[Food] — ZenQ • Markham & Review


Decided to try a new restaurant out – ZenQ is located on Highway 7 and Kennedy Rd where the T&T Supermarket plaza is. It’s a cute little restaurant where they serve Taiwan food & desserts & drinks. Its kind of weird to me how ZenQ and Cha Me Cha is right next to each other and they serve almost the same kind of things. Competitor much?


I like how they have set lunches where it comes with a drink and a meal for a fix price. A set lunch is around $10 with a good size drink. If you order the drink separately – it’s already $5 to $6 – so mind as well get a set lunch to make it worth it right? I ordered the sweet ginger pork bento while my hubby ordered the minced pork with rice. They were both delicious and love how they serve quite a lot of veggies too.


For sure we’ll be coming back to try their other specials and drinks. I’m not a dessert girl but they do have quite a lot of desserts on the menu for those that loves dessert! Stay tune for more reviews and adventures – this blog is updated regularly! Thanks for dropping by & see you soon!

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[Organization] — My New Beauty Shelf

e289 e290

Decided to get this bathroom organizing shelf for my beauty care and jewelry display. It took me awhile to decide what I wanted next to my vanity table.

Since this shelf was having a sale at $20 off – I decided to get it. I like the silver bar and clear glass. The price was $47.99+tax.

Not a huge shelf but this will do for now. Got my jewelry box on the top shelf. Lip sticks and display boxes on the second layer. The last two layers I stored all my beauty masks.

This looks much more tidy and organized now. I’m thinking of purchasing a second shelf when it goes on sale again. I still have quite a lot of makeup products to store and display. How do you like my organization? I love it! Stay tune for my hauls and reviews – this blog is updated regularly at 12PM Eastern Time!

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[Home] — Halloween Home 2016 Decorations

g0076 g0077

Last year we were renting a small condo unit – so I missed out on decorating last Halloween. Here it is – to our new place and my first time putting up Halloween decorations up. I miss decorating! I cannot wait till Halloween is over than I can put up my Christmas tree and lots of festive decorations. Not a lot of Halloween decors this year – I will be purchasing a lot more for next year. So far – it’s not too bad right?

g0078 g0080

This year we’ll be hosting a Halloween party for kids and trick or treating too. Hopefully the weather cooperates! Ever since 2012 – the weather was NOT good – it rained every year! Plus its freezing every year too. I have all the costumes ready for my kids since last month. I like to plan ahead to avoid any unnecessary stress! Plus if you don’t buy the costumes early – there’s not much choices after.


That’s all the home decors I’m putting up this year – there a few I didn’t take pictures of. I’ll be making loot bags for the kids at the party & loot bags for my son’s classmates soon – look out for that post! Have you decorated your home? Ready for Halloween? Comment below to share! Stay tune for more daily updates – see you soon! Happy early Halloween to you all!

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[Celebration] — Cayden’s 100 Day with Relatives


Celebrated our son’s 100 day on October 8th 2016 – exactly 100 day old at King Dragon Cuisine with relatives. It was a small little celebration dinner for him. It’ll be his last celebration till his 1st birthday. Over the past 100 day was just amazing – I love being a mother – even though it can be frustrating at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way – I love my boys to the moon and back! There’s nothing as rewarding as being a mother. #MOTHERHOOD. I feel so blessed to have this family! It’s my forever blessing.


Of course I captured a lot of photos for this special occasion. Glad relatives did some catching up and enjoy their dinner that night. It was a nice and delicious dinner.


