[Food] — Smash Kitchen & Bar • Markham & Review


I had lunch here with my husband and two boys the other day. It was a quiet afternoon – which I love! I’ve been here a few times for dinner but never lunch.

g0269 g0270

I’ve decided to try their meatloaf while my husband had their burgers and fries. I wasn’t a big fan of their meatloaf – it wasn’t my taste. I love how it had a lot of vegetables under – love the onion rings as well. But the meatloaf wasn’t so good. I only ordered it because I’ve read some good reviews about it. I only took a few bites of it and that was it. Such a disappointment – should of ordered something else. Other than the meatloaf disappointment – service was on point. What is your favorite on the menu to order? Comment below to share!

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[Haul] — Peaceful Mind Design Stickers • Review & Second Order


Here’s my second haul from PeacefulMind Design. Call me crazy but I did splurge on these planner stickers! Planner stickers ain’t cheap but I don’t buy it too often. I like things simple and these stickers give my planner a finishing touch.

When the year is done – I don’t throw away these planners – they are like a journal where I can look back into every once in awhile.

I decided to order a lot this time – so I don’t have to order for awhile plus it saves on shipping too. These will take me a long while to finish. I love the simple-ness of it. Are you a planner sticker addict? Which is your favorite shop to shop at? Comment below to share with us!

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[Lifestyle] — DIY 2017 Planner

Here I am sharing my DIY 2017 planner! You may ask – why do I even bother with all the work when I can pay a few bucks for one? The answer to that is – I like things my style & my way. I like the finishing touches to it. I like to have things plan according to my way. I like the colors I use.

I purchased the Quo Vadis planner for a few years back. Love the pink leather cover! Most importantly – I like the small size of it. I like things handy and convenient. I like to carry my planner out either if I’m running errands or grocery shopping. I re-use the pink cover but repurchased the papers inside.

From what I remember – it was $15. Doesn’t make much sense to put paper over a planner right? Well the original calenders/day to day sheets are so boring and not my style. I purchased it – so I can DIY my own.

This is the order I have my life planned. I plan my meals, groceries, weekly to-do’s, outings, school, extra curricular, next week meals, reminders, and blog all in one section! I like to look at everything instead of flipping pages.

I have these DIY sheets done every few months – so I can adjust to my needs. If its summer – I can take out the school section if I want. Or I can add other stuff too.Also – it is color co-ordinated by month.

Is this call a lot of work? I consider not because I enjoy it. I enjoy being organized to the max! Having a planner to me is super duper important. My whole life is in it. Well – sort of! Haha.

What’s my secret for a stress-free life? Be super duper organized and plan ahead! Always think a few steps ahead! Sometimes I plan meals 2 weeks in advance too! How do you organize your life? Comment below to share!

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[Love] — Japan Souvenirs

My girlfriend sure knows me well! She knows I love all types of beauty things – especially bath products. She was in Japan/Hong Kong not too long ago and brought all these back for me. I am so grateful & look how lucky I am. I’ve used up some items already and loved all of it! Thank you so much! XOXO

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[DIY] — My Cross-Stitching Projects


Just wanted to share these cross stitching DIY projects I did back in 2016. When I have some free time – I enjoy picking up this hobby. Hopefully I get to make a few this year too if time permits. I never have nothing to do at home because I always find something to do.


I made this one for myself that has my babies name on it. Love it!


For my girlfriend & her daughter. #LOVELOVELOVE.


For my son’s backpack. I made him a few already. Love how the colors turn out and it matches his backpack too.


There was no where to put his name on this scarf – so I cross stitched it on his scarf instead.


My babies have matching ones too.


I totally forgot to take a photo of the finish product for this one! Oppps – I wanted to try ‘ombre’ – it turned out beautifully! Hopefully I have some more time this year – Munchkin#2 has been so mobile lately – I just got to spend more time with him and entertain him. #MOMLIFE.

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[Celebration] — Jayden’s 5th Birthday Party

Celebrated our son’s 5th birthday party on March.5th.2017, a Sunday afternoon. This was his third 5th birthday celebration. We are very grateful to celebrate his special day with all his little friends – thank god it was the last celebration till next year! I believe this party is his most looked forward for because it includes all his favorite little friends. We even got a helium tank to fill up over 12 medium size balloons this year. All the kids were so happy to bring one home too!

For the menu – I focused more on what the adults would love to eat because – let’s be honest – the kid wasn’t here for the food! They can careless of what they eat. They were here to play with each other and explore different toys. Most importantly the birthday song and cake cutting.

The older kids got to do an art & craft which lasted about 5 to 10 minute long. Yes – these crafty things gotta be fast because their patience is only so limited. There were about 12 kids total – including ours as well. I was so surprised that they played so nicely and quietly. No one was shouting or arguing. The Mama’s got to chill and catch up while the Daddys’ got to play video games!

All the kids were so excited about the Minion cake – it was deliciously made and bought from T&T Supermarket! Not too sweet or too creamy either. Definitely will be purchasing their birthday cakes from there from now on! Can’t believe our first born is 5 already! We love celebrating with these kids every year – it’s the same bunch of kids that grew up together and we add in a few new friends every year.

Look at these kiddos! I can’t wait to plan the next party!

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[Celebration] — Jayden’s 5th Birthday With Us

Look at how happy this Munchkin is! We gave him his birthday present a day early – so he could enjoy it while we were busy the next day with his birthday festivities. Since he’s been watching a lot of kids doctor videos – we decided to get him his own set of doctor set. He was so excited and fell in love with it!

On his actual birthday – we took him to his favorite place – which is Chuck E Cheese. We have been here the third time for his previous birthdays. He loves this place! We try to bring him here only on special occasions – so it’s more special. Us parents got to play too.

