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[Summer Fun] — Day Out With Thomas, Uxbridge

Fun day out with Thomas was planned a few months before summer break. I think we purchased the tickets in April? Crazy mommies we are! Anything for our kid’s right? Thank goodness for good weather overall. It didn’t rain long and the sun was shining bright and hot.

I didn’t tell Munchkin#1 where we were going till he found out himself. I just couldn’t bare listening to “are we there now!” Lol. Mom life much?

My thoughts of this ‘Day out with Thomas’ was quite disappointing. I expected a little more than what it is. The train had disappointing decorations. What was attracting was only the head of the train. The activities they had on the street was alright. A short little street.

Overall the kids enjoy experiencing it together and had fun. For the parents – we don’t feel like it’s worth the money. Have you been there? What are your thoughts? Comment below to share!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!



[Summer Fun] — Barrie Hill Farm & Wasaga Beach

What a wonderful time at Barrie Hill Farm with our friends! It was our first time picking blueberries and strawberries. At first – hubby wasn’t too thrilled about the idea but he ended up enjoying it.

Munchkin#1 did not pick anything because he is OCD and didn’t want to touch anything. His job was to hold the bucket while his parents collected the goods. He had a lot of fun with his friend running around the farm.

After around 3 hours being at the farm – we headed for lunch at our friends Japanese restaurant. We had such an amazing meal – all of us were stuffed!

We stopped by Wasaga for about 2 hours after lunch. The water was quite cold but the kids still loved it.
What an amazing fun day out with our friends and we got to meet some new friends too.

Have a LOVELY day!!!



[Event Planning] — Donald Duck & Anchor Theme Birthday Party • DIYs, Favor Bags, Banners, Prizes, Cake, and More

Finally taking the time to update my youngest son’s 1st birthday. It was fun and enjoyable planning his first birthday party. I decided on Donald Duck & Anchor – medium blue, grey, orangey-yellow theme. I had picked this theme prior before he was born. Yes – I am that crazy mama!

I had some stuff designed a year before his birthday party. All the details were important to me and especially things matching.

Made about 50 loot bags. Color ones were for the kids and the white ones for adults. I mainly decided on snacks. Who doesn’t like snack right? I bought snacks throughout the year and oh boy – I didn’t realized I accumulated that much…. I shall write it down for my next party!

Created 4 prize boxes for the games. Mainly snacks as well. Wrapped the boxes myself with cut outs matching the theme.

Wrapped up 40 popcorn favor bags. I thought of these last minute – so it was part of the birthday favors.

I made yellow and blue jello shots mainly for decorations for dessert cake table but the kids ended up loving it. It sure does give the dessert cake table the main color pop! Love it!

Of course we had to keep the kids busy with activities to do. These are the crafts I picked up. We also had bubbles and artificial tattoos for the kids. Had the face pie game for them to play. But the main thing they loved was of course playing with each other.

I made about three banners. The main one for the wall. Second one was for the dessert cake table and third was for the food counter.

These cups are for the potato salads – I believe I prepped 40 of these.

Oh man – the cake was one of the items I splurge on. It wasn’t easy finding a ‘Donald Duck” cake – so I had to special order it from a baker. I was so worried that it looked nothing like Donald Duck but thank goodness it was perfect! The flavor was cotton candy. A lot of people gave a lot of compliment of the cake. It wasn’t too sweet or too much cream.

I had a crazy amount of leftovers! I made enough to feed 100 people lol. I specifically messaged everyone to bring an empty stomach! Most ate already and that’s why. Thank god for containers – friends and family took most of the leftovers home. I made 3 main dishes and 1 appetizers myself. The rest were ordered or store bought.

In loved with my dessert cake table. I think it was one of the best I’ve done! I was really proud of myself! I mapped out everything beforehand.


A lot of work indeed for my youngest son’s first birthday but it was all worth it. Planning a party requires so much time and creativity! That’s why I plan it months in advance to avoid any unnecessary stress. I can’t wait to plan the next party! It was a blissful moment to have most of our friends and families there celebrating munchkin#2s birthday with us. Stay tune for his birthday party post!

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[Cayden] — 9 Month Update

This active cutie pie is such a handful these days but mommy is embracing every bit of it. I’m blessed that I get to raise both kids on our own and watch every milestone.

