I did quite a bit of cooking this month. I feel like I stay in the kitchen more than I sit on the couch to watch my shows. But I love what I do. I’m either in the kitchen cooking meals, cooking for my 9 month old, prepping Munchkin#1s lunch, boiling soup once a week, or baking muffins or banana bread.

I made/boil live blue crab for the first time. I was a bit hesitant about it because it does move but to my surprise – its very easy. Hubby and I loved it and looks like I’ll be buying more of it.

Made ginger chicken congee for the second time. This time is much better. When I cook – I usually add no salt or sugar in my food. I let the food have its taste. Less oil as well.

Steam egg with ground pork and duck eggs is one of our favorite. We have it twice a month.

Homemade nann pizza is still one of my favorites. It’s healthy and it’s quick to make!

Not a huge fan of ribs but wanted to try something new too. Which turned out pretty good. Will probably have it more often.

Trying to experience more simple soups these days.

I bake once a week. Usually my bake goods is for Munchkin#1s breakfast in the morning. Sometimes my hubby will snack on it during the night. He loves almost everything I bake. I usually don’t eat any of the things I bake because of the amount of flour it has. I’ll taste test it and that’s about it. I let hubby do the judgement to let me know if it’s good or not.

Have an YUMMILICIOUS day!!!




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