Halloween is such a fun day for the kiddos but hectic day forbthe moms. We wake upmin the morning to get tge kiddos all dress up for school in costumes – making sure they have everything they need and oh – don’t forget those loot bags!

I made two shepherd’s pie & my girlfriend made two squash with cream corn & chicken inside. The squash were super cute & festive!

My girlfriend and I picked up my munchkin early from school – so we could have an earlier dinner before we headed out for trick or treating. Got to feed those bellies before we head out!

Of course – our usual group photo! We’ve been celebrating Halloween the past 4 years together & its always a blessing watching these kids grow up together! I love all of them.

The funnest part for them is going house to house – trick or treating! Like seriously I wouldn’t mind buying them each a box of chocolate instead of being in the cold! It was freezing that night and in 1 degrees! But of course the fun is knocking on doors for candies.

To end of the night – we took a mommy photo. Aren’t we evil or what? It was an hectic day but we did it for our kids! Cheers to another year ladies!

The aftermath of trick or treating. After giving two candies to Munchkin#1 – he forgot about the rest. The rest went to donations lol. I like how he forgets about it and never asks about it!

Munchkin#1 was a spiderman again this year. He was a spiderman when he was 3 years old. But since he’s been obsessing over spiderman – it was easy to decide on a costume for him. Munchkin#2 was a Rilakkuma bear this year. This costume was comfortable and easy for him to walk on.

Cheers to an amazing day! Can’t wait till next year!

Have a AMAZING day!!!



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