We had over 14 courses that night – I couldn’t take a picture of every dish but this is as good as it gets. I ordered ‘red eggs’ on the side for this celebration. I think ‘red eggs’ for Chinese means good luck. I’m not 100% sure of the meaning but oh wells. We were all stuffed to the max after 6-7 courses and had to pack 1/4 of the food home. They sure did serve huge portions here! Overall a relaxing dinner with not much planning to it. I gave out candles as a party favor or you can call it a Thank You gift for coming. Thanks for dropping by – stay tune for more daily updates! See you soon

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[Food] — Home Cooking Diary • September 2016

g0101 g0102

Here’s my home cooking diary of September 2016. Nothing really new last month except I did get a bag of frozen Haddock filet for the first time. I use seafood sauce to marinate it and baked it. Hubby loves it! That picture is at the very bottom of this post.

g0103 g0104

g0105 g0106

g0107 g0108

  g0110 g0111

g0112 g0113

g0114 g0115

g0116 g0117

g0118 g0119

g0120 g0121

Will seriously need to check out some new recipes soon! Life has been so busy lately even with my  first born being in school – I’m just keeping myself busy around the house. Planning things way in advance to avoid stress. I know when November hits – the days will fly by like there’s no tomorrow. So many different events going on – birthdays, Christmases, play dates, wedding, and etc… I should make some goals to try 1 new recipe a week. We’ll see!

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[Cayden] — 3 Month Old Update • Cooing & Annoyingness

g0042 g0043

This Munchkin is weighting 9 and a half pound already. His doctor is happy with his growing progress. He doubles up from his birth weight already.

He’s breaking into his size 2 diapers and 3 month size clothing. So sad for mommy to put away the newborn clothes and possibly give them away to whoever needs it. Thinking about it makes me cry. He’s growing too fast!

g0044 g0045

Lots of movements and cooing up a storm lately. He loves it when we talk to him & he’ll talk back. I kept a record of it on videos.

g0046 g0047

He’s awake a lot more than before 4-6 hours per day now. Mommy needs to get used to it – less time for me to do things while this Munchkin is awake. He’s half co-sleeping and the other half in the play pen still. Not going to fully have him sleeps on his own yet because I don’t want to get up in the middle of the night to get him. So far – he’s still sleeping well at night. There was one night he slept for 8.5 hour straight! That was SO amazing! That only happened once though. Some nights 4, 5, 6 hour straight. It all depends how tired out he is. As for naps in the afternoon us quite broken. He use to nap 3hr straight no problem. Now is probably 1.5-2hr long. Oh and night time – he usually sleeps around 8-9pm – just like his brother. Sometimes they sleep at the same time.

g0048 g0049

As for routine – we don’t really have one right now. Since he sleeps most of the time – we just let him sleep whenever he wants.

Bath schedule is every other day. I started bathing him in the tub with the Angel Care support myself. Just saves time for daddy. When hubby is home – we just want to spend family time as much as possible.

g0050 g0051

g0052 g0053

It’s hysterical and annoying at the same time. He has a problem when he’s in the car and the car doesn’t move. When the car immediately stops – he starts crying by the second. When the car moves – he stops crying right away. When he’s asleep during the ride – he’ll be fine. My first born never had this ‘problem’. If we are stopped on a red light and he’s awake – we are screwed lol.

g0054 g0055

Still breastfeeding still – I say he drinks every 3 hours. Strictly on the breast now. After we get back on vacation – I’ll reintroduce him with bottles again. Hubby does miss feeding him.

g0056 g0057

Loves cuddling with mommy or maybe it’s the other way around that mommy loves cuddling with him. I’m trying to smell him more and hold him more because I know I’ll miss how tiny he is now.


I think that’s all the updates for now. He’s grown so fast and I truly miss my 4 pounder! Stay tune for more updates!

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[Jayden] — 4 Year & 7 Month Old • School & Sleep


School has started for over a month now. And my Munchkin#1 has loved every bit of it. Sometimes I wish there’s cameras in the classroom for me to watch what he’s doing, how’s he’s interacting with others, or if he’s doing something sneaky. It’s so hard for me to let him go but I did for over a month already. He loves school and learns so much already. He learned prayer, lots of songs, calendars, and a lot of new words.

g0060 g0061

We had a parent’s night end of September and we had the chance to chat with his teacher. She said he’s doing great, interacting well, following instructions well, and etc. The only problem is sitting still on the carpet. Which I knew that will happen because he can never sit still at home.

