Decided to DIY my son’s advant calendar this year. At first – I was going to buy it at Toys R Us where he opens a toy each day. But I consulted with my girlfriend about it and how the toys will end up in the trash because I can’t stand tiny little toys. And there’s no way I am doing a chocolate advant calendar this year – way too much chocolate. I ended up dumping more than half the chocolate away. Way too unhealthy. My girlfriend gave me an idea that I can DIY my own & I can put whatever my child likes in there. So that’s how this project came about.

A lot of brainstorming needed before I started this project. Its quite a lot of fun too. I had the black boxes already. All I got was a red bristol board, Christmas stickers,and a star ornament. Simple.

Putting the boxes together & hand cutting the numbers were the time consuming part. I coukd of easily writen the numbers out but I want it to be sparkly & metallic. Cutting numbers out alone took an hour. But worth it.

Next was figuring out what to put in each box. I don’t want to have the same items in two consecutive days. So had to plan it out right.

Overall I am proud of this project! Came together so well! I love how I put it in a tree shape to make it more festive. I will for sure do this again. Next year – I’ll probably make two of it. One for each boys.

And a few days later after we started the Advant Calendar – my girlfriend dropped off the Lindt Advant calendar & my inlaws brought over the playdoh advant for the kids. How spoilt can they be right?

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!



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