Well – in this case – I designed these Donald Ducks & Anchors before Munchkin#2 was born. So almost a year in advance? When I think of something – I have to do it right away.

Recently – I just printed these and now in the process of cutting it all out. Some may think – why don’t I just purchase everything? To be honest – I love the DIY-ing part of everything. I love the designing, cutting, and all the jazz of putting it all together. It’s fun to me. I put a lot of time in my kids birthday party. It’s rewarding when others appreciate what I do. On the other hand – I did search to see if there were any Donald Duck decorations out there – there is barely any. Stay tune to see how I put everything together when it’s closer to date! Do you love DIYs too?

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!




[Cayden] — 8 Month Old Update ::

Here’s an update of my 8 month old Munchkin! I miss the days when he was tiny and just a 4-pounder! I’ll never get sick of saying that! He has tripled his weight. A little over 12 pound and very active boy! I’ve finally got time to clean out his 3 month old clothes. It all went to donation. He is onto 6-9 month clothes.

I think this will be the last month I’ll be using the baby bath angel because my child is too active. He loves kicking the water and sometimes slides out. He’ll be able to use the baby tub and play in there freely. He loves water!

He’s eating well. Eats 4 times a day and about 1.5 serving each + fruits after certain meals. I tend to feed him more during the before bed feeding – so he sleeps longer without waking up in the middle of the night. Talking about sleep. He’s been a great sleeper! Mommy is so blessed that both my boys sleep so well! He sleeps around 10-11 hours per night. Once in awhile he’ll wake up and cry in the night. But falls back to sleep.

Loves to give you the serious face but yet smiles a lot! He’s not a crier but he definitely cries more than his big brother. He loves sitting and standing. He’s been enjoying a lot more of his toys. Loves to touch and push buttons. Loves mommy spending time with him and playing with him.

Oh – one big milestone this month is he knows how to crawl! YUP – we are officially in trouble because I gotta be extra careful with tiny little things. He loves putting everything in his mouth. He is attracted to wires and controllers. He does get more freedom to crawl everywhere he wants. But the other thing is – he does get into his big brothers toys – which his big brother doesn’t like. They’ll need to learn how to work this out. Hahahah.

His third tooth is spouting out and it’s getting more dangerous. He doesn’t bite me all the time but once in awhile. It sure does hurt!

Still very clingy to mommy. When I am home – he prefers me. But when I’m out – he prefers his daddy than anyone else. It feels cute because we feel that kind of importance when he wants us.

That’s really it for this month. He’s keeping me busy for sure! We cannot wait till the weather gets warmer so we can go out for walks and breathe more fresh air! Please slow down on growing up – I just want to hold you a little longer baby boy!

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[LifeStyle] — What’s In My Diaper Bag?

What’s in my diaper bag? Just to let you know – I’ve never had a diaper bag. What I use is my Louis Vuitton Neverfull as my diaper bag. I love this bag! It can carry everything! I bring this with me on every vacation too! I’m surprise it’s holding up quite good because I put pounds of stuff in this bag when I go grocery shopping – this bag has been with me for over 7-8 years now.

I ordered this red compartment online to match with the interior of the bag and this compartment fits perfectly! Without this compartment – everything will be in a mess! I love how I can see everything without digging through the mess!

I don’t go out with too much stuff really:

  • Cayden: 2 diapers, diaper mat, wipes, extra change of clothing, 1 toy
  • Jayden: 1 toy, water bottle, a few snacks
  • Myself: Wallet, mirror, cream, sanitizer, lip balm, tissue
  • Cayden’s food bag: (we only bring it out if we know we’ll be out for over 5 hours) 2 bibs, 2 mini towels, 2 fruits, 2 regular solids, 2 spoons

That’s really it. I bring the minimalist things because I don’t enjoy carrying so much stuff and carrying it back home. What’s the point? When kids go out – they explore and look at different things. That’s why they are going out right? I believe if you cater to too much of their needs – they wont get use to it when you stop doing it.

If I go out for less than 4 hours – I only bring a mini bag with 2 diapers and a bag of wipes. Sometimes I don’t even need it. Share with me – what’s in your diaper bag? Comment below!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!




[Cayden] — 8 Month Update • Sprouting 2 Bottom Teeth


My second child sure has some character! A whole lot of character comparing to his big brother! He will scream and get angry at things – I know right? Get angry and throw a fit at 8 month old? I sure don’t remember his big brother doing that at this young! I’m going to read up upon how to control baby behavior and fix this issue. It’s better to start it early than later – otherwise it’ll be even harder to fix.

My little Munchkin has officially sleep trained in his own crib. He hasn’t slept in the play pan for over a month now! I have to say he’s only 90% sleep train. I am still working on skipping out on the night time 12:30AM feed. Other than that he’ll cry in the middle of the night once in awhile. Sometimes I ignore it and he goes back to sleep till 7 in the morning. I’m glad we started this sleep training process early because Mama gets her beauty sleep back!

Big brother loves baby brother. Baby brother loves watching his big brother do things. I love their interaction and am in love watching them both grow up together. It warms my heart so much that they’ll have each other growing up together when we are old and wrinkly in the future.

He loves standing up and jumping – quite active! He shifts around on the floor and goes everywhere. When I leave him their for a few minutes – he’s gone! I’m not going to put gates up for him – so I got to keep my eyes on him at all times. This kid is fast!

Mama has finally got his routine down. He’s down with 2 naps, 4 meals, and the rest of the time is play time, bath time, and etc… Having a routine is such a must – it just makes my life easier and I can plan ahead. I still nurse him before naps and before bedtime. He has cut down to half his nursing.

