My first impression with this Elizabeth Arden eye oil serum was amazing! I did not purchase my first few capsules – my girlfriend was telling me how much she loves it and brought over a few capsules for me to try. I am so grateful for girlfriends because we share a lot of beauty tips, daily life shenanigans, and etc with each other. If it wasn’t for her bringing over a few capsules – I don’t think I will ever buy an entire container of it. I always walk by it when I am at Costco but never thought of trying it out. There are way too many skin care products to try.

Here’s my first impression – I never used capsule products before and this was my first. Quite an unique concept how they put the products in capsules. It is mess free and has the right quantity of products in each capsule.

At first I was a little hesitant because its oil base. I don’t like anything oil in my skin – I don’t like the sticky oily feeling. But to my surprised – it didn’t feel oily at all. It felt very light. One capsule was enough to cover my whole face. It felt great and better than I expected.

The next morning I felt that my face was glowing. What an amazing product! Usually you need to try the products for a few weeks to know the results. This product had an instant result. Love it! I was sold!

They say to apply it twice a day but I only apply it during my night time skin care routine. That was good enough for me. I love how it helps with moisturizing and wrinkles around the eyes. I do have a few wrinkles around my eyes at this age due to rubbing my eyes every morning. It’s such a bad habit that I need to get rid of for sure!

I purchased these capsules at Costco at $38.99 plus tax from what I remembered. It comes in two containers and a total of 120 capsules. The containers itself is very classy.

If I use 1 capsule a day – it last me a good 4 months. If I feel like I need two capsules a day – it’ll last me two good months. This product is quite affordable if you buy them at Costco. I’ve seen this product sold elsewhere for double the price! I definitely will recommend this product to all of you! Amazing & affordable – what more can you ask for right? I also gave another girlfriend of mine – a few capsules to try and she loves it too!

Going into my late 20s – I’ve been taking better of my skin – so it won’t be as difficult to take care of later on. What are your thoughts of this product? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more hauls & reviews!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




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