He hasn’t been putting his fingers into his mouth as much as before because he puts other things in his mouth now. Literally whatever he can put in.

He doesn’t let anyone hold him except myself and his daddy. Usually he prefers mommy. But if I am out of his sight – daddy is fine too. Picky much?

He crawls literally everywhere! Kitchen, bathroom, foyer, and bedrooms. It’s crazy how fast he can go too! On another note – he’s been standing so often – that he takes steps by holding on the ledge of something. I think he might be walking very soon. Which means – it’s more trouble for mommy. I haven’t been sitting on my bum lately because I’m always walking around cleaning or watching him to see where he is lol. Perhaps it’s a good thing?

We have started baby classes last month. It’s a great class for babies to interact and play together. Great for us mommies to have a conversation too. So far – he enjoys it.

He understands ‘no’ – but sometimes he still does it. Rebellious at 9 month old already? Oh no! If we raise our voice – he’ll know we are serious but if we have a smile on our face – he knows it’s not that serious. How do such young child know these things?

He is still taking iron supplement and D-drops.

He has been on liquid formula for a month now. It took him about 2-3 days to get used to it and now he loves it. He drinks about 4-5 ounce per feeding. Which is 3 times a day. Usually when we are out – we skip the afternoon milk.

He’s still having four meals a day with three bottle of milk. Keeps mommy busy for sure!

Still taking 2 naps but the naps seem to be getting shorter and shorter! Usually it’s two hour long – but these days seem to be an hour or an hour and a half. Maybe he doesn’t need as much sleep anymore? I forget when did Munchkin#1 cut down to 1 nap. Maybe soon?

He’s been playing with everything. Even things he’s not suppose to – he shows interest in everything. I got to say – comparing my two boys – this one is definitely much more active than my first born! Even though my first born is very active – this one is extremely active. Hopefully it’s a good thing – so mommy can loose some weight chasing after him lol. That’s it for his 9 month update!

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[Food] — April 2017 Cooking Diary

I did quite a bit of cooking this month. I feel like I stay in the kitchen more than I sit on the couch to watch my shows. But I love what I do. I’m either in the kitchen cooking meals, cooking for my 9 month old, prepping Munchkin#1s lunch, boiling soup once a week, or baking muffins or banana bread.

I made/boil live blue crab for the first time. I was a bit hesitant about it because it does move but to my surprise – its very easy. Hubby and I loved it and looks like I’ll be buying more of it.

Made ginger chicken congee for the second time. This time is much better. When I cook – I usually add no salt or sugar in my food. I let the food have its taste. Less oil as well.

Steam egg with ground pork and duck eggs is one of our favorite. We have it twice a month.

Homemade nann pizza is still one of my favorites. It’s healthy and it’s quick to make!

Not a huge fan of ribs but wanted to try something new too. Which turned out pretty good. Will probably have it more often.

Trying to experience more simple soups these days.

I bake once a week. Usually my bake goods is for Munchkin#1s breakfast in the morning. Sometimes my hubby will snack on it during the night. He loves almost everything I bake. I usually don’t eat any of the things I bake because of the amount of flour it has. I’ll taste test it and that’s about it. I let hubby do the judgement to let me know if it’s good or not.

Have an YUMMILICIOUS day!!!




[Kids] — Easter Play Date & Egg Decorating

We had a little Easter play date over the weekend with a few kids and decorated Easter eggs for the first time. It was my first time decorating too and same with most of the kids. It was a lot of fun!

I purchased all these at Walmart – very inexpensive. The fake eggs – looks so much like real eggs. At first I was debating if I should just boil real eggs but it would be such a waste. I know real eggs aren’t expensive but I’m not a fan of wasting food like that. So fake eggs is the way to go! We had a total of 24 eggs for 4 kids. That’s a lot but the Mamas had fun too!

My munchkin wasn’t a huge fan of painting eggs – he’s an OCD freak like his mommy. Lol – he did not like the paint in his hand and all over the place. He was over it after painting one egg. However – the girls had a lot of fun painting. Shall I say it’s a girl thing? I had fun painting a few eggs too!

So colorful and creative! Everyone got to bring a basket of eggs home.

