[Lifestyle] — 2 Month Postpartum

g0038 g0039

Two month postpartum! As much as I don’t want to be stressing out with my weight – I am a little. Well – a lot? My stomach is only near flat when I wake up in the morning. When I start inserting food in – it expands. #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEM – I always had this problem before too. This will really be a work in progress soon. I’m starting my morning breakfast with yogurt, chia seeds, cheerios, and a little honey + a coffee with skim milk and no sugar. A healthy breakfast is needed. I’ll be starting my cardio & stretches soon too when Munchkin#1 is in school.

As for my fitness plan, I’m not going to be too strict on myself because I know once I set such high goals – I’ll fail faster. I need to slowly adjust into it.

Another thing this month is ‘eye allergy’ – these clear mucus/protein or whatever you call it was in my eyes. I never had a problem with it till now. I didn’t know what it was at first – I thought it could be infection or just tired eyes but after a week – I had enough. I went to see a optometrist and she told me its eye allergy. How the heck did I get eye allergy right? She said it could be hormones, postpartum, after giving birth, age, air, or anything… There wasn’t much of an explanation. I got a bottle of allergen drops and so far – it’s been pretty good. Still a little bit of clear stuff in my eyes once in awhile but a lot better than before.

g0040 g0041

I slow down on my liquids since the first month of breastfeeding. It gets tiring drinking 10+ cups of liquids a day. I do try my best. Now I drink around 7-10 cups a day – depending if I’m home or not. When I am out – I usually drink less. I started drinking lemon water with no sugar added – hopefully that helps with my weight loss. Red date soup I drink occasionally.

As for breastfeeding – I did have a milk duct a few weeks ago – forgot which week. It was a pain in the a$$! But I google search and feeding your baby upside down does work. Lay your baby flat on the bed and you go on top of him. Just sort of like plank position – except with your knees. Get it? hahaha.

Had my 6 weeks postpartum check up – uterus is back to normal and my scar looks alright. Nothing really – did a pap test and talked about my birth control options. I’m leaning towards going back to the Mirena ring. I had no problems with it really except my hormones (I think). I did say I didn’t want to go back on it last year but I really didn’t have much problem with it for the past 4 years.

As for hair growth – my hair is growing so fast! The length is near my bum now! As for hair loss – not much. I wash my hair 2 times a week now and it shouldn’t grow too much right? Reason for washing my hair less than before is because of my hair drying up & I’m barely out of the house. My hair is constantly up in a bun when I am at home.

That’s really all the updates of my two month postpartum – time is ticking and my baby is growing up so quickly. I try to enjoy the time I have with him now while he is little. As for balancing time with my boys is so hard! One on one time is even more harder. I’ll have to work on that. Thanks for dropping by & stay tune for more daily updates & reviews.

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[Food] — August 2016 Home Cooking Diary


Here goes on August 2016 home cooking diary – nothing new to explore last month. I haven’t had much time to look at different recipes. I think I should write down two new recipes each month – so my family can try something new.

g0019 g0020

g0021 g0022

g0023 g0024

Didn’t cook much last month – didn’t have the mood too. I was much more tired last month than the month I gave birth to Munchkin#2. I think my tiredness is catching up on me. Last month was when my freezer meal gets handy!

g0025 g0026

g0027 g0028

g0029 g0030

However – I did do a DIY food project aka I made over 400 chives & pork dumplings. I wanted to make these dumplings in June before Munchkin#2 arrives but life got too hectic. My freezer is full of delicious dumplings and hopefully these will last half a year. I fold them once a year and every year I will make a lot to last me a long while.


Stay tune for my next home cooking diary – maybe I’ll explore some new recipes. Do you have any to share? Comment below to share! Stay tune for daily updates & reviews – thanks for dropping by!

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[Jayden] — 4 Years & 6 Month • Starting School Soon

g0032 g0033

This Munchkin says the funniest things these days! 1) If he doesn’t want to share with you or if he doesn’t want to eat something – he says it’s spicy. So either he doesn’t have to share or he doesn’t eat what he doesn’t want to, 2) If he doesn’t want you to touch something of his – he says its dirty, 3) If we tell him to do something or get something & if he doesn’t want to – he says scary man. This Munchkin comes up with the darn-est excuses! Sometimes were not sure if we should laugh at it or be mad at it.

He got a hair cut last month at the barber & it’s the first time he didn’t cry getting a hair cut! Like finally! We just have to be out of his sight in order for him to be independent. When were around – he knows he can get away with a lot of things.

Finally passed Preschool 3 in swimming! Took him 3 repeats to go to the next level! Mommy is so proud of him. I didn’t watch most of his swimming lessons this term due to the arrival of Munchkin#2 but I will go back into watching him soon. I love watching him progress & improve.

Same with soccer – ever since Munchkin#2s arrival – I’ve missed all his soccer practice. It’s just way too hot to bring a newborn out! Once fall season starts inside the dome – I’ll be able to go watch. Daddy says there’s quite a bit of improvements with the drills and kicking too.

Dentist check up went smoothly with no tears or fuss! Good job Munchkin! We go every four months for a cleaning & I think he’s getting used to it. The dentist he has is very nice and friendly. He gets a toy from the dental office every time he finishes.

g0034 g0035

We did practice lunch bag lunches for a few days – making sure he knows how to open his lunch bag & lunch boxes. He did pretty good. I made sure he finished his lunch too. Lets hope he finishes his lunches at school!

