Here’s a little pink Valentine’s splurge! It’s very hard finding ‘pink’ quality things for my home – so when I saw these pieces at Chapters/Indigo – I waited for the after Valentine’s sale. Why pay full price when you know exactly it will go on sale the next day right? I ordered everything online with free shipping. From what I remember – after $49 – its free shipping.

I picked up 2 of these ‘LOVE’ pink jewelry travel. Intended for jewelry but I am using it in the bathroom & my kitchen. Am I weird? It works though!

Picked up 2 of these oversized teacups because its about time to get rid of the red large mugs I have. I always wanted to get pink cups but its nowhere to be found. I did end up returning these though. One being – it was broken & the other one had a mark on it. They were originally $18.00 and mark down to $9.00. Which makes it a $50%off.

Although I like the teacup design above – I realized I love these more. These only had a 25%off at $10.50 each. I still picked up four of them. I couldn’t help it. Its just way too cute. I think if it had a teapot to match it – I probably get that too.

Last but not least – I got this pink ‘Love Bug’ jewelry tray at 62%off. So $20.00 went down to $7.50! What a steal right? I’m debating if I should get a few more but I’ll need to figure out where to put it first.

Here is my little splurge. Love everything I picked up! I’m such a ‘pink’ kind of girl and I cannot help it when I see something ‘pink’. Pink makes my home warm and loving. Stay tune because of these purchases – I ended up picking up a set of pink dishes at Ikea too. I’ll share that soon! Are you a lover of pink stuff?

Have a FABULOUS day!!!




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