I have amazing girlfriends! A few weeks ago my girlfriend was visiting and brought me this. She loves it and would love that I can try it too.

It’s my first Saje product – I’ve heard of this shop before and thought they only sold fragrant oils for your home. When my girlfriend opened the package and showed me it. It wasn’t anything special – it looked like a typical sponge. I liked how it came with a container. She told me to wet the sponge and clean my face with it. I’m like cool – I usually only clean my face with my hand. I did as I was told.

It was a little weird at first because I was always reminded that any cleansing product should have foams in it. This sponge didn’t. So I read the instruction again to see if I should put some cleansing product in it. It says not to. So I only cleansed my face with the sponge. It felt like a normal sponge with nothing on it.

My face did feel smoother though. The next day my face was glowing and I was shocked. How can this sponge that looks like it has no foam or anything on it – make me glow? Interesting right? I love it ever since my first use.

It says it has 100 uses on it and the price is $9.98 plus tax. Very inexpensive. I use it every night during my bath time. A very very unique product and I’ll for sure be stocking this up. I’ve heard that these sponges sell out fast too! This will be one of my must have skincare products in my routine for sure! Stay tune more daily hauls & reviews!

Have a GRATEFUL day!!!




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