He graduated from his play mat and blue bouncer. I’ve sold them – makes me kind of sad when it’s gone because that means he’s grown up and soon not a baby anymore. The blue bouncer was from his baby brother over 4 years ago. A little sentimental to me for sure.

Loves playing toys and listening to music. Whenever I sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” – he settles down.

Look at that cheekiness!

I’ve been preparing his solids 2-3 times a week. I try to mix up a bit of the ingredients so he doesn’t have the same things all the time. I don’t think it makes a difference for him but I want him to try new things. So far – he’s been alright eating solids 4 times a day.

So far he’s tried most vegetables and meat except for beef and tomato – I’m going to wait a little bit more for those food. I enjoy preparing and cooking these meals for Munchkin#2 – totally reminds me how I made solids for Munchkin#1. It’s not that feeding store bought food is not healthy – I just like making my own, so I know what’s in it.

That’s all for the month of January 2017 – stay tune to see what’s in store for this little guy next month! There sure is a lot of changes in each month as he grows.

Have a THANKFUL day!!!




[Celebration] — Our 2016 Christmas Morning

Still catching up with Christmas events! I finally got things settle and am back to my regular schedule! Woohoo! Anyways – this was a very special Christmas for all of us. It was our second son’s first Christmas & It was the first Christmas that we introduce Santa to our first son. He was believing in everything – he even saw a little clip with Santa on a sleigh and reindeer flying in the sky. It was SO magical for him! It was so amazing to watch! I love it! I never got to know or experience Santa’s magical fairytale and I am so glad my boys get to experience it!

Christmas morning is just for our family only – it’s a day where we spent it opening presents in the morning in our matching pajamas. It’ll be one of our traditions that started last year. My heart is so warm and happy watching my boys grow and be happy.

This Munchkins’ 1st Christmas – look at that cheerful boy! We had an eventful morning – Santa brought everyone presents! Munchkin#1 helped with opening baby brothers’ presents too. I don’t need anything else because I have my family – they are my everything! Can’t wait for 2017 Christmas in about 10 months! Are you excited for Christmas in 10 months? Lol – I must be a little crazy!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Cayden] — 6 Month Update • Starting Solids

This cutie is 6 months already! Growing and growing and nonstop growing. He had his six month check up just a few weeks ago. Everything looks great except he’s on a smaller side. Which is no surprise to us because Munchkin#1 is on the smaller side as well. Plus their mom and dad are tiny when they were babies. I’m not too concern about it. Each child is different.

When he started solids – he wasn’t a huge fan of it but now he’s alright with it. I started feeding him two times a day to now four times a day plus breast milk before naps and night time sleep. He’s been eating so much better and eating a lot. The doctor told us to feed him whenever he wants it for him to grow faster – so that’s what we are doing. That means making mommy a lot busier with his feeding schedule. I also started making congee for him. Which I enjoy making!

Six months old with an attitude problem? Uh yes – whenever he doesn’t want anything he screams his lung out! I never encounter this with munchkin#1 – so this was completely new to us. Basically he’s flipping out when he doesn’t want it or wants us to hold him. Isn’t this a little too early for attitude problems? A bit too early to send him to time out too. Sometimes we just ignore him till he calm his bum down. We do tell him ‘no no’.

He started lifting his hand out when we ask if he wants to be held. I don’t hold him a lot during the day but I do think he knows how to work it with his daddy when he gets home from work. Hahaha. Mommy is too busy during the day to be holding him all the time. I am not doing it! And I am not going to spoil him either. Once he knows he can be held all the time – it will be nightmare for me.

Although we are home most of the time. It can get quite busy with this Munchkin. His schedule includes 4 solids a day (3 congee, 1 cereal, and fruits after meals). It used to be 3 naps a day but I cut out his evening nap so he can sleep better at night.

He experienced his first Christmas – which of course he had no idea about. Firsts is always very special. We are so blessed to have him in our family.

Ill talk about sleep training for the next update. We wanted to sleep train him during the Christmas break when my hubby had a few days off but that fell through. Because we all got sick.

We are still giving him baths every other day to prevent dry skin.

Ever since he started solids – his poop has been stinky and very hard poops. Haha. Mommy is still not a big fan of changing diapers. Once when his daddy is home – he takes over that job! Haha.

Overall – he has very different personality then his brother. What was I thinking? I was expecting to be taken care of the exact same baby from 4 years ago… My first born was an angel to take care of when he was a baby! He slept well, ate well, no fuss, barely cried, and just very easy. I was probably expecting the same for my second child. Haha. As long as they are both healthy – mommy will take on anything. Even the frustrations and craziness. Nothing can buy health!

Big brother loves making baby brother laugh. He enjoys his company – that makes me happy to watch. Makes me feel like we did the right thing having a second child. Because they love each other.

Anyways that’s all the updates of last month. Stay tune for more next month. I love keeping a journal of my kids because I’ll never remember these things if you ask me a year later. Do you keep a journal of your kids?? Comment below to share!

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[Haul] — Personalized Passport Holder • The Heart Stuff

g0156 g0157

Isn’t this cute? Remember my blog post about these adorable personalized passport photos back in August 2015? We never thought we’d be having another child so soon but good thing that #THEHEARTSTUFF shop was still around. I’d have a problem if I couldn’t get one for my second son! I’m OCD and I have to have everything matching right? I love it – it came really quickly.


Look how cute this set of passport holders are! I love them so much – it just completes it perfectly. If your looking for something personalize like this – do shop at her shop. It’s on the affordable price and the material is perfect. Stay tune for more daily reviews and hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time. Thanks for dropping by!

Have a GORGEOUS day!!!