This Munchkin still ENJOYS making a mess. Loves to dump everything out of his toy boxes & play with the boxes. Sometimes I’m patient about it but sometimes it just gets me ANGRY when things are everywhere. The OCD in me! I do try to keep calm or well – I’m learning to.

He loves giving his baby brother kisses throughout the day. It’s such a joy to watch him bond with his baby brother. At times he does get frustrated with his baby brother when he cries. So when baby brother cries – he’ll go give him a pinch or a slap. Which is not good! We try to make him understand baby brother is little and it’ll hurt him. Jealousy is once a blue moon. He’s usually only jealous when his daddy holds baby brother. So when that happens – he tries to jump in or tell daddy to put down baby brother. I wonder why he doesn’t do that to me?

g0036 g0037

Lots of vocabulary this month! & longer sentences as well! It’s quite funny hearing him say new words!

Motherhood to me is such a joy! I love watching them grow up and explore different things. I love documenting his monthly progress – so one day I can read it again. He’ll be going to school in a few days!! That’s a huge milestone right there! That’s the start of school life & 18+ more years to go.

That’s it for all the update this month – hope you enjoy reading my son’s progress. Do you keep a diary of your child? Comment below to share! Stay tune for daily life updates & foodie adventures. Thanks for dropping by!

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[Cayden] — 2 Month Update • Growing Up Too Fast


My Munchkin #2 is officially two months! I can’t believe this! I miss my 4 pounder already! He is now at 8 pound – doubled his weight.  I really miss holding my newborn – I feel like he’s so much older than two months ago.

g0002 g0003

His newborn onesies is getting tight on him – so he’s breaking out in his 0-3 months onesies. I’m so glad I kept all of Munchkin#1s clothes because it brings back so many memories. There were so many clothes that weren’t even worn much too. So nice to finally use them more on Munchkin#2. I already have a friend that wants all the hand me downs. The thought of letting them all go makes me sad.

g0004 g0005

Munchkin#2 is starting to get picking about bottle verse breast feeding. He prefers the breast of course. But it makes it much convenient to bottle feed him in public. Plus daddy gets to feed him too – that’s one of the main reason why I pump. Sometimes my husband would be like ‘I want to feed him’ – it’s nice to have the hubby interact with the baby during feeding. I did both with Munchkin#1 as well – he did prefer the breast as well. I think its just softer & the milk is hotter in temperature.

g0006 g0007

He’s beginning to be more awake. About 2-4hours a day. Still a great sleeper during the night. He wakes up for a feed than back to sleep he goes. Thanks for letting mommy sleep! I fall asleep during my feed. So really – I’m only awake for a minute to give it to him than I’m back to sleep.

g0008 g0009

We celebrated his one month birthday with our friends on August 14th 2016. It’s the first party I planned for this Munchkin and I had a lot of fun planning it. Can’t wait to plan the next celebration! Which is his 100 days with families and relatives.

g0010 g0011

He’s been messing up his face by his scratches. I’m not too sure if I want to put gloves over it. I heard it’s not that good. I do cut his nails but it’s still sharp even after cutting it.

Still on iron supplements & vitamin D drops. I’ll have to ask his doctor when he is done with iron supplements. He’s not really a fan of it and spits out 1/4 of it.

g0012 g0013

Still a crier. Reason why I say this is – is that his brother never cried as much as he does. We never encounter a noisy crying dinner with our Munchkin#1 till he was a lot older. I guess Munchkin#1 was just a quiet baby while Munchkin#2 loves to distract us with crying.

We bring Munchkin#2 out all the time & usually he behaves very well with no fuss. He’s usually sleeping when he’s out – so it makes it super easy to bring him out. Keep it up!

g0014 g0015

We bring Munchkin#2 out all the time & usually he behaves very well with no fuss. He’s usually sleeping when he’s out – so it makes it super easy to bring him out. Keep it up!

g0016 g0017

What else? Can’t believe time flew just like that! I want to slow down time a little bit to enjoy the moment a little more. But with the busy lives of ours – time just keeps ticking. Munchkin#2 completes our family & I feel so blessed! Stay tune for more daily life updates – thanks for hopping by!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[Celebration] — Cayden’s 1 Month Kerropi Party


Celebrated my son’s 1 month birthday on August 14th 2016 – he was a little more than a month old by than. Above was the party food I prepared for around 25-30 people. For more details about the theme and food – check out this link here.

f275 f276

Friends playing diaper game and chubby bunny here. I made the diaper game a little harder this time with the not so well known chocolates – I did have about 4-5 winners! They must know their chocolates! I had the honor of playing chubby bunny for the first time too! LOL – it was fun and disgusting at the same time!

f277 f278

Here’s our friends playing the cotton challenge game and fitbit (I think that’s what it’s called?). The cotton challenge game is really fun! I love how you get blind folded and you have no idea if you are scooping cottons or not!

f279 f280

Here’s myself and my Munchkin#2! We didn’t intend to have two outfit changes but he did wet his first outfit – so the froggy outfit was perfect for the Kerropi theme!


Finally a perfect family picture! I LOVE LOVE LOVE pictures and especially family pictures! For sure I’ll be developing a few of these to put it around the home and photo albums! I love my family!


Here’s a little collage I made! Thank you all for coming out to spend time with this little Munchkin – he sure did feel spoil by your love and time! The backdrop I made was perfect!


Thank you for bringing gifts!

By the time this post goes live – Munchkin#2 will be almost two months old. I miss the time when he was kicking in my belly, hiccuping in my belly, and just moving nonstop in my belly! Only mothers will understand and miss those! Stay tune for more daily updates – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time! Thanks for hopping by!

Have a GORGEOUS day!!!