The kids had lunch after painting and some play time too. Love how well they behaved.

Overall a fun experience – I cannot wait to do this again next year. It was a good amount of kids. Too many kids will be more hectic for sure. The girls are much more mature than the boys. They know what they were doing. Cheers to a fun Easter play date!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Kids] — Disney On Ice at Roger’s Center

Disney on Ice to end off the March break for these kiddos! It was all of our first time at Disney on Ice – it was so exciting!

Tickets were on promotion – so it was such a good deal to pass up this chance to see Disney on Ice. Munchkin was only so-so about it because he could not sit still! That is my active boy while his school friend, Cynthia enjoyed the show a lot! To be honest – I feel like the girls would enjoy it a lot more because there were many princesses.

Overall – a great experience for these Kiddos. The show was two hours long with a break in the middle where we bought pizza to snack on. Look at how silly my Munchkin was! I wanted to get some souvenirs but this Munchkin didn’t want anything.

That concludes our last event of this March break.

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Food] — March Home Cooking Diary

Haven’t done a home cooking diary for awhile now – will be getting back into it now. I enjoy being in the kitchen and experiencing new recipes. This month I tried out 2-3 new Chinese dishes. All turned out pretty good. Having more family breakfasts at home as well on weekends.

I have my meals planned out by the week – I would say we have a balance diet. We get takeouts/go out to eat 2-3 times a week. While the rest – I make healthy home cook meals. I enjoy a balance because eating at home is a lot more healthier.


I find that cooking Western food is so much easier than cooking Chinese food. Chinese food tends to have a lot of different spices. Am I right or wrong?

I feel very blessed to be a housewife and stay at home mother where I can make healthy meals for my three loves. I feel like feeding them healthy food is my priority. Keeping them healthy is my responsibility. That is all for the month of March – I am looking forward to checking out more new recipes next month!

Have an YUMMILIOUS day!




[Cayden] — 8 Month Old Update ::

Here’s an update of my 8 month old Munchkin! I miss the days when he was tiny and just a 4-pounder! I’ll never get sick of saying that! He has tripled his weight. A little over 12 pound and very active boy! I’ve finally got time to clean out his 3 month old clothes. It all went to donation. He is onto 6-9 month clothes.

I think this will be the last month I’ll be using the baby bath angel because my child is too active. He loves kicking the water and sometimes slides out. He’ll be able to use the baby tub and play in there freely. He loves water!

He’s eating well. Eats 4 times a day and about 1.5 serving each + fruits after certain meals. I tend to feed him more during the before bed feeding – so he sleeps longer without waking up in the middle of the night. Talking about sleep. He’s been a great sleeper! Mommy is so blessed that both my boys sleep so well! He sleeps around 10-11 hours per night. Once in awhile he’ll wake up and cry in the night. But falls back to sleep.

Loves to give you the serious face but yet smiles a lot! He’s not a crier but he definitely cries more than his big brother. He loves sitting and standing. He’s been enjoying a lot more of his toys. Loves to touch and push buttons. Loves mommy spending time with him and playing with him.

Oh – one big milestone this month is he knows how to crawl! YUP – we are officially in trouble because I gotta be extra careful with tiny little things. He loves putting everything in his mouth. He is attracted to wires and controllers. He does get more freedom to crawl everywhere he wants. But the other thing is – he does get into his big brothers toys – which his big brother doesn’t like. They’ll need to learn how to work this out. Hahahah.

His third tooth is spouting out and it’s getting more dangerous. He doesn’t bite me all the time but once in awhile. It sure does hurt!

Still very clingy to mommy. When I am home – he prefers me. But when I’m out – he prefers his daddy than anyone else. It feels cute because we feel that kind of importance when he wants us.

That’s really it for this month. He’s keeping me busy for sure! We cannot wait till the weather gets warmer so we can go out for walks and breathe more fresh air! Please slow down on growing up – I just want to hold you a little longer baby boy!

