Its October 2017 already! That means the year is ending in about two months! We are so grateful for the life we have. We’ve met a lot of new friends this year, kept in touch with old friends & connected again with some friends in our past.

One thing that has become a habit of mine is seeing the girlfriends more each week. Some weeks are three times a week when time permits. Since Munchkin#2 is more independent now – I’m not too worried leaving him home with Hubby. Besides when I am not home – both my boys behaved better. They like to either give me a hard time or bully me. But at the end of the day – they both still need mommy. I love that feeling of being needed! The importance of motherhood? Going out more and having adult conversation is so important. It’s like refreshment for me. Lunches, dinners, or pamper time at the spa is always a good time with the girlfriends. I am so blessed and fortunate for their friendships. Authentic friendship is hard to come by. I just like the company of honest and genuine people. Not too much to ask for in friendships right? At this point in life – there’s really no negative people or things going on – I am truly bless with that! I delete negative – if I feel negative. Or shall I say – I am allergic to negative? Spending time with girlfriends is awesome and I’ve taken a new interest in drinking wine! Girlfriends + catch ups + food + wine = a goooooood time!

Anyways – Halloween is coming & I’ve kept busy preparing for this. Decorating my home, loot bags for the kids at school, loot bags for friends’ kids, and making party plans. Halloween is usually all about the kids while the parents organize the parties & bring them out for trick or treating. One thing I do wish is that Halloween can be on a Saturday every year. Will make the parents life so much easier.

I’m already shopping for Christmas since last month to avoid any unnecessary stress from crowded malls. I do it early every year.

What’s new? Just mainly focusing on life. Staying positive and happy always because life is too short for any unnecessary nonsense.

Both my boys are happy and healthy. A bit too spoiled by everyone around us & I hope one day they know that and appreciate everything they have. Unconditional love and care they get from our families and friends is a blessing.

As for my Stepmom’s ALS situation – I pray for her every day that there will be a cure as soon as possible. There has to be a cure soon because there’s an increase of people that’s getting ALS. They need to have a cure. Her living situation is better & is being cared for properly. I am so grateful for that – gives me less worries.

Hubby is doing great. He’s getting more opportunities to climb up the ladder in his field. He loves what he does and enjoys it. I’m happy for him. Although I prefer he works at home half the time but his agreement is that he will in the future.

Can’t believe 2018 is coming! What an awesome 2017 has it been. Can’t wait to dress up my home with Christmas decorations. I love to feel like a Winter Wonderland at my place. Love having people over to celebrate. I just love everything about Christmas!

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!



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