Having him gone 8 hours a day feels like heaven. Not to be mean but I get a lot done in peace. Eight hours goes by very fast!

As for lunches at school – he’s doing very well. Even at times where there are veggies in his food – he still eats it. That’s what I fear most before school started is that he won’t eat veggies at all. He usually finishes most of his lunch but sometimes its half done. I usually pack more than he can eat. Whatever doesn’t get finish – turns into snack after school.

For lunches and snacks – I try to pack a variety for him. Every day is different.

g0062 g0063

Summer soccer season has ended. Now we are just waiting on the fall indoor season to start mid-November. He earned his first medal for the summer season. He loves it!

As for swimming – swimming didn’t start till early October for this Munchkin – he had a month off of swimming lessons.

g0064 g0065

This Munchkin sleeps around 8-9pm every school night now. On weekdays we are a little lenient on it. He’s usually exhausted by 8. Waking up around 7 to 7:15am every morning. Sometimes it can be a drag waking him up. Even after a 10-11hour sleep! He loves his sleep as much as I do. For sure I know he has enough sleep to fuel throughout the day.

g0066 g0067

Christmas is within two months and I’m already doing some Christmas shopping for both my toys. It’s a lot easier to shop for them now when they are still young. When they get older – they’ll start asking for alesis sample pad pro and other expensive gadgets.

He loves kissing his baby brother. It’s like a every morning, after school, and throughout the day routine for him. He adores his baby brother but he does get annoy with him when he cries.

I feel like he grew up so fast (well I say it all the time) but for real – ever since he started school – he’s a lot more independent. He would ask a lot of “what is this and what is that” – he learned a lot and loves learning! Makes us very proud to be his parents. Keep up the great work Munchkin! We love you so much!

Have a BLISSFUL day!!!




[LifeStyle] — 3 Month Postpartum • Weight & Breastfeed Challenges

I took a little break from blogging to focusing a little bit on myself lately. So bare with me till I start my daily posts again. For now – I’m just going to blog randomly.


 g0073 g0074 g0075

Last month I decided it was about time to finally work on myself. Fitness + diet plans. My goal is to lose 30 pounds before our family trip in November. Well if not – close to it. I prep daily meals every 2-3 days. This time around I mix meals up – so I don’t eat 6 of the same meals per day. Yes – 6 mini meals for every two hours. Imagine that? I think I’m better at it this time. Eating every 2 hours allows me not to feel hungry. Once I feel hungry – I go out of hand & the cravings show up. Not a lot of cravings! I’m doing good. Joined hot yoga for a month. I haven’t been to hot yoga for over a year and I am so out of place with it. Plus having a baby 2 months ago is even harder than I expected. My cardio is taking walks with my little Munchkin before picking up big bro. About 30-40minute walks daily. I should really be hitting up the gym downstairs as well.


Our winter vacation is finally booked! This kind of motivates me on losing my pregnancy weight! I’m so envious on those that don’t need any effort to lose that pregnancy weight! Breastfeeding doesn’t help with me. It takes hard work to lose weight for both my pregnancy sadly!

I did have my period for a day – weird! I had my period with my Munchkin#1 when I totally stopped breastfeeding. So I wasn’t expecting it so soon. But on the pro side of it – I google searched that when your period comes – it means your weight will drop intensively. I was happy about that! Haha.


As for breastfeeding. I did encounter the problem of not having enough milk. Right now – I feel that my milk supply is alright. Took me about a week or two to get my milk supply back up. 1) No more caffeine 2) Herbal Mom Milk Tea 3) Papaya Soup. Even with drinking 10-12 cup of liquids did not work for me – so my last resort was those 3 steps! Hopefully my milk supply stays! When my milk supply got low – I’m so thankful my freezer was full of milk from the first month! It’s always nice to have back up milk. If my milk supplies run out – I still have ready to go formula as well.

As for bottle feeding. I got a bit lazy to pump & Munchkin#2 wasn’t loving the bottle nipple. He figured out at 2 months of age that he doesn’t like it. I do want to get back on bottle feeding one day because hubby loves feeding him. Breastfeeding is just way too convenient right now. No washing breast pumps & bottles!