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




[Food] — Smash Kitchen & Bar • Markham & Review


I had lunch here with my husband and two boys the other day. It was a quiet afternoon – which I love! I’ve been here a few times for dinner but never lunch.

g0269 g0270

I’ve decided to try their meatloaf while my husband had their burgers and fries. I wasn’t a big fan of their meatloaf – it wasn’t my taste. I love how it had a lot of vegetables under – love the onion rings as well. But the meatloaf wasn’t so good. I only ordered it because I’ve read some good reviews about it. I only took a few bites of it and that was it. Such a disappointment – should of ordered something else. Other than the meatloaf disappointment – service was on point. What is your favorite on the menu to order? Comment below to share!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!




[Kids] — School Lunches Ideas • Junior Kindergarten & Young Kids

This post – I’ll be sharing some kindergarten/little kids lunch ideas with you. I try my hardest to keep each lunch healthy and different.

I like keeping my son’s lunches healthy – well what better than raising healthy kids right? Habits are start when they’re little. Plus school did mention about healthy eating. Some school is as strict as no gold fishes & juices. Thank goodness that’s not my son’s school because he has a limited variety of snacks he likes.

g0236 g0237 g0238

Chicken & Spinach Alfredo Pasta       |       Chicken Pasta      |       Honey Garlic Chicken Wrap

My son doesn’t ‘like’ vegetables but sometimes I still include a small amount in his lunch and hoping he would eat it. Got to take it one step at a time right? During meals at home, with my guidance, he doesn’t have a choice. He must eat it because its healthy. Strict mom much? I’m strict because I refuse to make 2 different lunches or 2 different dinners. He’s got to eat whatever I serve for dinner period. Why give myself more work to do – when I don’t have to?

Every morning after I finish putting my son’s lunch together – I would snap a photo to remind myself what kind of drinks, snacks, or lunch I packed him for reference. I try to give him different snacks each day as well.

g0239 g0240 g0241

Homemade Banana Bread       |       Meatballs        |       Pasta with Tomato Sauce & Ground Beef

The school advised us to put numbers on their snacks & lunch. Number 1 is morning snack, 2 is lunch, and 3 is afternoon snack. Just a easier way for the kiddos to get what they need to.

Anyways there’s a trick with the snacks. I like giving my son a light snack in the morning – so by the time lunch hits – he’s hungry and would finish most of his lunch. I give a heavier snack in the afternoon in case he didn’t finish his lunch and he would still be hungry. That’s how I place his snacks. Do you mommies do the same too?

For drinks – its either a juice or a yogurt drink. I give apple juice once a week due to the amount of sugar it has. My son loves both drinks. Never is picky on which one to have.

g0242 g0243 g0244

Mini Sausage Buns       |       Chocolate Chip Blueberry Muffins       |       Chinese Sausage Bun

On special occasions – such as birthday, Christmas and etc – I’ll put in some kind of chocolate or a bag of chips for treats for him. Only on special occasions! I don’t allow much chocolate or chips at home either. Those are treated as rewards given when he deserves it.

Before my son started school – my fear would be 1) he wouldn’t eat his lunch at all 2) he would be starving till he gets home from school. Yes – us parents constantly worry about everything!

Good thing is – most lunches come home 95% finished. Makes me happy that hes eating. He enjoys hot food more than cold food.He loves his rice and pastas. He hasn’t requested what he wants to have for lunches yet but I know he will one day.

g0245 g0246 g0247

Fried Rice       |       Ground Pork Pasta       |       Pasta with Tomato Sauce & Ground Beef

I usually prepare his lunch the night before – so in the morning I just microwave it. Just gives me 10 to 15 minutes more sleep each morning.

I do believe starting healthy eating at a young age for kids. It is easier to develop good habits. Don’t get me wrong – we do indulge in cheeseburgers, pizzas, fries and all those unhealthy food – but having those once a week is good enough to satisfy our cravings. Just got to remember, balance, balance, and balance. Just to remind you all – I’m no dietitian expert – this is fully my opinion on how I raise my own kids. Making good choices for your kids is what parents should do!

I think I cover quite a lot here. Feel free to share your kids healthy lunches in the comment below! Stay tune for more fun hauls & reviews!

Have a TERRIFIC day!!!




[Lifestyle] — 8 Month Postpartum • #MomLife & Side Tracked

Finally getting back on track with my blogging. I’m glad life is back to normal.