After that – we headed next door to Boston Pizza. We basically repeated everything we did the year before. It was just convenient to dine here since it’s so close and spacious. The food was yummy and Munchkin loved it! Munchkin#2 gave me time to eat 3/4 of my dinner before he started being fussy. I was grateful already because he could of started his fussiness in the beginning of my dinner.

As always – can’t forget the birthday cake and lots of family photos to end off the night! My 5 year old has grown up to be a loving, caring, sweet, and grateful kid. Please stay healthy and happy as always! We love you!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Celebration] — Jayden’s 5th Birthday Part 1

Munchkin#1 had an early mini birthday celebration with the relatives on February 20th, 2017. Usually we would have them over after his actual birthday party after the kids’ leave. But since it was also Family Day – we decided why not have a lunch and have our kids bond with their relatives right?

Nothing much – I made a small lunch, catch up, sang Happy Birthday, and played monopoly!

We had so much fun playing monopoly with the relatives. It was actually our first time playing together! We had quite a good laugh and glad everyone enjoyed it! Hubby and I ended up winning the game by luck. This game requires a lot of luck!

After a 2-3 hour game of monopoly – we headed for a very early dinner. It was such a fun day and I think we should have it much more often! Both our boys behaved very well. Munchkin#1 got to spend quality time with Great Grandma when we were busy playing.

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[Home] — Easter 2017 Home Decors

This is certainly my first time decorating for Easter in my home. I’ve purchased a few things at Dollarama to stick around my home. I’m not decorating a full home like Christmas – just a little decor. Dollarama certainly has some cute things this year – so make sure you check them out! Each store seems like they carry different decors. When I see something I like – I will add it into my home.

One reason why I love decorating is because my son loves it! He will come home and give me that surprise look. Than he will walk around the condo and see what else is there. It’s quite cute. Plus he learns about what each thing is. We’ll be doing some Easter activities soon too. That also reminds me that I should pack some Easter loot bags for his class as well. I cannot believe Easter is around the corner – time is flying by and soon it’ll be April! Have you decorated your home with Easter decors yet? Care to share? Comment below!

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[Kids] — School Lunches Ideas • Junior Kindergarten & Young Kids

This post – I’ll be sharing some kindergarten/little kids lunch ideas with you. I try my hardest to keep each lunch healthy and different.

I like keeping my son’s lunches healthy – well what better than raising healthy kids right? Habits are start when they’re little. Plus school did mention about healthy eating. Some school is as strict as no gold fishes & juices. Thank goodness that’s not my son’s school because he has a limited variety of snacks he likes.

g0236 g0237 g0238

Chicken & Spinach Alfredo Pasta       |       Chicken Pasta      |       Honey Garlic Chicken Wrap

My son doesn’t ‘like’ vegetables but sometimes I still include a small amount in his lunch and hoping he would eat it. Got to take it one step at a time right? During meals at home, with my guidance, he doesn’t have a choice. He must eat it because its healthy. Strict mom much? I’m strict because I refuse to make 2 different lunches or 2 different dinners. He’s got to eat whatever I serve for dinner period. Why give myself more work to do – when I don’t have to?

Every morning after I finish putting my son’s lunch together – I would snap a photo to remind myself what kind of drinks, snacks, or lunch I packed him for reference. I try to give him different snacks each day as well.

g0239 g0240 g0241

Homemade Banana Bread       |       Meatballs        |       Pasta with Tomato Sauce & Ground Beef

The school advised us to put numbers on their snacks & lunch. Number 1 is morning snack, 2 is lunch, and 3 is afternoon snack. Just a easier way for the kiddos to get what they need to.

Anyways there’s a trick with the snacks. I like giving my son a light snack in the morning – so by the time lunch hits – he’s hungry and would finish most of his lunch. I give a heavier snack in the afternoon in case he didn’t finish his lunch and he would still be hungry. That’s how I place his snacks. Do you mommies do the same too?

For drinks – its either a juice or a yogurt drink. I give apple juice once a week due to the amount of sugar it has. My son loves both drinks. Never is picky on which one to have.

g0242 g0243 g0244

Mini Sausage Buns       |       Chocolate Chip Blueberry Muffins       |       Chinese Sausage Bun

On special occasions – such as birthday, Christmas and etc – I’ll put in some kind of chocolate or a bag of chips for treats for him. Only on special occasions! I don’t allow much chocolate or chips at home either. Those are treated as rewards given when he deserves it.

Before my son started school – my fear would be 1) he wouldn’t eat his lunch at all 2) he would be starving till he gets home from school. Yes – us parents constantly worry about everything!

Good thing is – most lunches come home 95% finished. Makes me happy that hes eating. He enjoys hot food more than cold food.He loves his rice and pastas. He hasn’t requested what he wants to have for lunches yet but I know he will one day.

g0245 g0246 g0247

Fried Rice       |       Ground Pork Pasta       |       Pasta with Tomato Sauce & Ground Beef

I usually prepare his lunch the night before – so in the morning I just microwave it. Just gives me 10 to 15 minutes more sleep each morning.

I do believe starting healthy eating at a young age for kids. It is easier to develop good habits. Don’t get me wrong – we do indulge in cheeseburgers, pizzas, fries and all those unhealthy food – but having those once a week is good enough to satisfy our cravings. Just got to remember, balance, balance, and balance. Just to remind you all – I’m no dietitian expert – this is fully my opinion on how I raise my own kids. Making good choices for your kids is what parents should do!

I think I cover quite a lot here. Feel free to share your kids healthy lunches in the comment below! Stay tune for more fun hauls & reviews!

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