Munchkin#2’s baptism was a bit later than I thought. The thing being is that he was born late June & I didnt want him to be baptised in the cold winter. When the summer came – I didnt know we needed to wait two months after registration. But all in all – he got baptised and that’s what’s important. Having God watch over him is the greatest blessing.

Recently we’ve returned back to a regular church schedule – my heart feels so grateful and blessed to be back. I do want my children to be raised in a Catholic community. I want them to learn the life lessons the bible has. I’ve always wanted this before having kids. I want myself to understand the bible more. I want my family to be faithful Catholics.

Might be challenging at times bringing two kids but I am thankful that there’s bible classes for kids where Munchkin#1 can learn with other kids.

I have to say – sending him to Catholic school has been the best circumstances. He knows the prayers better than I do. Hahaha. Sometimes I have to learn the prayers off from him. How embrassing is that right?

As time goes on – I would like my boys to be more involved in the church community. Growing up in church and serving the church is one of my wishes.

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!



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