It’s already my 8 month postpartum! I haven’t done anything regarding my weight yet. Not quite sure about my weight but I did start eating healthy for breakfast and sometime lunches. In order to build good habits – I got to do it in a slow process. Eating healthy one meal at a time is what I am doing now. I cannot cut carbohydrates yet because I am still breast feeding. Overall – everything in slow process. Will be adding in work out soon.

My mood last month was all over the place. I don’t want to explain too much here. Basically my time was disturbed. My schedule and routine was off. When I don’t do things in a structure routine – I feel like my whole self is messed up. Does that even make sense? Anyways – I’m never gonna feel sorry for anyone anymore, because its just not worth my time.

My main focus is raising my boys to be respectful, loving, and caring human beings. Providing a normal and happy family for them and my husband is my number one goal.

As for my milk supply – it had decreased quite a bit. I’m not too worried about it because Munchkin#2 has started solids for two months now. His solids substitutes for the milk. He only drinks milk before a naps or before bedtime or early in the morning. Basically 4-5 times a day.

I think I’ve mentioned that I would start pumping. I’m having different thoughts now. Its quite overwhelming with pumping because I need to wash the pump every day. I’m busy enough with feeding solids 4x a day, baths, entertaining munchkin#2, cooking meals, daily chores, Munchkin#1s school stuff + workbook and a whole lot of stuff that I cannot think of right now. Lol so yeah – I cannot sit on my ass all day and do nothing. Things will start piling up.

As for my sleep – it has been quite good ever since sleep training Munchkin#2 last month. Sleeping through the night is amazing but at times I still do wake up in between because Munchkin#2 still sometime cries in the middle of the night. I’ve stopped nursing the mid-night feeds.

The weather has been so cold lately – I’ve been basically home almost every day. If you ask if I can stay home every day 3 to 4 years ago – I would say no. But now – I love being home. I love being in my pajamas all day long with my messy hair. I can always find something to do. But than again – I cannot wait till Spring and Summer where I can bring the kids to parks and different activities.

Its so different having 1 kid verse 2 kids. A lot more to think about and plan. As long as I am organized it cuts out the stress for me. So far my kids are easy to take care of.

  I’m grateful to have girlfriends come over to chill 2-3 times a month. Everyone has their busy schedule and I don’t expect to see them as often. But when we do see each other – its like a catch up session. Its awesome!

Last – hair loss has stopped! Finally! I don’t see my hair flying everywhere or on the floor much. But my baby hair is sticking up – which is annoying. Haha. Grow faster!

That’s all for my 8 month postpartum. I am so grateful and blessed for this simple life God has given me! Please keep my 3 boys healthy and happy always!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!

[Jayden] — 4 Year & 11 Month Update • Strict Routines

I have to say – being good role models in your kids life is very important. There is a saying “Monkey See – Monkey Do”. I’m sure most parents heard of that phrase. We try not to do things in front of this Munchkin that we don’t want him to copy because this little kid can learn things in seconds. Once he learn something – it’s hard to tell him to forget it. So we’ll end up taking weeks to re-adjust him again. Which is a pain in the ass for us.

My first born is turning 5 in a month. Where has the time gone to right? I say it all the time because I feel like I gave birth to him not too long ago. I’ve taken care of him every day of his life and I’m proud of what he is.

He started school last September and he has progressed so much. There’s a few things we still need to work on at home when we have time. We have started him with daily worksheets at home after dinner time. He loves it so far and loves writing his letters. All in a slow process and usually worksheets take about 5-10 minute per night. He doesn’t have much patience – so that is good enough so far.

When it comes down to strict routine – I take it very seriously. There’s a time for everything – play time, bath time, snack time, and etc.. Just like how school does it – each day they have a schedule to follow.

He loves spending time with baby brother only when he isn’t crying LOL. If his baby brother starts crying – he wants to get away from him.

We limit his Ipad to half an hour a day during school day. I was thinking if we should get another Ipad but it seems very unnecessary. Since I don’t use it, his daddy only uses it at night, and he uses it before bedtime. I am not sure when we’ll be giving Ipads to Munchkin#2 but they can all just share one right? Hahaha.

