It’s already December! End of 2017 is coming to an end. 

I remember the year didn’t start out great because I was sick during the first month of January. Didnt get proper rest led to being sick longer. Hopefully it doesnt happen in the beginning of 2018. 

My 2 boys
Munchkin#2 is on the light weighted side which does stress me out a little. But because he is so active – much more active than big brother. Its hard for him to really gain weight (I wish I have this problem lol). But so far – he’s learning a lot and being very naughty on a daily basis. He’s very sneaky yet is very smart in his thinking. 

As of Munchkin#1 he’s doing amazingly well in school. The teachers told us how well he behaves, get along with others, listens well to instruction, and loves to learn. No complaints on that. Hes been enjoying writing, coloring, and drawing a lot lately. Which we all know – he cannot sit still but he can now! He’s an awesome & protective big brother. Sometimes he is annoyed with baby brother but most times loves his baby brother to death. Love & hate relationship right there. 

As for myself – I didnt focus much on myself this year. Which I need to next year – to put myself as a priority. I love putting my family and others first but sometimes I need to balance it out. In 2018 – my priority is myself. I’ve cooked a lot more this year & I love it. I finally got two of my wisdom teeth out. I have stalled for over 6 years. When I hear the word ‘surgery’ – it literally scares the living crap out of me! But the surgery turned out not too bad. I was so surprised with no pain at all! What the heck? Why didn’t I do this years ago? I had a burger the night I did the surgery in the morning. I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat anything for a week. So god bless! Now I literally don’t need to think about my wisdom teeths ever again in my life. This will be my second surgery in life & hopefully that will be it. C-section to me was bearable – I felt minimal pain as well.

Going out a lot more with girlfriends is awesome. I have a life outside of just being with my family. I never thought I would love wine – but I do now. Its just awesome. Once a week I have this refreshment for myself & I do feel recharged again.

Shopping problem had become an issue. LOL. I was so good till when September hit. I started my Christmas shopping early & it has become an addiction. Literally need to buy something every day online. This is bad and its got to stop. Please God help me! Haha well I do think it will stop when Christmas is over. Got to stop this bad habit.

He’s getting busier. I like how he is focused at work & when he gets home – no more dealinh with work stuff. Whatever at work stays at work.

For myself – health-wise. I say not the best this year. I had tonsilitis early on the year for a few days and was on antibiotics for a week. I have never been on antibiotics before & that was my first. Hubby only gets sick during the end of the year. Lol the flu season! As for the boys – they didn’t get sick too often.

Friendship wise – this year I’ve met a few new friends and love their companies. Its a joy to have a handful of girlfriends in my life daily where we can talk every day. They would be honest and real with me without guessing if they are lying or not. Understanding what motherhood is together & the frustration of raising kids & living that average lifestyle. I love the understanding of each other. 

Extended family
It has been a busy year. We’ve try to see them when time allows. Sometimes it’s hard but we make it happen. Everyones healthy & that’s all that matters.

I am very proud that we have gone back to church. Sometimes it may be hard to bring two kids but parenthood itself is hard. Who said it was easy anyways right? Church gives me that peace of heart. I love being there. 

Life is simple & amazing. We are blessed that 2017 is another great year for myself & my family. I cannot be more blessed with all that we have. Cheers to 2018 being an even more blessed year for us!

I wanted to do a whole year reflection kind of thing but there’s way too many to look back on & way too many photos to pick from. This is the most busiest year we’ve had as a family. I hope to slow down a bit in 2018.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year of 2018.



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