A review is due! My son got this Imaginarium Express Train Set for an early Christmas present this year since Toy’s R Us was having a sale for $50off. It total to $149.99+tax which the set included the table and the whole set of tracks, trains and etc…

My son absolutely LOVES this set of train and would play with it every single day. Before purchasing this set for him – I thought after a couple days of playing with it – he would get bored of it. Which I was wrong – he loves trains and adores them. He’s only 31 month old and I love how he plays independently on his own – so I can do my own things too.


The only problem with this train set is that the tracks keep falling out of place. Not a big deal but at times it can get annoying. I’ve read many reviews that people do glue them together which I will soon.

Definitely worth the money!!!! Before purchasing this set – we did thought of the Thomas table and train set. Which is four times the price because when you purchase the table – the train sets don’t come with it – so you would purchase it separately. Thomas tracks and trains are extremely expensive and a train itself is $30.00 plus! Crazy expensive!!


This Imaginarium table and train set are worth every penny! The quality of the table is excellent! The bonus is – it matches my furniture and in the future – if my son doesn’t use this table anymore – I can use it for something else.


Here goes my review – definitely worth purchasing and totally recommend it for everyone! Stay tune for more blog posts – this blog is updated regularly! If you purchased this train set for your little ones – what’s your thoughts and opinion about it? Love it or disappointed? Comment below to share your thoughts!


Have an AMAZING day!!!




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  1. That train set looks amazing, great review! It’s definitely nice when the kiddos can play independently for awhile so we can get stuff done 😉 Great idea to glue the tracks and re-use the table for other things later on!

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