I’ve been sleeping quite early – around 10-11pm – waking up at 7 in the morning sure tires me out. I refuse to take a nap – I find that napping makes me even more tired. So during my day – I just find things to do around my home or find little projects to work on. I have to keep my hands busy – otherwise I’ll think of what to snack on next! LOL.

My sleep is still awesome – even though I need to wake up in between my sleep to feed him. I just give him my nipple & fall back asleep. He falls right back to sleep or sleeps while drinking too. Sometimes I lose track on how many feeds He gets a night.

I seriously cannot believe that it’s October already! The end of the year is quickly approaching us! The weather is getting colder these days too! I think that’s all the updates from last month. Three month postpartum – I wish I could go back in time. Go back to the day I deliver my 2nd bundle of joy. Heck – I wouldn’t even mind going through c-section again. Everything was just so perfect! It’s still perfect except my kids are growing up way too fast! Alright – that’s it for now – time to look at encore electric for a friend of mine! Stay tune for more updates!

Hope you’re having an amazing fall 2016 – thanks for dropping by & see you soon for regular updates! 

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[Lifestyle] — 2 Month Postpartum

g0038 g0039

Two month postpartum! As much as I don’t want to be stressing out with my weight – I am a little. Well – a lot? My stomach is only near flat when I wake up in the morning. When I start inserting food in – it expands. #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEM – I always had this problem before too. This will really be a work in progress soon. I’m starting my morning breakfast with yogurt, chia seeds, cheerios, and a little honey + a coffee with skim milk and no sugar. A healthy breakfast is needed. I’ll be starting my cardio & stretches soon too when Munchkin#1 is in school.

As for my fitness plan, I’m not going to be too strict on myself because I know once I set such high goals – I’ll fail faster. I need to slowly adjust into it.

Another thing this month is ‘eye allergy’ – these clear mucus/protein or whatever you call it was in my eyes. I never had a problem with it till now. I didn’t know what it was at first – I thought it could be infection or just tired eyes but after a week – I had enough. I went to see a optometrist and she told me its eye allergy. How the heck did I get eye allergy right? She said it could be hormones, postpartum, after giving birth, age, air, or anything… There wasn’t much of an explanation. I got a bottle of allergen drops and so far – it’s been pretty good. Still a little bit of clear stuff in my eyes once in awhile but a lot better than before.

g0040 g0041

I slow down on my liquids since the first month of breastfeeding. It gets tiring drinking 10+ cups of liquids a day. I do try my best. Now I drink around 7-10 cups a day – depending if I’m home or not. When I am out – I usually drink less. I started drinking lemon water with no sugar added – hopefully that helps with my weight loss. Red date soup I drink occasionally.

As for breastfeeding – I did have a milk duct a few weeks ago – forgot which week. It was a pain in the a$$! But I google search and feeding your baby upside down does work. Lay your baby flat on the bed and you go on top of him. Just sort of like plank position – except with your knees. Get it? hahaha.

Had my 6 weeks postpartum check up – uterus is back to normal and my scar looks alright. Nothing really – did a pap test and talked about my birth control options. I’m leaning towards going back to the Mirena ring. I had no problems with it really except my hormones (I think). I did say I didn’t want to go back on it last year but I really didn’t have much problem with it for the past 4 years.

As for hair growth – my hair is growing so fast! The length is near my bum now! As for hair loss – not much. I wash my hair 2 times a week now and it shouldn’t grow too much right? Reason for washing my hair less than before is because of my hair drying up & I’m barely out of the house. My hair is constantly up in a bun when I am at home.

That’s really all the updates of my two month postpartum – time is ticking and my baby is growing up so quickly. I try to enjoy the time I have with him now while he is little. As for balancing time with my boys is so hard! One on one time is even more harder. I’ll have to work on that. Thanks for dropping by & stay tune for more daily updates & reviews.

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