No one ever asked me this question before and reason being is – I started not too long ago.

I always recorded my son; Jayden’s growing up progress and have it uploaded on Facebook. When the video compresses on Facebook – the quality is just not what I want. So – I decided on – why not just upload these mini clips on Youtube instead?

Then I look at my weekly photo albums on Facebook – I have over hundreds of album – collecting memories of each day. I’m crazy at taking photos and these photos will be looked back on one day – each week I take over 100-200 photos. So in a month – I can have over 1000 photos. Crazy or what?

Here’s WHY I make Youtube Daily Vlogs. I thought – why don’t I just combine all these photos and daily mini clips into a ‘Vlog’ – since I love watching other Youtubers daily Vlog – it’ll be fun to watch my own Vlogs. It’s more fun and real to look back on. So – that’s why I did it.

I had a huge debate on my head for a couple of days. Some reasons are:

  • – low confidence
  • – not a great speaker
  • – low self esteem
  • – need to be more public with my life. This part is HUGE for me because my life is very private.
  • – not comfortable showing myself with no makeup

All those reasons could have led me to NOT be making any Youtube videos but I thought to myself – this could be a learning experience where I can gain my confidence slowly. Where I can be more comfortable with myself. Where I can keep myself busy with editing each days video. Where it can lead me to different opportunities (last thing on my mind), but yet be a young stay at home mother to my kid(s) and a housewife to my husband. I was 50/50 on it but at the end – I push myself into doing it. Into speaking more. Into showing myself more on camera. It can only get better and better each day – in a slow progress. I want my kid(s) to grow up one day and look at what a role model their mother is. Nothing is impossible unless you put your whole heart to it. Its really how much you want it to happen!

My motives is not to make a big buck – it’ll be nice but I don’t want to think that way. I want to be honest with myself and be motivated to do these day-to-day Vlogs for my families and friends to watch. If I have the mindset of making a lot of money and if it doesn’t happen. I’ll be disappointed and not be motivated to do these daily Vlogs. It’s nice to be a stay at home mother and housewife – yet to have a stay at home job. If it comes – it comes. If it doesn’t – I’m blessed to be looking back at all these awesome memories I captured with my family and friends.

Here you got it. Being happy isn’t always about money. It’s nice to have these luxury things but nothing can buy happiness and health.

Here’s my Youtube Channel – feel free to SUBSCRIBE & LIKE.

Are you an Youtuber? Feel free to leave a comment and a link of your Youtube Channel. If you don’t have a Youtube Channel – my advice is – create one and start capturing memories!

Have a FABULOUS and BLISSFUL day. Stay true to who you are! Be honest and be yourself!



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