We wrote names on these Valentine’s day cards end of January – yes mommy plans way ahead! We wrote the names together and he enjoyed it quite much. It was his first Valentine’s day at school this year! That’s it  for all his updates for this month!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




[Cayden] — 8 Month Update • Sprouting 2 Bottom Teeth


My second child sure has some character! A whole lot of character comparing to his big brother! He will scream and get angry at things – I know right? Get angry and throw a fit at 8 month old? I sure don’t remember his big brother doing that at this young! I’m going to read up upon how to control baby behavior and fix this issue. It’s better to start it early than later – otherwise it’ll be even harder to fix.

My little Munchkin has officially sleep trained in his own crib. He hasn’t slept in the play pan for over a month now! I have to say he’s only 90% sleep train. I am still working on skipping out on the night time 12:30AM feed. Other than that he’ll cry in the middle of the night once in awhile. Sometimes I ignore it and he goes back to sleep till 7 in the morning. I’m glad we started this sleep training process early because Mama gets her beauty sleep back!

Big brother loves baby brother. Baby brother loves watching his big brother do things. I love their interaction and am in love watching them both grow up together. It warms my heart so much that they’ll have each other growing up together when we are old and wrinkly in the future.

He loves standing up and jumping – quite active! He shifts around on the floor and goes everywhere. When I leave him their for a few minutes – he’s gone! I’m not going to put gates up for him – so I got to keep my eyes on him at all times. This kid is fast!

Mama has finally got his routine down. He’s down with 2 naps, 4 meals, and the rest of the time is play time, bath time, and etc… Having a routine is such a must – it just makes my life easier and I can plan ahead. I still nurse him before naps and before bedtime. He has cut down to half his nursing.

He graduated from his play mat and blue bouncer. I’ve sold them – makes me kind of sad when it’s gone because that means he’s grown up and soon not a baby anymore. The blue bouncer was from his baby brother over 4 years ago. A little sentimental to me for sure.

Loves playing toys and listening to music. Whenever I sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” – he settles down.

Look at that cheekiness!

I’ve been preparing his solids 2-3 times a week. I try to mix up a bit of the ingredients so he doesn’t have the same things all the time. I don’t think it makes a difference for him but I want him to try new things. So far – he’s been alright eating solids 4 times a day.

So far he’s tried most vegetables and meat except for beef and tomato – I’m going to wait a little bit more for those food. I enjoy preparing and cooking these meals for Munchkin#2 – totally reminds me how I made solids for Munchkin#1. It’s not that feeding store bought food is not healthy – I just like making my own, so I know what’s in it.

That’s all for the month of January 2017 – stay tune to see what’s in store for this little guy next month! There sure is a lot of changes in each month as he grows.

Have a THANKFUL day!!!




[Travels] — Gran Bahia Principe Coba • Mexico, Cancun • Day 8

Boohoo it was our last day of this amazing trip! We were all sad to leave! How could one week go by so fast? Next time we need two weeks!

We woke up at regular time – around 8ish. I started packing the night before so there weren’t much stuff to pack except toiletries.

Headed for our breakfast as usual.

Got the bell boy to pick up our luggage a little early at 11AM so we could chill at the privilege lounge for a bit.

Our private car picked us up to the airport around 12PM. It took about an hour and a half to get there. It was quite far from the resort – we all took a nap while the driver drove.

It was chaotic at the airport flooded with people. We quickly checked in, go through security, and had lunch. We wanted to do some shopping at the duty shop too but time was very limited. To be honest – the alcohols were cheap but other things weren’t. I was looking forward to picking up a few things to but oh well.

Our plane was about 10-20 minutes late. That made our connecting flight late as well. But good thing they waited for us!

We arrives at YYZ around 10:30PM and arrive home around 11:30PM.

Can you guess what I did the first thing I got home? Lol. Of course I loaded my washer and had my first batch of clothes washed. I’m kinda crazy! Than I took a bubble bath! I missed my bathtub! Than I made noodles for our dinner. We had a very late night that night!

There goes our first trip as family of 4! We are blessed that our kids behaved quite well. Munchkin#1 enjoyed himself to the max. While Munchkin#2 didn’t like the water much because it was too cold for him. We loved the food and beverages there! Hospitality was amazing too! We cannot wait to be back next May to another location! Hope you enjoy reading my travel logs! Stay tune for more daily updates & hauls – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for stopping by!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!